Love, Lust & Blood

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Chapter Six

"As I said the other day, I don't need to drink your blood for the
transformation to work but it is appreciated as I will be giving you some of mine."
"Um, yeah okay, how much do you need?"
"Not much, a pint or two. Don't worry I'm not going to drain you, even my blood can't bring you back from the dead!" Whit was trying to be reassuring but wasn't convinced that it was working as Franc still looked a little uneasy. Maybe it was fear of the unknown or he was finding it hard to trust his life to Whit, which of course was understandable.
"Are you able to stop?"
"Of course, this is not my first rodeo kid!"
"Oh, okay, um do you need to drink from my neck or...?"
"Neck, wrist, anywhere really, whatever you're most comfortable with. I personally prefer the neck as it is less work due to the artery, but it's your choice kid." The real reason that Whitfield preferred the neck was that it was more intimate, more sensual. He wanted the experience to be enjoyable for his changelings.
"Right okay, well I guess my neck is okay, how, what..?" He stammered.
"We'll drink at the same time, just relax, I've got this." Whitfield moved closer to Franc on the sofa he placed his hands on Francs shoulders and ran them up to cup his face, he looked deep into his eyes.
"Trust me." He said as he positioned franc so that he lay back on the sofa. Without breaking eye contact he bit into his own wrist and offered it to Franc who tentatively touched his tongue to the blood that was pooling, threatening to run and drip into his lap. "Drink." Whitfield breathed the word as he watched Franc lean forward to close his lips around the puncture marks he offered. He sighed as he felt him suck, gently at first, increasing the pressure as he understood that he wasn't going to cause pain. As Franc settled back into the sofa holding Whitfield's wrist to his lips, Whitfield bent his head towards Francs neck, he kissed the spot that he was going to bite as if marking it, he ran his tongue along his neck and Franc shifted his weight slightly so that he could stretch his neck out further to give Whitfield greater access. Whitfield breathed in the unique scent that was Franc, soap, coffee, warm vanilla and a musk that was all male and all Franc. He grazed his fangs over the area he had kissed and gently bit down releasing the warm blood into his mouth, he felt Franc shudder and sigh as he started to suck on his neck, he knew it wasn't from pain caused by his bite, his fangs were too sharp for that. He drank deeply, savouring the taste of blood and of Franc occasionally licking his neck not wanting to spill a single drop of the precious life force that he craved, that he needed. He could feel his arousal building, he wanted Franc, not just his blood but his body too he knew Franc wanted him as well, he could smell his arousal, he breathed deeply taking in the heady scent of sex and blood intimately entwined, he buried his face into Franc's neck and pulled him close, sucking, nipping and kissing his way towards his lips finding them he kissed deeply, ferociously, tasting his own blood as he thrust his tongue into Franc's mouth relishing the taste of him and himself as they licked and sucked at each other frantically pulling at clothes losing contact briefly to rip the shirts off of each other. Falling back into each other’s arms letting the passion take over again, the intimacy of the gift they shared pulling them deeper into each other unable to deny what they were feeling, sinking down onto the floor they relieved each other of the rest of their clothes with hardly a pause. Still bleeding they were covering each other in blood which heightened their passion as they licked and sucked it off of each other reaching the point of no return, there was nothing left in the world, just the two of them, in this moment, in this time, two men in the throes of an all-consuming passion that neither could or wanted to control, they made love hard and fast with a need that neither had felt before.

Still laying in each other’s arms on the floor of Francs living room Whitfield moved to lean on his elbow so that he could look down at Franc.
"I. I'm sorry. That has never happened before, I have never been so aroused when making the exchange."
"What have I done? How could I? How could I do that to Kori?" Franc turned into his side, his head bowed forehead resting on Whit's chest.
"It wasn't your fault Franc, it. It was...I don't know, uncontrollable." Whit wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into a hug
"I should have been able to stop, I love him."
"It was the blood Franc, there was nothing we could do."
"How could it be the blood if it has never happened to you before?"
"I never felt anything for a person I have changed before."
"I like you Franc, I like you a lot. I know that you love Kori and we can never be but I can't control what I feel. I tried to fight the blood, I really did but it was too strong. I'm sorry."
"It can never happen again!"
Whit's heart dropped at the words that he had not wanted to hear. "Of course if that is what you want. How do you feel?"
"I understand but I meant in your body, your muscles etcetera?"
"A little tingly but otherwise normal! I don't feel any different."
"It takes a little time, it's not instant. The agent in my blood is activated by your stomach acid then the process starts from your stomach moving through your blood changing its composition and that of the rest of your tissue and muscles as its pumped round your body."
"How long will it take?" Franc asked looking up at Whit, his eyes sparkling with the unshed tears of his guilt.
"It varies from person to person but it won't take that long, why don't you try and sleep? It will be done by the time you wake up." Whit reassured wanting to kiss him and take his pain away, he resisted the urge and pulled him into an embrace instead, resting his chin on the top of Franc's head when he returned his embrace.
"What if I get that hunger and you're not here?"
"Don't worry, I will be right here on your sofa until you wake. You don't have to concern yourself about your first feed either, I have a terminally ill young man waiting for you, and he said he would be honoured to be your first."
"That's kind of creepy!"
"Not really, let's shower, separately of course and try to get some sleep."
"You can sleep in the spare room if you want to, I made it up for you."
"Thank you. I hope that we can move pass this and still remain friends."
"It was the blood, we had no control."
"That's right, we had no control."

Waking up the next morning Whitfield gently pushed himself up into a sitting position trying hard to not disturb Franc who had come to his room the previous evening unable to sleep. Whit had moved over on the bed allowing room for him to lay down beside him, he understood the need to be close to someone, the change affected people differently, some took it in stride and others needed constant reassurance, Francs need came not only from the changes his body was now going through but also from the guilt he felt for succumbing to the lust the blood had bought forth. Whit knew that Franc wouldn't of been able to fight it, even though he had not experienced it before himself, he had heard stories from others of his kind who had. He gazed down at Franc's sleeping form draped across him, taking in the beauty of the man so trusting in sleep, his chocolate brown hair all mussed from his slumber. He drank in the perfection of his muscles, so strong under his lightly tanned skin remembering how they felt under his hands when he had surrendered to his desire, how the bright blue of Franc's eyes darkened to a midnight blue with desire and his need to touch every inch of the Vitruvian Man that slept so soundly in his bed. Heat rose through his core as he remembered the passion of the night before, he fought against it, he couldn't risk letting his libido loose again, he didn't want to lose this man from his life, needed to keep him close even if that meant an eternity of torture as his friend rather than heaven as his lover. Biting his lip he studied the tattoo that covered the top half of his left arm stopping at his elbow, an intricate dragon entwined around a skull and melded into a fantastic picture of fantasy story images, castles, a raven sat atop a stack of books holding the one ring that rules them all in its beak, he could see that there was more to the design and the only way to see all of it would be to move him which he didn't want to do. Whit knew that Franc would awaken when his body was ready and he would stay where he was until that time, he didn't want to wake him early he needed the sleep. He gently brushed Francs half away from his face and watched him sleep.

It wasn't much longer before Franc woke up, he snuggled into Whit sighing in contentment whispering Kori's name, Whit felt a stab of pain in his heart he hadn't realised that his feelings ran so deep, he hadn't realised he could care this much having only known this man for such a short time, yes he had watched him for years but that is not the same as speaking to a person or spending time with them. He sighed and held Franc closer, breathing him in while he waited for him to wake fully, cherishing this time while he could.

Franc opened his eyes and sat up abruptly he shifted himself out of Whit's arms panic and guilt flowing through his system.

"What? Why am I in here?"

"You said that you couldn't sleep and wanted some company. You don't remember do you?"

"No I don't, because of the change? We didn't..?"

"Yes probably because of the change and because you were tired. No we didn't, not again, we just slept."

"Oh, okay, that's, that's good."

"It was just the blood, it won't happen again. How do you feel?"

"Oh okay and what you said, that was the blood as well?"

"Yes it was, I mean I do like you but not like that."

"Oh okay but you said it had never happened before."

"I lied." Seeing the hurt and rejection cloud Franc's face tore at Whit's heart strings. He hated to see it and hated lying to him. It hurt Whitfield having to lie about his feelings And the pain he felt when seeing the confusion in Franc's eyes as he told him that lie was almost too much to bare but he knew that it would be necessary in order to keep Franc in his life, he knew that if he knew the truth he would push him away and he couldn't live with that.

"Oh well that's a relief I guess. Actually I feel great, better than I have in a long time! More alert, stronger, fitter! And hungry, so hungry!"

"That's all to be expected, get dressed we need to go and eat."

"I have food here."

"You know that is not what you hunger for! We have an appointment to keep."

"I don't know if I can, what if it happens again? I don't even have any fangs!"

"You can, instinct will take over. What happened last night between us won't happen when you feed, there won't be the same kind of connection and for now your fangs will descend when you need them, soon you will be able to extend them at will."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure, I have been around for a while! Don't worry let’s get going shall we?"

"Okay, the hunger will go away afterwards?"

"Yes for a time, it will."

"Ready Franc? I'll drive."

"I don't mind driving."

"You can't and besides you don't know where we are going."

"Why can't I?"

"You'll see, let's go."

The two of them stepped outside into the sunlight Franc stopped dead and just stared around him, inside he hadn't noticed just how good his vision now was. The colours were brighter and everything stood out so much sharper as if he had upgraded from standard to high definition, which in a way he had. He could smell the world

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