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Chapter 9

Seeing the look on poor Derick’s face when he saw me, kicked another idea into my head, and I asked Steve if he was up for a threesome. I gave him the option of participating or simply watching me fuck his friend.

I told him what I wanted and whispered my signal to him. When I slapped my ass, he was to fuck me from behind while I was sucking off Derick.

The drunk actually lasted a lot longer than I had anticipated, but I did my usual great job and he managed to shoot a load down my throat. I was having too much fun to stop, and turned around and sat on Derick’s cock. I grabbed Steve and pulled him close to see if I could suck another load from him. I figured he must be dry by now but I was going to try my best. I got a little bit out of him before he gave up and stepped away.

I was just nearing another orgasm, but my legs were getting tired from bouncing up and down on Derick’s lap. I knew he wasn’t good for another, he’d had way too much to drink, so just started to let his cock slide out of me when the doors burst open.

It was the cops breaking in, with all their guns drawn and flashlights in my eyes. Then some asshole flipped the lights on, blinding me, screaming, What the hell was I doing there? I mean really, how stupid was he? I’m naked, bouncing on a naked guy. It’s called fucking, dude, really.

Steve got all nervous and jerky and started talking to the cops, about babysitting and the Coopers, and shit, and the next thing I knew they were arresting us and taking us to jail.

Hmm, I’ve never been to jail before. I wonder if lesbian sex is in my future.

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