All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 6: Family Time

**Dana’s Pov**

“Sweetie.” I hear Dean’s soft voice, I groan out, “I’m leaving to go to work, the boys are cleaned, feed, and are playing in the lounge room.” He said I groan, “Hmm I’m up.” I mumble, “Come on lass.” He said softly, “Ok sorry Dean.” I sat up pushing the blankets off of me, standing up to give him a quick kiss. Before hunching over in pain, groaning loudly, “Shit you ok?” He asked worried, with his hands out towards my stomach, “Yep, man moved the wrong way.” I grumbled, while Dean still looks at me in shock, “What?” Dean said lost, “It’s from my c-section it hurts sometimes at the end if I move too quickly or the wrong way mixed with from last night, just a bit more than I thought.” I said he wraps me up in a hug. “Shit lass I” I cut him off, I dislike he always tries to say sorry for being rough in sex, it’s like babe I asked for it to be rough so shh, is what I thought but instead I told him. “Shhh, last time I checked it takes two for what we did last night,” I informed him.

I give him a quick kiss before walking slowly to the toilet, it hurts like a bugger to pee. He’s in the doorway watching me, I look up at him. “Do you enjoy watching your wife peeing in pain?” I asked, “No, I do not.” He said, “Then what is with that smirk on your face.” I asked, “Your walk, was quite funny.” He said, “Nice to know you find that funny, it would be a few days before I could handle another round.” I told him, but to be honest, I could have sex with him tomorrow but for laughing at my walk happy to make him wait. Wow, where did that thought come from? “I’m ok with that, I want you all good before we go again. Come on, I have made you something to eat.” He said brightly, I smiled broadly at him, “Wicked I am hungry” I said, he smiled at me, “Good.” I start walking out to our room when Dean grabbed my arm making me stop. I look up at him when he picks me up in a bridle style, walking me down to the kitchen, placing me on the bench stool. The boys had followed us into the kitchen talking away to each other.

“Yum thank you,” I said brightly, it was a plate of bacon, toast, cheese, and hashbrowns. “How did you know that this was what I wanted?” I asked in shock, “I had asked you when I had woken up, that was what you had asked for.” He said I scrunching up my nose, “I don’t even remember you doing that.” I said, he leans down giving me a kiss on the lips before, bending down to say his goodbyes to the boys. I climb down as he stood up wrapping my arms around his shoulders giving him a tight hug and a soft kiss. “I’ll be home after my last meeting ok. I love you four be safe.” He said, “We love you too, and you be safe too, please.” I said.

I pick up the boy’s we follow him to the front yard to wave goodbye to him, fuck I know it was for a day but man it felt horrible saying bye to him, both boys started crying once his truck took off down the street. “I know my babies, mommy feels the same way,” I whispered to them both. “Dadda, dadda!” Alexander said loudly, “Dadda,” Sebastian said through his tears, man are these pregnancy hormones making it worst? I never felt like this before when he went to work. “How about we have a movie day?” I asked them both, “Car” Sebastian said loudly, “You want to watch cars?” I asked him, “Ayss.” Sebastian said happily, “Ok Seb let’s get it started, your sound more like your daddy every day.” I said I wouldn’t put it past him in teaching them to say, Aye. I close the front door locking it and resetting the alarms. Taking them into the lounge room setting up the movie cars for them with their toy cars. I raced into the laundry grabbing a bucket, I knew I would be on the bathroom floor all day otherwise.

Three movies later the boys had been feed and crashed during the last movie, after being sick for two of those movies I finally fall asleep too. “Hello, my sleeping beauty.” Dean whispered in my ear, I let out a moan, his hot breath tickling my ear, “What? Dean!” I cried out, I shot up from the couch in shock, him with a smile on his face, can see the laughter in his eyes. “Shhh, the boys are still asleep too.” He whispered, “Hi, mmm what time is it?” I asked still sounding tired, “It’s three-thirty, lass.” He said, “Your home early.” I said shocked, “Told you I would be.” He said, leaning down planting a hot kiss on my lips. Talking with our lips still very close together, “Fuck I missed you today.” Dean said, “So did we” I pant out pulling him down on top of me, having a hot make-out session. “Dadda?” Alexander said loudly, we quickly pulled apart finding Alexander standing right in front of us. “Hey, my little man! Did you look after your mommy for me?” He asked, “Ayss!” Alexander said happily, he starts laughing, sitting up to pick up our boy giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I sat up next to them, watching them play together.

Most of the week was like this, me worn out from our morning outings, getting woken up by Dean when he came home or by the boys just before he got home. Dean had already left for work, I was heading into the craft store and a few other shops getting a few last-minute things we need for our trip away. A few hours later, with a car loaded with everything I needed, the boy’s in their seats as I get into my side of the car I think I noticed someone from Ireland, but not really sure as it’s quite far down the other end of the street. Halfway home I notice this car following me, not closely behind me. So I do a few turns down a few streets that I really didn’t need to go down and fair enough the car was a few car lengths behind me, fuck!

“Please answer your phone, please!” I said softly to myself.

“Hi, this is Dean McCarthy, please leave a message after the beep.” His voice message said, “Fucking hell! Answer your phone now!” I cried out, fuck is he on-site and cannot hear his phone? I hit redial right away, it rings for a bit then goes to voicemail again, fuck! I keep going down odd streets. Please answer your dam phone, I hit redial again and he picks up on the second ring.

**Phone Call**

Dean: This better be good Dana I was in a meeting

Dana: I don’t fucking care right now DEAN! I’M BEING FOLLOWED!

Dean: Fuck, are you sure?


Dean: At the office, where are you right now and the boys?

Dana: In my car, they are in the car with me. I’m on James Street right now.

Dean: Can you tell me the make of the car and the rego if you can please.

Dana: Umm sure

Dean: While you’re doing that make your way to my office right now!

Dana: Right, it’s black, um I think it’s a ford, the number plate is I can only make out a 339 sorry.

Dean: Ok thank you Aaron you got that, good.

Dana: Dean do you have a gun on you?

Dean: Fuck are they shooting at you?

Dana: No, but just in case.

Dean: If you need it there is one under your seat.

Dana: Did you want me to try and lose them?

Dean: No, not with the boys in the car, just get here!

Dana: Ok, you out the front?

Dean: Yes lass I am.

Dana: Good, I’m around the corner.

I make it around the corner, I can see Dean is out the front but also close enough to hide behind the brick fence if need be. I flew into the driveway parking the car next to his truck.

Dean: Stay in the dam car lass

Dana: Got it

I look in the mirror the car slows down going past us then speeds away down the street.

Dean: Aaron you still have that pen and paper on you? Good write this down Black Ford SUV, the number plate is 339 Bravo, Sam, Scott. No, I didn’t the windows are fully tinted. Dana get the boys out of the car, please.

Dean must be talking on another phone to Aaron, cause I’m only hearing what Dean is saying.

Dana: Got it.

I raced around the car getting both boys out of their seats, grabbing my bag and the boy’s bags locking the car racing into his office. Putting the boys down on the floor in his office. Turning around Dean standing in the doorway, with a look on his face that I cannot read, but I don’t care I race at him jumping into his arms. He grips my ass with one arm the other wrapping around my back, his breathing in my scent on my neck. “Fuck never been so dam scared.” he whispered, “Same.” I whispered, “We’re leaving, are the bags packed?” He asked, “Yes.” I whispered, “Are they in your car?” He asked, my face dropped. “No, in the bedrooms.” I said, “You got that Aaron? Good, see you soon.” He said, clicking off his earphones that I can now see. “Now he’s not listening, I’m so dam proud of you.” He said I looked at him in shock, “He” He didn’t let me finish, kissing me hard. “Hmmm I didn’t want him to hear us kissing sweetie.” He said into my mouth. “Mmm don’t care.” I said, “Whomever they are pretty stupid to have you notice them. Also to keep following you to here, so that tells me they aren’t local.” Dean said.

“I was so dammed scared, made it worst that you weren’t picking up.” I said playing with his beard, “Why didn’t you try Aaron’s number?” He asked, my mouth dropping open in shock, “Didn’t think of that.” I mumbled, “Bathroom?” I climbed down, “Out that door to your left.” He said, “Thanks.” I called out racing to the bathroom to vomit and pee. When finished I walked out finding Dean and the boys waiting for me outside. “You ok?” He asked, “Yeah, what do you want me to do with the stuff in my car?” I asked, “Have you got cold stuff?” He asked, “Aye, I did a full shop.” I said cringing, he didn’t seem to be happy with that. “I’m” he cut some off, “Please don’t say sorry sweetie.” He said, “You seem angry.” I said sheepishly, “I’m extremely angry. But not at you at all.” He said softly, “Ok.” I have never seen him like this before, he is a little scary if I’m being honest. Glad that the anger isn’t at me.

He passes me, Sebastian, before leaning down giving my forehead a soft kiss, picking up Alexander, “Follow me lass” I follow him to a storage room, it had a few chest freezers and fridges, I raise an eyebrow up at him. “Why do you have all of this?” I asked shocked, “Never know what you might need sometimes lunch is provided.” He said shrugging his shoulders, “Ok.” I know I have been to his office before but this is a first for me to really walk around the place, “We will store them in here until we come back.” He said, “Sure, no one in today?” I asked shocked, “Sent them all on sites, during our phone call.” He said, handing me Alexander then grabbing my keys he quickly heads out to my car unlocking it and bringing it all in, it took a few trips. I had put the boys down and started sorting out which bags went where. All the ones that didn’t need to be in the fridge or freezer went on the shelves behind the door. I took out the nappies and wipes and handed them back to him. “Why?” He asked, “Cause we will need them, Dean.” I told him. “Are we low?” He asked like he didn’t believe me. “Yes,” I said looking at him like has he not noticed how much these two poo and pee? Dean took us back into his office after locking the fridges and freezers. He puts the boys down onto the floor for them to play with their cars. “Stop looking at me like that lass.” Dean said, “Looking at you like what?” I asked sounding shocked.

“Like you want to tick this office off your bucket list.” He said with a smirk on his face, “Why wouldn’t I? Having a hot steamy quicky in my husband’s office sounds hot!” I said with a playful tone to my voice, “Oh please don’t, my nephews are like right there!” Aaron snapped out from behind me, “Oh shite! Dean, you knew he was standing behind me?!” I snapped at my husband, “Aye.” He said trying not to laugh at me, “Erghhh!” I yelled out at the pair of them. “Cool your jets little sis. You ready to head out?” Aaron asked looking at Dean. “We will need to drop Dana’s car off,” Dean said, “Sure, Dean you drive Dana’s car back, with me in my car and Dana you take Deans and head off to our dad’s place,” Aaron said in that bossy voice of his, “Sure,” I answered, can tell right now it’s not the time to do jokes with him. “Right,” Dean said in agreement. Dean helps me get the boys into his truck, quickly gives me a kiss before getting into my car. Off we go, the men heading to our house and myself and the boys to dad’s house.

“What do you mean by you lost her?” Ava roared, “Well.” the person said yelled at said sheepishly, “Spill it right now!” Ava screamed at them, the person took a step back in fear, “She spotted us and headed to a company’s yard.” They yelled back at Ava, Ava pinches the top of her nose. “She went to her husband’s company didn’t she?!” She snapped, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Please tell me he didn’t see yous?” She asked, “He had seen us, but couldn’t see into the car.” They said, “Are you fucking stupid!? He has still seen your number plate!” She yelled, “Please Ava” They started begging, “Oh Fuck off!” Ava cried out, pointing my handgun at the two idiots and fire. Fuck of all of the times to slip up. Sam walks into the room, “Really again?” Sam asked when he entered the classroom, shrugging her shoulders, “They fucked up!” Ava roared. “They always seem to fuck up,” Sam said roughly, “I think she’s finally remembered who I am,” he said. “If that was the case Dean would have tried to kill you by now.” Ava snapped at Sam. “No why would he? I’m upset that she still hasn’t worked out who I am if that’s the case. Am I really the forgettable?” Sam asked, “Arghh I no longer care.” Ava snapped.

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