All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 1: Oh Baby McCarthy

**Dana’s Pov**

“Boy’s think Daddy is home from work.” Alexander snaps his head up from the toy he was playing with in the sand, “Dadda!” As Sebastian just claps his hands and yells out, “Dadda dadda dadda!”

“Dana?!” Dean yells out from the front door, “We are all out here babe!” I yelled back at him, “Ok I’ll just drop my bag off into my office!” I yelled back ok to him, a few minutes later he’s standing on the deck looking at me.


“What’s up?”

“Dana are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Back in my office on my desk, is it what I think it is?”

I just smiled up at him.

“Are you pregnant?”

“Aye, I am.”

He jumps down to me, with a grin on his face. Hugging me, spinning me around giving me a dam fine kiss. I am so fucking scared of all the shit that can happen to myself, the children, Dean, if Ava’s family are after us. Dean whispers in my ear, “Dana you made my day lass! Is it safe though?” He asked worried, “May not be able to go natural, but time will tell.” I said quietly. “So another c-section, we can live with that. How far sweetie?” He asked sounding so happy. “Sure, um next week we find out,” I said quietly.

“Any morning sickness?” He asked rubbing my stomach, “So far no, but it may be early days.” I said with hoping it fucking doesn’t happen. “No wonder that alcohol affected you so much. No more drinking until this one is born Mrs. McCarthy.” He said with a stern voice as I would ever drink knowing I was pregnant, if I had known I know I wouldn’t have stayed away from the alcohol. “I agree!” I said loudly, we sat down watching the boys playing in the sandpit. He wraps his arms around me, I cuddle into him doing my best not to cry, Dean having that eagle eye noticed something is up, “Hey sweetheart what’s wrong? Why have you gone all stiff?” He asked sounding worried.

I didn’t say anything cause I know the moment I do I will cry. He looks down, his hand lifts my face up, he looks concerned. “Oh, lass come here.” He opens up his arms some more and I hug him bursting into tears, why am I crying? He rubs my back lets me cry it out. We sit in silence watching the boys playing together. “Are you scared or worried?” He asked letting out a loud sigh, “Both Dean, also have no idea why I am crying.” I said half crying and half laughing, fuck has the hormones already sending me nuts? Dean starts laughing, “Oh our little peanut is playing havoc with your hormones already lass.” Dean said around a fit of laughter, felt like punching him, “Oh yes our little peanut has made themselves been known.”

“Alright go up into our tub and have some you time. The boy’s and I will be fine for a few hours.” He said brushing his lips against my ears, “Have I told you how much I love you!” I cried out, “Aye you have, but I never get sick of hearing it.” He said with a chuckle, “Dean I love you so dam much!” I cried out, holding onto him tightly, “I love you too sweetheart.”

“Come on boy’s let’s go have a bath together,” I called out to our boys, Dean looked at me oddly, “Dean?” I asked, “Aye lass?” He asked, “Our tub is large enough we all can fit.” I told him, “Sure why not, are you ok with it?” He asked sounding like he is unsure of this idea, “I want the three men in my life to jump into a bath with me.” I said with a smile on my face, Dean chuckles, “You hear that boys, you’re having a bath with mommy and daddy!” Dean called out to them.

The boys came up to us all happy and keen to get into some water. We took a boy each heading up to our bathroom, Dean locking up as we go. I started running the water adding some of the boy’s bubble bath I had gone and grabbed from the family bathroom. Dean came into the bathroom with two more towels and the boy’s PJs and nappies. It’s starting to get cool at night, so winter is not far off, I love winter here it means cuddling up with my handsome husband watching the fire either in our room, or lounge room, or outside.

Once the bath was full enough Dean added some toys then climbed in with Alexander in his arms I pass him Sebastian so I could climb in. He hands me, Sebastian, as soon as I sat at the other end of the tub. The two boys in the middle of the tub sitting and playing with the bathtub toys. We quickly bath the boys and let them play for a bit, before getting them out, dried, and dressed. “Dana, Lass have some girly time.” Dean whispered, “No, I’m good.” I said stubbornly, “Go spend some time in the girl cave, we will be fine. I’ll start dinner, while you get some things done.” He said, “Thank you.” I said smiling up at him as he is not going to let me win this at all. Standing on my tippy toes I give him a soft kiss on the lips, the boys a kiss on their cute little faces each. “Mmm Go enjoy yourself, I’ll come and get you when dinner is ready.”

I head into my craft room while the boys head off into the kitchen. I leave my door open so I can still listen. I start another set of pants for the boys and finish off the ones I had already started. What feels like hours later, I feel Dean is behind me. I lean into him as he wraps an arm around my waist, giving my neck a kiss. “Mmmmm.” I moan out at his hot breath on my ear, “Dinner is ready lass.” He whispered, licking my earlobe before biting it, “Thank you.” Turning everything off, putting all my sharp items up and away from small hands. Heading into the kitchen, looking around for the boys.

“They are in bed sweetie.” Dean said when he noticed I was looking for our sons, “Oh no milk?” I asked shocked and a little sad too. “They had your expressed lot.” He said, “Oh.” Doing my best not to sound hurt but I believed I failed as my husband gave me a sad smile, “Did I do something wrong?” He asked, “Just wanted to feed them.” I whispered, “So sorry lass, thought I give you some time to work on your craft.” He said sounding sorry too, “They look good by the way.” He said fingering the items with a proud smile on his face, “Thank you, what’s for tea?” I asked.

He has moved behind me as we enter the dining room, my hands went to my mouth right away. I felt like screaming, jumping up and down, laughing and crying. He has set up a dinner date for us both, flowers, candles, and our good china was out, “Oh wow! you did all of this?” I asked shocked he has only seen me set a table like this once and I haven’t shown him how to either he is full of amazing hidden talents, “Yes for you, my love. Always for you only.” He whispered I laughed at his quote from Harry Potter. “Oh, Dean!” I cried out, turning around to him, crying wrapping my arms around his waist, his arms automatically wrap around me. “Hey, are they happy tears?” He asked. “Very!” Walking closer I had seen what he had cooked and my heart did an extra beat for him, “Also you remembered how to cook Salmon as I had shown you?” I asked shocked and in wonder.

“Aye I did, come let’s eat before it gets too cold.” He pulled my seat out, I sat down he pushed me in giving my forehead a kiss, before taking his own seat. He started eating, I’m still looking at my food it looks nice, smells nice. “What’s wrong?” He asked worried, “Nothing, just not hungry.” I whispered. “Really?” Dean asked shocked, I felt bad he made such an effort in doing all of this, I take a bite, doing my best not to be rude to him. It tasted rank, I know it’s not his cooking that is making it taste like that, dam it!

“Is it that bad?” Dean asked noticing the look of disgust on my face, “Oh Dean it’s not you at all.” I said trying to reassure him, “I’m guessing peanut has changed your taste buds?” Dean asked trying not to smirk at me, “Seems so and I’m not happy with that. I really love Salmon.” I grumbled, I handed my Salmon over to Dean, I ate everything else. He didn’t seem upset by it at all. His phone starts going off with notifications, he looks up at me in alarm.

“What is it?” I asked, “Jamie wants to come over right now.” Dean said sounding worried, “What? Why?” I asked shocked, “He won’t say, but I can’t let him know that I know.” Dean said sounding a little panicked to my own ears, “But he will know that you know?” I said stumped, “Not really, out of all of my brother’s he really doesn’t pay that much attention. If it was Aaron or Tony I would be stuffed.” Dean said.

“Ok, it’s up to you, he is your brother doesn’t phase me either way. But do not tell him about our little peanut, I don’t want everyone to know just yet.” I said sternly, “Ok, I agree we wait until we have entered the safe zone.” Dean said eyes not leaving my stomach, while I felt heat creeping to my cheeks, Dean gave me an arrogant smirk. Walking towards him taking his dirty plate with me and started rinsing them off to put into the dishwasher, cleaning up the kitchen, heading over to Dean who is still in his chair texting away, I give his forehead a kiss whispering. “I’m off to bed honey, wake me up if you need to talk to me, I love you.”

He looks up from his phone, “Ok, you’re not going to stay awake to see him?” he asked, “I’m really tired Dean, sorry honey I do want to see him.” I whispered, “Ok, goodnight my love.” Wrapping my arms around his chest kissing his cheek, grazing my lips across his ear, “Night babe.” He turns around kissing me hard on the lips, pulling away snagging his bottom lip between my teeth, he moans out. “I love you and be nice.” I warned him, he chuckles, “I love you too, I will only be nice if he is lass you know that.”

“Don’t care right now he could be hurting he needs a brother. He doesn’t need to be used as a punching bag.” I snapped at him, Dean smiles up at me. “Best behavior here.” He said, “Better be, babe.” I said, I head up to our room and get ready for bed, a few minutes later I am sound asleep.

**Jamie’s POV**

**Twelve Hours Ago**

She can blame all the crap that I had said to Dana when Dean was hurt, as to why she is no longer best friend’s with Dana all she likes, but I know that is not the reason. I know it has something to do with her mother, it cannot be because Monica has let only her watch our son. Something else is up, which is why I allowed her to watch our son, was hoping that her mom would slip up or be a cow and fill me in.

But now it’s not going to happen, who does she think she is telling my wife off for having a girl’s night out and myself hanging out with Dean and his boys. They are my family, my blood, I would only understand if Dean was a horrible person but he is not. Along with my nephews, they are just babies and she hates them with a passion. If Monica thinks she’s going to be keeping whatever this is from me she has another thing coming.

I have called us both in sick today also told her mom this, I have also changed the locks and codes to the house so her mother cannot come in. Once Monica comes down here I will get my fucking answers. I’ve waited long enough to hear her truth, I know my truth the Doctor was very clear on that, I deserve answers and I need them now.

She comes bouncing down the stairs with Bryce in her arms and carrying her handbag and his nappy bag, looking stressed out. “Oh fuck me, Jamie! Thought you had already left for work, you scared me.” Monica cried out, “Didn’t mean to.” I said, “Why aren’t you at work?” She asked, “The boys have it covered and you’re staying home too.” I stated, trying to sound firm but not pissed off just yet.

She looked at me in shock than anger, “What? Why I have a shift, Jamie!” She yelled at me, I raise both my eyebrows at her what the hell is wrong with her we do not need the money at all. “We don’t need the money Monica and you know that. One day off won’t kill us.” I snapped, “Why are you doing all of this?” She asked, “I think you know why. Put him down in front of the kid’s shows and come here please.” I ordered, she scrunches up her face trying to work out what is going, “What’s going on?” She asked.

She puts him down and turns the tv over to The Wiggles for him, then heads towards me looking worried but I can see fear in her eyes. She’s had that look on her face since Bryce was born so I know she is scared of something. “How about you cut the crap and start telling me the truth, I deserve that at least,” I said loudly.

“What are” I cut her lies off, “Just don’t Monica! What is the name of the guy you’re having an affair with?” I asked, “What? You think I’m cheating on you?!” She cried out in shock, “Yeah I do! Why else would you give that evil woman so much power?! Unless she knows what your hiding from me!” I yelled at her.

“Fuck Jamie, you agreed to it!” She yelled back at me, “To find out from her what you’re keeping from me! But she kept clear of me!” I yelled I’m so ropeable at her, “I’m not” She started to say, “For fuck sakes Monica just stop with the lies! I thought I meant more to you than this?” I asked shocked fuck does she really think I am that stupid that I wouldn’t notice my own wife lying to me on daily basis. She is now sitting in front of me tears streaming down her face, so I was right she had cheated on me, I was hoping I wasn’t. “I,” She said, I put my hand up stopping her, “Just stop, are you on the pill or something?” I asked.

The quick change in the subject had her head snapping up to me with one eyebrow up. “What? No, I haven’t been on anything since six weeks after having Bryce.” She said I could tell that wasn’t a lie, “Your not pregnant? We’ve been having unprotected sex that whole time and your still not pregnant?” I asked, seeing if she has worked it out yet, “I just took it that we weren’t having sex during the right time of the month.” She said which sounded like a lie to me too. “And you believe that?” I asked, “Yes,” She said. “I have a letter here for you to read, once you’ve read it you need to start talking,” I said trying to contain my anger.

That came out a lot harsher than I meant it to she flinched, I am not going to hit her but I am over this. If she’s not happy to be with me she should man up and let me leave. I can’t stay with someone who doesn’t love me back, thought we got our second chance but looks like I could have been wrong. I hand over the letter and watching her read it. “What? Is this for real?” She asked with a shaking voice. “Yes it’s real, this was given to me a few days ago.”

“I’m infertile Monica, so who is Bryce’s real father?” I asked, leaning back in my chair crossing my arms over my chest waiting for her to respond, “He is dead, he is no longer in the picture.” She said so quietly, what the fuck, “Did you just get back with me so you aren’t a single mother?” I asked, “What no! I didn’t know I was pregnant until well and truly after we got together hence why I thought he was yours.” She cried out, I feel like hiding or fighting right now, my son is not mine? How the hell did I not do the maths for it? Cause now it makes much sense so much sense.

“Then how the hell do you know?!” I asked, “Don’t you yell at me!” Monica snapped, “If I want to yell I will! Now answer my question?” I asked, “After he was born he didn’t look like you.” She said so quietly, “So your 100% sure on this?” I asked as looks mean nothing judging by my own nieces and nephews their looks changed so much in their first years. “Yes had his DNA tested.” She said so quietly. Why the hell did she not tell me right away?

“Now how did his birth father die?” I asked, “I don’t know he died in a car crash, Jamie.” She said haphazardly. “Wait a fucking second! In a car crash, the only male we both know that has died in a crash in the last three years was Brad. Is he?” I asked, the blood drains from my face. Oh, fuck me dead! Did the bastard rape her too? Is that why she doesn’t want to tell me? She doesn’t answer she just sits there her head in her hands crying. Why does she get to cry she’s the one that just thrown my life upside down and shit on it all.

“Is Bradley, Bryce’s father MONICA!” I roared at her, she looks at me in fear, “Yes Jamie he is.” She said, “Fuck did he rape you too?” I asked softly, she flinched again, I’m starting to think she was but I’m not sure, she is not behaving how Dana does on her bad days. “No, he didn’t, it just happened. Working back late one night it just happened a one-time thing Jamie really.” She said so quietly while I looked at her with my mouth wide open in shock. “Yeah, a one-time thing with an eighteen-year shit storm.” I mumbled quietly, she snapped her eyes at me glaring at me, “Don’t you dare say that about our son!” She yelled at me, “Really Monica? He is not my son though? I keep seeing the three men from his family who have done some horrible shit to my brother’s wife, our sister-in-law, and best friend! Aren’t you afraid he will turn out like them? He could do something like that to his female cousins?” I asked.

“Of course I am! Jamie, I freak the hell out every time I see him! But I have to treat and raise him well with the hope he won’t become like them!” She said around tears, “Do Dana and Dean know about this?” I asked, I fucken hope they do not know about this. “Um...” She said looking down at the table and avoiding my eye contact, “They knew before me?!” I roared, she snapped her face up at me in fear shaking her head, “No only Dana knows.” She said firmly.

I looked at her in shock and then started laughing, “Are you dumb too now? Dean would know by now nothing gets past him, he wouldn’t in any lifetime let Dana to keep a secret from him no mater who or what it involves. He knows secrets and how to keep them, for fuck sake Monica it was part of his job!” I roared at her, “Why does it bother you that he knows about it?” She asked me, I feel like slapping her what a stupid thing to believe! “Are you kidding me! As much as I love Bryce he is Brad’s son the man who put our family through hell!” I yelled at her, I can’t think with her looking at me, I am so angry and hurt by all of this. I did wish that Dean had come and told me, but knowing Dana she probably made him stay quiet so she could talk Monica into telling me. “Your evil mother knows, doesn’t she!?! That’s what she’s holding over your head?!” I snapped finally working it all out.

“Yes,” She said quietly, “Fucking hell Monica! How long has Dana known for and your mom?” I asked, “Dana has known from the girl’s night out, drunk me had filled her in and mom’s known for a while now.” She said, “Right so you could fill them in but your husband doesn’t matter to you?” I asked sound hurt to my own ears, “You do matter to me, Jamie!” She said I scoffed at her, “Bullcrap I matter to you! If I did you would have been honest with me from the get go!” I yelled, she yelled out my name, “Jamie!” I spun around glaring at her, “No don’t even! I just can’t do this.” I storm up to our room and start packing an over night bag she’s running after me begging, crying trying to get me to stay. I need to cool down I can’t do that in this house with her here. “Please Jamie don’t do this! I can’t live without you again! Please I love you, Jamie!”

“Monica I need time to think, please give me that.” I whispered, “Jamie...” She mumbled, “Don’t please just give me the space to think, to cool off.” I told her, she is nodding her head, “oook” She said through her cries, I don’t want her to see me crying, it’s bad enough seeing the look on her face and hearing it in her voice.

I will need to pick Dana’s and Dean’s brains on this too, they might be able to help me out more than anyone else. I hope Dean hasn’t told Aaron or Tony, mostly Aaron I don’t want to get into another fist fight with either of them. I know it shouldn’t end in us fighting but it seems to help us think when we box each other. Dean and Aaron tend to hit harder than most men so I don’t feel like being black and blue on the outside too.

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