All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 16: House Is Finished

**Dana’s Pov**

It’s been snowing so I can see why Dean was happy I couldn’t drive. He looked so happy, I like this Dean. We pull up into a driveway and I burst into tears it’s like my dream home. It's a wooden-style cabin, has a smallish front porch with a cute seating area, it looks small from this view but I have a feeling it's a lot bigger than it looks, that is Dean's style of building. Snow everywhere, but so many trees it's so quiet and peaceful, and you can see and hear people pulling up to the house the way he had built it, which I love so much.

“Dana, please tell me those are happy tears?” He said softly, “They are Dean, they are.” I cried and laughed at the same time. “Good ready to see our new home, my love?” He asked. I started laughing nodding my head yes, he helps me out of the car holding my hand until he knows I am stable, he gets one boy out and passes him to me, I hold onto Alex as he gets Seb out. Putting Alex on my hip Dean holds my hand as we walk up to the front steps of the house. He unlocks the front door, it looks bigger inside than it looks, it’s just what I wanted a smaller home cozier. Don’t get me wrong I loved the other house but this one feels safe, feels like home. “What do you think?” He softly asked, “I love it! I love you.” I said so happily, I walk around a lovely cozy lounge room and a dining room then I froze seeing the kitchen he got the colors I wanted. All the cabinets along the walls and the uppers are white with brass finishes, the open shelves are natural wood which I love, the island is a lovely emerald green along with the backsplash of glossy emerald green tiles I love so much.

“Wow! Dean, you got what I had asked.” I said in wonder, I run my hand along the backsplash. I put Alex down, Dean does the same thing I wrap my arms around him hugging him. “I love this color now.” He said which shocked me, “You didn’t like it before?” I asked, “No not until I had seen it on you, now in here makes me want to christen every part of this kitchen with you.” He whispered biting my earlobe, “Hmmm maybe when those two are in their rooms?” I asked, “Talking about rooms,” Dean said brightly, I started jumping up and down in his arms, “Oh my yes! Please show me our babies’ rooms!” I cried out in joy, “This way love.” We pick up the boy’s he leads us to the other side of the lounge room, he slowly opens the door. I let out a scream of delight! I love it.

The twin's room is in a grey color scheme with natural woods, I love it, it screams Dean to a T and our boys, they now have big boys beds that are joined together at the base on the other side of the room is bookshelves, desks, and toys its large enough for them to grow in when they get older. “The twin’s room,” Dean said, the boys wanted down, we put them down and they raced into the room laughing and checking everything out. “I love this,” I said, I just couldn’t stop smiling and crying at the same time. “Thank you,” He said, grabbing my hand leading me towards the door next to theirs. He opens it and I start crying happy tears, the room is all white with natural wood everywhere so easy for us to add a splash of color once we know what we are having when they arrive.

“Ohhh wow, babe! You have outdone yourself!” I cried out, “Thank you, Chad had helped also once bub is born we can throw color in then.” He said brightly, “Right now, color doesn’t matter.” I told him, smiling up at him as he wipes away my tears leaning down kissing me. Pulling away with another big smile on his face. “What are you going to be like when I show you our room?” He asked with a smirk on his face, “Let’s hope they stay in their room for five more minutes.” I told him, he laughs, grabbed my hand taking me to our room letting me open the door.

It's like the rest of the house cute farm-style cottage, white with natural woods a massive bed as always, I giggled at the pills he had on our bed, one said 'Good Morning Beautiful' the other said, 'Hello there Handsome.' and the one at the bottom on the seat in front of our bed it says 'Home Sweet Home.' I let out a girly scream when I looked around at what he has done, “I love your style babe, I love this bedroom.” I said, “Thank you.” He leans down kissing my forehead. “Come I made sure we had our own bathroom.” I looked back at him, “How much of our walk-in did we lose?” I asked, “Only a few inches the newborn lost the most, what do you think?” He asked, “Oh, Dean!” I cried out when I noticed our bathroom, I fucken love these tiles he found, the same color as the ones on the backsplash in the kitchen but in subway tiles on the floor in a chevron pattern, white tiles all on the wall with black mat finishes, a bathtub and a shower in one with just one hand sink and mirror with storage and I don't mind that as I'm not the type of girl who has heaps of supplies.

“I know that look.” Dean whispers, “Dean close the door.” I ordered, “Babe I want to, the boys are awake.” Dean said, “Dam why are you the smart one right now?” I asked, “I don’t have baby hormones sending mixed feelings to me.” Dean said smirking, I groaned I know he is right, he’s normally always right. I headed back into our room with a sigh I sat down on our bed and laid back on the pillows moaning loudly, I can hear Dean groaning. “Really?” He asked laughing, “Fuck these pillows are so soft; this bed is so comfortable. Can I just say this very sore pregnant body is loving this!” I said loudly, I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep hearing Dean chuckled to himself.

I woke up to hearing upset male voices, which is odd cause neither of them is my husband's voice. Groaning cause, I need to pee but also need to hear what they are saying. But couldn’t hear clearly while in the bathroom. I walked out of my room finding two of my brother-in-laws sitting on my lounge chair. I let out a high pitch girly scream as I ran into one of their arms. He lets out a scream of pain, then I took in his appearance oh crap I climbed back off him he looks bad.

“Fucking hell little sis ever thought just a wave would be ok sometimes.” Aaron cried out in pain, “Shite! I’m so sorry Aaron are you ok?” I asked, “Aghh hmmm I’m fine Dana.” He told me, I glared at him, “Don’t lie to me, has Erin seen you yet?” I asked, “Yes, she also knows that I need to chat to Jamie about what has happened.” Aaron said, “But you’re back! Thought you were going to be back on the weekend and spending it with Erin?” I asked, “Got back early, and heard what is going on with Jamie, he said you two are now at the new place I wanted to see it before I had my alone time with my wife.” Aaron said, “Right, Hi Jamie, also where are my boys?” I asked, “Hi Dana, I know you don’t see me when Aaron’s around” Jamie started but I cut him off, “Oh, bull Jamie I had seen you, just haven’t seen that big idiot for a while.” I said, “Dean is just putting the boys to bed.” Aaron answered my question, “Thanks.” I quickly turned around I see Dean walking out of the boy’s bedroom he had a grin on his face. “Good to see you are awake lass.” Dean said, “Ok Jamie spill what happened in court today?” I asked, “Right to the hard shit hey DD. Not even going to ask how Aaron got hurt?” he asked.

“Well, I know he won’t tell me so no point in asking. I know you will tell me what happened at court. Is this why you two are fighting this time?” I asked, “She got you on that one.” Dean said laughing, “Why isn’t Tony here?” I asked, “He doesn’t need to be here.” Jamie said, “Well did you serve the cow everything she’s worth?” I asked with an evil smirk on my face, Jamie just did an evil laugh, “Well her lawyers found about what he’s been doing at night.” Aaron said looking at his brother wondering what is funny, “So? It’s so clear that she did all of this to gain in life!” I snapped, “YEAH, WE KNOW DANA! LIKE YOU CAN TALK!” Jamie yelled at me, I looked at him in sheer shock, “No need to yell at her! Also, she’s nothing like Monica!” Dean yelled at him, Dean had stood up in front of me, Jamie just looked shocked. “You would be pissed if Dana did what Monica is doing to me!” Jamie yelled at him, “Yeah anyone would be, but Dana hasn’t done anything to you!” Dean snapped, “Ok you two sit down.” Aaron ordered, fuck that voice is scary.

The pair of them sat down Dean sat right next to me wrapping an arm around my shoulders, I put my legs onto his lap his other hand onto my legs. “While you’ve been sleeping lass, Jamie had filled us in on what happened.” Dean informed me, “Well it’s round one, and Jamie did the best thing by seeing all of the best lawyers before here, leaving her with only the crap ones to pick from.” Aaron said chuckling, “Round One to her.” Jamie said, “How?” I asked lost, “She made it clear his drinking habit is unsafe around her son.” Dean said, “Did your lawyer point out you were married when he was born and she didn’t add your name on his birth certificate?” I asked, “Yes he said that’s when they dropped that he has two very violent brothers and a sister-in-law who have violence around children and it even has affected the extended family.” Aaron said, “She did not just do that?!” I asked shocked, “And you came out just after I told Jamie off over that crap.” Aaron said, “Don’t worry I set them straight over that once I said all of us had served for our country and that you three still do he dropped it.” Jamie said, “Then what’s wrong?” I asked, “Fucking lawyer wants me to take their deal of giving her half of everything, but no visits with my son. I know I fought with yous saying he is not mine. After hearing him screaming he wanted to see his daddy, it broke me.” Jamie said, “Did she tell him you weren’t his daddy?” I asked.

The look on Jamie’s face broke me too, I jumped off Dean’s lap and walked up to Jamie wrapping my arms around him hugging him as tightly as I can with this belly. Pulling away from the hug, I announced. “Right, you need something stronger than that!” I said loudly, “Only one, you can’t stay the night.” Dean snapped, “Yeah, I agree on that one.” Jamie said, “Why?” Aaron asked, “Did you have to ask?” Jamie said looking at his brother in shock, “That’s right you had been living together.” Aaron said before he started laughing, “Babe none of your Irish Jameson stuff either.” Dean yells to me while I’m in the kitchen, he must have seen me going for the Irish Whisky, well stuff him after that comment. “Take it you want cat piss to drink love!” I called back out to him, “For a man who wants to get some, you’re going about it all wrong.” Jamie said shaking his head.

I pull down the Jack for Dean and the others get Dean’s good Scotch; I’m pissed as I would love a shot of it too. I carried the drinks out handing the men their drinks, Dean knew right off that I gave him the drink he only drinks after the good stuff is gone. He doesn’t look happy about it I sip on my cold water with a smug look on my face. Aaron and Jamie both notice too, Jamie is staying quiet, Aaron on the other hand started laughing. “Be quiet Aaron, Dana why?” Dean asked, “Nothing wrong with my stuff.” I said, “You gave them my good stuff?” He asked, “Yep pour your own next time.” I told him, heading into the kitchen putting my cup into the dishwasher, making my way to our bedroom door, turning back to the three men. “Don’t forget to lock up, also drive safely you two. Glade your back Aaron, hopefully for good? Night boys!” I called out. “Night DD.” Jamie said, “Night little Sis! Yeah, thanks to this arm I cannot do what I normally do, so I’m home for good.” Aaron said, “Good Erin will love that.” I smiled at him, “I will, also night love.” Dean said, I just smiled at him and headed into our room leaving the door ajar only having the lamp next to my side of the bed on. I got into the bathroom having a shower and got into some clean clothes, climbed into bed pulling out my tablet to start reading my new book, didn’t last long I crashed hard.

**Dean’s POV**

I know she’s upset with me, she only gives me Jack when she’s pissed off and my brothers know that too. We chatted for another hour before I kicked them both out, Jamie dropped Aaron off at his house cannot drive until he gets the all-clear. Don’t think Dana was paying any attention that Aaron can not drink, he took a fake sip for her but handed it to me while laughing.

Not happy that he got a bullet to his shoulder but it means his home for good and that’s an amazing feeling. Hopefully, he doesn’t have long-term issues with it, he will know more when it heals more. I could tell after Dana had jumped onto his lap that he’s more hurt than his letting on.

Once I locked up and set the alarms I walked into my room and nearly let out a giggle. She clearly wasn’t tired when she came to bed, picking up her tablet and seeing she’s been reading. It seems even her sex books couldn’t keep her awake. Heading into the bathroom to have a quick shower and get dressed into my boxers, climbing into bed she rolls into me as soon as I’ve gotten comfortable, letting out a soft moan, “You awake lass?” I softly ask, “You smell really good.” She mumbles, “Do I?” I asked, “Hmm call in sick tomorrow.” She whispers, she’s now kissing my neck sending shivers down my whole body, making me forget what she just asked me. “I can’t babe, I have back-to-back meetings tomorrow.” I said softly, “Hmm ok.” She mumbles, “You up for a big grill session this weekend with Chad and Paige?” I asked her, she stopped kissing her way down on my body looking at me with a big grin on her face. “Yes! I cannot wait! I’ll text Paige in the morning to arrange what food she can bring if she wants to or just the drinks. I should make a list of what I need” She had started to ramble so I cut her off, “Babe do it in the morning.”

I told her trying not to laugh, “I’m getting too excited.” She said, “It’s a good thing.” I told her, “You up to” I didn’t let her finish, I lifted her onto my lap. I sit up a bit more kissing her softly. She lets out a groan pushing me away as she pushes herself off me she climbs off me she knees me in the balls. I let out a yelp of pain as she bolts into the bathroom. I know what she’s doing but it still feels like I’m getting cock blocked now by the unborn one. Trying to rub the pain out, I hope I can have more kids after this hit. I go to check up on her, I find her on the floor vomiting and crying at the same time. Breaks my heart that I cannot do anything to help her out, I quickly pull out a hair tie from the draws putting her hair up into a ponytail I sit behind her as she leans back I kiss her forehead as I hold onto her. “I’m sorry how are your balls?” She asked me, “It’s ok, sore but I can live.” I told her, she closes her eyes oh no she’s going to go to sleep, not on the bathroom floor lass. “Hey, sweetie come on let’s get you to the bed,” I told her.

“Hmmm sure.” She mumbles, I help her up and slowly walk her to the bed. She climbs in as soon as I’ve turned the lights off and made myself comfortable, she’s hugging into my side. I’m not going to push her for sex she’s way too tired. I kiss the top of her head, she lets out a soft moan and kissed my chest. “Night handsome, thank you so much for all you have done babe, I love you so much.” She whispered I smiled broadly at her, “Night beautiful, your very much welcome my love, I love you so much too.”

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