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The final installment of The Moore Series

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

Fist clenched and gaze strong, Octavius stared at his woman. Because that what she was to him and what she would continue to be, if he had anything to do with it.

“I won’t sign it.” He said as he stared right at Sasha. Her hair was dull, her eyes lacked life, and the only thing he could think was it was all his fault. How Sasha could truly believe he stepped outside their marriage, was beyond him. But she believes he did, now he was facing the consequences.

“Mr. Moore,” Sasha’s lawyer said as he leaned forward. “We’ve been at this for two months now. Mrs. Moore would like for this to be over. She’s signed her name, now all we need is yours.”

“I. Won’t. Sign. It.” Octavius seethed through clenched teeth as he stabbed his finger on the divorce papers.

“Can you give us a moment Jack?” Sasha said and Octavius couldn’t help the gasp that left his lips. Ever since she left him eight long weeks ago, he had yet to hear her voice. When it was Octavius’s turn to take the twins, he was always met at the front door of Sasha’s penthouse by the nanny, and she never answered the phone for him. So, to hear her sweet voice made his soul cry out to her. Tears brimmed his eyes as he let out a shaky breath. Sasha may not be coming home, but her speaking in front of him was progress.

When they were alone in the room, Sasha looked at him, her expression calm, but Octavius knew his wife. He could see the storm brewing behind her eyes. The hurt that was eating her alive.


“Shut up.” She snapped as she glared at him. “Why won’t you sign the fucking divorce papers?”

“Because I didn’t cheat on you, and deep down you know that.” Octavius seethed as he pointed an accusatory finger at her. “You’ve taken everything away from me Sash. My children and the love of my life. You’ve left me with nothing.”

“Because you took everything away from me!” Sasha screamed as tears spilled from her bloodshot eyes. “You took everything from me when I found you balls deep in some fucking college bitch in your office!”

“I didn’t sleep with her!”

“Oh, come on! You were naked, she was naked and when I walked in, she was in your lap moaning! Who the fuck do you play me for!?” Octavius stood abruptly and stormed around the round table. This wasn’t what he wanted. Screaming would get them anywhere. He pulled Sasha up by her arm turning her so that she was looking right into his face.

“I don’t know what happened to me that day Sash, but I don’t remember anything. Why is that so hard to understand!? I’d never risk losing someone amazing like you! On a fucking intern at that! I know what you saw hurt, just don’t do this baby girl.” Octavius cupped her face lovingly as he stared into her eyes.

“Don’t do this, please. Let me prove myself to you like I have done in the past. Let me show you that I’d never wrong you or our children. Come home.” Octavius whispered out the last two words with as much hope and love that he could muster. The room was silent for a moment as Sasha continued to let the tears run down her face. When she pulled away from Octavius, she began to pace.

“Coming home isn’t an option right now. I’d rather us rebuild our trust apart.”

“Why?” Octavius said. His voice almost a whine, but his heart damn near leaped out of his chest over one single word.


“Because you and I both know that we’re a drug to each other. If we’re close, things will happen. Things I don’t want to happen. At least not right now.”

“Okay, I can work with that. Is it okay if we start now?” He asked as he looked at Sasha intently.

“Sure.” When Octavius heard his wife’s short, curt answer, he beamed with joy. Without another thought, he wrapped Sasha up into his arms and kissed her hair. His tears made his cheeks wet and warm, but for the first time in sixty days, he felt alive.


“So, how’d the meeting go?” Kingston asked as he took a swig from his flask. Octavius hated to see him drinking but he knew his brother needed it with the army he had back home.

“No divorce. She’s going to let me prove myself.” Octavius said with a small smile.

“Hate to say I told you soooooo...” His brother said back, making him laugh. Octavius picked up his cell phone to text Sasha in hopes that she’d answer.

Wife: Hi. I’d like to take you to dinner tonight. If that’s okay?

Octavius sent the message and looked up to find Kingston staring at him with a humored expression on his face.

“What asshole?”

“Oh nothing. It’s really comical to watch your huge ass be nervous over a text message.”

“Well this isn’t just some random woman I’m texting, Kingston. Sasha’s my wife. I need her. She’s my lifeline.”

“Alright old man, calm down. On a lighter note, what is the plan for yours and the twin’s birthday?” A smile spread onto Octavius’ face as he thought about the fact that he got to share his birthday with his twin girls.

“Same as always. The Bahamas. At least now they’ll actually remember the trip.” When his phone chimed in his hand, he looked down at it with hope but it immediately vanished.

Wife: Not tonight. I’m exhausted, and the twins found the chocolate so they’ve been wild.

Octavius sighed sending a simple okay before shoving his phone in his pocket. Kingston could tell Sasha had been given a firm no and moved in to console his brother.

“Listen man, Sasha isn’t stupid. She knows you’d never cheat, but she’s scared. Trent ruined her perspective on relationships by leaving her for another woman, but you made her believe again. I don’t know what happened in your office that day, but I know you’d never hurt your wife. Your heart is too big.”

With another heavy sigh, Octavius stared out over the lake. In front of the house he’d built Sasha at the Moore estate.

“I should have just stayed in retirement.” He grumbled as he ran a hand through his hair.

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