Love, Lust & Blood

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Chapter Thirteen

Franc may I talk to you quickly?

Um I...

It won't take long and then Matt and I will take Tabitha away, you'll never be bothered by her again!

Okay, Kori I will be right back. 

Franc and Whitfield moved away from the others

I know that you are going to tell him about us, what you are, I just wanted to say that not all standard humans can accept our truth so be prepared that you may lose him. 

No, he would never, that won't happen!

I believe that you trust him and that you think he can handle the truth and I hope that you are right and what you believe is true and not just what you want to be true. I just want you to be prepared. 

Okay I understand 

Good I look forward to seeing you, both of you again soon. 

"Kitty! You knew where he was and you didn't tell me?"

"We don't keep humans as pets anymore, it's frowned upon, mores the pity."

"Kori is NOT my pet! He is the man I love!"

"Is that so? Does he know about you and Whit?"

"There is nothing to know!"

"That's not what I heard sweetie."

"I will kill you!"

"FRANC! NO! Don't become her! Please!"

"She hurt you Kori."

"It's over now Franc, she is caught."

"Yes but..."

"No Franc that is not the person that you are."

"You are right Kori."

"You are weak!"

"No I am strong, if I was weak I would give in to the darkness and tear you limb from limb." Franc spat at Kitty

"What does she mean about you and Whitfield?"


"I see the way he looks at you Franc."

"Now is not the time Kori!"

"I can see what he likes about you Franc, you are a fine specimen of a man. I'm sure Whit enjoyed every second he spent with you." 

"Kitty shut up, you know nothing!"

"I know everything Franc."

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