All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 2: Heart Broken

**Dean’s POV**

Dana has gone up to bed, she’s pregnant best news today. So dam happy, but I get the feeling she’s not as happy about it as I am. Timing is horrible now with the issue about her dad’s best mate. I’m wishing and saying all forms of prayers that we are safe, it might break us both if we aren’t. How much hell do we need to have thrown at us? Are we being punished for the shit we had both done while we were young?

Now that I know Sam is seeing this lady, I’m keeping my cards close to my chest from him. The worst thing is I cannot fire him, he hasn’t done anything bad enough to be. If I do it now I’m opening myself up for a lawsuit, he needs to fuck up badly enough to be fired on the spot and not be given two verbal warnings and written one and he doesn’t seem the type that would do something that bad.

I love this house that I had built for my family, but I am getting a feeling to move again into a house that only my dad and brothers know where we live. Sell this one and move to a part of the state where we can see people coming to our house. Dana might hate it moving her further away from the sister’s, but hopeful she understands.

I sent off a few texts to Aaron to see how he’s going. Jamie keeps texting he sounds drunk, I hope he isn’t cause I know he’s driving.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock


“Gez I’m coming!” I call out, I look through the peephole and see my brother thank god. I swing the door open and he falls into my arms sobbing. Shit since when did he weigh this fucking much? “Jamie what the hell man!” I asked, “Don’t you Jamieee mee! You already fucking know!” He slurred out, “Did you drive here? Fucking hell Jamie you could have killed someone or yourself!” I snapped at my idiot baby brother, “You are sounding more like dad each day you know?” He muttered. Yep take it Monica finally put her big girl pants on and told him. Wonder why he didn’t work out the maths on it? I raced out the front to check on his car, oh fucking hell Jamie! He has left the car running and all the doors open, it’s parked at an angle, fucking hell racing to it putting it into park and turning it off closing all the doors and locking it before walking back inside locking up the front door.

“Come on sit on the lounge and be quiet Dana and the boys are asleep.” I said quietly, “Baby brother will behave!” He drunkenly said, “Shhh!” As he is yelling not quiet at all. I quickly race back locking the front door and setting the alarms again. He headed back into the lounge room his talking to someone unsure who but his quiet at the moment. I head into the kitchen to make him a coffee to sober him up a little. I handed it to him he smiled up at me taking it off of me. Drinking down like it’s not hot... ok. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked so quietly.

“Wasn’t my place to tell you, she had to be the one too,” I told him. “She really wasn’t.” He mumbled, “What do you mean?” I asked, he had tears falling down his face as he looked at me, “I’m shooting blanks Dean that’s how I found out.” He said very loud, fuck I hope he doesn’t wake up the twins. “Your fucking kidding me? Did the doctor say why you are?” I asked shocked, he looks at me shocked that I didn’t know then it hits me. “Oh, shit that time you were in the hospital,” I said stunned.

He looked at me trying to remember, “When I was 6? Yeah, what about it.” He asked, “How much of it do you remember?” I asked, “I remember chasing after you and Tony up that hill in the park. I was yelling at y’all to slow down as my legs were having a hard time with the snow. As I got to the top and reached the pair of you. I hit an ice patch and went down the hill fast slamming into something at the bottom. I remember seeing the freaked-out looks on your faces and the pain.” He said while I looked at him in shock, “You seriously don’t remember hitting a sharp object on the way down?” I asked.

“No,” He said shaking his head, “It cut you up pretty bad, they told mom that you may never have kids but only time will tell. I thought dad told you?” I asked shocked that no one told him, “No he was going to, but it was the same day I told him Monica was pregnant.” He said, “Oh, but you never thought?” I asked, “No Dean I didn’t, for once just thought it was a cool set of scars, girl’s dig it.” he said, “Then what made you go to the doctor’s?” I asked, “We’ve been having unprotected sex for that long and she still wasn’t pregnant.” He said, “Ok.”

“I would say the same thing to you guys, but seeing as Dana had a c-section and twins you probably waited a lot longer before having unprotected sex than us.” He said, “Partly,” I said trying not to give away, “What is she?” He asked with so much joy in his voice, fuck I am not telling him this just yet. “No, but we are trying.” I told him, “That’s good man. Can we talk tomorrow? I am really tired.” He mumbled, “Sure take the spare room.” I told him while helping him up, he leans into me more. I take him to the spare room and help him into the bed. “Go to sleep, see you in the morning.” I said softly, “You too love you.” he said loudly, “Love you too bro.” I told him.

Turning off all the lights I head up to our room, I see the lamp is on. Is Dana still awake? Or has the morning sickness kicked in, God I hope not she had it so bad with the twins, thought it was going to kill her. Pushing open the door I found her in bed, looking hot as hell waiting for me, in my shirt. “You like what you see Mr. McCarthy?” She asked with a sultry tone to her voice, “Aye I fucking do. Thought you said you were tired?” I asked, “I was, but Jamie is not that quite you know, he woke me up.” She grumbled.

“I’m so sorry.” I climb into bed laying in between her legs placing my head on her stomach, her hand goes straight to my hair playing with it, I smile to myself with pride that she does that. “Don’t apologize Dean.” She whispered but said firmly, “Yes Ma’am.” I responded, “Is he ok?” She asked softly, I enjoy that she does care about my brothers I know she is not as close to Jamie as she is with Aaron or Tony, so for her to ask if he is ok shows that she is trying to get closer to him. “He’ll have a sore head in the morning, unsure love he wants to talk tomorrow,” I whispered, really have no idea what he is thinking I know he is hurting, I hate seeing my baby brother in pain like this. “Want me to take the boys out so you two can talk?” She asked softly, “Sitting in the back yard should be ok.” I told her if I’m going to be home no way am I wanting my three loves to leave the house if he wanted a private place to talk he came to the wrong house I thought. I start kissing her belly, I can already see the tinny little bump. I hope for the life of me there is only one in here. I love the boys but I don’t think I can take another set of twins.

“Hello my little peanut, it’s your daddy,” I whispered, she let out a giggle, starts moving her hips, mmmm my baby wants something else. “Mmm honey please?” She moans out, “Please what lass?” I asked, “I need you” she whimpers, I yank her panties off her throwing them to the ground, I know she’s soaking as her panties were wet as hell. Running my hands up her legs pushing them up and out as far as they could go, lowering myself into her. God never going to get sick of this feeling. “mmm ahhh” Dana cries out, I love hearing her sounds, she wraps her legs around my waist, her soft little hand plays with my beard pulling me to her face kissing me softly, then slowly picking up the pace as I thrust harder into. “Mmm agh yes harder.” She cries out, “Mmm” I moan out, listing to the sounds she’s making turns me on so much.

“Stop! stop! please!” She cries out loud, I stopped looking down at her, she’s pushing me off her, did I hurt her? Is something wrong with peanut? “What’s wrong?” I asked, she’s jumping off the bed racing to the bathroom, I follow her as soon as I reached the bathroom I knew right away why. She just made it as she started vomiting, ahh my poor wife I hate seeing her sick. “Arghh! Seriously! Peanut I was fucking enjoying my time with your father!” She cries out in anger, doing my best not to laugh as I feel like sending our peanut to their room for that, holding her hair back, rubbing circles on her back. Poor thing looks like it has started. “If every pregnancy is going to be like this Dean, this might be my last, I cannot go through this every time,” she grumbles and I feel for her, if that is the case think three kids is going to be enough for us, she starts vomiting again.

“Ok baby,” I whispered, I don’t think I could watch her go through this again either, was hoping it was bad cause she had twins. She turns her head looking at me with tears threatening to spill, “I’m so sorry” She whispered, I chuckle. “Seriously? Just don’t babe, you have no control over this.” I told her, “Dean I can still feel your hard-on.” She grumbles, “I’ll live, you on the other hand need me.” I told her, my needs can wait. She leans into me as I wrap my arms around her giving her forehead a quick kiss. “What’s going on in your head? Can hear you thinking from down here.” She whispered I swear her Irish accent had just gotten thicker then. I start laughing at her throwing my words at me, “Wondering if it’s going to be a boy or a girl this time.” I said, “All I can say is please not another set of twins. I love them but nope.” She said I let out a chuckle, “I agree.”

“Do you want to keep the sex of the child unknown until I push it out?” She asked, “I go with whatever you want, your the one who has to birth him or her.” I told her, “I love you.” She whispered, “I love you too. Are you ok to head back to bed?” I softly asked, “Sure, I’ll clean up a bit first.” She said I help her up, she cleans up I head back to bed. She climbs into bed cuddling up to me, I pull the blankets up over us. She pulls herself up a little giving me a quick kiss goodnight. “Goodnight handsome.” She whispered, “Goodnight beautiful.” I whispered, I quickly give her a kiss. “I’m sorry about” She started I cut her off, “Sweetie it’s ok, it might set you off again.” I whispered, I don’t want to set another vomiting round on her, “hmmm ok” She said so softly, she cuddles into me more, her breathing starts to become steady. I know she’s not far off from falling asleep. I had lied to her my dick is hurting so dam much with her naked body pressed on me is making it worst. Once she is sound asleep I’m going to have to relieve it myself.

**Dana’s POV**

Waking up to Dean rubbing my belly and whispering to it. I know he knows I’m not as keen as he is, but deep down I’ve already fallen madly in love with our baby. I’m just scared, I am so bloody scared doing my best not to show it. I fear I may not be able to come back from this if it turns into hell. “Mmm morning handsome,” I whispered, I put my hand into his hair playing with it. “Mmm Morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” He softly whispered, “Always good when I’m in your arms.” I whispered, he lets out his sexy laugh, the smoldering look he is giving me was turning me on, “Up to finish off from last night?” He whispered, I smirked at him, I let out a giggle, “Always.” I said loudly, he bites his bottom lip looking at me, “Am I your Lilly?” He softly asked, “Knew you enjoyed those movies!” I said loudly while laughing, “Shhh don’t let anyone else know this please, I have a rep to uphold.” He said laughing but trying to give me his stern look, “Your secret is safe with me!” I said while laughing, “It better be.” He said.

He climbs on top of me, I wrap my legs around his waist, one arm holds on to his arm the other plays with his beard. “Hmmm, and what are you going to do about it?” I softly asked, he let out a chuckle, then playful bites my nipple then sucks on the spot he bit, which caused me to scream out in enjoyment, “You don’t play nice Mr. McCarthy.” I whimper, “With you never.” He growled out, “What?!” I asked, he spoke between biting and sucking my nipples. “I don’t like losing even if it’s to my wife.” He said, “Aggghh hmmmm I mmmmm know. Argh, don’t stop!” I whimper at the onslaught he is doing to my body, “Never” He starts trailing kisses down my stomach, kissing my clit. Our bedroom door bursts open, I screamed out in shock, “FUCK OFF JAMIE!” Dean roared out, “WHY AM I AT YOUR HOUSE?! HOW THE OH SHIT I’M SORRY!” Jamie yells out, Dean has thrown the sheet over me as he runs at his little brother, Jamie bolts back down the stairs screaming back at Dean.

“ARGH! PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON BEFORE YOU COME RUNNING AFTER ME! I DON’T NEED TO SEE YOUR DICK BOUNCING AROUND!” Jamie yells out, wrapping the sheet around me, and following them down the stairs, they better not kill each other. “You’re the one who burst into our bedroom! You’re dead!” Dean was yelling at Jamie, “Arghh please Dean, I thought it was late in the day! Please don’t hit me!” Jamie yells back, “Your going to get more than a punch!” Dean snapped. “NO! NO ONE WILL BE PUNCHING ANYONE!” I screamed at them both, “What the hell” Dean said, he is looking at me, I can see his not happy I have no clothes on, at least I’m covered.

“Don’t turn this anger around on me cause I have nothing on. At least you two cannot see anything.” I snapped at my husband, “Yes he should have knocked first, but Dean please his going through enough pain don’t add to it.” I said softly, Jamie smiled at me, “I do regret not knocking, that image is burned into argh! Fuck!” Jamie cried out in pain, Dean throws a punch right at Jamie’s face, I race at Jamie to check his cut lip. Looking back at Dean in anger. “Why the fuck did you do that?!” I yelled at Dean, he looked pissed off at me, “Cause he saw my wife naked and me going down on her!” Dean snapped, “You feel better jerk!” Jamie said with a smirk on his face, “Much, you?” Dean said cheerfully, “You’ll pay later when Dana is not standing in the middle of us.” Jamie said pointing a finger at Dean, “I look forward to it.” Dean said while I look at them both like they have lost the plot. “The pair of you are fucking weird,” I said while shaking my head, storming up to our room, as Dean yells back at me.

“But you love my weirdness beautiful!” I scoffed, “So you think!” I yelled back at him, “Ohhhh she just burn you, man!” Jamie said around a fit of laughter, “Keep laughing and your nose will be bleeding next!” Dean snapped at him.

**Dean’s POV**

“Seriously! Fuck your angry for something so small!” Jamie snapped at me, “You can talk! That’s twice now you’ve cocked blocked me under twenty-four hours I can’t handle another blue balls!” I yelled at my brother, I know I blamed him for the first one when it really wasn’t but he doesn’t know that he looks shocked then starts laughing. “Now I understand! Go fix your blue balls I’ll deal with the boys when they wake up.” He said still laughing, “Thanks! Deal with the sounds!” I said with no care in the world if he can hear us, I could kiss him right now, but I won’t I’m going to try round three! Hopefully, we both can have a happy finish.

I race up to our room walking quietly past the boy’s room and into ours. She’s not in bed, must be in the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom found her hugging the loo again, she looks up at me looking very green, fuck we may not be able to keep this quiet. “I can’t,” She mumbles, she goes back to vomiting, crap I wonder if we have the medication around still from when she needed it with the boys. “It’s ok sweetie, do you still have any medication from when you were pregnant with the boys?” I softly asked, “No I checked it’s out of date.” She mumbles, she cuts me off before she starts up again. Dam I better check the safe room in case I have some in there. I give her a kiss on the head and put some clothes on. “I’m going to see if I can find you some more,” I said softly, she mumbled her reply which I couldn’t pick up, fuck poor thing, I hope we do I can’t watch her go through this again. I feel like an asshole now for wanting more children.

I head back downstairs past Jamie who was on his phone looking at me trying to ask what was up, I just hold my hand up to stop him. I raced into our safe room and into our second first aid box, I normally keep it stocked up with in date item’s but I clearly missed that one from the main house box. I found a box and yes it’s in date! I quickly close up and put everything back and race back up to our room. “I found some baby!” Trying to cheer her up, she rolls her eyes at me, “Great.” She mumbles I let her roll her eyes as I know how much she hates being sick, she’s leaning back onto the wall looking pretty shattered. I squat in front of her handing the medicine she takes it with a weak smile. “Thanks,” She said quietly, “We might have to tell them sooner than later,” I told her. “I know,” She said softly, closing her eyes.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up and dressed,” I said, standing up looking down at her, she looks up at me with those beautiful doe eyes of hers, “But,” She said, “I’ll live,” I told her when realized what she was saying but too, “I know it’s making you angry” She whispered, “I know,” I said, I gently helped her wash and dry herself, while she was cleaning her teeth I found her some comfortable clothing to wear. She smiled up at me I love that smile on her, she quickly gets dressed then holds her hand up to her mouth, and bolted into the bathroom.

Knock, knock, knock

I look up at the open door, Jamie has a smile on his face but then looked at me with a questioning look on his face. “That was awfully quick even for you,” Jamie said sounding shocked, he must have heard Dana vomiting in the bathroom. “Oh shit sorry Dean, is she ok?” He asked worried, “No, stomach bug by the looks of it.” I told him what a big fat lie if this was my other brothers they would know that too. “Ok, I’ll talk to you when she’s better. I don’t want to catch that!” He said trying not to sound mean, “Scared of girl germs?” Dana called out weakly from the bathroom. “That is not girl germs Dana.” He snapped at her, “Come on Jamie let’s go outside with the twins if they are awake and you can tell me what’s going on with you and Monica now that you’re sober.”

**Dana’s POV**

“The boys are awake they both have clean bums, feed, and are playing in the lounge room,” Jamie said sounding proud of himself, “Thanks, Jamie,” I said, I head down to the lounge room, the men had gone into the kitchen. I can hear Dean making coffee. Mmmm coffee I so need it right now feel like I didn’t sleep at all last night. I sit down in the armchair with a blanket wrapped around me, I’m feeling cold which is not like me at all, and this doesn’t seem pregnant related either. The men come back into the lounge room Dean holding two hot cups of coffee and Jamie has one in his hands. He hands me one, I have a big grin on my face. “Thank you, oh my lifeblood how I have missed you,” I whispered to my cup.

“Who are you talking to?” Jamie asked sounding shocked, Dean is chuckling shaking his head, “Her dam coffee.” Dean said while Jamie was trying not to laugh, “Really?” Jamie asked, “Hmmm... argh! What the fuck Dean? Why did you add salt instead of sugar?!” I snapped at my husband trying not to spit it all over myself, “What? No, I added sugar babe.” He said, I stood up handing him the cup, and race into the downstairs bathroom to vomit again, oh please don’t tell me this little peanut has changed the flavor of my IV!

“Sweetie it tastes fine, like the way you always have it.” Dean said sounding shocked, “I hate you right now.” I mumble, “What?” He asked shocked, he opens the door and locks it behind him, he’s looking at me with a mixture of feelings running over his face. “Why?” He asked sounding hurt, “Uh? Wasn’t talking to you Dean, was talking to peanut for changing the taste of the coffee on me, I’m going to die.” I over-dramatized my hell, while Dean snickers, “It might change next week.” Dean said sounding hopeful but I don’t like my chances at all. “Ooo get out of here before I start hating you!” I said playfully, he leaves the room laughing at me, I quickly clean up and follow him out to the lounge room. Noticing that Jamie hasn’t taken his eyes off me since I left the bathroom, “Dana are you pregnant again?” Jamie asked.

I froze on the spot Dean just nodded his head at me with a smile on his face, guess we have no choice as I cannot keep this from anyone if I am going to be this sick. “Yes, but please keep it to yourself. Until we start telling the others.” I said so fast, “Really! OMG! best news ever! Yes, I’ll keep it to my self man, not my secret to tell.” Jamie said so excitedly, he walks up to me giving me a big hug, then doing the same thing to Dean. “Thanks,” I said, Dean, waves me over to sit next to him on the couch, I lay down with my head in his lap, he throws a blanket over me. Brushing my hair off my face, before lifting my head up for a soft but quick kiss. “Go to sleep sweetie if you are tired, I’ll wake you if we need to.” He whispered, I slowly started to warm up with his body heat on me, not long I had fallen asleep.

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