All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 7: Revelation

**Dean’s Pov**

I call up Aaron on our way back to my place, now that I don’t have Dana in the car I can now fully let my anger out, I snapped at him as soon as he picked up.

**Phone Call**

Dean: I don’t just want to kill whoever is behind this, I want them to suffer.

Aaron: I know so do I. Definitely believe they are the same ones that have been following everyone else. They must have put the newbies onto Dana as it took us a day or two to notice them following us.

Dean: Yes, my thoughts exactly. Everyone else left safely?

Aaron: Yes Tony left four days ago they have set it all up for us, Jamie left two days ago I am hoping he took Monica with him and Dad is leaving today.

Dean: Did you?

Aaron: Done what you have asked.

Dean: Whoever they are they are trained like us.

Aaron: I know, I don’t believe they are American though, English special forces type of training is what I believe.

Dean: Sweep the house before you leave. I know starting to think that too, either they have gone rouge or they are part of the IRA, which means what myself and Dana have done has upset them enough to plan this, I’m fucking pissed off that we cannot even live in peace anymore.

Aaron: On it. Also, that is my conclusion too, bro. Did you want me to talk to my employers?

Dean: Thanks Bro, do not let them know what we are planning but definitely let them know who has landed into the country if they don’t already know.

Aaron: On it Dean.

I ended the phone call, parking her car in the garage, locking it. Also locking up the house again, and sneaking off down the road to where Aaron had parked his car, I jumped into his car, looked at him. “No one watching the house?” I asked, what is with that look on his face? “No.” He said, “Good.” I said, “Found this in your house.” He said, showing me a broken-up listening bug, I looked up at him. “That’s it?” I asked shocked, which should be more than that if there is one there is always more, “Shh I know what you do, which is why I know they must have been interrupted as it was near your front door, on the outside.” Aaron said, I thought we were dealing with trained people but after this, I think they are first-timers who are fucken stupid on their part.

“Are we dealing with first-timers?” I asked him, “Looks it, Dean?” He softly said, “Yeah?” I asked I do not like the tone of his voice, “Don’t tell anyone this” He started I looked at his face, he has that shadow hollow look he gets on his face when FUCK OFF NO! “No!” I cried out in fear and shock, “They need me again.” He whispered, “Thought you said you retried?” I asked looking at him trying not to be pissed off at him, “I did” He said, why don’t I believe him, “Then how?” I asked please fucking tell me the truth brother I thought. “Someone high up wants me on this, no one else can do it.” He said that half sounds like the truth, “Fucking hell!” I cried out, “I know.” He said, “Why don’t you want Erin to know?” I asked shocked, “Cause she said she would leave me if I go out again.” He said so softly and sounded so heartbroken, fuck. “Ohhh.”

“There is more,” He said so quietly, “Took you a while to be the person she remembered?” I asked softly, “Yeah.” He said, “Is this why you want a boy?” I asked, “Yes.” He said, “When and how long?” I asked, “Want me out by the end of next month and it should be done in a week.” He said but he doesn’t sound like he believes them, “You believe them?” I asked, “No, it’s a suicide mission Dean” He snapped at me, neither of us notices we had made it back to dad’s house, I look over at my baby brother, his clearly upset by having to go back, and that has never been him before, we had as a family always had to force him to come home. “Dean I have two people who I will always want to be home to, I know before I never cared about what they sent me on but now,” He said sounding defeated, “They’ve taken your freedom.” I said cutting him off, “Yes feels it.” He said, “Maybe have a mental breakdown and they won’t be asking you again.” I offered, “Think I’ll be able to break that soon?” He said looking at me like he wanted to laugh, “Just thinking of how much pain having Erin leave you.” I offered, I can see it over his face. “Right... um.” He said whipping at his eyes, “Az we will help you fight this.” I told him, “I know, but I want this shit sorted before I leave. No way am I leaving when a group of people is following our loved ones.” He snapped.

“I agree, lets go in before Dana serves my balls up on a plater.” I mumbled, Aaron starts laughing, “She’s already done that.” He told me, “She has not.” I said which just caused him to laugh even more, “Oh man even now all this time later you still think you have control.” He said laughing harder, “Arghhh fuck.” I mumbled, I know she has her way of controlling me, but I do the same thing to her it’s more equal than anything but I’m so angry I need to fucking punch someone. “Just worked it out?” Aaron asked, “No more like I want to fight someone and it’s not going to be my brother’s.” I said, with anger dripping from my voice, “Punch the walls a few times see how you go after that.” He mumbled, “Fucking smartass.” I said to him.

We get out of the car, even though we all checked before but we both look around. I don’t even knock, I grab my key out and unlock the front door. I can hear Dad is talking to one of the boys while I cannot see her but I get the feeling the poor lass is probably in the bathroom sick again. “In here my boy’s,” Dad called out to us, we both knew he was in the lounge room, but probably letting Dana know we are back. Dad is down on the floor with the boys, it was so good to see his face light up around his grandchildren. “Hey Popps,” Aaron said cheerfully, “Hi Dad.” I said, “DADDDDYYY!” Sebastian comes running towards me screaming my name, man this boy has my heart they both do. Alexander just notices and raced towards me too. “Daddy!” Alexander yelled out, “Hey my boy’s.” Giving them both hugs and kisses, “Hey you two been watching momma?” I asked them both, “Aye!” Sebastian yelled out, I smiled brightly at them, “Dean really?” Aaron asked laughing, “Why the hell not?” I asked my brother, “When Dana can leave the bathroom we are all leaving?” Our dad asked.

“Yes, ok you guys good? I’ll go get my two girls and see you at the place.” Aaron said, “Right bye Aaron also thanks, bro.” I stood up and gave him a tight hug, he hugs me back. Dad is watching us both and he doesn’t look happy at all. As soon as he has left Dad gets up and walks over to me looking mad as hell. “He’s been called back in, hasn’t he? Also, he asked you not to tell anyone again?” Dad snapped at me, “I’m sorry dad.” I said quietly, “Don’t you dare apologize to me boy! Give me these boys you go get your wife so we can get going.” He ordered, god even now he can still boss me around like I’m ten years old, I want that power over my children when I’m older. I hand the boys over to him and head off to the bathroom, knocking on the door softly. I hear her soft unwell voice, man it hurts hearing how sick she is. “Come in.”

“Sweetie, you ready to go?” I asked, “Have a bucket in your car?” She asked, “Aye,” I told her, “Then let’s go handsome.” She said, he holds her hand out for me to help her off the floor, she heads to the sink to clean herself up. My sexy wife turns towards me with desire written all over her face. She walks right up to me stopping just in front of me putting her soft little hands on my chest looking up at me through her eyelashes. “Is it bad I want a hard and fast quickie right now?” She asked, argh fuck, just that statement alone my dick goes rock hard, and she notices it too, she licks her lips smirking at me, “I want to lass, God I do. But not with dad who’s in a bad mood right now.” I said softly, “Ohhh ok, he seemed fine when we were here. What happened?” She asked, “I’ll let you know later, we need to go.” I told her, “Ok.” She puts her hand into mine and kisses it before taking me out the door, fUck this lass is my world. We head out to the front of the house and Dad was putting the boys into our car. I quickly pull the bucket out of the back and handed it to her, she gives me a small smile.

I give dad a hug and thanked him for putting the boys into the car, he gets into his car and drives out of his garage, locking his door, before taking off to our meet-up. We get into the car and head off, but in a different way to avoid anyone following us. Once on the highway, Dana leans over pulling something out of her bag. “What have you got there babe?” I asked, she gives me her beautiful, sexy smile and shows me a USB. “Just wait,” She said, she plugs it into the sound system, pressing a few buttons, sits back, and smiles at me again, sitting waiting than I heard it, “Ahh fuck babe you put all my music onto USB?” I asked with so much pride in my voice, “Aye, thought it was time we introduced the boys to Metallica.” She said, oh man, “Ummm.” I said, she looks at me in shock, “What?” She asked, “Every time they are in my truck I’ve had it on, not loud though.” I said with pride, she playfully slaps my chest, laughing.

“Dean?” She softly asked, “Yeah?” I asked, “Aaron is going back, isn’t he?” She asked so quietly, trying to hide her own tears, “How the hell did you work that out?” I asked shocked, “He had that look on his face.” She said, “But you didn’t see him just then.” I said, she shakes her head, “He had it on his face at the office.” She said looking at me oddly, “Oh.” I said, “You didn’t notice?” She asked, “Was more worried about you and the boys at the time.” I said, she moves her chair so it’s laying down a little hugging the bucket, she whispers to me before going to sleep. “I love you so much Dean, too tired right now.” She whispered, “I love you so much too Dana, go to sleep I’ll wake you up when we arrive.” She just nods her head in agreement too tired to respond, god I hate how much pregnancy drains her, feel like the worst husband in wanting to have more children with her.

“What the hell do you mean you cannot find any of them?” Ava screamed, “Ma’am we’ve been to all of their house’s no one is home.” He said, “Fucking hell! Years of hard work washed down the drain because people have no fucking idea how to follow others without being spotted! Had told you all they are all very well trained and to keep safely away, now we cannot follow his plan out if we don’t have them!” Ava yelled out while looking around the room everyone is taking a step away from her, “Ava do not kill any more people, we need them.” Sam said, “You are not my boss!” She snapped at him, “I know that, but he would be pissed off if you keep killing people!” Sam yelled at her, “Get this into your head, Sam! I know exactly what my dad wants to be done, you are only here because of what you represent to Neasa.” She snapped.

Sam scoffed, “Clearly nothing as she has no memory of me!” Sam snapped, “Oh poor you cry me a river! She didn’t even know who I was and I have known her, her whole life, do you hear me crying about it still? No so grow a fucking pair!” She screamed, “Ma’am do you want me to run all the traffic cameras to find them?” A male voice piped up she snapped her head at him, “No, we do that we could tip off Aaron’s friends. No, we will go to plan b.” She said, “And what is that?” The male voice asked, “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right now?” She said cocking her head to the side looking like a manic.

**Dana’s Pov**

I got woken up by the need to vomit again. “Do you want me to pull to the side?” Dean asked, “No.” A few minutes has passed before I spoke. “How far babe?” I asked, “About another half hour.” He told me, “Ok.” I mumble, “While you had slept had bought some food if you want it.” He asked and I want to slap him, after being sick I really do not want to be eating, “Thank you, but no I’m good. Are they still asleep?” I asked, he looked over at me quickly, “Yes, Why what’s up?” He asked, “Still keen for that quickie?” I asked with a playful smirk on my face, he starts laughing, “Sweetie not while they are in the car with us.” He said, “Ok, I’ll just go back to sleep then love.” I smiled back up at him, as sleep hits me hard again.

**Dana is Dreaming**

“Come on Neasa don’t you want to hang out with these seniors?” Imogen asked, my best friend from high school, a tall thin very pale in your face type of girl with black hair and bright blue eyes, my dad dislikes her due to her getting me into trouble such as smoking or drinking but he has failed to realize what he allows to happen to me is the reason why I go out of my way to try and forget my life. She knows everything that has happened to me and has called the police on him a few times but it has never helped all it has done was make my life worse. I cannot wait to get out of this fucking town so far away from him taking my gran and brother with me.

“Img not really.” I replied, “They invited us cause we are the hottest girls in 3rd year.” She said with so much joy in her voice, “Yeah and your point is?” I grumbled why doesn’t she get why I don’t want to hang out with her at this party. “What is wrong?” Imogen asked, “They hang out with my older cousin, quite happy to not see him Img.” I mumbled, “They’ve invited small groups from each year so come on move your bum now!” Imogen yelled out completely ignoring what I had just said about my cousin, “Fine I’m coming, who’s frecking idea was it to have a party in the woods during winter?!” I complained, “No idea but it’s frecking cool.” She said, I rolled my eyes, “Only you would find it cool.” I said.

“Free piss come on Neasa!” She calls out again, we danced, laughed, and jumped our way through the woods towards the lights and music we could hear. “Oh, Christ on a cracker!” I cried out, “Really? Does your daddy hear you saying that?” She said with a taunt in her voice, “Oh shut it Img. So many people here, they must have asked other schools in other towns.” I mumbled, “Seems it let’s go, move it!” She said grabbing my hand, “God you are so bossy!” I snapped at her. So glad dad and his best friends are out doing something and Tommy and Gran let me out, otherwise, it would be another beating for wanting to go to a party.

“Yes, Imogen you made it!” an older boy yelled out to her, he seems kind but I’m not sure about him. “Heya Patty,” She said in her flirty voice, “So who’s this hot little thing?” He said eyeing me up and down, god I hate it when boys do that to me. “This here is my bestie Neasa,” She said brightly, “Um hi.” I said, “Why does she look so scared Img?” He asked, Imogen, looked at me to only just notice that I was scared, “No idea. She said, “Come on Neasa I have a few people who you might like.” He said, “Ok.” I said, “Heya guys this here is Neasa, be nice.” Partick yelled out to a group of seniors, “Hi sweetie, I’m Clara, and be careful of Pat cause he does have a bad bite.” Clara said, who is the pretty redhead she looks like me as well could be family but I know that is not true. Patrick’s mouth drops open in shock, “Hey I do not!” He cried out, “Caoimhe, and yeah unsure why they invited you.” She snapped at me a dirty brown redheaded girl who could stop glaring at me, “Harsh much?!” Imogen snapped at her, Caoimhe looked me up and down, “She looks like she’ll run to the coppers.” She snapped I glared at her, like fuck would I do that my dad would actually kill me if I did that.

“Conor, Cao leave her be, she an’t going to snitch are ya love?” Asked Conor a tall handsome brown hair, brown eyes boy who looks like a saint but behind closed doors could be the devil but wow I like that thought of him, what is wrong with me? “No, just didn’t think it was going to be big,” I said. “Seems we have a quiet one here. Dylan, happy to take you to a quiet spot.” Dylan said with a smirk on his face he is handsome but after that comment, he is ugly as fuck now. “Yeah, we know what you’re quiet spot means,” Clara said laughing, unsure why that is funny?

“Michael the rest are nutters.” He whispered, I smiled at him another handsome boy did they all drink from the same water or something, he at least seems nice, “David, want a beer?” David asked me, another friendly handsome boy, I hope these boys are kind and not like the ones I know. “Sure why the hell not,” I said, I need to forget my nightmares. Heading towards the boy that offered me a beer, I spend the next few hours drinking, laughing, dancing, and playing games.

I spent most of the night hanging out with Michael and David, lost Imogen to Patrick they had disappeared into the woods with her telling me not to get her. Which had me worried but the look on her face told me she would snitch to my dad if I follow and right now I don’t need more hell from him, I just hope my brother and Gran won’t fill him in. I stand up, heading towards the box of beers. “You ok?” Dylan asked softly, “Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” I asked, “I know who your dad is.” he said softly, great another one of those boys that believe they can save me from him but really they are just as bad as him. “Bright one aren’t you? Most people know who he is.” I snapped, “Besides your best mates with my cousin, quite happy to leave you alone thanks.” I said. He looked shocked at me, “Why’s that?” He asked, I raised my eyebrows at him in question, “Your friends with a guy like that says a lot about you.” I said, yep guys who enjoy forcing themselves onto their younger female cousins are just evil people. “That is harsh,” He said to me, “Quit while you ahead.” I snapped at him.

Grabbing a beer and storming off away from that group, slamming into someone and going flying off into a tree. “Oh shite, are you ok?” A male voice asked me, “Yehhh I’m fine, youuu gobshite!” I snapped at the person, “Wow think you have had enough to drink” This boy said to me but I cut him off, “Don’t you bloody boss me around.” I snapped, standing up losing my footing in the snow, he reaches out and grabs my arm. “Do I know you?” I asked the dorky boy in front of me, “No I’m Sam, you are?” Sam asked, “Neasa.” I said, “Well Neasa think you have had enough.” Sam said, “Says you the twelve-year-old.” I snapped, he reared back, “Wow bitchy much?! I’m not twelve I’m fifteen.” He snapped at me, I scrunch up my nose at him, “So your what 3rd year?” I asked, “Yes in the town over.” He said, “Oh....” I mumbled, “What?” He asked, “I’m 3rd year too,” I said.

“Come over here let’s sober you up before taking you home.” He said, I looked up at him, like fuck I need a man to rescue me from my hell! Fuck that he’s not a man he looks like a fucking ten-year-old. “Nah mate you aren’t taking me home! Me dad sees you and you’ll be dead!” I yelled out, “Why is your dad part of” I cut him off, “Yes! now shut your trap!” I yelled at him, “Are you mean sober?” He asked, “What makes you think you’re going to see me again?” I asked, “Small towns?” He asked, “Keep telling yourself that.” I said around a fit of laughter. Leaning over him and snatched my beer out of his hands, drinking it down fast throwing the bottle behind him. I look at him forgetting I’m in his arms. “Oh fuck this!” I snapped out, slamming myself into him ripping his clothes off, pulling my tights down for him, letting him insert himself into me, bouncing on him a few times before passing out with him still inside of me.

I shot up in my seat giving Dean a heart attack. “What the hell lass?” He cried out in shock, “Wow! How the hell did I forget that?! FUCK.” I screamed out, “Forget what?” Dean asked, I look over at him, then realized he’s not going to like this one bit. “Spit whatever out that is making you look so upset, lass.” He said softly, “Um, I know Sam from Ireland.” I whispered, the truck slowed down a little, he looks at me shocked. “How?” He asked I can tell he is trying to contain his anger, “Um my first big teenage party.” I said quietly, fuck he is scaring me right now, I know he is not angry at me but wow. “What about it?” He growled out, can see he is clenching his jaw tightly, “Also my first blackout drunk moment.” I whispered, “How old were you?” He asked I can see he is wanting to turn around and bash Sam to a pulp. “I had only just turned fifteen, was in my third year, um you guys call it year ten.” I said, “What do you remember?” He said trying to sound soft and kind but I can tell he is far from that mood right now, “Drinking a lot with two year sixers um grade twelve you guys call it here. One of the other members was a close friend to my cousin who I hate, had a fight with him storming off drunk. Um, it’s only coming back now, unsure why Dean really.” I said softly.

“Please tell me he didn’t rape you?” Dean asked white-knuckling the steering wheel. “I think I raped him,” I whispered, “WHAT?” Dean yelled out in shock, “I don’t know he tried sobering me up during the fight over my beer I” I stopped, I cannot tell Dean this, “Lass what happened?” He asked, he is breathing deeply, fuck is he going to yell at me? “Do you really want to hear it?” I asked, “I need to know Dana.” He said firmly, “Argh umm, I kissed him then started taking his clothes off.” I said only stopping because I could hear Dean’s teeth grinding together, ah man. “One thing led to another I remember being on top of him, him inside of me then passing out unsure on what happened after that. It was my first time if you didn’t include all the rapes.” I finished off with a shaky voice, “Fuck Dana! FYI he was the one at fault if your that drunk he should have stopped you.” Dean snapped, I start crying when I realized he was right, he was just another asshole in my life, he pulls to the side of the road, putting the truck into park and getting out to my side. He opens the door, unbuckles my belt pulling me into his arms hugging me tightly. “I’m going to fucking kill him!” Dean said with so much anger dripping from his voice.

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