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Fallen Innocence Book 1

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Beauty in Innocence-CHAPTER 1 of original version


“Jenna, come on it’s time for you to get up!” My mother chimed out through the thick door.

I whined inwardly knowing another day needed to begin while I just want to bury my head within the blankets for a while more. Let me introduce myself, I am Jenna, I am the daughter of the Alpha of the Mountain Moon Pack.

We are peaceful unless others try and harm us then our diligent and rigorous training shows clearly. I am currently seventeen, well for another week that is, and I am the only child of my father so clearly, I will have big shoes to fill when he decides to step down. Yay me! I thought.

I do hope when my eighteenth birthday arrives, I will find my mate, yes, I know some she-wolves long to explore the world. Personally, I long for love and to have someone who will cherish me more than anything in my world. To have a mate who I can call my own and cherish seems trivial for some but for me it holds so much more meaning.

Alright, I am hoping my best friend Brent is my true mate. We grew up together and I love him so very much and not like a brother mind you…I think he feels the same way as well or so I hope. The feelings I get while I am around him are anything but brotherly, as I bite my lip as improper images of Brent stream through my thoughts. I know I have school this morning, but when I finally muddled around and crawled into bed my mind was wrapped around Brent as I snuggled into my bedding, well that was until…

As streams of light began shining through my window illuminating the blues within my curtains, I knew the day had begun. Well mind you of course I could not ignore my mother’s pleas pulling me from my thoughts. I know today will be like any other day…forget that. I pulled my pillow back over my head hoping to fall into blissful sleep, but that isn’t what I get.

My dreams won’t stop, my breathing is ragged as those eyes haunt my dreams and behind my lids always linger. The black glistening orbs encompassed in a blood red ring just outside of the iris’s hold so much desire, passion and hate but most of all one of murderous intent. They have always confused me. What one of those feelings are held while peering at me?

I could melt into them regardless of the darkness surrounding them, a feeling of murderous intent thick and almost palatable. Could he be my one and only? My mate? Or the one who seeks my utter demise, my mind all over the place seeing the conflicting emotions within those eyes. I know I wish they were the eyes of my mate as I lay here in bed wishing sleep would find me once more.

My mother’s voice chiming out pulled me from my thoughts once more.

“Jenna, get up now or you will be late for school!” She grumbled out.

“Mom…I’m sleeping. I don’t want to go to school today, I can miss one day. I am sick of dealing with being looked at as a piece of meat!” I growled out.

My mom, Sharon threw my door open forcefully as she stood now clearly in my doorway with an expression one would hold if they had just been verbally assaulted from what was spoken. Anger began to surge through her as if it were lighting as her body began to tremble with rage.

“WHO? Who is treating you like a piece of meat? I will go down there myself and teach them to show proper respect for the daughter of their Alpha!” She spoke with venom in her voice.

I groaned knowing letting my mother know of my true feelings she is liable to march down to the school and raise hell bringing the ultimate damnation along with her. I know she would tear the school apart until all offenders of even peering at me were in the dungeon cells to learn humility, respect and moreover some decency.

That is if she was not out staged by my father’s utter fury if he was told of this. I need to defuse her before I become the center of attention and ridicule along with the whispers behind my back at school.

“Mom, please let me handle this. I must learn to defend myself at some point. They are nothing more than ignorant, hormonal teens who have nothing better to do. They know I have already shifted and have my wolf, along with nearing the age of finding my mate. They are cruel werewolves who will learn, one way or the other. Mind you I am all for the painful and humiliating version to teach them, but I try to not be the main attraction. If it will take a knee to the groin to teach them, so be it!” I spoke clearly.

A heavy sigh escaped from my mother as she resigned to the fact, she knew I would need to learn these things because I would be the next Alpha of the pack. She nodded to me as she turned on her heels walking back out of my doorway leaving my door wide open. Her grumbling was clear as it echoed down the hallway.

She longed to teach them a lesson they would rightly never forget. Dang, she has a vindictive and sadistic side to her at times. She stepped back to the doorway as if to say something, yet no words followed. She peered through the doorway at me still lying in my bed giving me a questioning look as if trying to figure me out.

Her long blonde hair draping down her perfectly shaped face, as her tiny figure stood tall and statuesque like a model would. Her pale skin, rosy cheeks and dark blue eyes never left mine as she grinned at me, shaking her head as if I shocked her with my words.

I know I must get out of bed and face the impending day; the only positive thing would be seeing my best friends Steph and Brent…of course Brent! Steph has been my friend since we were pups. Her brown curls flow down over her shoulders to mid back, her brown eyes which could draw you in with the slightest glance. Not to mention her body, the girl has the body of a goddess.

I wish I had such perfection…yet I did develop in other areas more than she had. I know I am very skinny but hey I am well defined. I train alongside our warriors in the pack. I have learnt the hard way. Yes, landing on my backside more than a few times. I have grown stronger and so much more defined; I could put any of my school mates to shame landing them in a world of hurt if I genuinely wanted to…but that’s not me.

I do not want to fight if I don’t have to, yet if it is to protect my pack or my family, I would fight without a second thought. I have long black hair that drapes down my back almost to my tush, my green, emerald eyes seem to shimmer like jades. Personally, I don’t think I am anything special to look at, but I guess others don’t hold the same opinion.

“Jenna, get your butt out of that bed! You want to show you can handle this situation then up and Adam!” She called from downstairs.

“Fine mom…ugh.” I sighed.

Knowing my mother would not let this rest or let me rest for that matter I decided I must get up. Grumbling to myself I sat up tossing my fluffy black comforter off to the side I swung my legs over the edge. As they landed on the cold wood floor a shiver shot up my spine sending a chill throughout my body. As I stood to my full height, I stretched my body out feeling my muscles expand and contract. I walked over to my closet and dresser gathering up my outfit for the day…I finally decided on a black tank top and my tight black jeans.

Grasping my clean clothes in my arms I decided I would use the main bathroom instead of my bathroom this morning. As I walked out of my room, I began hearing voices coming downstairs. They were not ones of Brent or Steph, it sounded as if it were Chad my father’s Beta. He must have needed to go over some things with him, of course pack business I thought to myself. Our pack is the Moon Mountain pack… yes, we are in the lands where the mountains meet the sky.

As I dismissed the voices, I continued down the hallway to the dark glass door which resided at the end of the hallway, grasping the handle, and entering the bathroom. Mind you my bathroom is amazing but this one I always wished was my bathroom. It truly is a grand bathroom with a large black tub that is large enough to hold more than one werewolf…yes, I use werewolves as examples because we tend to be much larger than humans. It also consisted of a walk-in shower that was huge with black and grey tile adorning the wall. I so love the rainfall shower head it has it feels amazing standing under it especially early in the morning.

I walked further into the room setting my clothes down on the small table outside of the walk-in shower, pulling my lacey tank top over my head dropping it to the floor then sliding my skimpy night shorts down kicking them off to the side. As I reached into the shower to adjust the temperature, I heard voices raise as some yelling echoed into the room. Wow, it sounds as if they are having a heated discussion about something.

Finally getting the water to the perfect temperature, not scalding because my wolf would growl if it was too hot, I stepped in hoping it would help clear my muddled mind this morning. The hot water ran over my pale skin turning it a light shade of red as a sense of calming washed over me. I let a sigh escape as I placed my hands on the cold tiles, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation of hot water trickling over my body.

I closed my eyes just to see those eyes staring back at me. A chill ran down my spine sending surges of adrenaline through me as if I was the one being hunted by the werewolf who had those eyes. As the chills from his gaze continued to send shivers down my spine, I decided to open my eyes and proceed to wash my long black hair as it stuck to my wet pale skin. I washed the sweat from my body which seemed to always happen when I slept, which always came with the feeling like I was fighting for my life.

I long for sleep without feeling as if I am trying to fight for my life, my freedom and most of all…my innocence. I closed my eyes as I rinsed my hair out as I gently rubbed the bubbles which lingered on my chest. Those eyes felt as though they were peering deep within my very being. My fingers grazing my nipple sent an urge of wanting and desire throughout me.

That’s when I noticed a change within those eyes that never leave my own, now they had changed from their normal black orbs with a red ring, to something much more impressive. A gold ring now resided on the outside of the red ring bringing such intensity to the eyes as they peered at me with desire. The surge of wanting coursed through me wanting the one who always watched over me and was there regardless of if I required it. Negating the chill of fear which surged through me my body longed for him.

My core was heating to a burning hot point pleading for his touch. I knew if I ignored the need my clothes would torture me as my arousal would grow insatiable. Yet I needed to get dressed and begin my day. I quickly finished my shower, wrapping a fluffy towel around my body with another for my hair.

The bathroom was full of steam as beads of water began to trail down the steam covered mirror. The cool air on my hot skin sent shivers throughout me helping me to calm my cry for need. It also helped me wake up further. I ran my towel over my body drying it swiftly, then slipping into my jeans and tank top. Negating the need to place my bra and panties on due to my current sensitivity in those regions.

I quickly dried my hair, ran my brush through it knowing I could allow it to air dry even if it took all day. As I situated my clothing, I swiftly picked up my mess in the bathroom then proceeded out of the bathroom to my bedroom grabbing my backpack and shoes. I swiftly ran down the stairs. I heard hushed whispers coming from my dad’s office…I wonder what they are discussing so early this morning. I stood quietly trying not to draw attention to my nosiness as I stood there. I hoped to hear what they were discussing.

“I heard they are planning on coming here, I doubt they would ask knowing what happened to Luna Moon pack. The pack was slaughtered well all except the females and young males. I suppose they felt they could be trained into warriors.” Randal stated in a harsh tone.

“Secure the perimeter’s, do not let anyone in or out of the pack lands. Make sure the warriors are informed of the impending threat and to be ready for anything. We are not prepared for everyone to know yet…do not mention it to any werewolf! We don’t have facts yet and we do not need rumors flying around sending the pack into a panic.” My dad’s voice echoed with pure Alpha authority.

I silently walked past his office slipping into the kitchen noticing that my body had begun to tremble with fear. Who is coming here and why? What do they want with us, my mind ran wild with questions from what I had heard them speaking of? My mom looked at me seeing I must have looked paler and was trembling as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. She placed her face on my shoulder as she whispered softly.

“Trust your dad, honey we will be fine.” She spoke soothingly.

For all our sakes I hope my mom is right about this. I took a deep breath trying to stabilize my now ragged panicked breathing knowing everything could go very badly and swiftly…I just hope my mom is right. I truly hope what I heard was nothing more than rumors which made their way to my father and his beta.

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