My Sister, My Lover

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Kinky weird love lesbian stories with some twists and small plots. This story involves constriction, latex, heat stress, love play, a pony-girl, and sex toys. Sister-love is about Cat and Mouse, cousins but through tragic events become sisters. They are the usual bitches to each other until one night, and then everything changes.

Erotica / Adventure
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:


“Alright, Mouna, time for bed. I want to have some time with my friends for a change,” asked Cathenne of her younger sister. Mum and dad were away again, and she was stuck with caring for her spoilt brat of a sister.

Mouna whined, “If you leave me behind, I will shout and scream until the police come again, and you will be in trouble.”

Cathenne pleaded, “But Mouna, give me a little time off to be with my friends.”

Mouna demanded, “Take me with you.”

Cat had an idea for revenge and spoke, “But you are too young. We would have to disguise you.” Mouse brightened and agreed.

Cat got Mouna’s Halloween costumes from the last three years. One of them was a latex catsuit of her then craze, Black Cat. Mouna also had spirit-gum, aka skin glue. She came back with all the clothing and made Mouse promise that she would not speak of Anything they did this night or of any consequences. Mouna promised and was usually good to her word.

Cat got her to strip naked then slip on the Black Cat outfit. It was very tight and cool; so Cat had Mouna dressed into two pairs of cotton catsuits then into her favorite, Dark Princess dress with a waist cincher and high heeled boots. Cat tightened the corset, then turned Mouna around and spoke, “I put glue into your catsuit, Mouna. If you take everything off now and bath, it will be fine. If you insist on coming with me, you will have to wear the Black Cat outfit to school.”

Mouna looked to whine but then spoke, “Fair enough,” which surprised Cat no end. Mouna was that way sometimes, but Cat could never figure her out. Mouna followed, “Will you take me with you now?”

Not expecting this compliance, Cat thought quickly and had a solution, “Mouna, your voice and very young face will give you away. Will you wear the Black Cat mask over your head?”

Mouna answered, “Anything, but no glue, please. I could not cover that up for school.”

Perplexed, Cat offered Mouna to look at the inside of the mask, but she declined, just letting Cat put it on. From under the mask, Mouna spoke, “We would both get in trouble if we were found out. I think I have an idea, but you can’t leave me alone.” Intrigued, Cat agreed.

Mouna went to her chest of draws and withdrew the large pacifier that Cat made her wear when she was just too noisy and annoying. She put it in her mouth and redressed the mask. Cat did not admit it, but she was in awe of her younger sister and regretted playing the prank. She admitted as much to Mouna, who hugged her and waited for Cat to get dressed.

Feeling a bit ashamed, she dressed into her full latex catsuit but then looked at Mouna, who stood there tapping her foot. Yes, alright, she took of the catsuit and let Mouna dab glue into it. She would have to disguise the gloves and hood as well. Mouna handed her two of her woolen catsuits then the Hela outfit. Cat was not sure why this sudden change, but Mouna even did her eye makeup for her, and well.

The party was great, and Mouna was great too. The only time she interfered was when boys hit on Cat, which she did not want anyway. Walking home, Mouna almost fell asleep, so Cat sat her on her shoulders and carried her home. Cat was tired, too, so she removed her horned hood and just fell asleep in her bed with Mouna.

The following day they were both a bit grumpy, but not much. She helped Mouna out of her corset and dress, drew the suit down so she could go to the bathroom, but then insisted Mouna remained warm after the long night. Mouna countered, “I will if you will.” Cat had to review her approach to her stepsister.

That evening, they lay together in bed watching Wonder Woman when Cat asked, “Tell me, Mouna, what is really going on with you. Why are you so nice to me suddenly.” Mouna squirmed and did not answer. Again, they fell asleep in bed together.

The following morning, helping Mouna to prepare for school, she obviously had to keep the latex catsuit on, but she also kept the two woolen catsuits. They were the right color for her uniform but still.

Cat asked, “Why are you not undressing what I made you wear?”

Mouna replied, “Cause.”

Cat helped Mouna tie her school tie, then pull over the pinafore dress, feeling guilty for gluing Mouna into the latex. She asked, “Are you doing this to teach me a lesson for pranking you? If yes, it is working. I will not do it again.”

Mouna answered, “But I want you to do it again, and that is why I dress the way you want me to. I do not mind, and you never before helped me get ready for school. Aside, looking at you, in your catsuit and the woolen catsuits, I think looks cool, gloves and all, and aside, this was the best weekend ever.” She grabbed her blazer and school bag and ran off.

Cat went back to her bedroom and decided to stay in all the catsuits but had to disguise her latex hands and hood. Well, she had leather gloves, so that was easy, and she could take the hood off but felt it would be betraying the spirit of their agreement. Suddenly, she felt that ti was important not to disappoint Mouna. Cat drew on a ski hood then tried her jeans, but they did not work well with the knits. She found herself thinking what Mouna would like, how absurd.

A bit daring and warm, Cat decided for a pair of grey tights under a knitted Dark orchid playsuit with a hood. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought a bit much, but Dr. Kelin, as Bruster & Klein solicitors, would probably not notice. A grey belt, grey business jacket, purple wedged heels, and Cat liked her new look even with the hood on. Cat teased a bit of hair out from under the hood and drove to work.

Cat was right and wrong, Dr. Klein noticed her new look, and he was a chauvinist, but not a very bad one. She could live with that. Mrs. Frampton, usually a bit sour, complimented Cat on her smart youthful look. Cat had never realized how negligent she was about her appearance.

On her way home, Mouse dropped in and stayed. That had never happened before either, so Cat suggested they go and eat pizza or something at five pm when she finished work. Mouna was suspicious and asked, “Are you going to leave me alone again tonight? Is that why you want to take me for a slice?” Cat felt even more guilty then, not because that was the reason, but because she must be the bitch if Mouna thought that way of her.

They both chose the Chicago pizza at the pizza shop, sat in a private corner where Cat asked, “What do you think of my new look, Mouna?”

Mouna answered, “I hate it. Who are you going to see this evening.” Cat felt so guilty because last week and every week before that, it was true. So, it was time to fess up.

Cat spoke, “Well, this look is inspired by my best new friend.”

Mouna asked, “And what his name and will you be back before midnight?”

Cat drew it out, then took Mouna’s hand and spoke, “Her name is Mouna, and if it was not school tomorrow, I would keep her out until the morning.”

“What? You’re making fun of me,” and Mouna snatched her hand away, tears in her eyes continuing, “You did not even keep your promise.” Just then, their pizza arrived, so Cat resettled to sit beside Mouna wh turned away.

Cat took Mouna’s hand and placed it on her thigh to show Mouna that she still wore the two woolen catsuits underneath, as promised. Mouna froze, snatched her hand away, and Cat realized what she had just done. It was highly inappropriate, just as gluing her stepsister into the latex shit. Cat was the spoilt brat, not Mouna.

Cat went to apologize, but Mouna preempted, “You should not play at my feeling for you like that, Cat. I can forgive you almost anything, but that is cruel, even for you.”

Feelings???? If a dollar had a thousand cents and a cent dropped every second, Cat would have been to five-hundred before she understood what Mouna meant. Oh, bugger, blimey, and Captain Marvel.

Cat took Mouse’s hand, a bit by force, placed it on her arm, and spoke, “under the jacket, I have the woolen romper, two woolen catsuits, and the latex catsuit. I felt it was important to keep my promise, and that is what inspired my new look and realization. I am not sure wwhat I can possibly do to show you that this is the truth. I am not going anywhere tonight and had nothing planned, except,”

“Excpt what,” hissed Mouna and Cat continued, “Except help you with your schoolwork so that we can do stuff together again.” This made Mouna insecure, and she looked into Cat’s eyes for a long time. Cat followed up, “I am not sure if I feel as strongly bout you like you about me, but I am willing to explore if you give me a chance.” They ate the not-so-hot pizza but just a slice each...

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