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Fallen Innocence Book 1

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As Lycan's were hunted and killed off a thousand years ago, now humans, and werewolves shall learn what a true Lycan is. All things made new, now is the time when a single Female Alpha Lycan will rise and will be thrust into the path of her mates. As she views the true injustices within the world, she takes a stand against all those who call themselves werewolves, Alpha’s and vampires alike. Many challenges stand in their paths, struggles and tribulations they will meet head on with sheer aggression and determination as her mates stand vigilant at her side ready to destroy anyone or anything that comes for their mate. Now is the time for the New Generation of Lycan’s to take hold and ready all for the impending strife which will befall werewolf and vampire existences alike.

Erotica / Fantasy
Fallen Angel
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I want to thank everyone for visiting my book, I do hope you enjoy the story.

{Please take note I am revising this book currently. Many have mentioned it was confusing with the revised versions above the whole book below. I have removed them and the edited version is now a stand alone version. I do hope you enjoy the book...Happy Reading.}

Just so you are aware, some char’s in this story -meaning the VALIC’s are from my *Entangled Souls series*

Many of my book’s char’s follow a path and in many cases they blend into other books.

~Please vote, comment and I will make sure I get back to you.

~I have been writing since I was a kid and it is my passion, I do hope this story leaves you with a little bit of longing to see where it goes. Hold tight as it begins to unfold.

~I am currently editing the chapters...I also am adding additional content to them.

~Follow me to get notifications of changes or additions to the story.~

Also I want you to understand how I write. I know most sit down and plot their stories out. For me, I begin to write and the story just for lack of words, writes itself. I never know where it will go, outside of some ideas. So I hope you like seeing where its going as much as I do.

~ I do not condone abuse, sexual assault, violence.

~This book does contain these elements I have listed below, this story is fictional.

~Please if you are sensitive to these things please this book may not be for you.

****There is graphic sexual content in this book! Mature Adults

This book contains: (This is a trigger warning for this book) I do not have this warning per chapter’s which may have trigger causing things.


-sexual content (Explicit)

-Rape situations

-sexual abuse

-abuse, torture

-vulgar language


Copyright 2007© Jenn Sweeney, All Rights Reserved worldwide. No part of this document may be reproduce or transmitted or disputed in any form, by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without prior written permission of the Author.

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