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Chapter 2 the Church

There was a little alcove between the wings of the church that kept you from being seen from the alleyway. It was a convenient place to stay out of site and drink when you were underage and didn’t want to get caught. The fact that we were both now old enough to go to a bar if we wanted to, didn’t keep us from reliving a few of our favorite Friday night rituals. We passed the bottle back and forth and laughed about some of the hijinks we used to pull. We must’ve been a little too loud, because the next thing we knew, we had company.

“Steve, is that you? It really is. What the hell are you two doing back here? Hi, Derick.”

“Hey, Gloria.” I answered.

Gloria was a girl that I dated back in tenth grade. We were very innocent. Our dates never amounted to anything more than a little ‘heavy petting’. I really liked her, and I was always afraid that I would chase her away if I had ever tried anything serious. I didn’t want that to happen because I liked her, and it was nice having a girl to go places with. As with most first romances, we kind of drifted apart that next summer, and I really hadn’t seen too much of her since. I couldn’t help but notice how different she looked. Her hair was now bleach-bottle blond, her butt filled out her jeans very nicely, and she had grown boobs. One thing hadn’t change, she was still as cute as a button. She had a natural beauty to her that didn’t require any make-up, and, unless I had grown quite a bit, she was still short.

“We were just reminiscing about how many Friday nights we’ve been coming to this church, and drinking the ‘holy wine’.” I said, raising the bottle. “Want a swig?”

“No, thanks anyway.” She replied. “Listen, I’m babysitting for the Coopers tonight. Why don’t you stop by?”

“Well, I would, but Derick and I sorta had plans later.” I said, trying to avoid just plain telling her no.

Gloria looked at me from head to toe, like she was sizing me up. She took a half step towards me, grabbed my shirt and pulled me in close. The next thing I knew, her tongue was in my mouth.

I remembered that smirky smile on her face, when she looked at me and said, “347 West Avenue. The kids go to bed at nine. Come to the back door, I’ll have beer.”

“But.” I said.

She looked over at Derick and smiled, “Bring Derick with you.”

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