All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 3: Please Not Again

**Dean’s POV**

Dana has fallen asleep in my lap, she’s freezing I’m trying to keep her warm. She must be coming down with something because last time I checked she wasn’t like this when she was pregnant with the boys. “Poor thing pregnancy drains her that badly. How far along?” Jamie asked, can hear the concern in his voice, “She hasn’t said, we do have a scan coming up to find out. I would say a few weeks along.” I said looking down at her, “Fuck she got drunk the other night.” Jamie said with worry in his voice. “I know,” I said just as worried, Jamie turns the station over to sports as the boys aren’t really watching whatever that child show was. I take a sip of my coffee and look at him. “How much do you remember from last night?” I ask quietly trying not to wake my sleeping beauty on my lap.

“I remember being at the pub talking to Ethan, he fucking knew about it. Monica never told him their mother told him.” He said can hear the venom in his voice, “That’s shit man, do you remember coming here?” I asked, “No, not really snippets of conversation with you but not much.” He said pulling his thinking face that he always does. “Well, what are you going to be doing? Staying with her and trying to work this out or dump and run?” I asked.

“But how? I look at him and I keep thinking of what those three men in his blood family have done to my own family.” He said sounding in so much pain, I get it but it’s not the boy’s fault. “I know, but no child should be punished for the sins of their father’s. If you knew half the shit myself or Aaron have done, shit even Dana. Would you think the same about us and our children?” I asked trying not to sound hurt, “No cause what you have done was to keep our country safe. But none of you kidnapped, raped, bashed up Dana.” He said like I need to be reminded of the hell she has been through. “Jamie, you’re not getting it are you?” I asked quietly.

“What?” He asked, “Aaron and Me are just as bad or even worst with the shit I have done, knowing Aaron has done worst than me. Dana doesn’t even know all of it, she only knows snippets of my past. But I would be pissed if someone judged my children for the hell I have caused.” I said with authority to my voice, “And I know next to jack shit from you.” He snapped at me, “Yes, how I like it you, Tony, and dad in the dark fewer people for the people who hate me to come after.” I said, “And your point? I can fucken handle it Dean I was a medic I have seen shit too Dean.” He snapped at me, “Stop thinking of your son like that. No good way about it, to him you’re his dad, your all he knows, he won’t know about his blood father unless you tell him. I know that you have seen shit Jamie that is not what I am keeping from you, it’s national security type of secrets which I will never share so stop fucking asking.” I snapped at him towards the end.

“What if Dana is pregnant with a girl, aren’t you scared my son could hurt her? Ok, I get it I do Dean no need to snap at me for it.” He said, “I will always be scared of someone hurting my children, but I am hoping with this family around him he has less of a chance of becoming like them.” I said, “You really think that?” He asked me, “We have way too much darkness in this family a little hope is always needed.” I said, “True” Is all he said while I wait for him to continue which he doesn’t, “You didn’t answer my question.” I said to him.

“I do love her, but I am unsure if I can trust her.” He said, “Don’t think she’ll ever cheat on you.” I told him, “But she has.” He said looking at me in shock, “Was she seeing you when she did this?” I asked shocked as Dana never said that to me, “No.” He whispered, “Then she hasn’t Jamie.” I said kindly, “Why does it feel like she has?” He whispered sounding so broken, “Lies Jamie is why.” I said, “So you and Dana are ok with this?” He asked looking down at her too, “It’s not ideal, but nothing we can do about it. He’s an innocent child Jamie can’t be angry at him.” I said trying to put kindness in my voice as it’s not Bryces fault here and I love Bryce like I love all of my nieces and nephews. “Thought you would say something like that.” He said quietly.

“Aye, I would. Are you going back to your house?” I asked, “Right now I’m crashing at dad’s.” He said, hope he doesn’t stay too long or she can take ownership of his house. “Ok, when you’ve had enough at his you’re welcome here,” I said cause I know how hard it is to live with dad again, “And what be another reason why you keep getting blue balls. Nah I am good brother.” he said chuckling and shaking his head, “You’re going to have to talk to Monica she’s called our phone’s a few times each,” I said as I notice Dana’s phone silenting going off on the coffee table again. “I know, but I don’t want to just yet.” He said quietly.

“I know your hurting mate but so is she, the pair of you need to talk to each other,” I said this shouldn’t end their marriage. “Stop sounding like dad.” He grumbled, “It’s simple do not ask for my opinion if you do not want to hear it.” I stated, “I didn’t say that Dean.” He said, “Just saying, as I assume Dad said the same thing to you.” I said pointing it out at him. “Y’all quit yakking some people are trying to die here,” Dana grumbled loudly, I put my hand to her forehead brushing off the hair when I felt how hot she was. I quickly take the blanket off her. “Shit lass you’re burning up.” I cried out in panic, Dana screamed out, “Don’t I’m freezing!” She cried out, the look Jamie is giving her is not good, “I’ll go and get your first aid pack.” Jamie said rushing off towards the one he knew I kept in the downstairs bathroom, “Sweetie you have a fever, thanks, Jamie.” I said trying to stay calm. I check her temperature, holy fuck it’s 107.6F.

“Dana I’m taking you to the hospital. Jamie, can you please watch the boys.” I said, due to her being pregnant I am not risking it trying to bring it down at home, “Why what’s wrong?” Dana softly asked, “Your temp is 107.6F baby, we need to get you checked.” I said as Jamie rushed into the kitchen coming back out with a few icepacks handing them to me, “I’m good to watch the boys go.” Jamie said, “Thank you, Jamie.” I said for both watching the boys and giving me the icepacks, I pick her up and getting both my wallet and her bag and keys, and race to my car forgetting that Jamie has parked behind our cars. I race back into Jamie. “Keys I’m taking your car as you’ve blocked us both in,” I yelled out.

“Right, sorry,” Jamie yelled out, taking off to the spare bedroom with his keys, “Thanks,” I said, I place the packs on her body to get her to cool down a little. I place her into the car and then jump myself into the car and off we go to the hospital. I keep my hand only on her knee when I don’t need to change the gears. “Dean,” Dana whispered so quietly I only just heard her over the radio, “What’s wrong?” I softly asked, “Pull over please.” She said, I quickly do as she said, she jumps out of the car and starts vomiting, she climbs back in looking worst. “This is not just pregnancy Dean.” She grumbled, “I know baby,” I whispered.

Finally pulling into the hospital car park, she wanted to walk in, she was holding onto me a lot harder than I thought she would. “Sweetie I’m going to pick you up.” I told her she shakes her head at me, “No, I want to walk.” She said, “Stop being stubborn lass.” I told her, “I’m not.” She mumbles, “Keep telling yourself that.” I grumbled, as we walked up to the front desk nurse she looks up at me and I see her eyes roll back in her head, fuck. I quickly hold onto her as she passes out, I pick her up the nurse has left his station telling us to rush into the back room.

“Lay her onto this bed please, sir.” The nurse said to me, “This is my wife Dana McCarthy, she’s pregnant also she has a temperature of 107.6F.” I said sounding panicked to my own ears, keep it together Dean. “Ok, has she been vomiting? Also is she allergic to anything? Have you given her anything to bring the temp down?” He asked, “Yes she’s been vomiting quite a bit, but she had HG when she was pregnant with our twins. No, not that I know of, no I didn’t know what she can have while pregnant.” I said, didn’t even think to ask Jamie, “Ok, her temp is going up.” He leans down hitting the emergency button, fuck Dana please be ok. The room soon fills up they push me out of the room. As they are cutting her clothes off her and placing packets of ice around her.

“Hey what’s going on is she and the baby ok?!” I cried out in fear, “I’m sorry Mr. McCarthy but we are trying to stabilize your wife, please wait outside and one of us will be out once we know more.” A nurse said to me, I start pacing the room, fuck not again please not again. I need the boy’s here, pulling my phone out and start calling Jamie up.

**Phone call**

Jamie: Yeah what’s up, the boy’s are fine we are just playing

Dean: Shut up for a second

Jamie: What’s wrong? Is Dana ok?

Dean: I don’t

I start crying, fuck I need to stop crying.

Jamie: Fuck! I and the boys are on our way, want me to call the rest of the family?

Dean: No, don’t call anyone just yet, I have no idea what’s wrong with her.

I hang up the call pacing the waiting room, looking up every time the door opens. How long is it going to take? Unsure on how long I have been pacing when I see Jamie and our boy’s coming towards us, thank God he put them into the pram. They both are sound asleep, he walks up to me hugging me hard, whispering in my ear. “She’ll be ok Dean, she’s a fighter.” Jamie whispered, “I know.”

A Doctor comes out and looks around calling out, “Mr. McCarthy?”

“Yes that’s me, is Dana ok?” I called out, I raced towards her with Jamie closely behind me with our boys. “Hi, I’m Doctor Bones, we have managed to get her temperature down, from her test results she is suffering from a stomach bug and a bladder infection.” The Doctor said, “And our baby?” I asked, “Your baby is fine, all nice and safely tucked inside.” She said, and I believe I started breathing again after hearing that. “So the baby isn’t causing the vomiting?” I asked, I can feel Jamies eyes on me to be quiet, “It’s a little, but test results have shown a bug as well.” Doctor Bones said, “Can I see her?” I asked, “All of you follow me please.”

We follow her to Dana’s room, she’s curled up into a ball under blankets with an IV drip and clean vomit bags next to her, my beautiful wife I raced towards her, she looks up at me, with a weak smile on her face, even sick she tries to make me happy. “Dana, sweetie please don’t do that again,” I said softly to her, “I’ll try not to.” She gave me a weak laugh, “Doctor Bones?” I asked, “Yes Mr. McCarthy?” She said, “She has just seen a Doctor, that’s how we found out she was pregnant how did they not pick up her bladder infection?” I asked, “I’m not sure maybe they didn’t test her for it, it’s easy to not have any signs of bladder infection, which also can be the same as pregnancy has the same type of symptoms.” She said. “Ok thank you.” I told her, “Dana, I would like to keep you overnight just for obs but once home I want you to be resting and I’m giving you two weeks’ worth of safe antibiotics.” The doctor said handing me some paperwork for her medication, “Ok.” Dana whispered.

“Thank you,” I said to the Doctor, the Doctor leaves the room, I go climbing into bed with her she holds up a hand to stop me. “Dean don’t, I don’t want to pass this bug on to y’all.” She cried out, “Bit late sweetie we’ve all been around you.” I told her while climbing into the bed anyway lifting her so she’s in my lap. She cuddles into me, letting out a soft moan. “Mmmm you smell nice.” She whispered, “Shh lass we aren’t alone.” I told her trying to contain her horny nature at bay while my brother and our boys are in the room, she cuddles into me looking over at Jamie giving him a weak smile, “Hey Jamie, Thanks for bringing the boys.” She said, “Hey Dana, all good sweetie, sounded like it was important for them to be here.” He said brightly while smirking at me, “Ok.” She said softly.

She sits up leaning over the bed to vomit into the bag. She climbs off my lap, holding her IV line in one hand and the bag in the other walking towards the hazards bin. The look she gives tells me everything, she’s really not well and over vomiting. She races back into the bathroom. “Want me to see if they can give her something to stop her from vomiting? If they haven’t already.” He said, “Yes please, thanks.” I said as Jamie heads out my phone starts to ring, pulling it out I see it’s Aaron calling.

**Phone call**

Aaron: Yo you said to meet you at your place, well I’m here and I see no one else is.

Dean: Oh shit, I’m sorry I’ve forgotten.

Aaron: Gez must be bad for you to forget about this. I’ll meet you, where are you at?

Dean: Hospital Dana is really sick.

Aaron: Shit man, I’ll be over in um let me see about ten minutes if traffic is good. Want me to call Dad and our brothers?

Dean: No, it’s a bad stomach bug and infection. But you come I take it you cannot tell me over the phone?

Aaron: Right cya soon.

Dana walked out of the bathroom looking at me with a puzzled look on her face, “Who was that?” She asked, “Aaron is on his way.” I told her, she scrunches up her face, “Arghh please no more family.” She grumbled, “I know, but he has to tell us something.” I said to her, she groans nodding her head at me, “Are you ok?” I softly asked, jumping out of the bed towards her grabbing a hold of her, she’s very unsteady on her feet. I help her into her bed, putting the blanket back over her. As soon as her head hits the pillow she’s sound asleep. “The nurse will give her some more on the next round.” Jamie said as he walked back into the room, “Ok thank you.” I said to my baby brother, I move the pram closer to me to check on the boys, they are both still sound asleep.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in.” I called out knowing it will be Aaron, he pops his head in the door looking around, and stopped when he noticed our brother Jamie sitting next to the bed, “Hi, what’s going on, Jamie?” Aaron asked, “Hi Aaron.” Jamies said brightly, “Why is he here?” Aaron asked me, “Thanks.” Jamies snapped at him, “Not how I meant it and you know it.” Aaron snapped at him, “He got smashed last night and came to my house he slept it off, then Dana went downhill fast and he bought the boys over.” I said letting out a loud sigh please can these two not fight right now? “Only cause you started crying like a baby, I knew it was bad for you to be crying.” Jamie snapped at me, Aaron looked at me in shock, “Shit man, what happened?” he asked taking the only spare seat in the room, “Her temp was above one o seven, she passed out as we arrived at the nurse station, and it got higher.” I said quietly looking at her, “Shit, do they know what caused it?” Aaron asked.

I looked at him oddly, as I had told him this on the phone, “She has a stomach bug and a bladder infection.” I told him, notice Jamie looking at me wondering why I had said the other reason as well. “Gez knows how to knock herself out.” He said shaking his head, “I told you that over the phone.” I told him he just smirks at me, I hate that smirk, “Just to refresh my memory.” Aaron said while Jamie looked between the pair of us, “Do you two need some privacy?” He asked, “Yes.” Aaron said, “No.” I said no harm in him being in the room, “Well, what is it?” He asked sounding upset. As he said that one of the boys started to make some sounds. “Fine, I take that as my cue to leave, Aaron text me when you want me back in,” Jamie said, he leaves, but not before giving me the look he wants me to fill him in on what is going on.

“Gez thought he would never leave. Could have told me he was here.” Aaron complained, “Didn’t think it mattered.” I said shrugging my shoulders, “So what have you found?” I asked, he just sits there not saying anything, is he in one of his moods because Jamie was here? “Aaron, what is it?” I asked getting sick of him just sitting there. He looks over to make sure Dana was really asleep, which she is. Then picks his chair up and moves it over to me. “It’s radio silence, Dean, I cannot find anything about him other than his not taking on anyone new to the group so my spy cannot even go in. I am hoping it’s because he’s planning another attack in Ireland but I keep wondering why is it so hard to find info.” Aaron said, can tell his brain is going a million miles an hour right now, “Fuck.” I whispered, “I know, I’m thinking about heading into the city and using their computers something is up.” He said.

“Think it’s wise for me to move them to another house that is safer that his daughter won’t know about?” I asked, “It’s a small town and everyone loves talking about us, doubt you’ll be able to keep it quiet for long.” He said shrugging his shoulders, he is correct fuck I hate how small-minded this town is. “So do I, hold up what about the cabin? Only dad and us brothers know about it.” He said, I looked at him stupidly. “Really is it still standing?” I asked shocked, which is odd as the last time I was out there it looked like it was nearly falling over back then. “I’ll go check it out after I leave here.” he stated, “Your thinking what I am thinking?” I asked, he gives me his best playful smirk, “I hope so, but just to be clear you are thinking of setting a trap up in your house while Dana and the boys are at the cabin?” he said.

“I’ll be with them, don’t think I can leave them,” I said, her being left in a cabin will set her PTSD off and I don’t want that for her. “It’s just Dana and the boys can have our dad with them. I’m going to need you on my team, just in case I need your skills.” He said, fuck I have to tell him about our little peanut, “It’s not just Dana, Aaron.” I whispered, he looked at me then at her then back at me, “Umm..... wait is she pregnant?” He asked.

“Yes, but that’s not why she’s in the hospital.” I said, his face lighting up in enjoyment, “OMG! Congratulations Dean!” He cried out, grabbing me into a big hug, I hug him back. “Now I understand why. I hope for your sanity its another boy. Girls are so hard, they do a poo and it gets into all of their holes, all of them I hate changing those nappies.” He complained, I just sat there laughing at him, “At least you don’t get peed on.” I said, “Ok fair point, now our plan.” Aaron said, we sat for about an hour talking about our plan, finger’s cross we don’t have to do this. He and Erin will be over tonight we can talk more about it once he visits the cabin.

“Arghhh man, do you ever be quite Dean?” Dana groaned out next to me, Aaron starts laughing, “Wow I see you happy as always little sis.” Aaron said around his fits of laughter, she looks towards him in shock not realizing he was in the room, “Aaron?!” She cries out, “That’s my name don’t wear it out.” He said cheerfully, she looks at me then back at Aaron, then narrows her eyes at me, “You bloody told him, didn’t you?” She snapped at me, “Yes.” I said smiling at her, “I’m going to be an uncle again!” He cries out, he rushes to Dana to give her a hug then talks to her belly. “Please be another boy.” He said loudly, “Argh go away Aaron it’s a girl.” She snapped at him, I looked at her in shock, “Really?” I asked, “I don’t know I want it to be.” She said rubbing her stomach with a smile on her face.

“Can I come in now the boys won’t stop crying, you guys!” Jamie cried out through the door, Dana glared at us both, “Get in here, why wasn’t the three of them aloud to be in this room?!” She snapped at us both while hitting us both with her very pissed-off look, which would probably scare other people but not us, I burst out laughing. “God, you look so dam cute!” I said around laughing, “Ohhh you gobshite!” She yells out before grabbing a vomit bag and starts vomiting in the bag, as she races into the bathroom again taking her IV line with her. “Boy’s here is your daddy,” Jamie said sounding pissed off, Jamie pushes the pram towards me, as soon as my boy’s seen me they both stopped crying. I unbuckle them both, picking them up hugging, and kissing them each before putting them down onto her bed.

Dana walked back out still looking green dumping her bag into the correct bin still looking pissed off at myself and Aaron, who both of us still find amusing. “Now, why the hell did yous kick those three out for?” She snapped, Jamie points at Aaron, “Ask him.” Jamie snapped, she looks over at Aaron, “Aaron?!” She screams at him, “Do you think that tone of voice would work on me?” He asked trying not to laugh again, believe Erin is the only female that tone of voice would work on him. “Yes! Spill or I make sure next time I vomit I miss the bag and get you!” She snaps at him and he looked scared, how the hell did she notice he doesn’t like vomit at all? “You do not play fair little sister.” He snapped at her, “Neither do you!” She cried at him, he starts laughing, “Fine, I needed to talk to Dean privately.” He said.

“And using my hospital room was the best place for it? Heard of a meeting room or something! Cause you know I need my sleep! I have twin boys, a stomach bug, an infection, and pregnant again. I need my sleep!” She yelled at him she has gone full-blown pissed off, think I’m too happy it’s not aimed at me. “You look so cute when your angry, but you forgot me?” I said she looked at me lost, “No I didn’t.” She said Aaron starts laughing, “You did.” Aaron told her, “Sorry Dana but you did.” Jamie said laughing too, she looks at us three, “No, I didn’t, he doesn’t drain me” She said sound confused, “Oh, stop your making it worst!” Aaron said laughing. “All three of you have dirty minds.” She snaps at us three, I couldn’t help it but I started laughing with them too, “I know what you mean.” I whispered, “Good, glad you do.” She said, I hand Dana the boys she hugs them both, of course, Sebastian wants a feed. I look up Aaron and Jamie have finally stopped laughing. “I’m off, myself and the girls will be over tonight. See you Sis, bye boys.” Aaron said, he gives Dana a hug and a kiss also congratulating her as well, kissing both boys on their heads before leaving the room. “Really? Having a boy’s night?” She snaps at me, “Not really they are coming here, are you forgetting your staying the night here.” I told her. “No, didn't forget at all.” She said. “I’ll leave you two alone for a bit.” Jamie said standing up, “Hey swap keys first, please.” I said fishing out his keys out of my pocket, “Right here you go.” He said handing my keys over, “Thanks, talk to her.” I told him, he looked at me sadly, “Yeah may not be today.” He said trying not to sound hurt but we all noticed, “Oh grow a pair and talk to her today.” Dana snapped at him, “Your mean when you’re sick.” Jamie said to her, “Thank you.” She said brightly, “Wasn’t a compliment.” Jamie said dryly, “I know.” She said still smiling at him. Jamie leaves after giving everyone a hug and a kiss. Dana puts Sebastian onto to be feed, I move in next to her on the bed with Alexander in my lap, she looks up at me.

“Do I need to be worried?” She asked softly while helping Sebastian out, “No Love.” I told her, “Please don’t lie to me, Dean.” She said so quietly, I can hear the sadness in her voice which breaks my heart that I can’t tell her all of it. But I need to make sure she feels safe, I don’t want her to stress. “Aaron’s working on a plan,” I told her, I can tell by that looks she is not happy with what I just said, “What is this plan, Dean?” She asked, “I can’t tell you just yet sweetie.” I said, “Why not? I’m your bloody wife I think I should know what is going on because it’s me they are after not fucking you!” She screamed at me causing Sebastian to jump in fright while feeding on her, “Aaron needs to check a few things out before the plan is set in place.” I told her, she still doesn’t look happy with what I just said, “Ok, how long do we have?” She said so quietly, fuck it kills me this shit keeps happening to us. Maybe this the type of life I will get from everything I have done?

Maybe that is why my older supervisors said good luck in trying to have a normal life after this. She leans back her free hand goes straight to my beard, I smile at her, I love the fact she loves it. “I just want to know is it going to end up,” She said before I cut her off, I knew where she is about to go and I dam hope it never happens again. “We hope it won’t,” I whispered holding onto her tightly. “Ok, I don’t want you hurt either Dean, ever again. You come back to us safe and sound please.” She said, can tell she is holding back her tears.

Sebastian has finished feeding, the two boys are now playing in between our legs. I lean into her hand on her belly rubbing it. “I’ll do everything in my power to come safely home to you and our children,” I told her trying to make her believe that I can make it happen. “Good, you better Mr. Dean Adian McCarthy.” I had a proud look on my face for her saying my full name, she pulls my beard down indindicating she wants me to kiss her. Leaning down kissing her soft lips gently, this woman is my drug, and that is one fucken good drug in my eyes. “Mmm, I love you.” She whispered in my mouth. “I love you too beautiful,” I whispered.

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