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Withered Love

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I thought he was mine, his eyes looking on her...not me. My mate was never mine, and I guess he never shall be.' It's rare I ever go into the human towns but today I had to get somethings my mother needed. I never expected to see my mate here, nor did I expect him to have a chosen one with him. Yes, I have found my other mate and I am his also but seeing him, froze in me in my spot. This mysterious Alpha had been looking for me, he broke in our home and continued to stalk me. He was in my dreams claiming me saying I was his, then one day he claimed me near the pond. He gave me excuses upon excuses to why I needed to remain at my pack for now.... well until I came here and saw him looking at her and not me. She pressed her lips to his. He grasped her tightly kissing her deeply as I felt something within me break. I never got a chance to make a sound before he saw me, and now he shall never hear one again. After the kiss...his eyes locked with mine as shock crossed his face. Now I shall disappear, goodbye...or is it? The love of our mate bond is now withered, and I am with my mate. Yes, something broke in me but it is better it happens now than later. I want my mate Drake...not this Alpha! Would the Alpha accept that...? No!

Erotica / Fantasy
A Fallen Angel
4.8 18 reviews
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Withered Love

Thank you for visiting my book...if you read it, I hope you enjoy it.

So you know a bit about how I write...Once I find a picture I like, the cover forms for me, but when I do that, the story appears.

So I start to write, and the story flows. I do not know where it is going, just like you won't.

I will be putting chapters up at least once a week. I thank you for your patience and interest in this story.

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So I do hope you enjoy the adventure along with me.

This story contains-

Graphic violence.

Forced Sexual encounters.

Adult Language.

Extremely Aggressive Adult sexual situations and content.


I do not condone rape or sexual assault in any shape or form.

I do not condone violence in any shape or form.

Thank you,

Love you all ~Jenn

I do need to put this on here...I do hope you all understand.

Copyright 2009© Jenn Sweeney, All Rights Reserved worldwide. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted, or disputed in any form, by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without prior written permission of the Author.

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