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Hey, I'm Jenna. I know we have all heard the stories of Werewolves and Lycan's. Well lucky me, I am a werewolf but as fate has it I am a Lycan also. Fate has it in for me, mates coming for me, and wanting what is theirs. An old book tells of the First Lycan female in a thousand years....ya that's me. It also says I am to be the Lycan Queen...oh joy. So I get to deal with people hunting me, wanting me for abilities I don't even know I have. I hope I find out in time to save my hide and the ones I love. I will become the VENGANCE! As things begin to reveal themselves my realization and my anger takes on a form of it's own , now let any try to stand against me it will be their downfall!

Erotica / Fantasy
Fallen Angel
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Beauty in Innocence

The morning light began shining in through my window, lighting the blues within my dark curtains. I knew today would be another day just like any other day. I pulled my fluffy pillow back over my head hoping to fall into blissful sleep, but that isn’t what I get. The dreams wouldn’t stop, my breathing ragged as those eyes that haunt my dreams linger behind my eyelids.

Those black glistening orbs encompassed in a blood red rim along the outside of the iris. The image of those eyes holding desire, passion, hate and most of all one of murderous intent. They confused me, what one of those feelings were there when they peered through me?

I could melt into them even through they were ones of someone who gave the aura of a murderous killer. Could he be my one and only? My Mate? The one who would seek my demise? My mind was all over the place as I laid in my bed wishing they were the eyes of my mate. I see them every night, along with any time I close my eyes. Could he truly be mine?

With a heavy sigh I sat up in bed. Sweat soaking the underside of my hair, making me wonder if they had been nightmares, instead of ones of just those eyes. I shrugged off the feeling of being prey to those intense murderous eyes that seem to never leave me. I knew I had school today which I really did not want to go...as this thought processed, I heard my mom.

“Morning Jenna, come on get up!” Her mom’s voice chimed through the air.

“Mom...I’m sleeping, I don’t want to go to school today. I can miss today...I am sick of dealing with being looked at like a piece of meat.” Jenna retorted.

My mom, Sharon looked as if she had just been assaulted by the words I spoke. Anger began to surge through her as if she were struck by lightning.

“WHO?!” She demanded.

“Who is treating you like a piece of meat? I will go down there myself and teach them to show proper respect for the daughter of their Alpha!” She spoke with venom in her voice.

I groaned knowing my mother would march to the school and raise all hell and tare through it until those who even looked at me were in the dungeon cells to learn humility, respect and some decency. That is if she was not out staged by my father’s utter fury if he was told of this. I knew that I had to try and defuse the situation before I was made into the center of all the attention and whispers at school.

“Mom...Please let me handle this. I must learn to do it at some point. They are just being ignorant teens who are full of hormones. They know I have already shifted and have my wolf, along with being almost the age of finding my mate. They are just crude kids who will learn, one way or another...If I need to teach them the value of male support to protect from a flying knee at their groin, so be it. I do not want you or dad to do anything. I rather not be the center of attention. I try so hard not to be.” I spoke sternly.

With a sigh my mom nodded and turned on her heels and walked through the doorway of my room. I could hear her grumbling because she wanted to teach them a lesson herself. Dang she had a vindictive and sadistic side to her at times. She turned around just outside my door and squinted her eyes at me as I lay in bed, as if she were trying to figure me out. Her long blonde hair draping down along her perfectly shaped face. Her tiny figure stood tall and statuesque, she looked like a model. Her pale skin, rosy cheeks, and dark blue eyes she just grinned at me with her perfectly pink lips as she just shook her head as if I had shocked her with what I had told her.

I knew I had to get out of bed and face the day, the only positive thing would be is Steph and Brent. Stephine was my best friend since we were little kids. She is a year younger than I am. Her dark brown curls which flow down over her shoulders to her mid back, dark brown eyes that can draw you in with the slightest glance. Not to mention her body, the girl has the body of some goddess.

I wish I had such perfection in my body as she had, yet I did develop in other areas which she had not yet. I was very skinny, but well defined. I trained along side of the warriors of our pack, yes, I learnt the hard way. Landing on my back side more than once. I grew stronger and knew the guys in my school I could put some major hurt on them if I genuinely wanted too, but that was not me.

I did not want to fight if I did not have to, to protect my family or my pack I would fight without a thought. I had long black hair that draped down my back almost to my ass. My eyes were almost black yet had glints of green that bled through the darkness. I did not think I was all that to look at but everyone else seemed to think I was.

“Jenna.... get your butt out of bed. You want to show you can handle it then up and Adam!” She rang from downstairs.

“Fine mom...Ugh” I sighed.

I turned over under my thick comforter tossing it to the side so I could sit up on the edge of my bed. Letting my legs drape over the edge as my feet landed on the cold wooden floor. I stood up and walked to my closet and pulled out a nice black cotton tank top along with my black jeans, then to my dresser for my undergarments. I sighed as I walked out of my room for the bathroom as I heard other voices downstairs.

Not sure who was here...it was not Brent or Steph’s voices. It sounded like my dad’s beta Chad. He must have wanted to go over some things with my dad, since my dad is the Alpha of our pack. Our pack is the Moon mountain pack...yes, we are up in the mountains where the land meets the sky. I continued down the hallway to the glass door at the end of the hall, grasping the handle and entering the bathroom.

Feeling as if those eyes were still watching me...

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