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Chapter 8

I found the key under the mat. The Coopers had hidden one there so my brother could get in and water their plants for them while they were away.

There was a knock on the back door. I didn’t think Steve and Derick would turn down my invitation. I figured they would never turn down free beer.

I got Derick situated in the kitchen with all the beer he could handle, some nice dull undercabinet lighting and some head-banging heavy metal music to soothe his soul, and dragged Steve into the front room with me.

After exchanging a few pleasantries about our dating days, it was time to get down to business. I ripped my top off while Steve fondled my boobs. He was fascinated that I had grown a set since tenth grade. I made sure to smush them in his face. I’m not sure who liked that more, him or me. I absolutely love to have my nipples bit. It makes me instantly wet. By the time my panties were significantly soaked, Steve had created a massive bulge in his jeans. I coaxed his pants down while he wrestled with his shirt. I was quite impressed with the erection that was now mine to play with.

I learned early on, that one thing boys have in common, is that they all like to have their cocks in someone’s mouth. If you are willing to suck cock, you can get your way with just about anything. AND, can I tell you how much power over a guy you can have if you swallow?

I let Steve cum in my mouth twice before it was my turn to see how he was going to please me.

I stood up and slipped my shorts off, showing him that I wasn’t all blonde. I laid back on the couch and demanded that he lick my wet pussy. He happily obliged me.

Steve was totally in command of his tongue. I was having one mini orgasm after another, and enjoying every one of them, but I needed to feel his cock in me, and begged him to fuck me. Like a good little boy, he did just that, until my legs were numb.

I offered to get us a couple more beers and went to the kitchen. You should have seen the look on Derick’s face when I walked past him. It was almost like he hadn’t seen a naked girl before, and just stared. I closed the fridge, and could feel something oozing down the inside of my thigh. I wiped my leg and crotch with a paper towel and dropped it on Derick’s lap when I walked past him.

I think I might have crushed Steve a little when I had to tell him that this wasn’t us getting back together again. It was simply me getting back at Justin in my own little way.

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