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Chapter 7 347 West Ave.

“Steve, is that you? Wow, it really is. What the hell are you two doing back here? Hi, Derick.”

What were the chances that I would know both of these guys? Steve, my tenth-grade sweetheart, and Derick, one of the drunken boys, I may or may not have taken advantage of at a party a while back.

“Hey, Gloria.” Steve answered.

Then he told me how they were reliving their high school days already, drinking wine behind the church, and offered me the chance to become a wino with them. Not exactly what I was looking to do.

“No, thanks anyway.” I said. I stood there for a second, looking at Steve from head to toe. I thought he was one of the nicest looking boys from school, and it looked like he had filled out. He was more muscular than he was when we were together. I guess being a jock does that to you. All of a sudden, I forgot about Justin, and had a strong desire to wonder, ‘what if’, and I grabbed Steve by the shirt and stuck my tongue down his throat.

I invited Steve and Derick to come over to where I was babysitting, and offered to buy them their beer for the evening, to ensure they would show up.

“347 West Avenue. The kids go to bed at nine. Come to the back door, I’ll have beer.”

They looked like the perfect targets for me to get back at Justin. Having revenge sex sounded like a lot of fun. I already knew that Derick had a big dick, and Steve, well, Steve and I never went so far as to actually have sex, so he was new meat to me.

I wasn’t actually babysitting, but the Coopers were on my brother’s paper route and I knew they were in Florida, and their house was empty. I just had to wait until it got dark.

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