All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 5: We've Got This

**Dana’s POV**

We quickly fix ourselves up, walking out of the bathroom holding hands. Aaron had a look crossed between amused and pissed off, “I feel like we should take the boys and go home leaving you two here.” He mumbled, “Please don’t.” I said quietly, Dean squeezed my hand he knew why I didn’t want the boys away from me right now, “Aaron please leave it.” Erin said, “Dana has come up with a plan that I think could work.” Dean said, Aaron, looked at him not believing him at all, “Really? Sex helped her think of a plan?” Aaron asked sounding like he is ready to fight with us, “We worked it out before sex. Now enough about our sex life.” Dean snapped at him, Aaron goes to open his mouth to say something, but Dean cuts him off, “Drop it, Aaron.” Dean snapped, “Hold up when was the last time you two, did it? Must be a while for him to get all pissy at us.” I said with an evil smirk on my face.

“That’s none of your” He started to say to me but Dean cut him off, “Knew it!” Dean said trying not to laugh, “Right spit it out now before I walk out.” Aaron snapped, leaning over to Erin to whisper. “Why are you withholding sex?” I asked lost. “Until he gets it into his head we aren’t having another child until she’s two.” Erin snapped, “Good point, doing better than me.” I mumbled, “Didn’t say it was easy.” She said, “You two good?” Aaron asked sounding very angry at us ladies, “Aye.” I said with a playful smirk on my face, “No” Erin deadpanned her husband, Dean was snickering at us two ladies, “Alright I’m” Aaron snapped, Dean cut him off, “Don’t”

I start feeding the two boys, Erin also is feeding her girl. The two men start talking quietly between each other. “We miss you at work sweetie.” Erin said, “I know you all do, but I’m good, couldn’t think of being able to do that with twins and another on the way.” I said, but really I’m not getting the need to go out and work. “I know, but one night or day here and there wouldn’t hurt,” Erin said, I notice Dean was half listening to Aaron by this stage. “No Erin, I won’t come back. I don’t need the money y, besides who would have these two during the day? I am happy being a stay-at-home mom, with sewing things on the side.” I said with pride, I don’t want to work I’m enjoying watching these two boys growing up, along with why pay someone to watch them when I can. “You sure?” Erin asked, “Yes, I love it. Don’t you?” I asked, “Yeah I do but I enjoy having some time away from them both.” Erin said, “Really? Both?” I asked, trying not to laugh, “Yeah he can be a handful you know.” Erin said nodding her head towards her husband, “I know you married him.” I said giggling. “Girl’s!” Aaron snapped, I poke my tongue at him, Dean is laughing next to him. “Hashtag not sorry baby,” Erin said laughing,

The nurse came in, checked me over giving me some more medicine. The dinner lady came with my food, which I couldn’t handle the smell of it. Aaron and Erin jumped up to go out and get dinner and bring it to my room. The boys and Ruby are sound asleep in their prams. “They couldn’t get out of here fast enough.” I said chuckling, “Aye.” Dean said, he climbs into bed with me, I cuddle into his side. “I’m so sorry” I whispered, he looks down at me, with a confused look on his face. “For what lass?” He softly asked, “In the bathroom.” I whispered, “Ahhh sweetheart, I know why you did it. You did it out of love not hate there is a difference. Yes, it had hurt and shocked me, but knowing why I’m ok can move on.” He said kindly, “Ok.” I whispered, “Why are you still quiet?” He asked, “It’s ok, just enjoying being in your arms.” I said brightly, “Aye,” he said softly, a few minutes later my hand makes its way up to his chin to play with his beard. He let out that dam loveable laugh of his. “What would you do if I chose to shave this off?” He asked.

“Demand you grow it back!” I yelled at him, “Think I would listen?” He said playfully, “Yes, if not I have my ways.” I said smugly, he cocks an eyebrow up with a hint of a smirk on his face. “What would that be?” He asked, “Oh I’m not telling you.” I said, “Oh well two can play at this.” He said with a playful tone to his voice, “What do ooommmm agh hh” He starts kissing just below my ear, sending a shiver down my body. “Mmmm see I have my ways to lass.” He said smugly, “Aye that you do” I pant out, I grab his beard pulling him to my lips kissing him softly at first. His hands go straight to my hips pulling me onto his lap. “Wow, you two have it bad!” Aaron said loudly walking into the room, “Uh? What nothing wrong with finding my husband extremely sexy.” I said smiling brightly up at Dean.

“You are the one who needs to learn to knock!” Dean said loudly, “Well then I’ll take this food back to my place.” Aaron said with a smartass tone to his voice, “Fuck no! Please bring that food here!” I cried out, “You want,” Aaron said but I cut him off by jumping off the bed storming up to him angry as all hell, he stands his ground with the only humor on his face is in his eyes, poking my finger at his chest. “Aaron McCarthy you give me that food now or you’ll have this feisty, pregnant, redhead coming at you, hopefully, in my case I need to vomit!” I yelled at him, “Gez please don’t vomit on me! Here you funny little thing!” He said, “You are scared of vomit?! Yes! I found something you’re afraid of!” I yelled out in triumph. “Dean, I’m starting to dislike your wife.” Aaron mumbles under his breath but loud enough for us all to hear him, “Oh what you don’t like it when she teases you?” Dean said laughing. “God now I see where she gets it from,” Aaron grumbles, we all kept on teasing each other while eating our dinner. Aaron and Erin left, Dean had lean down giving me a soft kiss.

“Only going home to sleep ok, be back first thing in the morning.” he said, “Ok, I’m going to miss I’ll three of you!” I said trying not to sound upset, “Don’t worry we all will miss you to lass.” He said, “Then stay here for the night?” I asked, “The boys need a normal bed sweetie.” Dean said softly, “I know, drop them off at your dad’s and you come back here?” I asked softly, “Sweetie what’s wrong?” He asked softly, “I don’t want to be away from you three.” I said playing with my hands in nerves, “Want me to see if the nurse would give us an overnight cot for the boys?” He asked, “Please.” I said, “Ok.” He said leaning down kissing me on the forehead, he leaves the room fifteen minutes later he comes back with a nurse and a porta cot, they set it up in the far corner, once set up he puts the boys into it and thanked the nurse. “How are you now?” He asked.

I smiled broadly up at my husband, “Much better thank you, my stomach is hurting again, take it food is still not fine to eat.” I grumbled, “Ahh my lass, come here.” He says this as he climbs into the small single bed, which I don’t mind being this close to him at all. He wraps his arms tight around me as I wrap my body around his, brushing my face against his chest smelling him, god he smells so good to me, possibly be pregnant related but I feel like in heaven right now.

“Have texted everyone to change their routines for the next two weeks, to also clear their calendars for a family getaway. So far everyone is happy with it.” He said softly so we don’t wake up the boys, “Thank you.” I said, “Get some sleep, my love.” He whispered, “Aye, I love you.” I said softly, “I love you too.” He replied, we softly kiss before I fell asleep.

It’s been a week since I came home from the hospital, Dean has spent most of that time with myself and our boys. Everyone has done what we had asked. Every day Dean, I, and the boys have done something different with each other, it’s like a little mini holiday’s nothing too harsh on my body I had rested well. To the point I don’t want him to go back to work, I felt safe, really happy it was like going on dates again with him. We also got to see our little peanut, this week too. Thank God only one peanut this time, and I’m further along than they thought. They thought I was four weeks along I am close to nearly eight weeks.

It’s our last night together before he has to go back to work, he couldn’t take four weeks off all at once, so instead his taken one week off go back for a week then take two weeks off. He only told one person of his time off, everyone else told them he is working from home until I’m well. Morning sickness is just as bad as it was the first time around, the medication is working much better this time around. He wouldn’t let me cook tea tonight, as peanut has made my taste buds a little crazy. He caught me earlier trying to eat warheads lollies with chocolate and peanut butter spreads on pumpkin bread. Whatever he’s doing right now it smelt so good, that I got up from the lounge and headed into the kitchen to suss it out.

“Hey, beautiful how are you feeling?” he asked, “Much better after that nap, where are the boys?” I asked, the house is way too quiet for my liking, “Still sleeping.” I walk up to him standing on my tippy toes giving him a soft kiss, he wraps me up in a hug gripping my bum. “Mmmm I love this ass so dam much.” He whispers in my ear breathing hot air on me sending chills down my side of the body, “You do?” I asked, “Aye, I do my lass, hold up let me turn the stove off lass.” He said he turns back to the stove turning it off taking the pot off the heat. He lifts me and places me on the countertop, kissing me like it’s our last time. Which doesn’t last long, shoving him off of me to lean over into the sink to vomit, knowing I wouldn’t have made it to the bathroom. “Aghh sorry hon.” I said groaning, “Stop” Dean started, I cut him off, “Apologizing.” I whispered, “Aye, I’ll clean it up.” He said firmly, “No, let” He cuts me off, “Sweetheart I helped to make peanut that is making you sick, let me help out this way please.” He said softly, “Ok, if you really want to clean up vomit be my guess.” I said softly trying not to sound mean at all, jumping off the counter, leaving the kitchen. “Where are you off too?” He calls out to me, “The bathroom!” I yelled back at him, racing upstairs to our bathroom, spending the next twenty or so minutes hugging the toilet bowl, argh I’m hating this.

“Lass do you need” Hadn’t noticed he had walked into our bedroom, I cut him off, “If the next word is anything I will cut your dam balls off!” I snapped at him, “Ouch, lass!” He said from the doorway, “Nope not really, your sperm and my eggs make me this sick every time I’m happy to have them cut along with mine.” I grumbled, “Ahh sweetie,” He said walking towards me, “Dean please stop.” I said softly, he is now squatting down in front of me with sadness on his face, I know he hates seeing me this sick, “Just shhhh please, my head hurts. You can rub my back if you need to do something.” I said sound pissed off but more that I’m just not feeling well. “You are in a lovely mood.” He stated he starts rubbing my back, rubbing away all my tension. “Yes, I know.” I said around a moan, “Are we really going to be fighting tonight, the night before I go back to work?” he asked letting out a sigh.

“No, we aren’t fighting Dean I’m just snapping your head off, that is all,” I said, “Why do you need to be doing that?” He asked, “No idea.” I said, he lets out a sigh, “Don’t give me that cop-out.” Dean said it was my turn to sigh, “It’s cause I don’t want you to go back to work, been enjoying our time together, maybe it’s” I couldn’t finish, “Everything that keeps happening?” He asked, I nod my head, “Ok, let me say this without any blowback.” He said I nod my head yes, “No matter what is going on around us, no snapping, no moods, no bitting each other’s heads off. We talk to each other about everything ok, no holding it in.” He said, I looked at him torn between wanting to kiss him or slap him, “Well that’s going to be fun. Are aware we are human and will snap at each other from time to time?” I asked, “I am aware, also aware that you’re still giving me some cheek.” He said, I sigh standing up cleaning my face and teeth, before stripping off to head into the shower. He stayed on the floor watching me, I turn around after stepping under the water.

“Planning on joining me or staying seated watching me?” I said playfully, he doesn’t answer just stands up quickly removing all of his clothes, stepping into the shower pushing me up onto the wall kissing me hard. “Arghh mmmm” I moan out, our hands roaming each other bodies, throwing my head back to give him more access to my neck, he kisses my soft spot then bites it, and kissing the pain away, screaming out in joy, “Dean” I pant out, “Mmmm?” He said, “Have I been a bad wife?” I asked, “Hmm right now aye.” He said, kissing me, “Are you going to punish me?” I asked, “Aye” He growls in my ear bitting my earlobe, he had lifted me higher capturing my nipple in his mouth. “Hmmm ahhh What is my punishment?” I pant out, he lifts me higher, putting my legs onto his shoulder’s burying his mouth into me. “Argh Fuck.... Oooo.... hmmmm Dean!” I cried out, his working fast and hard, my body is not far off from exploding. “Ohh.... god Dean... I’m about to cum! ......” Then he stops putting me back down on my feet, he steps into the shower washing his face. What the hell? I know he said he was going to punish me, but I thought it was just role-playing.

“What the hell Dean?” I asked, he turned around with a smirk on his face, pressing me up on the wall, lifting my legs up and out slamming himself into me harshly. “Arghh! Fuck Dean!” I screamed out, “Shit Dana, so sorry was that too rough?” he asked, “Only a little.” I replied, he grips my hips hard as he starts slamming in and out of me roughly, but feeling so dam good. “Aghhh hmmm fuck yes!” I screamed out, “Hmmmm not hurting peanut?” He asked, “No, harder Dean!” I cried out, I grip onto his shoulders as he picks up his pace, he slaps my ass. “argh hmm please again!” I screamed out, he does this a few times, he can feel my body isn’t far off. “ARGH FUCK YES DEAN!........ OOOO HMMMMM!” I cried out, he flips me around so I’m pressed into the shower wall as he pounds into me hard and he slapped my ass, I can feel myself about to cum again. “OH FUCK DEAN, HMMM YES! ARGH! DEAN!” I screamed the house down, “Arghh! DANA! YES DANA!” Dean screamed with me, I cum hard liquid squirting down my legs, as Dean leans into my back. “hmmm god that” I pant out, “Was amazing, how’re your legs?” He pants out, he pulls out of me and turns me around, hugging into him, he steps under the water letting it fall onto us. “I’m sorry I should’ve gone that hard with you.” he whispered, “Uh? You didn’t Dean, I asked you to go harder cause I wanted it. I’m not hurt I’ve been well fucked.” I said laughing, “I thought,” He said.

I look into his eyes gripping his face in my hands. “Get out of your head sweetheart, you did a bloody amazing job, I cum hard and dam good. Why do you think you hurt me?” I asked, “You were screaming during it.” He said, “Because it was great, could be because I’m pregnant but sex feels one hundred and ten percent better than normal, also sex with you is always amazing.” I said, “Ok,” Dean said with the biggest grin on his face. “Are you sore?” He asked, “A tad but can go again if you want to.” I said, “Good, are you hungry?” He asked, “A little unsure if it will stay down.” I said, “Can only try sweetie.” He said kissing my nose, he puts me down and we wash each other’s bodies. He turns off the water and we both quickly dry ourselves and get dressed. The rest of the night was a normal quiet married life.

It’s now midnight I’m wrapped up in Dean’s arms in our bed. I know he’s asleep cause his arm gets heavy. I hate that Sam works for him and hasn’t stepped out of line to be fired. His face I swear I’ve seen it before, have told Dean he told Aaron unsure of what they did with that info. He has doubled up the security of the house, I still don’t feel safe as I know Sam had helped build this house, I hope we are wrong I really do. Tomorrow I want to just stay home and craft and hang out with my boys until he gets home. The rest of the week I will be out and about at his orders, cannot stay home for many days without him being home.

Lately, sleep has been hard to find, either my mind cannot turn off or my stomach, tonight it's my mind, even Dean’s smell and heartbeat are not putting me to sleep. Should probably get up and do something instead of just laying here. “Lass can hear your brain over here, what’s up?” Dean soft whispers in my ear. “I cannot sleep.” I whispered back, “I’m too tired for another round lass.” He complained, I laugh softly. “Wasn’t asking for another round, too sore for that. I can’t shut my brain off.” I said he mumbles something that I couldn’t pick up, “It’s ok, go back to sleep love.” I said softly, he mumbles an ok, he goes back to sleep, I slip out of bed and walk past the boy’s room they both are sound asleep in their new toddler beds. I head downstairs and proceed to clean downstairs. A few hours of cleaning finally made me tired, I head back up to our room, and looks like the boys have made it to our bed, too tired to care I crashed next to them.

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