All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 15: Rumor Has It

**Dean’s Pov**

“What’s wrong?” I asked my best friend, he points his finger at me, “That right there, how do you do it?” he asked shocked, “Do what?” I asked, his eyebrows rising up even further, “Can read me so well. Thought I hid it well.” He said quietly, pulling his hair out that is currently falling out, putting back up into a ponytail, “Part of the job.” I said shrugging my shoulders, “Right.” Chad said not really getting my comment but I won’t be giving him any more information, “You can tell me you know; I am very good at keeping secrets if that is what are you worried about.” I said, “Paige and I are just going through a rough patch.” He said sighing, “What do you mean?" I asked, “We are fighting more often than anything, barely having sex, not even make-up sex. This is nothing like us bro, yes we fight but not like this.” He said quietly, “Oh bro” I whispered, not fun fighting with your wife, I wrap an arm around his shoulders as he slumped into me defeated. “Are you sure she isn’t angry at you being here helping me?” I asked no way in hell do I want to be part of their fights.

“Oh, she’s angry, angry at everything. She had a go at me for doing a tattoo on a client’s breasts that it was cheating. She’s never been like this man. I wasn’t bro I really wasn’t I was only doing the job that the client wanted.” he said, I know he would have only been doing what the person wanted, and she knows that being a tattoo artist as well. “I know man. Couldn’t it be she is just tired and wants alone time with you without the kids?” I asked, “I had offered her a weekend away just the two of us, have my parents watch the kids. She yelled at me for saying it.” He said sounding so lost, “Something else is up then, could she be pregnant again?” I asked knowing full well she would kill him if she is, “No, she doesn’t want any more children, Dean, she made me get the snip so it cannot be that.” He said, “Unsure bro, try sitting down and having a chat to find out what is going on.” I said, he looks at me covering his face and started crying fuck, it’s been years since he was this emotional with me, he said through his hands, “Do you think she’s cheating on me?” he asked, “Doubt it, she loves you maybe she’s just not coping.” I said lost, he sniffs wiping his eyes, “Ok that is enough girly shit, let’s get this house finished for you.” He said, I looked at him oddly, “You sure you ok?” I asked, “No, but I am here to help. You would do the same thing for us.” He said, “I know and I will always be there to help you both.” I told him, he nods his head, “I know bro.” With that, we went off into the house finishing off what has left that need to be done. I sent him home around three so he can be with his wife and kids, he fought with me on it. Instead told him that our first weekend in the house he and his family come over for a big grill session.

Thanks to his help the house is finished tomorrow I will be putting all the furniture in the house, mainly new as she couldn’t take looking at it all. I have also made her a few surprises like our children’s rooms and her craft room.

Opening the front door, I can hear screaming, what the hell is going on. I raced into the house Jamie is in the lounge room looking scared out of his mind, dad is holding the boys I look at both in shock. “Thank God you’re here, you might be able to calm her down,” Jamie said, “What the hell is going on?” I asked lost, “No idea she was like this when I got home from work.” Jamie said, “I was in the lounge room with the boys when she started screaming in the kitchen, I went to check on her thinking maybe really early labor, and got a wooden board thrown at me.” Dad said sounding hurt and angry at the same time.

“Ok,” I said, Dana what the hell is going in with you lass. I make my way into the kitchen and food is everywhere. Wow! What happened for her to explode like this? “FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHITE!” She screamed, “Dana wowow put the knife block down!” I roared out at her, she stops in mid-throw looking at me in sheer shock, then her anger turns towards me. She does put the block down onto the bench and storms up to me and starts punching me in the stomach I let her, she seems to need to explode and I can take a few good hits before we have any issues. She’s screaming and crying while she’s hitting me, I can catch a few words but am unsure of what it all means, then I hear a line that had my whole world crash down around me.

“YOU ARE A CHEATING FUCKING BASTARD!” Dana roared, what the hell? I grab ahold of her hands forcing her to stop, she looks up at me tears falling down her face. Wow, she really does think I have cheated on her. “Dana I have no idea what you’re talking about?” I softly asked, “That is a cop-out!” She snapped at me, “Nope it is not, I really have no idea what you’re talking about. What happened between the time of you driving off and you coming, home lass?” I asked, she looked like I slapped her in the face, which I never would. Is this just all of her hormones going crazy, someone has told her some sort of lie and she’s believed them, that hurts the most that she believed them over me?

**Dana’s Pov**

I have no idea why I have gotten so out of hand, hearing those ladies talking about my husband like that but also how do they know about those tattoos of his as well. Broke my heart hearing it as he got those tattoos after we got married so how does she know about it? Why do all this with me and go to her? Is that why he’s taken so long to work on the cabin? He’s asking me a question and all I want to do is curl into a ball and cry like there is no tomorrow. “Dana, what happened between the time of you driving off and you coming, home lass?” He asked, “Please tell me how Teresa Bellandi knows your tattoos so well?!” I yelled pointing at the ones on his chest, fresh tears spilling down my face. He knows who I am talking about I can see it in his eyes but I have no idea as to how she has seen his tattoos. “Why the hell would Teresa know anything about my body Dana?” he asked, “For a full twenty minutes I heard her talking to her friends down the aisle of the supermarket, I am sorry Dean but what she said summed your whole body up. I know your body very well so please enlighten me on how she knows about your new tattoos!” I snapped, he looked at me in sheer shock. “Fucking hell Dana I have no idea how she knows about them! Could have been from during the hotter months when I run with no top on?” He said, “You didn’t answer about how she knows the rest o f your body Dean?! ANSWER THE QUESTION DEAN McCARTHY!!!” I screamed out so loud.

“Jesus Dana,” He said I cut him off, “Don’t you dare, you owe me the truth now!” I cried out, “She’s my ex, Dana! That is how she knows my body!” He yelled at me, “Are you kidding me!” I asked shocked, “Dana I have always told you I had been with a lot of people! You never seem to have a problem with it before!” He yelled, “That was before! Now your ex seems to know your body very well!” I yelled, “Are you taking her word over mine?!” He asked hurt, “I don’t know what to think! One minute I want to kill you the next I want to kiss you!” I roared at him, he gave me a smirk, “That is all I need to know.” He whispered he grabs my face leaning down to me kissing me hard, wet and full of every emotion he can put into it. I kiss him back the same, we both moaned into it. We kiss like this for a while before he broke away his hand holding the back of my head as the other wipes away the tears, he looks sad.

“Dana McCarthy I love you so much, in no way would I ever dream of being with another woman you are it for me. If you die, I will never remarry, because how could I ever replace you, the love of my life. Those ladies clearly knew you were in that shop and said all of this too you to get us to fight, and it worked lass.” He’s now holding my face in both his hands I can see tears fall freely down his face, he leans his forehead against my own forehead, closing his eyes. “No matter what Dana I will always love you.” He whispered, “So, you didn’t?” I asked my voice shaking, “No Dana I didn’t do anything with her.” He said, “Oh, fuck I’m so sorry Dean. Oh man I trashed dinner.” I cried out and tears have started up again, Dean chuckles, “You bring a new meaning to a fiery redhead.” He says this as he looks around, still holding me. “I take it hormones seemed to have helped in this part too.” I wrap my arms around his waist holding onto him tightly, his arms held onto me. What have I done? “Next time you hear this type of stuff no matter what call me up and ask me love ask me. I will never lie to you.” He whispered.

“Is it safe?” Jamie asked, “Yeah bro it is” Dean yelled back, “Holy crap Dana! You trashed dinner.” Jamie said looking around in sheer shock, “Along with my kitchen!” dad said looking a mixture of sheer shock and anger, “I’m so sorry dad, really.” I said around another fit of tears, “What the hell did you do Dean?” Jamie asked, “As we heard she believed he cheated, mixed with pregnancy hormones and her being as fiery as Dean she exploded and our dinner was the victim. Son, what have I told you about never pissing off a pregnant woman?” Dad asked Dean, “Stuff this we will clean this up later, let’s go out for dinner.” Dean said while Jamie spoke up loudly, “Think that is wise?” He looks at me a little worried, I know what he’s thinking. I’m thinking it too. “Why not?” I asked him, “Alright then let’s all get change, but big brother you better hope she stays.” I cut him off, “Finish that I dare you!” I screamed at Jamie, “Dad you got any popcorn?” Dean asked, “Dean do you ever learn?” His dad asked, “Popcorn Dean?!” I rounded on him and he took a step back holding his arms up in surrender while his brother and father started laughing, I turned on them too.

“Wow, crazy pregnancy hormones back down!” Jamie said laughing, “Then stop laughing!” I screamed at them all, I burst into tears, I stormed off into the lounge room found the boys on the floor playing with their wooden trains I sat down next to them as I cry. Why the hell am I crying, I am so over these bloody hormones! Then the belly started playing up, ahh crap I bottled to the bathroom right past Dean who looked worried and confused as hell, join the club hubby! After ten minutes of dry heaving, I hear a soft knock on the door. “Lass you ok?” he asked, “No.” I told him, “Need me.” I cut him off, “No. I don’t know. Can you stop asking me questions?” I asked, “Aye.” I hear the door opening and closing, I feel him sitting behind me and I lean right into his lap he wraps his arms around me kissing my forehead. “I feel like I’m going round the twist Dean.” I said softly, “Come again?” Dean asked, “Around the twist?” I asked, “Yeah not getting what you’re trying to say, lass.” he said, “Loopy, crazy, nuts.” I told him, “Oh, that is a new one. How are you feeling right now?” He asked. “Didn’t I say no more questions?” I asked, “Aye you did” I cut him off, “Then be quiet.” I whispered, “Yes Ma’am.” He just sits with me in silence it was nice until Jamie opened the door letting our boys walk into the room.

“Here is mommy and daddy.” He smiles at us then closes the door; the boys climb into our laps. They laugh, kiss, and play around us. “You four are my world, Dana.” He said, “I know, your mine too.” I whispered, “You up for dinner out?” He asked, “Sure.” I mumbled, he stands up, helping meup off the floor before picking up the boys who thank god dressed in going outwarm clothes. I look up at Dean then at my messy clothes, he nods his head atme with a sad smile on his face. “Go.” I raced upstairs to get into clean clothes. Once dressed I joined the men downstairs, we all got into Dean’s truck, Jamie followed us in his own car, not enough seats. The dinner went well, by the time we got home I had fallen asleep.

I woke up with a foot in my face, groaning I sat up looking around. Dean was on the other side of the bed with one of the boys half on him and myself with the other on me but upside down. I look over at the alarm clock crap it didn’t go off. Leaning over I gently nudge Dean, he didn’t budge at all, I try again nothing.

Groaning I managed to get out of bed as the baby is now laying on one side of my body it looks so weird having a big lump on that side and nothing on the other side. I walk over to his side of the bed and nudged him again nothing bloody hell since when does he sleep this deep? I lean down giving him a soft kiss, I keep kissing him until he starts kissing me back. Once he does this, I quickly pull away, his eyes open, he has a smirk on his face. “Now love that is one hell of a wake-up call.” He groans then looks around seeing the boys in our bed, then looks at me with a question written all over it. “Nope wasn’t me babe, also your late for work the alarm didn’t go off.” I told him, “Oh crap!” Dean gently moving Seb off him, as he jumps out of bed racing to the cupboard getting into his work clothes before racing into the bathroom. A few minutes later he comes back into the room wrapping me up in a hug. “I love you, babe can you meet me at the cabin around four?” He asked, “I love you too, sure Dean.” I said, “Enjoy your day, also stay home and rest up or maybe help dad clean up the mess you had made?” He asked, I looked at him in sheer shock, “Oh fuck! SHITE!” I cried out, racing out of the bedroom he follows me after making sure the boys are safe. I reached the kitchen and both Jamie and Sachairi are finishing up cleaning my mess, I burst out into tears. They both stopped looking up at me in shock and then fear and confusion. “Dana love why are you crying for?” Dad asked, “You cleaned up without me?!” I said through my tears, “Oh man I really do not miss this stage of pregnancy. Dean glade she’s your wife.” Jamie mumbles, “Babe it’s ok,” Dean said, “No, it is not ok! I made that mess I should be the one cleaning it up!” I cried out sounding like a three-year-old to my own ears, “Yeah, if you weren’t heavily pregnant then this would be different no way in hell would I be happy having you on your hands and knees cleaning.” Dad snapped, “Yeah sis you maybe bat shit crazy but we still love you, no way are we going to let you clean this up. Just repay us by cooking yummy food as much as you like.” Jamie said giving me a big smile, “Ok deal.”

I said nodding my head, still crying though, “Good, now I’m before I am late. Jamie, aren’t you late?” Dean asked, “No, I have a meeting with the lawyers.” Jamie said his face losing all of its happiness just then, “Oh, man is that today? I thought that was” Dean started to say before Jamie cuts him off, “Dean bro you had shit tones of drama, you’re bound to not remember.” Jamie said, “Well I wanted to go with you.” Dean grumbles, “It’s ok Tony is coming with me today.” Jamie said, “Ok, fight for everything you have worked hard for ok.” Dean told him, “I am bro, I am.” Jamie said softly, “Good.” Dean, the two men hugged each other before Dean, came and gave me a hug and a kiss doing the same thing to the boys before heading off to work. Jamie soon followed him, Sachairi had left too leaving me at home with just the boys. We spent most of the day inside as the temperature had dropped and I really didn’t feel like going outside so we stayed in the lounge room watching Netflix while they played and slept.

Jamie came home first he just went into his room didn’t even want to talk to me, that had me worried. I tried talking to Tony who dropped by saying if Jamie didn’t say anything then he couldn’t. Sachairi came home I had told him what Jamie did and he raced into towards his room. Sachairi came out an hour later looking upset, wouldn’t talk to me either so whatever it is either Monica has gone nuts and managed to win or it’s gotten worst Jamie lost his cool during the meeting. I couldn’t get my way to the cabin so I called up Dean to come to pick us up as my car is still in the shop but my belly has fully blocked any form of being able to drive today. He said he will be home in about twenty minutes.

It didn’t take long for me during those twenty minutes to fall asleep on the couch with the boys. We got woken up by Dean, who smelt so dam good and looked sexy as hell with his tool belt on and work clothes. “Don’t look at me like that lass, I want to show you our new home.” Dean said with a playful smirk on his face, “It’s ready?” I asked, “Come on get up and you’ll find out.”

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