All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 13: Moving Forward

**Dean’s Pov**

I have never seen Dana so angry with me, I know I had told her four weeks and we will be in our new home. It is now going on week fourteen, I keep running into issues. First, it was a nest of carpenter ants that hadn’t been killed off by the pest man, we had to fix the damage they had caused. The second issue after we removed the roof to replace it, we had an unexpected storm coming in, had to wait for the cabin to dry out. In the next round of bad luck, my second in command who is also Aaron’s replacement injured himself on site, so I had to go back to full-time work which means I can only go to the cabin on the weekends and after work. As I am limited on how many people, I can have to help me, I must work around their work hours as well. Just keep getting hit back so many times, if it’s not fixing something it’s something that is on backorder.

It has been ten fucking weeks of her not letting me touch her, kiss her anything. I am about to explode at someone. No one wants to work with me, I am snapping their heads off, even my own brothers are about to hold an intervention to get her to let me touch her. I don’t want this baby to be born before this cabin is ready, I do that I am very sure she will leave me over it. We have never gone this long without touching each other, by this rate I may as well be a virgin again.

Her belly has grown so much, and she is looking stunning every day. More smoking fucking hot if I am telling the truth, but I cannot think of that I do not need a raging hard-on after this big drought. She still won’t find out the gender of our little peanut, I do believe it’s punishment for taking so long in fixing this place up. Why the hell did I marry such a stubborn lass for? This lass is going to be the death of me.

Aaron had left for his deployment, suicide mission of his he doesn’t know that I know he never left them. It wasn’t meant to be this long, but I get the feeling they have shoved more than one mission onto him. He said he will be home this weekend, but he doesn’t want a big family welcome home. I don’t blame him either he wants the weekend with Erin, so she can get him to be half normal around the extended family. Before he left, he dropped that she was expecting as well, we all cannot wait it seems these girls like to be pregnant around the same time as each other. Doesn’t faze me means they all get to grow up together.

Jamie has finally found Monica, but she is refusing to see him. She has texted him saying she is gutted that he chose our side over hers. I truly do not understand why she is like this; she was never like this until after her son was born. It is hurting Jamie more than anyone right now, as he confessed to me that he was going to try and work it out with her for their son’s sake. He has found out that she had not put Jamie’s name down as the father’s name on the birth certificate so now he has no leg to stand on in the court of law. What is worst she is going after his business, houses, bank accounts along with his four one k. I do hope his lawyers can fight this so he doesn’t lose everything he has worked hard for. She really has become worse than her own mother.

I am on my drive home from the cabin, it is nearly finished just need some last-minute things to be done. We haven’t heard anything new about Ava’s father nor Sam. Not since Aaron dumped Sam at the same place that they are holding her father in. I am taking this as a good thing and leaving it at that. Pulling up to my father’s house I see dad’s and Jamie’s cars are in the carport but not Dana’s car Iwonder where she could be at this hour? I park behind Jamie’s knowing we bothbe leaving work at the same time tomorrow. As I walk up the front door, I canhear my dad singing the old folklore songs he used to sing to us when we werechildren. I open the front door and my boys both spot me running towards me with big grins on their faces arms up for hugs screaming my name, fuck I miss these two while I am at work.

I squat down to their level, holding my arms out for them. They both jump in, I wrap my arms around them both kissing them each as I pretend to fall back because they knocked me over, they are now in fits of laughter. These two have melted my heart, god help me if peanut is a girl. “I thought I could hear your voice,” Dana said, I look up at her in shock, as I thought she wasn’t home as her car isn’t in the carport. She is glowing so beautiful with leggings and one of my shirts that she can now keep as that belly has stuffed it but I really do not mind as it looks fucking better on her than it ever did on me. “Hey Beautiful, where’s your car?” I asked her, “Oh, it’s in the shop.” She said so quietly, “What? Why?” I asked shocked. She looks away from me embarrassed, my dad is giggling to himself. Now I really want to know what the hell happened to her car. “Um.” She said, “Dana whatever it is please tell me, I won’t get mad at you.” I told her, “But you will laugh at me!” She said, “How do you know that?” I asked shocked, “Well, Dad and Jamie already have!” She cried out, my heart has just gotten bigger every time she calls my dad her dad. I have no idea how those two people who had her managed to have two lovely children, I am glad she has him as a father figure.

She lets out a groan, “FINE!” She snapped causing everyone to look at her, “I drove into the fence.” She said trying not to cry, “What? How? Why?” I cried out in shock, “Want me to answer one at a time or all at once?” She asked with that smart-ass tone of hers, making me miss Aaron even more now. “Just answer the questions?” I told her, “My foot slipped off the brake, and my belly was stopping me from moving forward and I had completely forgotten to hit the hand brake!” She cried out then bursting into tears, “Shit babe! Are you and the baby ok?” I asked, I jumped up leaving the boys on the floor wrapping her up in a hug and she let me hold her as she cries into my chest. “Dana it’s going to be ok, insurance will cover the repairs. But are you and the baby ok? Did you go to the doctor? Why didn’t you call me?” I asked worriedly, so worried about her and our unborn child than the bloody car, the car I can replace her and our child I cannot. “Ok, yeah, we are fine we got checked out all is good. Cause I thought you were going to yell at me and get angry and so forth.” She said, I let out a groan, wishing she didn’t think I would get angry at her, pulling her away just enough so she could see my face.

“Lass I would never get mad at you for something like this. I do remember you not being able to reach the peddles when you were pregnant with the boys, being so short comes with issues when you are heavily pregnant.” I said softly, she smiles up at me, fuck I miss seeing that smile of hers. Forgetting that she is angry at me I lean down smashing my lips onto hers kissing her before she remembers that she’s angry at me. And she doesn’t even remember or she no longer is angry at me, I miss this, I miss her taste, her touch, her moans. “Dean enough, if you want to take this someplace private head to your room boy!” My dad called out to us, I pull away smiling at my dad like a silly schoolboy, about to pull her into a lift when she drops those words. “Sorry babe still angry at you, cabin ready yet?” She asked.

“Nearly,” I grumbled, “Hurry up then.” She snapped, my dad starts laughing his head off, I glare at him. “Sorry son, but you’ve been told to hurry up if you want to keep kissing your wife.” He said, I let out a frustrated groan, rubbing my hand over my face and walking off into the kitchen as my dad keeps on laughing. “Not fucking funny Sachairi!” I yelled at him, “Oh, you heard that Dana he said my name!” He keeps on laughing, I open the fridge to see if there is any dinner left, found my plate of food taking the foil off it, and placing it in the microwave. While waiting for it to heat up I pull a beer out of the fridge, I know she’s in the kitchen but I am choosing to ignore her. Probably not the best idea I have had but hey I am sick of this, cannot withhold sex from me and be ok with me kissing like that. “Dean?” She asked, I just grunt back at her. “Fine Dean, whatever!” She snapped at me, she turns to leave but lets out a loud moan bending over holding her belly. I quickly place my beer down racing to her in sheer panic.

“Fuck Lass!” I cried out in fear, she groans again, she looks pissed off but I have no idea if she’s angry at me or something else. “FUCK!!! I swear this one child is killing me!” She cried out, “Babe do I need to call nine one one?” I asked, she looks up at me, “What?” She asked, she stands up and her belly is at an odd angle, she’s holding it looking in pain but angry at the same time. I am so lost as to what is going on here. “This child of yours loves to do star jumps, I want it out! If it puts its feet up in my ribs again, I swear”

“Hold up you’re not in early labor?” I cut her off trying to find out if we need to call nine one one, she was in a crash this morning who knows. “Oh, shite Dean, I’m sorry. No, don’t call them I am fine this just hurts.” She said in pain, she looks down at her odd shape belly. “Just need this child to move back to its old spot.” She grumbles, “How can I help?” I asked, “Try rubbing and gently pushing it back this way.” She said, “Sure babe.” I do as she said, all Igot was some good hits to my hands, I let out a few giggles, she just glares atme. “Sorry” I quickly said, “No, you’re not, you are enjoying this child hitting you.” She snaps at me, she is correct I was enjoying feeling our child move. The baby chose then to move, and she let out a moan of relief. “Oh, thank you, baby girl.” She whispered, I shot my head up in surprise, “WHAT? It’s a girl?!” I asked, she just smiles at me, “Unsure babe, I just want a girl.” She said, “Are you going to be ok if it comes out a boy?” I asked her, “I love this child no matter what its gender is.” She said with so much love in her voice, I know the microwave has already gone off but this lass has my full attention right now.

“Will the place be ready tomorrow?” She asked so softly, she moves closer towards me wrapping an arm around my waist hugging me as best as her belly can let her. I start rubbing her lower back for her, she lets out a moan and my cock starts twitching again, I groan out, “Dana, I have had heaps of setbacks, worst I have ever had before. I am pissed off over it, but I am getting it done. I am hoping by mid-week this week.” I told her, “Please I am getting the need to nest Dean, I am going nuts in this house. I also want to be living in that house before our child arrives Dean.” She said I let out a laugh, “You’re going nuts?” I asked her, “Yes, what?!!” She snapped at me, “Ten weeks of no touching, no kissing, and no sex I have lost my mind over here!” I snapped back at her, I thought she would laugh at me, but she doesn’t she looks up at me with tears in her eyes. What did I do now? I cannot keep up with her moods lately, think after she was pregnant with the twins, I would be a pro when it comes to her moods but nope, I am still lost as anything.

“Eat your dinner, once I have our boys in bed, come find me.” She whispered, what? Is she asking me what I think she’s asking me?! I just about cum in my pants after that thought. She stands up on her tippy toes kissing my cheek and sashay out of the kitchen, this lass is the death of me. Fuck I wouldn’t have it any other way, she’s the love of my life as much as she annoys me I wouldn’t want to change any of it. I quickly pull dinner out and sit at the counter eating my dinner as fast as I can, may have looked like a made man right now. Once finished rinsing off the plate and putting it into the dishwasher, checking for the cleaning products have been added and they had, so I closed it up and started the load. I raced past my dad who was still laughing at me, god I wish he wasn’t right now.

I head into the bathroom and quickly cleaned my day’s work off me. Quickly getting into my long pants and long sleeve t-shirt I head into the bedroom to see if the boys had gone down yet. Yes, they are both asleep, I know she isn’t in our room. I head back downstairs dad is no longer in the lounge room he must have gone to bed. No sign of her on the ground floor, I bet she is outside my little minx.

I slowly open the side door looking around I spot her out on the lounge that is under the back tree. I smile to myself she didn’t make this as hard as I thought she would, as I got closer my whole body had started to respond, she’s wearing the perfume I had bought her for Christmas and the nightdress. She looks up at me once she notices I was outside; she gave me that beautiful smile of hers that makes me want to be inside of her right away. It’s a cold night out here but she has set up the outdoor heater so hopefully, we are going to be good for warmth. “Hey handsome, glad you could make it.” She said playfully, “You know dam well I wouldn’t miss this.”

Dana started giggling, patting the spot next to her, “Come join me.” She said, “You know you didn’t have to ask.” I told her, “I know.” I make my way towards her lifting her instead of sitting next to I placed her on my lap, she giggles. This is my wife; she is back I am over the dam moon to the point I am that hard it’s now hurting. “Here let me.” She said, wiggling herself down sitting sideways so she doesn’t lean on her belly. Pulling my pants down exposing my hard-on. She places her small but so soft hands on me and I moan so loud, fuck her sheer touch is going to make me explode all over her, already dripping over her. “Sweetheart..... hmmm..... I would rather be inside of you.” I pant out, “You won’t last long.”

“Panties off now lass.” I’m no longer waiting, nor am I letting her put her soft lips on me I want her tight pussy wrapped around me instead. With the tone of my voice, she quickly removes her panties, I quickly remove my pants fully. Pulling her back up towards me, not even waiting for her I slam myself into her fully. “Mmmm ohhhh fuck how I have missed this tight pussy of yours.” I cried out, “OOOOooo Fuck Dean! God, I missed you!” She cries out, I grip her hips and start moving her to meet my thrusts she was right not going to last long I exploded fast and hard into her, I know she hasn’t had a release yet. I keep rocking her, I feel myself getting hard again, so does she. My little minx removed my hands off her and starts to bounce on me. “Oooo fuck yesssss..... DEAN!” She cried out, I am not far off again, neither is she. She grabs one of my hands to her breasts, they are rock hard so I know not to squeeze too hard. Moving my hand down in between us finding her clit I start rubbing it, she arches her back loudly moaning.

“Fuck Dean, baby I need you to go harder.” She cries out, she climbs off me, grabbing my hand pulling me up. She moves closer to the chair bending over spreading her legs, I didn’t wait to slam into her fully, she started screaming my name. “YES, DEAN! FUCK HARDER DEAN!!!” She cries out, “Babe?” I asked with worry, “The baby is fine; this momma wants you to go harder now!” She snaps at me, I did what my hell-bent wife wanted, gripping her hips slamming into her, feeling her insides starting to tighten around me. I thrust harder into her as she becomes incredibly tight. “Ooooo yess, DEAN! I’M CUMING..... DEAN!!!” She screamed so loudly, “Arghhh fuck your so tight Dana.” We climaxed together; she stands up I am still inside of her I wrap my arms around her holding onto her tightly. She grabs my arms moving them onto her belly, I held onto it with so much love. “Dana don’t you ever withhold sex from me again.” I snapped at her, she turns her head back at me, “Don’t make promises you cannot keep then.” She snapped, “You know it’s all out of my hands what had happened.” I said, “Still you had promised me, an extra week here or there before you know it ten weeks have passed.”

I groan, I am still inside of her I don’t want to fight about this. “Dana I don’t want to fight about this.” I said having enough hoping she can tell by the tone of my voice, “Neither do I.” She whispered, “Good.” She wiggles and I go rock hard again, I brush her hair back behind her ears, smiling at her. “Again?” She asked, “Ten weeks’ worth of pent-up need for you lass.” I said, “Good, this momma bear needs a good pounding from her handsome hubby.” Oh, wow my little minx just up the game for us, this was one of the best sex rounds we have had. Unsure if it’s because it’s been so long since we had been together or weknow each other so well that it just gets better each time. After a few rounds, she cuddles up into me trying to catch her breath just like myself. “Holy bloody hell Dean” She pants out, “Was that good hey?” I asked, she playfully slaps my chest laughing. “You know it was.” She starts to shiver; I pull her nightdress down around her some more as I try and warm her up with my own body heat.

“Can we go up to our room? I’m starting to get cold.” She softly asked I didn’t answer her at all, I pick her up turning the heater off, and collecting our clothing items, she wraps her arms around my neck and shoulders leaning her head on me sighing. “I love you, Dean.” She whispers, “I love you too Dana.” As soon as we had reached the patio, I put her down handing her clothing that she had taken off. We both quickly put them back on before heading into the kitchen. I turn the kitchen light back on and we both jumped, fuck me dead. My baby brother Jamie drunk again in the kitchen drinking I have no idea what that was he had made. Pretty much all he’s been doing lately is getting drunk. “Right it’s you two. I see she has finally let you touch her.” He slurs out, “Jamie would you like me to make you a cup of coffee?” Dana asked, “Why so I can remember how fucked up my life is?!” He asked.

“Your life is not Jamie.” I told my brother, “Easy for you to say! You and Aaron are the major fuck ups emotionally in this family and both of you have managed to get two hot girls to marry and have them stay! Me Icannot even get mine to stay instead she pisses off and takes me for half ofeverything I worked so hard for!” He yells at me, “What she wants is what you have left to fight for!” Dana snapped at him, “Don’t give her anything to use against you! Drinking like this she could use it in court! Fight for what you have worked so hard to have! Come on let’s sober you up.” I said, Dana walks up to Jamie giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, pulling away from him she smiles. “You have all of us fighting with you, you haven’t lost everything.”

“She can have my money and company if she wants, I no longer need it. Not like I can pass it down to my son.” He said sounding defeated, “Ohhh Jamie you may not have children but you do have heaps of nieces and nephews. What better way of life is being the fun carefree uncle they all love.” Dana said, “They all love Aaron more” He mumbles, “Well if we are playing that game, they all love you three more than me!” I snapped, both Dana and Jamie turned to look at me and burst out in fits of laughter. I look back at them in shock what is so funny? “Oh, Dean that is so funny! We all know that maybe it was in the past but now since you’ve been with Dana over here the kids love you just a little bit more.” Jamie said, “Babe all the kids love you, are scared of you but love playing with you.” My wife said smirking at me.

She hands Jamie a hot cup of coffee, when the hell did, she made that. Man, I must be out of it, to not pick that up. She comes up to me with that big smile of hers placing a hand on my cheek saying those words that melt the ice on my heart some more. “Jamie, you drink that up and try to sober up a little. Dean, I am off to bed care to join me?”

“Thanks, DD this is a good cup.” Jamie slurred, “Babe you never have to ask me that question.” I told her, “Please stop with the sex, those of us who aren’t getting any really do not need to hear it all the time!” Jamie cursed us, “Well bro you had a ten-week break from hearing us, deal with it.” I said to him no longer caring what he thought of our sex lives.

I laugh at the look he’s giving me, I pick up my wife and carry her in my arms up to our room giggling with each other. I open the door; the boys are still sound asleep. We try to put them in their own room however they only want to be in the room that we are in. I am not happy about this they are the worst cock blockers around, even before the ten weeks every time I go in to kiss her, they would wake up wanting her. When we are back in our own house, those two are going into their own room.

She pulls out of my arms as soon as we are in our room. Pulling the sheets down and undressing herself, I stood off to the side watching her, she’s so fucking beautiful she is my drug of choice. I cannot get enough of her and I don’t ever want to. I quickly pull my clothes off and jump into bed with her pulling her in close to cuddle, placing my hand over our growing child who by the looks of it, we may have woken it. Kicking up a storm, I will never get sick of feeling this. “Do not remove that hand of yours, babe.” She growled out, “Would never dream of it.” I said so fast, “Good, Dean?” She asked, “Hm?” I said softly trying not to wake up our other little devils, “I am so sorry for not letting you touch me for so long.” She whispered, “Good sweetie, I forgive you and I am sorry too for getting my timeline so wrong.” I said trying not to laugh, “Well it’s what you had said things happened that are out of your hands. I’ll do my best not to let my crazy pregnancy hormones take over.” She said, and all I want to do is laugh, “Oh, I will remember that one love.” I laughed, “I know.” She said, being able to touch her again has cheered me right up.

She rolls closer into me so her belly is laying on me somewhat and all I can feel is this little guy kicking and rolling around like he is swimming for days, she lets out a groan. “I am never going to get any sleep now.” She grumbles, “I’m sorry” She cuts me off, “Shut up Dean, I asked you to do it, I was the one that forgot it would wake this one up.” She said, “Well I will hold you until you both fall asleep, hmm deal?” I asked, “Deal.” I let out a chuckle, kissing her forehead as I hold onto it until I hear her breathing even out to her normal slow breathing when she falls asleep. I cannot wait to show her our cabin, think she will like it more I hope she loves it, I had to make it bigger to fit us. Now to shut off my brain and get some sleep while my beauty is in my arms sound asleep. Which never happens, it never does with all the dreams that like to come forward in my brain while I try to sleep, although with her in my arms those dreams aren’t every time I close my eyes, my love has improved it somewhat.

I woke all wet, why am I wet? FUCK!

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