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Chapter 6

Justin is such a fucking asshole. Some days I hate the ground he walks on. He used to be one of the biggest coke heads I ever met, but I thought that he had kicked the worst of it. I can usually tell when he’s had a relapse. That’s when he comes at me all lovey-dovey, and romantic like. The big problem is, I like him when he’s like that, and he knows it.

When his buddies turn him on to a fresh batch of cocaine, he can’t help himself and it goes straight up his nose. That’s when we have the greatest sex. When he’s high, not only can he last forever, but I can have as many orgasms as I desire.

When he’s not high, he can be a real bastard. He’s miserable when he doesn’t get his own way, and he makes stupid threats, you know the kind that he’d never really follow through with, but he makes them just the same. It’s enough to drive me insane somedays. Why do I stay with him? Simple, I’m one of those girls who fall for bad boys, for some unexplainable reason. Oh, yeah, and did I mention the sex?

I have not been with what people would call a normal boyfriend since I was in tenth grade, the year that I met Steve. He was my first official boyfriend. I like to think that we were in love, but we were both so young and immature. Two sixteen-year-olds infatuated with each other and too scared to do anything about it. After our sophomore year, we went our separate ways, and I never saw much of him after that. Until yesterday.

It was only three days after the other kids graduated. I missed out on that. I kind of dropped out half way through our senior year. Not one of my brighter moves, but Justin and I were going to rule the world. Who needed school?

Until yesterday. That’s when I found out that I wasn’t the only one benefitting from Justin’s coke-induced perpetual erection. We had the worst knock down dragged-out fight that any couple has ever had. I threatened to cut off his pecker before I would share it with some other bitch. After hours of screaming at each other, I finally wised up and left. I was so pissed, I think if I had had a knife at that moment, one of us would never fuck again. I went for a walk.

I walked and walked and walked, replaying our epic battle over and over in my brain. I turned down Church Alley. It was a familiar place to me. All of the druggies, drunks and whores used to play their games in the alcove at the church. It was a nice hiding place because you couldn’t see into it from the alley. That’s when I heard voices. I walked a little closer, trying to see who was there.

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