All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 12: The Calm Before The Storm

**Dana’s POV**

Dinner that night was full of the pent-up need for my husband, he felt it too always needed to touch any part of my body that seemed to help him. Made it worst for me and he knew it too. We are all sitting around in the lounge room while watching Bohemian Rhapsody. I have just finished feeding the boys their nighttime feed, they are bathed and are in a milk coma. My father-in-law had taken them upstairs into their bed, he had also taken all the other grandchildren that had fallen asleep, Max and Billie are not far off from falling asleep.

Alexis is on her phone typing away to her friends, she is always on that thing, but I cannot say anything she’s not my daughter. My sister-in-laws are still not really talking to me, Dean and Aaron are starting to get upset over this. I am hoping they start talking to me tomorrow as the men all of them are heading out to the cabin to start fixing it up and making it liveable for us to live in, all off the grid which I am enjoying the sound of this.

I made myself comfortable in one of the corners of the U shape couch, as soon as I got comfortable Dean had finished cleaning up the kitchen, he was next to me. Well started next to me before I knew it, he had me in between his legs running his hands all over my body. Every time he went lower I either slapped his hand or told him off. I really wanted to watch this movie, it’s so good.

I knew all of Queen’s music but not so much about their private life and the struggles they had, I knew he was gay my dad had banned us, kids, from listening to them because he was afraid it would turn us gay. Because you know that is how you become gay. I really didn’t get my father sometimes, it was ok for us to watch him making bombs and shooting people or bashing people up, or him getting drunk and laying into both of us or letting his friends and family have fun with me but couldn’t listen to Queen. Then go to church like he was a good man. “Dean my big brother leave her be.” Aaron said, “What are you on about?” Dean asked, “Your wife she’s said to stop a few times.” Aaron pointed out, “Your point is?” Dean asked, “Dean and Aaron shhh trying to watch this movie.” I said, “If you three cannot be quiet, leave please, some of us are trying to watch this movie.” Erin snapped at us, “Dean other people are in this room including your teenage niece.” Sach snapped, “Fine.” Dean grumbled, he wraps his arms around my belly, hands spread out over our little peanut. I place my hands over the top of his enjoying the quiet while watching the movie.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep in his arms, so gutted that I couldn’t stay awake to watch the ending. I am feeling more tired with this one than I did with the twins, wonder if that means this one is a little girl? I woke up to someone placing soft kisses down my body, I let out a soft moan. “Good your awake.” Dean said loudly, “Yes, I do enjoy you waking me up like this.” I pant out, “Good cause I am happy to keep doing this until the day we both die.” He moans out, “Hopefully that is until we are very old and have great-grandchildren.” I said with a massive smile on my face, “That sounds so wonderful.” Dean said, “Hmmm ahhh oh Dean.” I moan out, his hand has gone in between my boxer shorts finding their way to my very wet pussy. “What time is it?” I said around moans, “It’s five in the morning lass.” He told me.

“Arghh hmmm why so early?” I asked, “Must leave early to get to the cabin in time, but I wanted to be with you first before getting ready to head out.” he said, “Dean?" I asked, he moans out his response, “Shhh, and rock my world.” I grumbled, he starts laughing, “As you wish my love.” He whispered, “What about the boys?” I asked, “Dad and Aaron have them.” He said, “hmm why?” I asked, “They woke up just before, Dana shhh now please also try and keep quiet.” He said. “Do we ever?” I asked, Dean, lets out a hearty laugh as he starts to take my clothes off, I notice just then he had his clothes already off, I lean over to stroke his hard dripping cock. “Lass you keep doing that and I will come in your hands and not inside of you.” He said, I let go of him sitting up with the help of him getting my top off. I push him back a little so he’s sitting down. He moves so he’s leaning against the headboard of his bed. Climbing up on top of him sliding down onto him, we both let out a moan as I sunk all the way onto him. “Fuck lass you feel amazing.” Dean moans out.

“Hmm so do you, babe.” His hands resting on my hips as I wrap my arms around his shoulders, he puts his face into my breast as he starts thrusting up into me. “You like these pups, do you?” I said laughing, "Even more so when your pregnant... hmmm” He moans out, I start meeting his thrusts rotating my hips, leaning my head closer to him as he bites and sucks on my breasts not too hard as he doesn’t want to set the milk to come flowing. Dean puts a hand down in between us rubbing fast on my clit, causing me to throw my head back arching my back giving him better access to it, he grips my hips harder moving them at the pace he needs me to move at. “Arrghhh hmm yes! Dean oh good yes.”

“I’m close lass. Cum with my Dana.” Dean growls out in my ear, “hmm yes Dean!” I cried out, I cum as soon as he said those words, he thrusts a few more times before exploding inside of me, wrapping his arms around me bring me in for a tight hug, resting my head on his shoulder, catching our breaths. “You and Peanut ok?” he asked, “Hmmm yes handsome we are, I would love to just stay like this with you the rest of the day.” I pant out, “So would I.” Dean replied, “I love you.” I told him, “I love you, too.” He whispered. “Oh good!” I cried out, jumping off him, quickly throwing one of his shirts on and running into the bathroom across the hall, only just making it in time before exploding liquid comes flying out of my mouth. Arghhh crap I really hate this. Sitting on the floor leaning my head on my arm that is on top of the toilet seat, I hear a soft tap on the door. “Come in,” I said weakly, “Sweetheart you ok?” He asked, I just give him the are you fucking serious look. He gives me his I’m sorry look before closing the door behind him, sitting behind me holding my hair back while rubbing my back. I keep vomiting, I finally stop unsure how I have the stuff to vomit up as I am yet to eat anything yet. I lean back into him.

“Want me to get your medicine for you?” he asked, “Thanks, but I should be ok,” I said, I stood up flushing the toilet, washing my hands, face, and mouth out. Dean holds the door open for me as we both walk back to his room. He closes the door behind him as I go and sit back down on the bed, he looks worried at me. “Are you sure you don’t want them?” He asked again, “Yes, I just want to go back to sleep, but cannot as you all will be leaving soon and I need to watch the boys.” I grumbled, he walks over sitting down next to me placing an arm around me pulling me into a cuddle. “I am sure they will go to sleep for you soon.” He said I let out a snort, “That will never happen Dean.” I said. “Can only hope my love.” He whispered, I stood up and started to get dressed in some comfy day clothes as Dean got into his work clothes. I hook my finger into his belt pulling him towards me, I look up at his amused face as I pull down on his beard kissing him. “Keep kissing me like that and we won’t be leaving this room.” He said around our kisses, “Maybe that is what I want to be doing Dean?” I said playfully, “I need to head downstairs.” Dean said, pulling away as he had asked, holding his hand we both head downstairs. I can hear Tony laughing and our boys are giggling too. We both smile at each other, no one tells you that hearing your own children laughing hard is a great feeling.

“Look boys both mommy and daddy are here now,” Tony said loudly, “About time, you ready to go fix this shithole up?” Aaron asked, “Yes, also be quite you.” Dean said, “Dana I had bathed and fed the boys.” Dean said, “Oh, good thank you.” I said, “Dana, sweetheart do not thank me they are my boys too.” Dean said, Jamie, came running in from the front door, with a big grin on his face as he saw us. “Oh, good you are down, you ready to go now?” Jamie asked, Dean pulls me into his arms leaning down to give me a quick kiss on the lips, before heading on over to our boys giving them a hug and a kiss as his brothers and dad all start heading out the front door. He looks back at us with a big grin on his face and love in his eyes before heading out the front door. We three follow him to the door watching as they all climb into the truck, I pick up the boys we all wave as they drive off.

I close the door locking it, placing the boys down in front of the children’s tv show that they had been watching. I head into the kitchen to start making myself a cup of coffee, once it was made I headed back into the lounge to keep an eye on the boys. They played with each other on top of me before falling asleep around six in the morning. I managed to carry them up to the bedroom at the same time but couldn’t put them into the cot at the same time. I placed one boy on my bed while I put the other into their bed, once one was down, I placed the other with them. Closing the door, I went back to sleep, no matter how much sleep I get I seem to be very tired, between that and vomiting I am not even hungry. Trying to force me to eat doesn’t help either, I do that and the first thing I want to do is vomit it all up. I am so over vomiting, right now. So, I am not doing anything that will make me sick. Sleep took a while to come but when it did, I crashed like a led balloon.

Unsure of how long I had been asleep for I got woken up with the need to vomit and pee at the same time. I checked on the boys and both boys are not in their cot, someone must have gotten them. I raced into the bathroom knocking poor Sarah out of the way to get to the toilet before her. Once I had stopped vomiting, I turned back to her as she was in need to use the bathroom too. “Shite! I am so sorry Sarah.” I said, “Dana it’s ok I can wait; I can hold my pee in you cannot hold in morning sickness.” She said softly, I quickly closed the door to do my pee, once done I handed the room over to her. As I had passed her, she squeezed my shoulder, giving me it will get easy look. I went into the bathroom to have a quick shower and clean my teeth, once dried headed back into my room making the beds and getting dressed. I head on down to the living area I can hear them all talking and the children playing and sound like another child’s movie is on.

We all must stay here until Aaron lets them know when they can go back to their houses. I am starting to wish that is very soon, but I know I won’t be going home until the cabin is ready unsure of how long that will be as I have no idea what type of condition it is in, hope it’s big enough for us with the kids. As I made it to the living room all talking stopped, wow that feels so great when that happens, said no one ever. Sarah had seen me over the top of her boy’s heads giving me a small smile, the other two just looked at me, this hurts more than I thought it would. I headed into the kitchen for a nice cold drink as it feels so hot now, that is when I had seen the time. Holy hell I slept for a long time it’s now one in the afternoon once I have my cold drink, I headed back to my boys who both ran into my arms climbing up and both started pulling down my top to get to my breasts, picking them both up I headed out towards the back deck.

“Dana you don’t have to go feed outside you can feed here.” Sarah called out to me, “I know Sarah, but I get the feeling I am not welcomed in that room. Just remind me to never bother trying to save you all again if it means you all would start talking to me.” I said loudly enough for everyone to hear me, I keep on going I had seen the sad look on her face, and guilty looks on Monica and Erin’s faces. Making myself comfortable on the outdoor lounge both boys not waiting for me had pulled my top down and helped themselves, which had me giggle at them. Alexis came out with a plate of food, she walked up to me placing it next to me. “Mom said to give this to you Auntie Dana.” She said, “Ah thank you, sweetie.” I said to her, “You are welcome.” She said. She headed back inside; I looked at what she had given me. Doing my best not to burst into tears as the boys look like they are about to fall asleep while feeding. Sarah had made me a plate of vegetable sticks with dip how did she know this was my cravings again?

Both boys had popped off the breasts and are now sound asleep in my arms. Which is starting to get hard to do now that they have gotten so much bigger. I heard someone come out on the patio with me but they haven’t said anything yet. I am not going to be the first person to speak I did nothing that wrong to be treated like this. Thought they were my friends and family clearly not. Sarah had come out walking right up to me past whoever it is that is standing dead still near me. “Here Dana let me get these boys into bed for you.” Sarah said, “Ok thank you, Sarah.” I said, as she goes and puts them down one at a time, I sat in silence as I wait for this person to start talking. Sarah has finally taken the last boy up and didn’t come back out, this person sat in the chair opposite from me. I just kept on looking out at the rain falling. “So, you’re no longer talking to me, Dana?” Monica asked.

“Monica you haven’t been talking to me, I was simply waiting for you to talk to me.” I said, “You think I should be talking to you?” She asked, wow that was so bitchy, I just wanted to cry now, bloody hormones, I scoffed at her. “Are you kidding me? I did nothing wrong.” I said, “Only killing someone but that is nothing wrong with you.” Monica snapped at me, “It was either kill her or she kills me and the rest of you.” I said trying to contain my anger, “As you think she would.” Monica said, “Wow are you trying to make yourself look better so no one notice what is really going on with you and Jamie?” I asked, “This has nothing to do with Jamie and myself.” She said, “So, you are ok with me killing Seth but she gets killed, and I am a bad person?” I asked, “What he did to you, he had it coming.” She said I wanted to slap her, “WHAT SHE DIDN’T?! She bugged all our houses! Followed all of us and threaten to hurt us all and for what I still do not know! SHE’S JUST AS BAD AS SETH!” As I was yelling Monica got up and started to walk away from me looking scared. Oh, for fuck sake I am sick of this, it’s like she has become her mother no longer my best friend. How did we get so far apart?

“From what you, Aaron, and Dean have said.” She said while I look at her in sheer shock, “Does Erin know what you think of her husband?” I asked, “I do now.” Erin said from the doorway, “She’s the crazy one.” Monica snapped out pointing to me. “That may be the case Monica, but right now you’re the one who seems to be wanting to cause drama. I can understand Erin needing time before she talks to me as she had seen what happened, you, on the other hand, weren’t even there!” I yelled out, “I would love to know more about what you think of Aaron?” Erin had asked, “Do you really want to know that Erin?” I asked her, she nodded her head at me, as she looks daggers at Monica as we both wait for Monica to answer. “Well, Monica we are waiting?” Erin said, “Do you probably believe that they cannot forget or want to forget what life is like over in the war-torn place they go to. That they must bring it home with them, all three of you are like that. Just adding extra drama and stress to everyone else. Why would people want to bug our places it’s not like we know national secrets that in the wrong hands can kill thousands of people. All three of you watch way too much TV and Movies that you think this is normal!” Monica screamed at us, wow I am so shocked as that is pretty much what Dean won’t tell me because of this reason.

“You may not know anything, but what Aaron and Dean had done can hurt heaps of people. Oh, fuck this Monica pack your bags and get the fuck out of here!” Erin screamed out, “What the hell! You cannot kick me out! The person you should be kicking out is Dana! She’s the one that keeps bringing in all this drama! And those men believe her!” She screamed, “You played on my fears after what I had seen and used it to hurt the rest of the family. Family does not do that. You are not welcome here anymore. They believe her because it’s true you idiot!” Erin yelled out, “You of all people have no say!” Monica yelled back at her, “But I do, get out. Go and seek help but only come back if you want to be family and friends again. Right now, you’re just wanting to hurt us because you’re hurting right now.” Sarah said with a firm voice, Monica scoffed at us all before storming off into the house, I look up at the other two ladies they both looked sad at me but had smiles on their faces. “I am so sorry Dana” Erin cried out, she comes running at me hugging me tightly, crying in my arms as Sarah heads inside to check on what Monica was doing. I hugged Erin back as we both cried, I cried at the loss of my best friend and sister-in-law and the crap she had just thrown at me, I wish all of this never happened to me but it was the family I was born in, this hell likes to follow me.

“I am” Erin started saying but I cut her off, “If it’s to say sorry again Erin stop its ok, I understand.” I said, “She knows he’s leaving soon on a suicide mission, I am going crazy over here thinking of all the what-ifs and then keep seeing what I had seen you do has sent me a little sleep deprivation.” She said crying, “I understand hon I really do. I am so sorry for scaring you.” I said, “It’s ok, I know why you needed to do it, Azza had filled me fully last night.” She said, “Oh, he did?” I asked Erin started laughing, “Yes, he did after I begged him too, he is a hard one to crack.” Erin said, “I know that feeling, Dean compared me to an onion yesterday but he’s the same.” I said, “McCarthy Men are hard ones to crack, but we still madly love them.” She said cheerfully, we sat down next to each other I looked over at her then smiled. We are back to what we used to be like, we can hear Monica yelling at Sarah but we both just stayed seated as Sarah sounds like she has it sorted. Sarah popped her head out of the door, noticing we are sitting next to each other chatting away she headed back inside.

“Has Dean finally got what he wanted?” Erin asked me, “What do you mean?” I asked, “Really? What he was trying to get you to do last night.” She said laughing at me playing dumb, “Yes, this morning before he left.” I told her smirking, remembering how good he is in bed, “Good, is it just me, or does he seem angry when he doesn’t get any?” She asked me, I snorted, “Oh, he is, you can talk Aaron is just the same.” I said, laughing, “I know, but I am just as bad as him.” She said, “They must have picked women that can keep up with their drives.” I said, “I hope so.” Erin said, we laughed some more then headed inside to help Sarah out with the children. Erin pulled out her nail care gear setting it all up she started with Max and Billie once their nails had been done, we put frozen on for them. She started doing Alexis’s nails, her face had lit up. “Mom, can we do this more often?” Alexis said to her mom, “Do what babe?” Sarah asked not paying any attention, “Have Auntie Erin over to do our nails?” Alexis asked, “Sure love whenever she wants to and has the time she can come over.” Sarah said, “Awesome!” Alexis yelled out, Erin started laughing, “No worries at all love.” Erin said, I look up at Sarah who looks sad still, I head on over towards her.

“You ok?” I asked her, “Just worried about Monica, think she did all that so no one noticed what is going on with her and Jamie.” Sarah said, “But we all know that they are not on good terms.” I said to her, “I know but all our men have done time in serving our country, and she thinks this. I get the feeling that pushing Jamie to make this marriage work may be wrong.” She said softly, “Starting to think that too.” I shared, “Poor Jamie he doesn’t need this type of drama.” Sarah said, “Should we tell the men what happened?” I asked, “Do you still think you can keep things from those five men?” She asked raising an eyebrow at me, I started laughing, “Nope, how much are we going to tell him?” I asked, she looked at me trying to work out what I had just said, “Which him?” She asked me, “Jamie.” I said, “I say we tell him all of it. I know Aaron won’t be happy with what she said about him.” Sarah said, “Don’t think any of them would like it.” I said honestly, “That is true.” Sarah said. For the rest of the day, we just chilled in the living room hanging out with our children all of us have fresh nail polish on. I was in the kitchen with Erin getting dinner ready when I felt two warm hands on my hips. I smiled turning back, looking up at him giving him a soft kiss. “Hi, Handsome.” I whispered, “Hi Beautiful.” He whispered.

Jamie came racing in looking worried. “Dana, where are Monica and my son?” He asked, both Aaron and Dean looked at Jamie in shock then looked back at us. “Looks like we need to talk, Dana keep an eye on the dinner while I go fill the men in.” Erin said, “Sure.” I said to her, Dean gave me a small smile before following her out into the lounge room, I keep working away in the kitchen. Now and then I hear one of them start yelling, but more so Jamie is pissed at her He came storming into the kitchen, I froze looking at him. “h, sorry Dana, Just need a break from that room.” He said quietly, “Don’t worry about it, want to hand me that tray please.” I asked, he hands me the tray before standing closer to me, which has me a little worried. “I am so sorry for what she has done to you, I have no idea how I had missed the signs of her being like her mother.” He said I hate how much pain he is in right now, “Jamie you do not need to apologize at all you didn’t do any of it also she didn’t just fool you.” I said, trying not to cry too. “But I feel like I should, she is still my wife.” He said, “Ok.” I said couldn’t think of anything else to say to him.

Dean came into the kitchen, his eyes picking up everything, “Jamie, dad wants to see you.” he said, Jamie nods his head, “Right.” He said, Jamie makes his way out to their father; Dean walks closer to me as I had turned everything off and started dishing up all the food. He’s standing right behind me hands on my hips, I lean back into him. “Had a good day?” I asked, “Better than yours by the sounds of it. Are you ok?” He asked, “I’ll get over it.” I said, he leans down gently brushing his lips along my ear. “You’re not going to be doing that babe, I won’t let you.” He said with that boss tone of his that he knows turns me on, “Dean please let me dish up dinner, or you can at least help me with it.” I said he slaps my ass before taking the pan behind me dishing it up onto the plates, I kept a close eye on his well-built arms. “Dana, lass keep looking at me like that, and I’ll have my wicked way with you in this kitchen.” He said.

“None of that in my kitchen even if you are both married.” Dad snapped at us both, “Yes dad.” Dean grumbles, he took a step away from me and continues in dishing up dinner. The rest of the night went by pretty fast, as always, I had fallen asleep before any adult but after most of the children. I got woken up by Dean climbing into the bed. “Oh, sorry babe, did I wake you?” he softly asked, “Mm yes, what’s up?” I mumbled, “Nothing that can wait until morning, I’m just going to bed.” he said, I pull him into the bed cuddling up to him, he let out a moan when he notices that I am in bed naked. His hands start roaming around my whole body, I let out a quiet moan. “Also, before we get too hot and heavy, they got her father and the rest of his people.” He said with so much joy in his voice, “What?! OOOOoooo Dean stop, tell me more.” I pant out, “Come on lass you expect me to stop your naked and so wet and ready for me.” He grumbles, “Does that me we are finally safe?” I asked, “The rest of the family are, they are all going back to their homes tomorrow. We will still be here until the cabin is ready. Should be in about four weeks, but we are safe as we can be.” He said sounding like the world has been lifted off of him, “Really?” I asked sitting up looking at him in excitement, not caring that I’m not covered. “Yes!” Dean cried out in enjoyment, “Good, now fuck me, hard hubby.” I said laughing at the look he was giving me.

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