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Chapter 4

“So, what do you think was going through Derick’s mind when he saw me open the refrigerator?”

“He was probably thinking that he got the wrong end of the deal tonight. Beer instead of you.” I said.

“I could rectify that.”

“What are you talking about?” I couldn’t imagine what was coming next.

“Wouldn’t it just make his night, if I went back out there, and did the same to him as I just did to you?”

That comment caught me off guard. I hesitated for a moment and said, “So, all of this, tonight, wasn’t about you and me?”

“Oh, fuck no. It was all about me. My boyfriend and I just had a huge fight and I wanted to get back at him. It was just a coincidence that I saw you guys in the alley. I said to myself, I know how I could get back at Justin, I’d fuck you two instead. This is nothing but revenge sex. You don’t mind do you?”

It took me a minute to soak it all in. I’d been used for sex, and was about to be thrown to the curb like a piece of trash. Then I looked her in the eye and said, “No, I don’t mind at all.” After all, it was either this, or get drunk in an alleyway with Derick.

“I’m not done.” She said, “Come with me.” And she took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen.

There sat Derick. His eyes bulged out of his head when he saw Gloria and me standing in front of him, naked as jay birds. He looked at Gloria’s boobs, then at her dark bush. His eyes glanced at my cock and quickly looked away. He looked at Gloria’s bush again and said, “Not a natural blond, huh?”

“That’s your reaction to the two of us, naked?” I asked.

It was obvious that Derick had downed a few while we were busy going at it in the other room. Gloria whispered something in my ear, then turned to Derick, unzipped his fly and said, “You gonna let me do this?”

“Do what?” He asked with a petrified look on his face, as he sat on the chair.

She yanked his pants down to his ankles and lifted his cock. She looked like she was studying it, and when she began to stroke him, she looked up at him and asked, “You’re not too drunk to do this are you?”

“Does he have to watch?” He asked, nodding his head at me.

“Don’t you worry about him. He has a job to do. You just concentrate on what I’m doing to you.” And she bent over and began to suck on his dick.

Gloria reached around and slapped her hand on her ass. That was my cue. I began to masturbate, while I stared at her pussy. I could see her getting moist again while she was giving Derick a blow job. Once I was hard again, I took her from behind. With my hands on her ass, I pounded away, hard and fast. I knew I could last a while, having spurted three times already. I was almost spent, but I was determined to soldier on and perform my part.

Gloria kept it up for several minutes, before she pulled off of me and stood up. Wiping her chin off, she turned to me and said, “He lasted longer than I thought he would.”

Then, she turned her back to him, grabbed Derick’s cock and lowered herself on it. She reached out, put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer until my cock was in her mouth once again. I didn’t have much left in me, but her tongue kept me hard. I put my hands on the back of her head and humped her mouth, slapping my balls against her chin until I came. I just had to step away, now, I was spent.

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