All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 4: Can We Do This Again?

**Dana’s Pov**

The boys have fallen asleep on the bed, we’ve left them to sleep. I cuddle up into Dean’s side, he smells so dam good to me right now. “Sweetie, you ok?” He softly asked, “I’m good Dean.” I whispered. “Your tummy is tightening up.” He said softly, “I know, it keeps doing that before I get sick.” I told him, “Want the bag?” He asked I nod my head yes, he hands it to me, but nothing happens on my end so I just keep holding it. He leans down kissing my forehead then it happened.

**Flash Back**

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! NEASA OR DANA WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS! YOU WILL DIE AS MY WIFE!” Seth Roared at me, this cannot be it, this cannot be the way I go. I wanted to be Dean’s wife, mother of his children. No, I am not going out at his hands! I kick I keep kicking until I make contact with his body, he screams out in pain but he doesn’t loosen up his hold on my throat. I kick at him, again and again, he finally loosens up his hold on my throat. I try to catch my breath, as soon as I do I kick him again this time in the head he goes down like a sake of potatoes. I keep kicking his head, I cannot stop.

“Dana, sweetheart it’s ok. He’s not going to hurt you ever again.” Dean whispered, “Uh.” I mumbled I’m shaking all over, my heart is going nuts, I feel like I’ve been holding my breath. Dean is holding my face in his hands rubbing circles with his thumbs on my cheeks. “Dean, I couldn’t stop... I” I said sounding panicked to my own ears, “Sweetheart you did what you needed to do to get out of a shitty situation.” Dean said so kindly, I go to open my mouth. “Dana you did what you needed to do.” He said firmly, “But if I had kept him alive my brother would still be alive” I cried out, “Ohh sweetie you do not know that, your dad had it out for the pair of you. If he didn’t die at the party, it would have been soon. Shhh just breathe, you are safe.” He said, his voice is so soothing right now.

“I know I’m safe, I’m now a McCarthy.” I said loudly, “Dam right you are.” Dean said sounding proud of what I just said, “Dean?” I asked, “Aye?” He softly asked still rubbing soft circles on my face, “Should we move?” I asked, they know where we live now, I don’t like that at all. “Move?” He asked softly, “Yes sell the house and move to a place no one knows us.” I said, Dean, smirked at me, that smirk that tells me we just thought of the same thing again. “I just had this conversation with Aaron, it would be a nice idea if the town gossips didn’t talk about us.” He said sounding pissed off at those annoying people in our town, “I hate those ladies, they still give me hell for trapping you with the twins.” I told him, normally I don’t let him know as to how long do I need to prove that we love each other and I’m with him for just one thing. He took a deep breath in can tell he is pissed off, “You fucking serious?” He asked sounding so angry can feel the anger coming off him, “Aye I am, some days I play with them and act as a mega-slut other days I just leave them be to the point they think I am unhinged.” I said brightly, “That’s my little lass.” Dean said sound proud of me, “Hold that thought.” I told him.

I start being sick again in the bag, so over being sick just want it to end. I finally finish, Dean takes my bag and dumps it into the right bin. He looks at me with worry in his eyes, I know he hates me being sick cause he cannot do anything to fix it. “Do you want some water?” he asked, “Yes, please.” I get out of bed to use the bathroom and clean up. I down the water he gave me wanting more, he quickly poured me more. I said my thanks and felt much better after it. “Feel better?” He asked, “Yes much, thanks.”

“No worries my love.” I grab his shirt pulling him down for a kiss, one of his hands gripping my ass the other at the back of my head. No matter how many times we do this his kisses give me butterflies, his hands send goosebumps over my whole body, I moan out. “Mmmm even sick you’re sexy as hell.” He whispered in my ear, biting my earlobe. “Thanks,” I whispered back, I climb back onto the bed the boys are still sound asleep. I look up at Dean who’s now in the chair next to my bed with his head in his hands. “Baby what’s wrong?” I asked softly.

“Nothing.” He said through his hands, “Oh bullshite Dean.” I said at him, he looks up at me, his trying to hold back tears. Oh man, I climb out of bed and into his lap wrapping my arms around him. “It’s ok hon you don’t have to be the strong one all the time,” I whispered, he starts crying into my neck. “I have your back, Dean always,” I said softly, he chuckles through his tears getting my quote. He hugs me tighter, sniffing my neck. “I don’t want you to go through that type of hell they have put you through again.” He spoke into my neck. “I know, neither do I,” I replied.

“I don’t want to lose you, or the baby or the boy’s.” He said so softly, “Same I don’t want to lose you.” I whispered, “I’m getting too old for this shit Dana.” He grumbled, I started to laugh, “You old? Far from it Mr. McCarthy.” I told him, “Glad you think that baby, my body says otherwise.” He said I lean back looking him up and down from my point of view he is one fine man who doesn’t scream old at all. “I don’t know what your body says to you, but from my point of view your fit as hell, one hot man and daddy in my eyes.” I said with pride in my voice, “I’m nearly thirty-eight with our third child on the way.” He grumbles, “So?” I asked, “Says the nearly twenty-six-year-old.” He said I looked at him oddly, “What my age bothers you now?” I asked shocked, “Not at all.” He said.

“I’m not going to ditch you for a younger you Dean. If that is what your thinking, you’re stuck with this crazy feisty little redhead for the rest of your life.” I told him, Dean burst into a fit of laughter, “I wasn’t thinking that, but good to know my little lass.” He said around his fit of laughter, “Is it bad that I want to have my wicked way with you right now in this chair, while the boys are on that bed?” I asked biting my thumbnail looking at him with a smirk on my face, “A little, I want you too” He said but stopped, “But?” I asked, “Let’s wait until your feel better baby.” He said, “I know.” I said the voice of reason he is right now. My door opens up and Aaron walks in with Erin behind with a pram.

Aaron yells out at us, “OMG! You guys are worst than before you were married!” We both looked at him, staying on his lap looking like we simply do not care, “What? Never seen a wife hugging her husband?” I asked, “We’ve only slowed down due to medical reasons, but really it’s a hug you prune.” Dean snapped at his brother, “Who said I was a prune!” Aaron said laughing, “You,” I said, “No just sick of seeing or hearing you two fucking.” he snapped at us.

“Aaron enough!” Erin snapped at him, he looks at his wife but kept his mouth shut. Man, she has some power over him, good on her. I climb off of Dean heading back into the bathroom to be sick again. The medication the nurse has given me does work but every now and then it doesn’t stop it. I came back out and the boys have woken and are in Aaron’s arms. I have a feeling that man wants a boy, I look over at Erin who’s smiling at him. “Hey Erin, he really wants a boy.” I told her, “Oh I know, he’s trying to get me pregnant with our next one. It’s like man I just had her I’m not ready for another. Wait a second are you?” She said looking at me in sheer shock, “Yeah I am.” I smiled at her, “Oh my god!” She cried out, walking up to me giving me a big hug and kiss.

“I fucking knew it, you got drunk way too fast that night,” Erin said loudly, “Sorry Aaron what is this plan?” I asked with an innocent look on my face, Aaron looks at Dean than at Erin. “Whatever you have planned you can say it to myself and Erin too.” I said with a bossy tone to my voice, “If I tell you, you two cannot tell anyone.” he said sounding pissed but knew I wasn’t going to drop it, I look at Erin. “I think he doesn’t really know us, hey Erin?” I said, “Sure sounds it.” She replies looking a little pissed at her husband, “Just tell them, Aaron.” Dean said, “Well it’s safe, the cabin for us.” Aaron said, but my head snaps up to Dean, in question. “What cabin?” I asked in fear.

“The family one.” Dean said, “Whenever we are ready you take them to it, then” I cut Aaron off by throwing my hands up in the air, looking at Aaron in fear. “Hold up, who are you taking?” I asked with fear in my voice, Dean is quietly watching me, “You and the boys.” Aaron said then it dawns on me, that Dean won’t be with us. “Wait are you not going to be with us, Dean?” I asked trying not to break down, “No.” Dean said quietly, “No! I am not going to a cabin! Not alone with the boys in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere!” I cried out loud, all I keep thinking of is what happened to me last time I was taken to a cabin, I don’t want that for my boy’s. “Butt fuck nowhere? I like that, but no you won’t be alone, dad will be with you.” Aaron said, “Oh that is so much better!” My statement is dripping with sarcasm, Dean doesn’t look happy with this idea.

“And you’re ok with this?” I asked looking at Dean, “No” He said, “Then why the hell are you letting this happen! No way are you going to get me to go to a cabin again! No Aaron it will never happen, think of something better than that!” I screamed at him, “Why are you fighting this? It’s the only way to keep you safe, while we do what we need to do.” Aaron said sounding pissed off at me now, “GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW AARON! I AM NOT GOING TO A CABIN AGAIN! EVER!” I roared at him, I’m shaking, no not again. Not going to that place with my children. No! Please no! Finding it hard to breathe, why am I finding it hard to breathe my heart is going crazy in my chest.

“Why are you yelling this at me for?” Aaron asked, looking at me, knowing what is going on, noticing no one else seems to have noticed. He walks up to me, looking at my face. “Aaron drop it. Dana honey look at me. You are safe, you are not going to a cabin ok.” Dean whispered at me, “But” He brushes my face, “Shhh just breath, you are safe.” Dean said softly, “Oh sis I am so sorry, I didn’t realize. I’ll work on another plan.” Aaron said, Dean just nods as he’s trying to get me to calm down. “That’s it, good lass,” Dean whispered, he wraps me up into a hug, I bury my head into his chest crying. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, “Sshhh what have I said about saying that?” He asked, “I know, don’t apologize for things out of my control.” I said, “Good now don’t worry we will come up with an idea to keep you guys safe.” Dean said, “I’m safe with you next to me.” I whispered.

“They will use you to get to him, or use him to get to you.” Aaron said, “Well give me a bloody gun and they won’t use me!” I snapped at Aaron. “And who will be holding the boys?” Aaron asked, “I can shoot and babywear them at the same time.” I said, wow did I just say that, Aaron and Dean looked shocked at what I said and Erin hasn’t picked her jaw off the floor a few minutes ago from my outburst. “Now you are sounding like a real crazy Irish lady!” Aaron snapped, “News flash Aaron I am!” I yelled back at him, “Sweetheart your not. What your dealing with is not crazy, it’s your body and mind trying to heal from all that hell. No more talk of this crazy shite you’re hearing me?” Dean snapped at me. He’s no longer whispering this to me, his stern voice has jumped a level in volume, his using his boss voice on me, and man it’s such a bloody turn-on.

“Lass don’t you give me that look.” Dean said loudly, “Really?” Aaron snapped at me, I throw my arms in the air, “Hey I can’t help it!” I yelled back at him, “Oh you can.” Aaron said, “Aaron she’s pregnant leave her be.” Erin said softly, “Why are you always siding with her?” Aaron asked, “Most of the time you’re being a dick, and right now you are.” Erin said, “I am not! Trying to have a serious adult conversation and she’s thinking of jumping his bones again!” Aaron cried out. “I’ll deal with her, you keep talking I’m listening.” Dean said, “What now she won’t go into the cabin?” Aaron complained, “What about our safe room?” I asked him, “It could work, put her and the boys inside.” Dean said, “Do you think Sam knows about it?” Aaron asked, “Fuck he helped build our house! Yes, he would know about that.” Dean said, “What about dad’s?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah, he doesn’t know about that, I don’t think.” Dean said, “Fine you guys are going to Dad’s house, all of you.” Aaron said, “Who’s all of us?” Erin asked, “The whole family.” Aaron said, “No way! Why they would only be after myself or Dean.” I snapped, “I’m planning for every possible opportunity they could have. Tony and Jamie will be with you all, you’ll be safe.” He said, “But Dean and yourself will be bait, and not safe at all. I hate this! Why do you two always have to throw yourselves in danger?!” I yelled out. I couldn’t break down again not in front of them, I’m so over crying. I storm into the bathroom making it look like I’m going to be sick, but I’m not. I slide down the door crying, he told me this I know. But I have a horrible feeling that he won’t be coming back to us.

**Dean’s POV*

I know she’s not sick in that bathroom, so does Aaron he keeps looking at me. I see a shadow right behind the door, she’s crying, I know she’s locked the door. Fuck this! This is really hurting just sitting here, I storm towards the bathroom door, knocking the door gently. I can her sniffling, before she calls out. “Give me a few minutes please.”

“Sweetie it’s me let me in please?” I asked, I hear the door unlocking she opens it enough for me to slip in she locks it behind me, she sits back down on the cold floor. “Lass here.” I pull her up throwing a towel down onto the floor then sitting down pulling her down onto my lap, wrapping my arms around her. I just let her cry, no word’s needed here. I know it’s mixed with a lot of things, I don’t know what happened but I ended up joining her in the crying. She let me cry too, we both needed it. Once we have both stopped crying she looks up at me and starts wipping away my tears. I do the same to her, then she opens her mouth and my heart nearly broke.

“I can’t do this Dean, I can’t,” She said, “Can’t what baby?” Her hands goes to her rings, no fuck no! I put my hand over her’s stopping her. “No, not this. Dana no this is not the answer!” I said putting all my emotions into my words, ’They are after me, not you” I cut her off by kissing her hard, I am not letting her run. She kisses me back with the same amount of passion and emotions as myself. I pull away just enough to look into her eyes stroking her face. “Sweetie, what’s going on?” I softly asked, “I don’t know.” She mumbles.

Oh, she knows she just doesn’t want to tell me, “Aaron and Erin have the boys, talk to me, please.” I said, “I have a bad feeling about all of this.” She whispered, “And what does that have to do with you wanting to leave me?” I asked, “I don’t want to, but if they think we have split they might leave you alone and come after me instead.” She whispered, “No, I do not like that at all.” I fucking hate where her thinking has gone too, “Neither do I, but it’s better than your plan.”

That stumped me, her leaving me is better? How? “How?” I asked shocked, “I have a bad feeling about your plan.” She said again, “What’s your gut telling you?” I asked, she wraps her arms around my shoulders pressing her whole body into me leaning her head into the side of my neck, I wrap my own arms around her as she whispers. “You don’t come back from this.”

“What do” She cuts me off with her next words, it makes sense why she thinks her plan would work. “Like the last time when you got shot but this time it’s stronger.” She whispered, “Oh sweetheart I’m” She cuts me off, “Whatever you’re about to say stop, do not make a promise you cannot keep Dean. I have a theory.” She said.

This shocked me, I pull away a little to look at her face. “What is it?” I asked, “How well do you know Sam?” She asked, “Well, but nothing like the rest of my crew. I have checked his background and nothing bad is coming up. Why?” I asked, “I think they have been watching us a lot longer than you think.” She said, this floored me, I know I had thought it too, but I couldn’t find anything to prove it. “I think their first mistake was being at that club when we were and introducing us.” She said, “What do you think we should do?” I asked my partner in crime.

“Change our routine, all of us. We go on a big family weekend away, but before we do set bugs and cameras in everyone’s houses’s do not get any of your crew onto it.” She said, “You do know there are devices that will make all of them not work.” I told her, but I do love that she is thinking this, “Well use the ones that are harder to kill.” She said with her normal sas, “Unsure if there is, but the hidden cameras should be ok. I do like this plan better.” I told her, “Good”

“One more thing Dana McCarthy.” I said firmly, “Yes?” I asked, “Don’t you dare take those rings off ever!” I snapped at her, “I love you so much. I won’t it nearly killed me thinking of that.” She whispered, I didn’t respond, I instead started kissing her hard. One hand pulling at the back of her hair the other gripping her dam fine ass. She moves a hand into my beard the other on my chest.

I am never letting this women go, ever! Every kiss is always better than the last, she makes my whole body react with her taste, touch, smell, sounds, and her whole body every dam bit of it. This dam fine lass has gotten in this dead heart and bought it back to life I am not letting someone who does this all to me go, and to top it off she’s the mother to my children no fucking way. I have no idea how she even thought it was a good plan. What i s going on in her head to think of that? She pulls away to get her breath, her eyes are hooded with desire, she whispers.

“I don’t care if they can hear us, I need you.” That was all I need to hear, I started kissing her pulling each other’s clothes off and down. She quickly started undoing my pants, her small soft hand pulls my hard dick out of its bind lifting herself, she looks at me I think for permission. “mmm aye.” As soon as she hears it she lowers herself down onto me, we both let out moans. “Shh, we don’t want them to hear us.” I whispered, “She nods as she slowly moves up and down on me, fuck she feels so dam good. It became fast and hard quick, she’s sucking and bitting me, keeping her moans down. It didn’t take long before I felt her body clinching hard onto me. “Mmm oh yes Dean..... mmmm” She whimpers in my ear, fuck! Her soft moans in my ear were all I need to reach my climax. I fill her up as she still moves slowing on me until her body stops twitching. We hug onto each other not saying anything just trying to catch our breaths.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

“You guys are still bad at being quiet! Hurry up the boys seem hungry and the nurse has come in twice looking for Dana!” Aaron yelled out. We both start laughing, guess we cannot be quiet or his hearing is way too good. “Guess that’s our cue to get a move on.” I said, “I don’t want to, I like being in your arms.” She whispered, “So do I.” I whispered back to her.

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