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Finally we meet…

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Finally getting to meet rach other after a long term emotional affair.

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Finally we meet…

Dave had always been that guy, the guy who was what others needed him to be. He was well thought of by everyone that knew him, he didn’t even seem to understand what an impact he had on many of the people in his life. But it was time for this to change, it was time for him to realise how special he really was; and she was going to make it her mission to ensure he enjoyed himself – to make a lifetime of memories while celebrating his milestone birthday.

Although she was a number of years his junior, the connection they had between them had always been intense. A lot of people may suspect that the connection was based on something shallow or materialistic; but they both knew the truth; the connection was a deep emotional click alongside lust, wants and desires.

It was very rare for him to be able to escape for a reasonable time, but he had managed to get a week of freedom; and she wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a second wasted. For that week, he was hers and she belonged to him – they could be who they truly were. She had been trying to work out exactly what they could do, to celebrate his birthday, his freedom and the fact they could be together.

She knew that he had always been an adrenaline junkie, always been interested in trying his hand at some extreme sports. He didn’t want to miss out on any experiences, he wanted to take the bull by its horns and live for each day as if it were the last. He firmly believed in making sure that he had no regrets.

She had made arrangements for the week, so he could have the experiences he had always wanted. Little did he know that she had booked for him to take part in an army assault course challenge, to take scuba diving lessons, and she had also hired bikes for them to explore the farthest most reaches they could.

But before their fun filled week fully began, they had a night booked in the airport hotel to acquaint themselves with each other.

Meeting at the hotel, they grabbed their bags and began the laborious checking in process. There were frequent glances between them within the reception area, the occasional innocent touch, but they were very careful not to let their guards down just yet. Wandering to their room, there was very little said between them, the silence was deafening yet not awkward; they were very comfortable in each other’s company. The winding corridor eventually came to the end, as they realised the very last room was theirs; and they could see they had no neighbours – at least not yet. Opening the door, she stepped into the room and her eyes darted around to take the new surroundings in; just as she was about to smile at her choice of hotel, she felt her arm grabbed from behind. She let out a slight gasp as she span around and was instantly pinned against the wall. Her eyes wide open with surprise simply relaxed and calmed instantly once she saw him, that face she knew so well; she saw the longing in his eyes as he leant forward and kissed her hard.

His lips were firm but soft and warm, as they explored hers. Her mouth opened slightly to deepen the kiss and welcome his exploring tongue. She wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him closer to her, not a whisper of air between them as his hands wandered up and down her body. She could already feel her body aching for him. She wanted, and needed him to take her, to make her his. It was as if they had read each other’s mind as they both gave everything they had to that kiss. His lips, his tongue, his hands, everything worked wonderfully to ensure her body was singing. She had never been kissed like this before, with such passion, pure desire and with such clear meaning. In that moment she knew he needed her just as much as she needed him.

Their bodies fit together perfectly, as if made for each other. She could feel that he was becoming aroused, she could feel how much he was enjoying being close to her. Lips never straying from each other, as they continued to enjoy each other; in that moment there was nothing else in the world.

The kiss though continuing for longer than most would spend, was just perfect. It never felt like hard work, tiresome or forced; their lips never wanted to be separated from each other. As he pulled away a pang of rejection flew through her, but before she was able to think about this further; she felt his lips by her ear as he whispered a welcome to her. He took her by the hand, and they walked the rest of the distance to the bed together.

Sitting on the edge of the bed together, there was tension in the air. A tense energy surrounded them, as they for a moment just looked at each other. She so desperately wanted to touch him, but she had always struggled with making the first move; she longed for him to move towards her, for him to take her and make love to her right that minute. His hand reached out and cupped the side of her face and pulled her gently towards him. Leaning over to him, their lips once again met. The kiss was more desperate this time, as his hands traced down her body to undo her top and ease it off of her. Without breaking their kiss for a second, he also unzipped and unleashed his hardening member from its clothing prison. Standing up, while continuing the kiss, she shimmied out of her jeans and climbed on the bed to straddle him.

The feeling of his rock hard cock against her lace underwear was exhilarating, she so enjoyed knowing that she had this effect on him. Without hesitation she slightly moved her underwear to the side to allow his cock to press directly on her wet glistening pussy. Lifting herself up slightly to tease him, she enjoyed the groaning emanating from him as she moved her hips to further torment him; the groaning was low and primal as the sound left his lips and entered into the air between them. She was so enjoying her teasing game, as she always did. However she had been waiting so long to have him all to herself, that the game could wait – she needed to be with him, and she needed all of him at that moment.

Looking into his eyes, she had very little expression on her face as she subtly checked his face for any emotion or sign of what he was thinking. He gave nothing away, but as if he sensed her hesitation, moved his lips to hers as his hands helped guide her down onto his fully erect penis – perfectly aligned for her welcoming warm hungry pussy. One long low groan escaped her, as she enjoyed the sudden feeling of fullness; he felt as good as she had hoped he would. She stays in that exact position for a few moments, just enjoying the feeling of being this close to him; loving the fact of how well their bodies perfectly accommodate each other. While her tongue begins to venture further into his mouth, she gently pushes him to get the hint to lay back on the bed; he immediately accommodates and she follows him while continuing to straddle him. The kissing intensifies as they both begin to experience a yearning for more. Reluctantly she breaks away from Dave’s lips and hovers just above him to allow for her breasts to be within reach of his plump warm lips. Quick as a flash he immediately begins to run his tongue around her right nipple and gently sucking to tease – her nipples becoming erect in response to such actions. She then begins to slowly move her body so she is able to move up and down on his cock. Slowly moving, so every single bit could be felt and enjoyed between them; both of them enjoying the feeling on their bodies joined as she began to quicken her speed. Sitting herself upright, her back arched backwards in pleasure as her movements began to increase in speed and force.

Dave’s hands fell to her hips to gently grip as she moved with intention and he laid back to enjoy the view before him – he had always thought a lot of her, but he had never appreciated just how incredible she could look when she was in pure ecstasy. She leant back further, using her hands to steady herself the feeling of his cock rubbing against her insides was incredible and she could feel herself getting closer to the edge of an orgasm. She could feel her body beginning the ascent up towards the peak of her very own immense orgasm. Groaning with each stroke, she leant further back as he moved his right hand to her clit and used his forefinger to gently start massaging her clit. A loud low groan escaped her as she bit down on her bottom lip to prevent anything louder fleeing her body. She couldn’t help herself, she moved her body faster up and down while rocking her hips – increasing the pleasure flooding through her entire body; the feel of him rubbing her throbbing clit was enough for her to see fireworks as she closed her eyes. Her whole body began to shake and tense with pure unfiltered delight; she could feel her body let go as the waves of orgasm started crashing down. Her lip fell free from her teeth and a pure lust filled moan filled the room.

Body still tingling from her orgasm, she felt exhausted but not ready for their fun to end. Climbing off of his still hard and hungry cock, she leant down and kissed him passionately to show how much she was enjoying him. Staying on all fours, she waved her ass in his face, so he could see just how wet she was with cum thanks to him. Her face lit up with excitement as she felt his tongue run across her clit, and she threw her head back while his tongue began to probe into her pussy tasting her cum. He seemed to enjoy her taste as he continued to taste her, and introduce two fingers into her tight wet core. Moving his fingers in and out, while continuing to pleasure with his tongue she could feel herself getting more excited once again. Her pussy began to tense, and she whimpered with joy as her body once again began to get itself ready to accommodate a full earth shattering climax. The speed of his fingers increased to an incredible pace sliding in and out easily with her ever increasing soaking wet pussy. Without warning she pushed her face into the bedding below her as she let out a scream while her body shook with immense force as her second orgasm ripped through her.

She barely had time to catch her breath, before he removed his fingers from her. Leaning over her, he whispered in her ear to check she was ok, with a low almost inaudible sound she assured him that she was fine. With that clarification, he slowly pushed his painfully hard cock into her dripping pulsing pussy. Dave had always been a gentleman, so he only moved gently as if worried he would break her. Her ass still high in the air, while her face lay in the duvet; she couldn’t help but tell him just how she felt “you feel so good Dave, I love the feel of you inside of me”. Her words seemed to ignite a fire within him, as he quickened his pace – moved his hips harshly to ensure every inch of him filled her pussy with each thrust. Her groaning increased as he continued to fuck her harder and faster; scrunching the duvet in her hands she bit down to try and stop herself from being too loud. Even with her efforts moan after moan escaped her as she enjoyed the feel of his cock inside her. She so loved him fucking her, she never wanted this to end – but she was also hungry for his cum; she wanted to feel just how much he was loving her. Pushing herself backwards further onto his cock and against his body, she could feel that was getting closer to his own climax. Just as she was feeling herself getting dangerously close to her own. Not this time. She didn’t want to climax without him, “I want you to cum with me, I want us to cum together”, she begged. The sound of her begging for his cum seemed to fuel him further, as with that and her loud groaning she felt herself filled with his warm load. The feeling of him reaching his climax, was enough to tip her over the edge once again.

Both collapsed down onto the bed after their releases. Deep fast breathing filled the room, as they laid together. Dave reached out his hand to hold her hand and looked into her eyes, as if looking into her soul and smiled. “Well that’s the best birthday present I’ve ever had”, he half whispers with a smirk on his face. Moving closer to her, he embraces her and kisses her gently. She smiled back at him, moved in closer against him and simply says; “your present has only just begun…”

Although neither of them wanted to waste their first night together doing the mundane task of sleeping, they both knew it was necessary so they would be able to enjoy their upcoming adventures. They both fell asleep pretty easily that night (rare for both of them), maybe it was the feeling of pure fulfilment that helped? Or maybe it was that they finally had each other close, something they had both craved for so long.

Waking up the following morning was a new experience for both of them – for the first time in a very long time, they woke up and were filled with excitement at what the day would bring, excitement to get up and get going with the day, excitement to spend time together. Snuggling into each other slightly, as Dave kissed the back of her neck and side of her face as she smiled and pressed back into him. As she moved her body further against his, she was immediately greeted with a very excited morning glory; she smiled and began to slowly grind her ass onto his cock while he buried his head into her neck. She knew they were on a tight schedule, but she was reluctant to allow a good erection go to waste. Rolling over to see him, she simply smiled and sighed admitting they don’t have enough time to have sex. While at all times maintaining eye contact, she moved down the bed and took the head of his cock into her mouth; she opened her mouth slightly and explained “we don’t have enough time, but how about I help you out with this?” without waiting for a response, she bobbed her head down and took his full cock into her mouth, allowing his head to hit the back of her throat. He groaned at the feeling of her mouth, as she started giving him the best blow job he had ever had. The sensation of her tongue running around his head, followed by her mouth moving up and down to the very end and him feeling the back of her throat was enough to make him want to climax immediately; but he wasn’t ready to let go yet. She gently pulled his foreskin back and teased her tongue around the base of his head – enjoying the moaning this caused. Her warm mouth was intoxicating, applying just the right amount of pressure, the perfect speed and the right amount of teasing from her tongue. His hands ran through her hair as she continued to work up and down on his shaft. Sucking on his head while moving the whole way up and down his cock, some saliva running down her chin as she continued to accommodate his large member in her throat. Slightly gagging on his head, she cupped his balls in her right hand and moved faster – allowing him to fuck her throat. Within a matter of moments, she heard him moan as she instantly felt his cream orgasm run down her throat.

The remainder of that morning was pretty unremarkable, getting ready for the day – showering, packing their belongings back up and heading for breakfast. Breakfast was very civil with just the occasional smirk or flirtatious smile, the occasional ‘accidental’ touch; but nothing more. As they left the hotel with their belongings, they both knew they were about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. First they needed to get to the airport in time for their flight.

Landing at their destination, the heat welcomed them as they made their way through the airport and to their awaiting transport. Today they were going to have to be apart from each other, which they of course were used to – but neither of them were excited about the thought. The plan was simple; she was going to have a day taking in the scenery, and enjoying the local culture while he took part in a lifelong ambition; taking part in (and hopefully completing) a full army assault course. Dave was excited by this opportunity, he had always wondered if he had what it would take to do the course and finish well. Yet there was still a pang of regret that he was going to leave her alone for the day.

The day was hot but comfortable, with the occasional gentle breeze. The country was beautiful and the people were lovely, enabling her to have an enjoyable day. Even with the occasional thought wondering just how he was getting on, but she knew she would find out soon enough. He was due back at their cabin within the hour, she was excited to see him – but also didn’t want to get her hopes up too much in case he was too exhausted for anything other than straight to sleep. To kill time she decides a shower will be the best thing, freshen herself up and she can get comfortable for the rest of the evening.

The warm water felt wonderful running down her skin, she enjoyed the feeling of the water through her hair and exploring the rest of her body. She had her eyes closed as she lathered herself up with fragrant tropical soap, breathing in the luxurious smell she began to wash herself down. While bending down slightly to rub her legs, she suddenly felt two large hot hands on her body pulling her towards the new occupant of the shower. Her eyes flew open in shock, to see Dave with a cheeky grin on his face – which was barely visible through the mud that covered his entire body. She shrieked slightly with a grin on her face, more exasperated at the fact that he was covering her in mud than anything else. The laughing at messing around didn’t last for long though. There was no hesitation this time, as their lips met and they held each other while the hot water washed any sign of mud away. At no point did they stop enjoying each other, but as the water began to run cool Dave stepped out of the shower and held his hand out to her. She quickly reached for his hand, and he led her out of the bathroom into the bedroom. Without a word, his left cupped her face as his right pulled her naked body against his own bare skin. In that moment neither one of them desired a hot nor heavy fuck, neither one of them wanted to be screaming while having rough sex. In that moment, the only thing that mattered was each other; and the realisation they both felt the same affection. Never letting go of each other, they make it to the bed as they make love.

Their emotions came spilling out, and were all poured into that moment. Making love was not something either one of them had planned on – as neither of them had ever planned on allowing themselves to feel such an emotional connection to the other. But now they were together, all of the things they had shared over the years, all of the things they had felt all came to a head. Suddenly there was nothing else in the world that mattered, in that moment all they needed was each other.

Each kiss felt so much more intense, pure passion, want and desire filled them. The touch of his skin gave her goose bumps, and made her whole body sing. Even feeling him inside her wasn’t the same sensation, this time it wasn’t for pure pleasure; this time she enjoyed the feeling because it allowed them to be so close to each other. For that time they were each other’s world.

Falling asleep that night was easy, holding each other and feeling like they had finally found where they belong in the world. No words needed to be spoken, everything that was needed was said through how their bodies interacted with each other. Dave wrapped his arms protectively around her, as they both accepted the blissful feeling of sleep.

As the sun began its assent into the beautiful blue sky, its warm rays fell onto their crisp white bed. Slowly waking them and alerting them to the start of the new day. Snuggling further into each other, they both began to become more conscious as they appreciated the feel of each other’s soft naked skin. Realisation slowly dawned on both of them, this was the first time either one of them had woken up still holding someone else. Normally comfort didn’t allow for this to occur – needing to be able to free and spread out, away to allow them to find some level of unconsciousness. But here they were, both realising that with each other, their normal behaviours didn’t matter. They were both content enough that there was nowhere else they would rather be than right next to each other, holding each other. Even with the slight fogginess still lingering over them from their slumber, they both knew what they wanted.

Dave slowly began to trace his lips down her neck, gently kissing as he went while his hands held her in place; just the right amount of pressure to be forceful but yet never going over the line of loving. She moved her head further to the side, allowing him full access to her neck while she enjoyed his touch. Feeling his warm hands on her body was just what she desired, his right hand moved to her hip while his left cupped her breast. Just at that moment she gasped slightly as she felt him enter her from behind once again. Once more she loved the feeling of him taking her, and also thoroughly enjoyed the fact of how well they seem to fit together – as if their bodies were made just perfectly to pleasure each other. Their morning continued in their own little bubble as their bodies did all the talking in perfect sync with each other; once more giving into the realisation of just how much they weren’t there just to fuck, they felt so much more than that.

Finally admitting that they had to get out of bed, they both felt truly satisfied and content with smiles plastered on their faces. Even though they both wanted nothing more than to spend the full day in their own room alone, they were both looking forward to what lay ahead – they had both always dreamed of being able to explore shipwrecks, go scuba diving in the bluest of oceans. To lose themselves in the majestic beauty of the world that lay under the warm waves.

Although she had always loved the water, and being in the ocean – no matter what the surroundings, she was extremely nervous. The water didn’t make her nervous, nor the actual diving, what made her diving was simple; she was very aware that her figure would be on full show to everyone within the vicinity. She knew looks weren’t the top of his priority list, but she still always felt self-conscious, she just wanted to be good enough for him.

The scuba instructor was the stereotypical love interest that belonged in romance novels. Tall, dark and very handsome. She appreciated just how objectively attractive this man really was, and she could imagine that he was never short of female interest; and from his confident demeanour she highly doubted he regularly went without the company of a sexy woman. Although she was really not interested in seeing anymore of his body, she also accepted that she was only human and her mind did occasionally wander. The wetsuit leaving very little to her imagination, as it perfectly hugged his well-toned muscular figure; she could fully picture his Greek god like physique – and while she appreciated this, she knew she had no interest in him at all. She was capable of finding someone very sexy, attractive and desirable. But she also knew that to fully enjoy herself, she needed more, she needed the emotional connection to fully let herself let loose and have fun.

She had always had a hunch, but after the past few days with Dave she knew… when you truly care for someone, when you are able to be physically together, the orgasms are truly incredible.

Thankfully neither of them were novices when it came to diving, they both had previous experience, but thought it best to just have a refresher course while getting to know the area. After a number of hours of safety information, diving recaps and practices; they finally were able to take the plunge and go out to the wrecked ship that lay a couple of miles off of the coast. The short boat ride to the diving point was uneventful, just taking in the wondrous views. Both commented to each other of how they had never seen anywhere so beautiful, so magical. On reaching the correct point to dive down to get the best experience, both were helped into their equipment and gave each other a final smile (which reached into their eyes) before donning their goggles and breathing apparatus.

Diving down, they began their exploration of the beautiful 18th century shipwreck.

Having spent the day in the water exploring the remains of the tragic shipwreck, they were both exhausted. But both proud of what they had managed to complete, and both pleased with the once in a lifetime experience they have just shared together. On the ride back to shore they spoke endlessly about the difference aspects of what they had just witnessed, while enjoying the fact that they were able to openly hold hands. Landing on the shore, they left the boat together and without discussing it they wandered down the beach hand in hand, filling the air with happy conversation.

The conversation flowed so easily, there was no forced moment at all between them; just like it always had been. Breaking the conversation she let go of Dave’s hand and began to enter the water, splashing him on purpose as she went, letting out a mischievous giggle as she did so. Before long they had gone far enough into the water to enable them to swim, but still just able to touch the sand below. After a few minutes of messing around in the water and splashing each other like children, they both stopped where they were. Looking into each other’s eyes, it was as if something primal took over. She made her way over to him and instantly kissed him hard, before he was able to make a move she wrapped her legs around his waist and continued to kiss him with everything she had. His hands gripped her tightly around her ass and hips to hold her perfectly in place, while she expertly used her tongue to kiss him with every intention on display. It didn’t take long for her to feel his erection pressing against her under the water.

With one swift movement he used his hand to lower his swimming gear and push the bottom of her bikini to the side. She made a quick subtle glance around them to ensure no one was in close proximity, once confirming they were safe; she lowered herself slowly onto his waiting cock. The sudden feeling of him filling her made her bite down onto his bottom lip as her pussy clenched down onto his cock. They both froze to allow themselves to get used to how this felt, but before long neither one of them could wait any longer. It didn’t take long for Dave to start thrusting his hips to ensure every bit of his dick went in and out of her eager hungry pussy. She couldn’t continue kissing him anymore, she couldn’t focus on anything other than the pleasure she was receiving from him. Her lips next to his ears didn’t manage to close as the continuous moans escaped he, while her hands gripped onto his shoulders harder to stabilise herself while he continued to work on pounding her pussy deep in the warm water. She had no idea how long he continued to work on fucking her as hard as he could, but the time was both flying by and also moving so slow as in that moment all that mattered was him. Her moans continued to get louder, and climaxed just at the moment she felt him release his own orgasm while a final loud groan.

The walk back to their lodge was peaceful, both had the biggest unhindered smiles plastered across their faces as they made their way back. Once back at the lodge they collapsed into bed together, and immediately fell to sleep, as following all of their activities that day they were both exhausted.

The remainder of the week was wonderful, it was fun, exciting but also chilled and relaxed. Being able to explore this beautiful country on bikes, they had no one to answer to – they purely rode to where they wanted to, via the most beautiful routes and just enjoyed the whole experience.

Before returning to normality, they decided one last time at the beach would help round off their most perfect time away. After walking along the sand for long enough that there was no one else was around, Dave gently pulled on her hand and led her towards the sand dunes on edge of the beach.

Sitting on the sand was the first opportunity they had to just relax and take in the entire world around them. Just watching the crystal clear waves break onto the golden sand before them, enjoying no sound other than the sound of the ocean. She moved closer towards him and as he lift his arm to hold her she settled in to his chest; at that moment she felt truly happy. She realised just how lucky she was to be experiencing this, but she was also saddened knowing that this would not last forever. While she enjoyed the warmth radiating from Dave, she couldn’t prepare herself for what was coming next. Snuggled into his shoulder, his silky smooth voice broke the silence with the most powerful yet simple words “I love you”.
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