All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 14: It's Nearly There

**Dean’s Pov**

I bolted upright shoving Dana aside by mistake throwing the blankets off her I quickly checked between her legs it’s all dry. What the hell? “What the hell Dean!?” She cried out in shock, “I’m all wet, thought” she cuts me off, “You thought it was my waters?” She asked, “Yes.” I said sounding relieved, Dana looks down at herself than at me and the bed, she starts laughing, I have no idea why she is finding my near heart attack so funny right now. “Dean so sorry looks like these puppies got too full during the night.” She said around her laughter pointing to her breasts, “Really? All this is your milk?” I asked her, waving my hands around. “Wasn’t that long ago they did this often when the boys were younger.” She said. “I know, I now remember, just do not remember it being this much,” I stated, she lets out a groan, “Well they are extra full.” She grumbles, she touches her breast moaning in pain they look very heavy, which is full, from my memory. I groan as well; I have woken up rock hard again. Clearly, last night wasn’t enough for me. Dana turns looking at me with a big grin on her face.

Dana gets out of bed throwing on her nightdress, she smiles at me. I am lost is she teasing me I know she didn’t put any panties on. She leans over so I can see right down her nightdress to her breast, of course, I look who fucken wouldn’t look. “Follow me.” She whispered, that look on her face tells me everything I need to know, I raced after her into the bathroom. By the time I had closed the door, she was naked in front of me. “Have I told you how sexy you are?” I asked her, “Always handsome, let me help you with that.” She keeps her eyes on me as she slowly squats down gripping my rock-hard dick dripping with pre-cum, god her soft small hands know how to please me so well. “Hmmm, good lass.” I moaned out, her moans are such a turn-on. Her soft hand is gently rubbing my whole shaft her other hand is gently playing with my balls sending shivers down my whole body, she noticed and let out another sexy moan of hers. “God I love this cock.” She whispered, she starts to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock, her beautiful eyes still on mine, while I watch her beautiful lips around my dick. Watching her as she starts to flick her tongue along my tip before she starts bobbing her head up and down with her kissable lips causing me to gasp for air, as she starts to clamp down tightly around my base jerk me off in mini motions, fuck it was exquisite to watch and feel. “Hm fuck lass.” I moaned, Dana starts licking and sucking on my balls, as her soft hands still caress my shaft. Dana moves further down licking just past my balls I lost it. “Fuck Dana aghhhh hmmm” I cried out, Dana’s mouth goes back to sucking, licking, flicking, sending me nearly over the edge.

My hand goes down to her head gripping her hair as I thrust my hips gently into her mouth as she moans around my dick. Her hand cups my balls as she works her magic on me. “Fuck baby I’m coming! Fuck DANA!” I cried out, I throw my head back as I unload into her mouth. Dana stays down there licking everything off me before popping off me, smiling licking her lips. I help her stand up as soon as she is standing, I crash my lips into kissing her, tasting myself on her lips. She turns around and starts the shower.


“Come on Dean I need to get ready for work!” Jamie yelled out, “Fuck off use dad’s!” I yelled back at him, “He’s in that one!” He yelled back at me, Dana the little minx started kissing my neck gripping my cock again causing me to let out a mona, Dana let out a low moan, “ARE YOU AND DANA HAVING SEX RIGHT NOW!!!” Jamie roared out at me, “Piss off Jamie!” I yelled back at him, “NO HURRY UP! DANA LEAVE HIM ALONE SO I CAN GET READY FOR WORK!!” Jamie yelled at her, I shake my head at her to not answer, she just smiles at me fuck stubborn lass is going to say something. “I have an itch that needs scratching, SO FUCK OFF JAMIE!!” She yelled back at him, I start laughing so hard. “Bend over lass now” I whispered into her ear, she bends over holding herself onto the side of the bathtub, I put my hand down to make sure she was wet enough, and she was as always, slowly pushing myself into as we both let out loud moans. “Ohhh fuck yes Dean!” She screams out, I moan out, “Really you guys!” Jamie cries out, we no longer caring that he can hear us I start slamming in and out of her, as she rocks back into me meeting me with each thrust. “OHH FUCK YES DEAN! HARDER!!!” She cries out.


“HURRY UP!! I NEED TO GET TO WORK!!!” Jamie yelled out, “OH FUCK OFF JAMIE! Hmmmmm” I snapped at him, her body starts tightening around me as I keep pounding her, we both scream out each other’s names as we came crashing down. She turns around hugging me before washing me down with a soaped-up loafer, once she finished with me, I took it off her. I started washing her down when another knock on the door sounded, I let out a groan.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

“No, I am not going to kick them out, Jamie.” I heard my dad say, “BUT I NEED TO GET READY FOR WORK!” Jamie yelled out, “Use mine then son. Dean can we keep the sex to the bedroom please!” Dad yelled out at me, argh fucking hell this is like living with him back when we were teenagers, should loosen his bloody rules, she’s my fucking wife, not a quickie. “Unsure if I can do that!” I yelled back at him, “Then I am sorry to say this boy, but if you cannot keep it to the bedroom you have a week to get out.” Dad said, fuck his really playing that card with me. I didn’t even dry myself wrapped my towel around me, Dana had done the same thing. I stormed out of the bathroom walking right up to my dad. He holds his ground glaring right back at me.

“Boy, you know my rules! They have never changed no matter how old you are or if you are married the rules still apply in this house!” Dad yelled, “You only now complaining?!” I snapped at him, “Yes! When I get woken up more than once in twenty-four hours by the pair of you then yes, I am pissed off!” He snapped, “More than once?” I asked sounding lost, “Last night, but if you have a problem with it more than welcome to leave tonight?” He asked, I look back over at Dana and she’s looking pissed off at me, crap I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place. I stormed off to my room knowing full well if I keep pushing this issue, I’m in trouble either way.

I hear Dana walk into the room; I am just standing in front of the bed just off in my own mind. I feel her soft hands run along my body as her arms finish up wrapping around my waist. I place my callous hands on top of hers, she places her head against my back as she gives it a soft kiss. “Babe you’re going to be late for work too.” She whispered, I look over at the nightstand that had the alarm clock, the numbers read five-ten in the morning, “No, I have an hour to get out.” I said, “Hmmm a lot can happen in an hour” She whispered, “I know,” I told her, her hand pulls out of my grip and makes its way down to my towel making it drop to the floor, her other hand pushes me towards the bed. “Sit down on the bed Dean.” She ordered me, “Yes Ma’am.”

I sit on the bed with my back against the headboard I make sure I am in the middle so she has room on either side of me. She drops her towel onto the floor and sashays towards me climbing onto the bed. I help her climb onto my lap; she gives me that smile that I couldn’t help smiling back at her. “It was a little funny watching you getting told off by your dad, I felt like a naughty teenager again.” She said trying to hold her laughter in, “If you want sex lass talking about my dad is not going to get this fella up.” I told her. “Hmm, we will see handsome.” She whispered, she pulls on my beard I love her doing that, I let her place my lips onto hers groaning when she starts rocking on my lap. I knew she would be right; my body responded to her fully, I had a raging hard-on now. As our kissing picks up a notch, her grinding picks up. I lift her hips and guide myself into her, once I am fully in her does she starts rocking her hips. I know she has taken control of this and I am happy to let her. “hmm yes Dean.” She moans out, we are doing our best to be as quiet as we can, as the boys are still sound asleep in the cot. I can feel she’s not far off I put my hand down in between us rubbing her clit, she leans forward sucking and biting my neck. “I’m close lass, cum with me,” I whispered into her ear, I know every time I say those words, she will come undone. Dana leans back moaning out my name as I lean forward moaning her name as I kiss her breasts.

“Daddy Mommy,” Alexander said loudly, oh fuck! I quickly grab a sheet wrapping it around us both as she lays into me coming down from her orgasm, while I still empty my seed into her. “Shit,” I whispered, “Shite!” Dana cried out, “Dadda hurts momma!” Sebastian cried out pulling an angry face at me, which caused a giggle out of her, how is she finding this funny. I am mortified, worried about how much of that they had seen. Did we just stuff up our boys for lives?! “Mommy is fine boys, just giving daddy hugs.” She said cheerfully, she climbs off me handing me a tissue from the nightstand to clean myself up, she does the same to herself, leaning over giving me a quick kiss on the lips before heading to where all her clothes are from last night and quickly getting dress. Once dress she heads on over to the cot, talking away to the boys. I quickly get dressed in my work gear, sitting on the bed doing my shoes up when Dana and the boys joined me. I quickly stop what I was doing and started playing with the pair of them. “Do you want me and the boys to come out to the cabin and help you out?” She asked, “Babe no,” I said, “Why not? It’s going to be our house too.”

“I have someone lined up to help me if they fall through, I will call you and get you to join me,” I told her, “Ok.” Picking up one boy smiling at me before nodding at me to take the other one with me. We both head downstairs I cannot take my eyes off her ass as she walks down the stairs. We walk into the kitchen she places one boy in the highchair as I put the other one in his. As she passes me, I needed to grab her ass, she let out a soft moan when I had squeezed it. “Dean, stop please.” She whispered. I know why she is telling me to stop, but I starting to think I am way too old to be bossed around by my old man. It kills me having to move back in with him after being out on my own for so long. “Are you nearly ready?” Jamie asked, “Yeah, why?” I asked shocked why he is still pissed off at me. “Because you have parked behind me remember?” He snapped, “Oh, crap sorry Jamie. I just need to make my lunch and breakfast.” I told him, “Well then give me your keys and I can move your truck.” Jamie said sounding like he is in a hurry, “Sure, they are next to my bag out near the door.” I told him, “Sure,” Jamie said rushing off to my bag to move my truck out of the way. I turn back to the kitchen and Dana is handing me a steaming cup of coffee the way I like. “Mmmm thanks love.”

“No worries.” She said smiling brightly at me, she starts making my lunch and breakfast for me, I try stopping her but she pushes me out of the kitchen. “I’m good, go sit down talk to your boys.” She ordered me, she didn’t have to ask me to be with my boys, I sat down in front of them laughing and being silly as I try and get them to eat their peanut butter on toast fingers that she had made them. A few minutes later she hands me my plate, my brother also hands me my keys. Dana leans down I can see down her dress again, she is not making this easy for me. “Play your cards right Dean and I might pay you a visit at lunchtime.” She whispered in my ear, “Oh yes Ma’am.” I nearly choked on my coffee knowing I won’t be alone during my lunch today is going to be fun. At nearly six I said my goodbyes to the boys and Dana, dad was out the back working in his garden. As soon as I had pulled out of the driveway, I hit my call button on my phone calling up the only person I know that can help me, and I do hope he’s free this week.

**Phone Call**

Chad: What’s up my brother?

Dean: Hey, man are you free today?

Chad: Hold up let me check.

Away from the phone, “Hey babe how is my day looking?” I couldn’t hear what she was saying but sounds like she is pissed he had forgotten something.

Chad: Hey, Dean turns out I had taken it off as my annual RDO. Why what’s up?

Dean: Would you like to help me out at the cabin? Need to get it finished ASAP.

Chad: Sick of Dana withholding sex from you bro? Took you long enough.

He said laughing loudly.

Dean: Yeah, that too.

Chad: Ok I can meet you at the cabin in about two hours if that is ok, promised Paige I’ll do the morning things with the kids so she can lay in bed a bit longer.

Dean: Ok good that works, gives me time to work the job sights and crews.

Chad: Ok cya soon!

I hang up the phone and heading to the office to sort out who is doing what today. Once sorted everyone out seeing as I am no longer needed did let them all know that if they need me to call my phone. I make my way over to the cabin, I had Dana pick the colors out for the whole house she had a big say in it all. The only room she helped in the layout was the kitchen as I know how picky she is with that. Just need to finish off this painting, the backsplash in the kitchen needs grout, so do the tiles in the three bathrooms, also need to do a gender-neutral room for peanut and finish off the boy’s room. Also, get the electrician out again to finish off what he hasn’t finished. I love how quiet it is out here, I have had Jamie clear a fire breaker and yard around the house so the boys also have a bit of a yard to play in, they still get their sandpit and water play box but that will be kept up on the deck for their safety, will also after we move in will put up a big back yard fence to keep the bears out, the front will just have a gate on the top of the deck.

I hear Chad’s car coming down the driveway, I quickly wash my hands and meet him out in the driveway. He parks behind me, once the car is off, he jumps out of the car giving me a big bear hug. “Good to see you again bro! Hold up you look like, wait no! She has finally let you touch her!” He yelled out laughing. “Good to see you too, yes best night and morning,” I said feeling proud of myself, “Lucky you man!” Chad said laughing, “Yes, yes, I am.” I said happily such a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife fucking feisty one but hot as hell. “Dean, are you ever going to tell me why you are ditching your brand-new house for this one?” He asked, I knew he would be asking me this question should I tell him? “I plan on telling you it when I know it’s safe to tell you.” He looked at me in shock, “Why wouldn’t it be safe?” He asked, I just look at him as we enter the house, he looks around letting out a muffled sound of joy. “Fuck Dean this looks so much better than it did when I have first seen it.”

“Well, that is good to hear.” I said, “So...” Chad said, I know he’s pushing for information and this is the first time in our friendship that he is asking me what the hell is going on. So, I do owe him some information as to what is going on, but he will never know the full story as I love him like a brother and do not want anyone to hurt his family to get to me. “Chad, you cannot share this with anyone,” I said, “Not even Paige?” He asked, “Maybe a little of it but keep it vague though.” I told him, “Dean, what the hell is it? Are you involved in the mafia or something?” He asked, “No not the mafia, it’s about what I used to do before I had come back.” I told him, “Wait up are you telling me you’re like Jason Bourne?” Chad asked sound impressed I wanted to laugh, after that movie came out that is all everyone keeps saying, even though it’s based on a book series that has been published for a while now. “Something like that,” I said, “You’re never going to tell me the full truth, are you?” He asked, “Sorry I cannot.” I said with an apologetic look on my face. “All good Dean. What about Dana?” He asked, “Her family past came to haunt us, part of my past too. She no longer feels safe in our house so I am more than happy to do this so she can sleep better at night.” I told him, we have the means to be able to do this I will do this for my family.

“Wow! What type of family is she from to cause all that?” he asked shocked, “The IRA” I told him, “Crap she doesn’t even look like she had a horrible past, although her pain level is very high, alone with some scars on her body that I noticed when doing her tattoo.” he said, I knew he noticed that but I’m happy that he never asked me what it was all from. “In some ways, she does others not so,” I said, my wife, knows how to hide her pain well from others. “Fuck man you both have been through hell by the sounds of that, let’s change the subject hey. But also thank you for sharing some of it with me. I love you bro and we are all here for you if you need it.” He said can see he is trying his best not to show how shaken up he is by what I had shared with him. “Love you to man, thanks,” I said we shared a quick hug before pulling away and getting to work. Good thinking because first time in years I wanted to tell you everything and have it all out in the open of what I truly am. But you’re not ready or is it I’m just not ready to let others know? It was so hard even telling my own brother Aaron and Dana what had happened in my life, those two are the people I love the most in my life.

“So, do we know the gender of your third child?” He asked, “No, Dana doesn’t want to know.” I said I would like to know but then I also want to know what it’s like for her to give birth and find out that way. “It’s amazing finding out when they are born, watching your girl giving birth is scary as hell but hearing that baby crying gets at your heartstrings.” He said, “I am just hoping everything is good this time around, that she has natural birth no near death.” I said telling him my fears, “As long as they are both healthy it’s the best thing. So, what color are we painting this room?” He asked, “Was thinking of keeping it white with a hint of grey that way once bub is born, we can add the pop of color to it easier.” I told him, “Right, let’s get this done.” He said, that is what we did, we worked like crazy getting this done. Around lunchtime, my phone started ringing.

**Phone Call**

Dana: Hi Handsome.

Dean: Hi lass.

Dana: Hi Lass? Nothing from else from you?

Man, what the hell did I do wrong this time?

Dean: I’m not alone beautiful.

Dana: Oh, sorry babe

Dean: Dana, what’s up?

Dana: Was wondering if you’re free for some company?

Dean: What type?

Dana: You know exactly what type of company I am talking about.

Oh, babe I so do.

Dean: Aye I do

Dana: Good want to meet me at your office?

Dean: Aye, I do.

Dana: Let’s say in half an hour?

Dean: Aye see you soon.

I put my phone away, I look over at Chad who had been listening to the w whole conversation bit hard not to. He had his cheeky grin plastered all over his face, I know what he’s about to say too. “Take it Dana wants some alone time?” Chad asked, “You will be good for an hour?” I asked, “Yes, Dean I will be, besides I do know what it’s like.” He said with a smirk on his face, “I can now understand why you work with your wife.” I said laughing, “It has its perks but it’s not fun when we are fighting though.” I laugh as I headed off to my office, leaving him to finish off the grouting in the bathrooms. Told him to sit down and take a break while I was out. He just laughed I have a feeling he might just go be with his wife too. I pull up at my office, I started to look for her car then I remember her car was in the shop. I park in my spot and headed inside, greeted by office staff members they just smiled and went about their work. I open my door receiving an instant hard-on.

“Holy Fuck Dana.” I moaned out, she’s standing behind my desk leaning on the wall dressed in a green sheer dress that opens at the front exposing her belly but I can tell she has no bra on and her panties are the same color as the dress, I hope she arrived in a different outfit. “Hmm Hello, Dean.” She said in a sultry voice of her’s her accent is so thick when she does that. I quickly lock my door undoing the buttons on my shirt and quickly getting undress as fast as I can. It was taking too long to take my boots off so I left them on with my pants hanging around them. I slowly make my way to my desk as she has now moved to the front of it removing everything off it neatly for me. “I could get used to this,” I whispered, “If these hormones keep it up then yes.” She said I have now reached her placing a hand behind her head pulling her to me for a hot kiss. The kiss goes for longer than I thought when we finally pulled away, I leaned my forehead onto hers breathing heavily. “We are going to have to be quiet ok lass?” I whispered, “I’ll do my best not to make too many loud sounds.” She whispered, “You ready?” I asked, she moans nodding her head yes, slipped my hands up to her hips pulling her wet panties off her. I gently lay her down on her back exposing her to me, pushing her legs apart I slowly slide myself into her. She puts her hand in her mouth as I slowly thrust into her. I’m doing my best not to moan out too loud either, really do not want my staff to hear us. She wraps her legs around my waist as I burry deep into her, fuck the best sex ever with this lass, it’s like she was made for me, my missing puzzle.

“Baby, you close?” I pant out, no matter how much I try always the first round I never last long with her, she is the same as well. “Fuckkk yess hubby.” She grabs my hand and bites into it drowning out her moans, sending me over the edge with the pain she caused, never thought her being rough with me would be such a turn-on. “Fuck Dana, this was hot,” I whispered, “Good, now how far off is our cabin?” She asked, “Really? Right to that?” I said trying not to be angry at her, “I want you all the time Dean, and your dad has made it clear to keep it in the bedroom, and well we are not a couple that keeps it in the bedroom. It is killing me here; I do not enjoy feeling like a teenager again babe.” She said letting out a frustrated sigh, “Yes, feeling the same lass, hence why I have Chad helping me out today. I need to go back soon, but first, need some food after that.” I said, “Good cause I’m hungry too. Well for now anyway.” We quickly put our clothes back on and she puts her hot outfit into her bag with a big grin on her face. “Dad got the boys?” I asked. “Yes, they are asleep at the moment.” She said around her mouthful of food.

“Ok, how was he after I left,” I asked, “He’s normal self.” We chatted away as we ate and before I knew it was time to head back to Chad. I didn’t want to leave her not when she’s kissing me like this. “I’m sorry I know you need to go,” she whispered, “How did you get here?” I asked, “Took your dad’s car.” She told me, “Not in the car park babe” She laughs, “I know, I parked down the road encase you thought it was him.” She said sounding so thoughtful, “Ok, I’ll drop you off at the car.” I told her, I said my goodbyes to my employees, my secretary had a smirk on her face dam she must have heard us, Dana noticed her look too. I help her up into my truck, we head off to my dad’s car. “She knows what we did in that room.” Dean said with a matter-of-fact tone to her voice, “You think?” I asked, “Oh, I know and she’s not happy it wasn’t with her.” She said with a hint of jealously in her voice, “You think after all this time the number of women I must tell off would have a lesson by now.” She snapped out, she is cute when she gets jealous, I let out a laugh, “You know I don’t give them any attention; it all goes to you and the boys.” I told her, “Why is it funny to you?” She asked, “You are so cute when you’re jealous.” I told her, “Don’t change the subject.” She said, “I wasn’t changing the subject, just pointing out the facts.”

“Ok, I’ll see you when you get home? What time would it be?” She asked, “Ok, hoping to be home before dinner.” I said, “Hmm ok.” We are now standing outside, I’m pressing into her, while she leans against the car. I lean down kissing her softly, my hand is placed on her growing belly feeling our baby kicking. “I love feeling this.” I whispered, “So, do I.” I get down onto my knees kissing her belly as she laughs. “I love you so much baby McCarthy cannot wait to hold you in my arms,” I said quietly, Dana puts her hands through my hair, I look up at her with a smile on my face. “Here I thought I couldn’t fall even more in love with you.” She whispered, I stood up kissing her gently, as I feel the same. Her hand goes to my beard moaning, her sex drive is going to kill me. “Lass,” I said with a warning in the tone of my voice, “Hmm Ok.” She gently pushes me away so she can open the door, smiling back at me one of those I know she is up to something. “Trying the boys in their room today and tonight.” She told me, “Really?” I asked, “Yes, I do not want to balls deep with you and hear those two talking to me.” She said I groan out, “I am going to stop you right there, I know babe, I feel like we may have stuffed them up for life.” I told her, she starts laughing, “I know what you mean.”

She gets into the car, lean down giving her a soft kiss. I step back onto the sidewalk and wait until she drives off. I head back to the cabin; I see Chad’s car is still here. I have no idea why I keep calling it a cabin it no longer looks like one now. I find Chad sitting on the deck drinking a big bottle of water while face-timing Paige and the kids. fuck did I take him away from family time? He quickly hangs up the call and starts to stand up, I tell him to sit back down as I sat next to him. “Chad buddy am I keeping you from family time?” I asked softly, “No, not at all.” he said, I look at him, trying to read his face something is up with him. Was it what I had told him? He’s better at hiding things than I thought. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

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