All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 17: House Warming

**Dana’s POV**

I woke up with his nice warm strong arms around me one hand spread out on my belly. I must say it’s an amazing feeling waking up this way with him, peanut seemed to enjoy it too. It was moving around a bit making my bladder its soccer ball. I cuddle into him until the next kick happened carp baby McCarthy that is not a nice thing to do. I need to pee so bad now, Dean tightens his grip on me that would be right. “Dean let me go the baby is kicking my bladder I really need to pee!” I cried out, he lets me go; I race into the bathroom. A few minutes later I climb back into the bed. I hope the boys are warm as it feels like the temp has dropped somewhat from last night. It’s still pitch black outside I see Dean had checked his phone he groaned. “Tell that baby that a three-thirty am wakeup call is not on,” Dean grumbled, “Thinking the same thing love, but then again, I am always getting up to pee normal it doesn’t wake you.” I whispered, “It does I just don’t let you know.” He said with a matter-fact tone to his voice. “Oh hon I’m” I started but he cuts me off, “No need sweetie, someone else is up too.” He says this with his cheeky smile on his face, leaning over rubbing my belly. I couldn’t wait for him to make his move he smelt so dam good. It’s like a mixture of wood, man, and something like brute mixed with marshmallows. Yes, I know that sounds odd but that is what this pregnant lady can smell. I crash my lips into him as he lets out a moan in our kiss. Dean pulls away with a big grin on his face. “You’re not going to fall asleep on me, again are you?” He asked.

I let out a giggle shaking my head no. We both stripped as fast as we could, Dean lays back up against the headboard pulling me onto his lap, kissing and touching each other’s bodies. We made sweet love to each other three times before we went back to sleep. We both woke up with the boys crying at our door, the new house they got lost trying to find us. We both picked up a boy each putting them into the middle for some cuddling time. Dean’s phone started going off, he looks at me and mouths the words “It’s work”. He gets out of bed but stops halfway to the door. “What are you serious?” He said loudly, I looked at him in concern, “Hold up I’ll have a look outside Matt.” He leaves the room, all I know was it’s cold, I kissed the boy’s and got out of the bed to turn the heater up. I got back into bed with the boys who both chose then to pull my top down to help themselves. Starting to feel like cutting them off but seeing as they only have it two to three times a day now isn’t too bad.

Dean walks back into the bedroom with a big grin on his face, “Not going out today lass.” Dean said, “What do you mean?” I asked, “We had a big snowfall overnight we are snowed in, so are most of my workers. I’ve closed up shop and Jill has put up a sign up on our fence to let people know to call me.” He said, “OMG you get a day home with us!” I said so happily, “Aye, now do you boys want daddy to make some pancakes?” He asked, they both pulled off with big grins on their faces screaming yes daddy at him. We both shared a smile, I also noticed him looking at my exposed breasts, which sent me horny as hell remembering our early morning session. “You, my dear stay in bed, keep giving them their morning milk I’ll call out when breakfast is ready.” He said, “Ok.” I said after laughing like I have a say with these two helping themselves. I watch his fine ass out the door. I sit and listen to him trying to sign to some classic rock songs that are on the radio. Once the boys had finished feeding, I quickly changed their bums and bought them out to the living areas. They took off towards the lounge room to play with their toys. I stood at the counter watching him cook, he knows I am watching him so he starts putting on a show.

After we all enjoyed the breakfast Dean had made, I cleaned up, we spent the rest of the day chilling in the lounge watching Netflix. Dean had head upstairs to do a few times to take phone calls, I wonder what is up there, he never showed me nor told me. As he came down the stairs again I waited at the bottom he looked at me with a question on his face. “Babe, what’s up there?” I asked, “That’s right you had fallen asleep before I could show you, follow my love.” He turned around heading back up as I follow him we come to a landing I see all of his stuff from his old home office I smiled up at him, I see three doors he opens up one door. I follow him I see another bathroom so we have three bathrooms in this house. I smile at him as he takes me to the second door and opens it, his decked it out as a spare bedroom or guest room. I like the idea of them being away from us so they can have some privacy. “How many kids do you think we are going to have Dean?” I asked, “Right now, I’m happy with the three we’ve got love.” He said with a big smile on his face, “Right answer husband.” I told him he chuckles, “Here is my little surprise for you.” He said, “Oh no Dean you didn’t have to, this house is my surprise because everyone was saying a cabin and I was thinking a one-bedroom shake that wasn’t going to fit the kids, but babe I love it really it’s our forever home.” I said feeling I am truly home, “Well it was before I had done some work on it.” He said, “What? Really? Wow.” I said with pride in my voice on my husband’s skills, “Babe you think so?” He asked sounding nervous to my own ears, ah my man is scared I would hate his work, which would never happen. “Yes.” I said with a big smile on my face, “I love you so much.” He said, “I love you too.” Dean had opened up the third door and I had seen what he had done, I fucking love it. I raced around the room to have a quick look at it all then I turned around smiling I raced into his open arms. I have two large worktops with heaps of storage under them, with more storage along the back wall, another wall full of ribbons, cotton, buttons you name everything I need for making clothes and I love it, I cannot wait to get up here and start filling out orders now.

“You love it?” He asked, “Yes! I love you too.” I said loudly, the boys are sound asleep in their beds I quickly grabbed his hand leading him into our spareroom. “My oh my Mrs. McCarthy” I put my finger to his mouth to stop him, his eyes are shining with laughter. I slowly do a striptease for him. Well more like try I really don’t feel sexy right now, Dean must have picked up on that and walked closer to me, with a smoldering look over his face. “Dana you are sexy, also so beautiful don’t ever doubt yourself.” He spent the next hour making sure I felt beautiful and sexy, I sure did also felt well-loved. Cuddling up to him under the blankets as for some reason I am feeling the cold more than anything lately. “Are you cold love?” He asked, “Aye, can’t seem to stay warm.” Dean climbed out of bed getting dressed and handed me my clothes, once we are both dressed, we climbed back into bed under the blankets. “How about now?” He asked, “Much better thanks. Dean?” I softly asked, “Hmm?” He said around kissing my neck, “Aaron is really hurt, isn’t he?” I asked, “He hasn’t said, but I did notice how much pain he was in after you had” I cut him off, “Stop I feel bad enough about it, do you think I made it worst for him?” I asked, trying not to cry. “He didn’t say anything so I’m guessing not love. Dana, he is a big boy he’ll live don’t stress he wouldn’t want you to.” He whispered. “Did you knew he was hurt in action?” I asked, knowing how close the pair of them is who knows if Aaron had told him to keep it to himself until he got home. “Not until he got home, he most likely made them not say anything to keep Erin’s stress down,” Dean said. I was about to say something else but his phone went off again, he groans and sits up answering it. I leave him be so he can talk in private, heading downstairs I see the boys have woken up and made themselves at home in the lounge room. Sent off a few texts to Paige to organize this BBQ, we are all set I just need to get to the grocery store, might give the list to Dean he can do it on the way home from work when the snow eases up for him.

The rest of the week went by fast; snow had cleared and we had gone back to normal, well our normal. Jamie had heard that Chad was coming over his been trying to get Dean to let him over. I’m unsure why Dean doesn’t want Jamie over but I wasn’t getting involved it’s between the two of them.

Tonight is the night of the grill session, Dean had to push it back later as his catching up on work thanks to the snow day. The boys have gone down to sleep which is what I didn’t want, I wanted them up so they go to sleep while everyone was here. So, while they slept, I quickly started prepping the side’s as Paige brings the meat. I heard keys in the front door, yes, he is home. I wiped my hands on the tea towel and raced to the door to greet him, I managed to surprise him. “Hi, my beautiful wife! You got me.” He said I start laughing, “I know little proud of myself, anyways hi hubby!” He laughs as he hugs me giving me a soft kiss on the lips before saying his hello and kiss to my belly. “Boy’s asleep?” He asked, “Yes.”

“Let me get cleaned up and I’ll help you.” I nodded my head as he leans down kissing me again, gripping his shirt he looks down at me. “Ahh fuck it!” He growls out, he picks me up walking me into our bathroom stripping my clothes off. “So handsome,” I say this as I run my hands along his very toned body, he moans as I reach his hard-on. His hands are roaming all over my body as well. “I feel like a horny teenager around you lass and I fucken love it!” I grab the back of his head bringing him down for a hot kissing session, I whispered in the kiss that I felt the same way. His hands gripping my hips turning me around as he turns on the shower, once the water was right, he spread my legs wider for him before slowly pushing himself into me. We both let out moans, he grips my ponytail as he slams himself into me. “Fuuuuuuccccckkkk” I moan out, we both didn’t last long, unsure if it’s the pregnancy but he was hitting a spot he has never hit before. He’s still pulling my head back as my eyes rolling at the back of my head as I exploded on him. He keeps going until he finishes. He’s holding me up as my legs have gone all jelly again. “Lass, you steady?” He softly asked.

“No.” He turns me around holding onto my arm’s brushing off my wet hair, his other hand goes to my belly, it’s one of his favorite things to do. He holds onto me until my legs have gone back to normal. We quickly finish in no time and back to finish off the meal prep. It was fun we laughed, chatted away but he always had to touch some part of me as he went past, I loved it. Hope the rest of our lives is like this if so, I know I am loved and cherished. Truly shows how bad of a couple my parents had been yes, my memory of them is nearly gone but still that shit keeps popping up into my head. “Hey don’t get lost in that head of yours.” He said, drawing me out of my thoughts, “I’m not.” He looks over at me with an eyebrow up, yeah, I know trying to lie to the human lie detector is stupid. “Fine I’ve gone in too deep” I mumbled, “Should I be worried?” He asked, “I don’t want to end up like our parents.” I whispered, “Lass, we will never end up like them yes, they are our parent’s but we aren’t them.” he whispered, “I know, just wish the voice in my head knows it too.” I said so softly.

He walks up to me kissing my forehead while squeezing my ass. “She will when those hormones have gone back to normal.” He said with a small smile on his face, “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked sounding upset, “Hush lass, just remembering you had the same fears when you were pregnant with the boys.” I go to answer but a knock on our front door stopped me from answering. “I’ll go get it. He grunts out but still gives my ass a good squeeze as he passes me to get to the front door. He greets Chad and the kids as they pass him taking the tray of meat from Paige as she passes him. I put my knife down and wash my hands as I walk over to Chad for a hug. “Hi Chad, also thank you for helping him out,” I said, “Hi Dana, oh that, that was nothing love.” He said, “Ok, hey Paige.” I said, I walk up to her hugging her as she says hi hugging me too. “Want to fire up the grill?” Dean asked Chad, “Sure.” Chad said as they head out to the back, Sebastian walks out looking tired still but woke up fast when he saw the other children running off to play with them. Paige walks up to me looking at the meat Dean had put on the bench. “Did we walk in on something?” She asked.

“No, more like I’m overthinking things and hormones aren’t helping,” I told her, “I know that feeling.” She said I looked at her oddly, “Are you pregnant?” I asked she doesn’t answer, the men walk in I know they both heard my question as Dean is looking between the two, Chad looks upset so does Paige. “How about we change the subject,” Chad said, and I don’t know him well enough but I could tell he really did not want to talk about this. “No, what’s going on with you two?” Dean asked, trying to send a look to Dean to drop it, “Bro please drop it.” Chad said, I look at Dean again clearly, they don’t want to talk about it trying to get him to drop it. “No, you just asked me if you walked in on us disagreeing. Now, something is off with you two spill it.” Dean said pushing them, I want to go up and slap him. “Fine! I’M PREGNANT, YOU HAPPY NOW!” Paige cried out, Dean looked shocked by this. “I thought he” Dean started to say but Paige cuts him off, “Turns out he got me pregnant before the snip!” She cried out glaring at her husband, Dean just looked sad at his friends we all knew she didn’t want any more children, but we all thought she was on birth control. “Babe,” Chad said, she holds a hand up to stop him, “Please can we just enjoy our best friend’s housewarming without fighting.” She storms off outside, leaving the rest of us standing very awkwardly.

“I’ll go see if she’s ok,” I said, I walk up to Chad I squeeze his arm before heading out to her. “Please Dana don’t.” She said softly, “Ok, I won’t.” I said, sitting down in one of the deck chairs putting the throw rug that Dean had taken out here earlier around me. I just sit and look up at the sky hearing the kids through the door playing. I look over at her and she’s crying, I reach out and she grabs my hand holding onto it tightly. “I love him don’t get me wrong but I am so fucking angry at him.” She whispered, “I can see that.” She rolls over in the chair facing me, I do the same. “I know we aren’t as close as those men in there are, but I would like us to be.” She said, I smiled brightly at her, “Same love.” I said, “He never told me the condom broke Dana. I was sick that week and didn’t think the medication I was on would affect the pill.” She said around her tears, “Oh, sweetie.” I said, “I’m four and a half months along Dana, been doing anything and everything that you shouldn’t do while pregnant. I am so worried that something is wrong with it, like what does the pill do to it, alcohol or even anti-biotics?” She asked, “Have you had your scan?” I asked, “Yes, but still missed some important tests.” She said, “Does Chad know your fears?” I asked, “Yes.”

We sit in silence for a little while before the men came out with the meat ready to start grilling. Chad looked at his wife trying to get her attention, poor guy she’s giving him the cold shoulder. I stand up to go check on the children, Dean came over giving me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. “Sorry lass.” He whispers, I look up at him confused. “For what?” I asked, he lets out a chuckle and kisses me on the lips before keeping his arms around me as he starts putting the meat on the grill. “All good than lass.” He said brightly he must have gone into his head too much then, “Sure, I’m off to check on the children.” I told him, “Ok.” He leans down kissing me again before letting me go, I walk in and the kids are playing nice together, my lounge room is trashed but no one is hurt so that’s a bonus. Poor Alex is sound asleep still how in hell with all these kids. I walk into their room found him sprawled out on his bed snoring. I sit down next to him gently rubbing circles on his belly to wake him up. He finally wakes up he climbs up into my lap and helps himself to my breasts letting me know he wants a feed.

I couldn’t stand to sit in that bed to feed him so I picked him up and walked out to the back deck, all the children followed me out to play in the yard. I sit back down in my chair getting the blanket ready when Sebastian noticed what I was doing and started climbing up in my lap too. Dean spotted Alex and went up to him picking him up saying hello and kissing him. He passes him back to me as I help Alex to get under my breast, Sebastian just bulldozed himself into them. I hear Dean laughing, I look up at him. “Those two are not going to be happy in sharing those soon.” He said, “Stiff cookies, tough mommy now.” I said with a cheeky grin on my face. “That amazes me how you feed them both at the same time.” Chad said with wonder, “You might need to teach me that.” Paige said softly, Chad chokes on his drink, Dean stops mid-sip and I spin my head around at her in shock. “You said you were four and half months pregnant with one?” I asked shocked, “Yes, I am,” She said while Chad looked like he was about to have a heart attack, “Are we having twins?” Chad asked, “Yes.” She told him, “Wh....” He stutters he walks up to her wrapping her up in a hug and kissing her forehead.

“That explains a lot,” Dean said quietly, Paige snapped her head at him, “And what does that mean Dean?” She asked, I do my best not to laugh but Dean had seen my face, I know I am in trouble when they go home tonight. But hey a girl can laugh at her man for putting his foot in it with another girl. “The mood swings, Dana was bad when she was pregnant with the twins.” He keeps making that hole bigger, “So!” Paige snapped at him, “Babe claim down his just saying that explains what is going on here tonight.” Chad said trying to calm his wife down, “Bullshit Chad I know you two talked while you were here helping him out, I am not stupid!” She snaps, “I never said you were babe.” He said giving her a look that she is clearly not fond of, “Argh please stop with that puppy dog look on your face!” She snaps, “Hey Paige do you want to go inside and get the sides out the meat is nearly ready.” Dean said cutting off their argument. “Sure.” She said, Paige got up and stormed off into the kitchen, the children are running around the backyard playing with the boy’s outside toys. Alex has finished drinking Sebastian is still on his changed sides though this boy will eat us out of the home the way he’s going. Even with four to five solid feeds a day he still wants two to three good feeds from me. I know Dean was right I am worried about what these two are going to do when this baby comes and takes the puppies away from them.

“Thanks, Dean.” Chad snapped at Dean just smiled at him, “Anytime” He said brightly, “Wasn’t a complement Dean.” He grumbled, “I know.” Dean said with a smirk on his face, “God I forget how much of dick you can be.” Chad said shaking his head in frustration, “We know” Dean said laughing, “How the hell do you put up with him Dana?” Chad asked, “I don’t know if I want to answer that question.” I quietly said, “Good answer lass.” Dean said sounding smug, “Well then, Chad you remember what he was like for ten whole weeks.” I said with an evil smirk on my face, Dean points a finger at me, “Dana do not do that again!” Dean snapped, while Chad started laughing, “Now we both are in the doghouse.” Chad said, “You are just as bad as me Chad.” Dean said to him shaking his head, “Yes.” Chad said agree with Dean.

Sebastian had finished and was running down to play with the other children, I quickly fixed myself up and started helping Chad in setting the table lucky for us we had a few camping highchairs so his younger two can sit and eat. Paige came out with the sides; Chad went inside getting the drinks ready for everyone. Paige has gone down into the yard to round up the children, Dean had come up behind me placing his hands on my hips leaning down, and whispering. “You are not withholding sex again are you lass?” he asked sounding worried, “Hmm, no, would never do that to you.” I said with an evil giggle, “Oh, is that so lass.” he starts kissing my neck and biting my earlobe, sending shivers down my whole body as I let out a moan. “Two can play at this game lass.” He whispered, “Well, boohoo. I’m so sorry your feelings are hurt, princess.” I said, “Please tell me, you just did not quote Bobby Singer to me?” Dean asked, “You know I did.” Chad coughs behind us, I wiggle out of his hands walking towards our boys and helping them up into their seats, once in their seats I start getting their food ready. During that whole time, I could feel Dean’s eyes on me but hey he brings out the smartass in me some days. I can now see why Paige is so angry at Chad they are going from three kids to five and she doesn’t want any more children, well hopefully they can work this out.

Gathering by the way he choked on his drink earlier he didn’t know about her having twins either. They sit opposite each other during dinner each taking a child to help feed, while the oldest is sitting at the end of the table enjoying themselves. Dean has Sebastian as he can keep up with him its not us spoon-feeding the kids more of us putting more food on their plates and making sure they don’t chock in our Seb’s case that is normal thing for him as he doesn’t know how to slow down when his eating. The rest of dinner went well, the kids went back to playing outside while the men cleaned up outside and inside for us. Paige and I just sat watching the children play as we chatted, it was nice having a female friend outside of the family. Once the temperature had dropped further, we rounded up the kids to get inside they all headed into the boy’s room to play quietly. Dean had started the fire in the dining room, he handed me a hot chocolate with heaps of marshmallows as he and Chad had an Irish one, Paige received a green tea. “I hate you right now,” I mumbled, “You don’t mean it,” Dean said while he chuckles, “Why?” Chad asked shocked, “I gave her a hot chocolate, not a hot mocha trying to cut back on hercoffee intake.” Dean said, “No not the reason Dean, this peanut hates coffee. I am angry you two are having my favorite drink.” I said, “Well...” Chad said, “You got any board games?” Paige asked, “Yeah, we do,” Dean said, getting up and heads to the tv unit and pulls out a couple of games, Chad got down with him and they chose cards against humanity, we girls looked at each other before saying at the same time. “The kids need to be asleep for that,” we said. “On it,” Chad said while Dean said, “I get the sleeping beds out.” I called out to him, “Put the bubs matters into the boy’s room as well.” He looked at me like he didn’t believe me, “Are you sure?” He asked, “Deadly sure.”

About thirty minutes later we managed to get all five kids sound asleep in their rooms while we set up the card game in the lounge room. Paige and Chad sat on the floor pillows around the coffee table, I sat on the lounge chair Dean tried his best to have me on his lap but I won that fight. Knowing him he most likely let me win. Two hours later and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, Paige had curled up into Chad’s lap and started to drift off to sleep, Dean had moved closer to me as he knows I am not far off. “Bro stay the night; we have a spare bedroom upstairs. I ’ll go and quickly put clean sheets on it for you. Also, the roads could be icy.” Chad looked at him in shock, “Sure, but I had put clean sheets on... Ohh. Do I want to sleep on that bed?” He asked, “Chad it’s fine, I’ll go put clean ones on. If you’re going to be like that best you don’t stay at our house cause we” Chad cuts me off, “I do not need to know.” Dean looked at me, “Too much information lass.” He said. I just laughed as I stand up and head upstairs to remake the bed with new sheets, putting the old ones into the hamper in the laundry room on my way down. I said my good nights to Paige and Chad, giving Dean a kiss goodnight as I headed into our room. Dean locked up the house while Chad carried Paige up to the spare bedroom. I was about to get into my PJs when Dean walked into our room.

“Sleep naked.” He ordered, “We have guests over.” I said, “So? It’s our room.” He starts striping, I kept my underwear on as I climb into bed, I know he’s not happy about it but hey if he wants it, he can take them off. “Playing with fire,” He said, “Keep saying that and you’ll get ice” I snapped at him, “Is that so.” He says this as he climbs on top of me pulling the sheets down, kissing what part of my body he can get to. Dam he never plays nice, but deep down I am enjoying that fact. “Hmm if you say so.” I said with a smart-ass tone to my voice, “Right.′ He said he drags the letters out. he rips my underwear off I go to yell at him but he just covers my mouth up with his hand. “Nope had told you to remove them, now I have.” He said sound arrogant, “But they are expensive and my favorite pair!” I cried out, “Well then you learned your lesson.” He goes to kiss my lips but I move my head away, he grabs my face and whispers softly. “Dana please no more fighting.”

“Couples do fight you know.” I said, “Yeah, they do, but not over all these small things.” he pointed out, I reach up to his beard, he smiled at me knowing what that means he starts kissing me. A good five minutes later I finally pulled away needing to breathe. “Now we need to be quiet I don’t want Chad to hear us,” Dean said quietly.

“OH FUCK YESS CHAD HARDER!!” Paige cried out, we both started laughing. “Be as loud as you like lass,” Dean said with a smirk on his face. “But don’t wake those kids up,” I said laughing.

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