Soldiers of lost souls

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Book 5 in the Mafia Soldier series In this installment we follow Genevieve, Spinelli and Felix as they all try to get their footing in the crazy situation that is unfortunately their lives. Genevieve trying to figure where she belongs and learning to love herself after constant doubt with knowing her family's past and the bulling and hate toward her by Spinelli. Spinelli trying to figure out how his parents can house and protect the child of their terrorizers while trying to figure out the real reason he has so much anger and hate towards his foster sister. Felix learning that his mom isn't his mom trying to figure why he wasn't enough for his parent to hold on all while trying to keep the secret from his baby brother! The 3 lost souls set off to college and are forced to navigate without Mom and dads help because Rylee and Noah are off bring the family back to life. 😈 Will they grow together and form a bond that can benefit the family or will they kill each other causing war heart ache and chaos? For all my o.g readers we all know I suck with descriptions but I promise like the rest of the mafia soldiers series this will have your heart in all kinds of twisted knots and I hope you all enjoy.

Erotica / Romance
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A year ago

Genevieves POV

My name is Genevieve Jones on my birth certificate but let's be honest considering who my real father is. I'm a Roosevelt by blood Jones in heart by choice and Noah or should I say dad will literally fight tooth and nail with anyone who says differ.

I say literally because spinelli, mr "wild man" or prick should I say; still til this day never fails to remind me that i have no blood relation to him. When we fight he argues that I don't deserve them and in a way he's right. After everything my family has done to them I don't understand how they love me.

Scarlet our baby sister is my heart she's been my baby since the day she came home from the hospital. That's about the only thing we agree and will forget our hate for. She is baby and NOBODY MESSES WITH BABY. That asshole does try to say she is nothing to me and for that we physically fight at least twice a week.

Felix is both of our best friends but at different times and in different ways. Felix and I bond because he lost his parents when we were babies as well. He remembers his dad but not in the best way and Lulu had been the only mother he's ever known. He would kill for her but his little brother doesn't know. It wouldn't change anything because they're still blood brothers, he just doesn't know which half.

Lulu and Dallas got married when Miki jr was one and decided to let him believe Dallas is his dad. He doesn't know he's a junior or the fact that he looks more like his real dad then his mom.

We're in our senior year of high school preparing for college and to say I don't want to go is an understatement. The school we're going to is an hour away so mom and dad already paid a small house walking distance from campus. I begged to take a year off, spinner and Felix will still be going so it's not like the house would go to waste but my request was denied. You win some you lose some.


"Good girl baby you did amazing." I coo my horse. She's a white beauty that mom gave me the choice to change her name but I kept it because she's my baby.
Wilder of course renamed him flash. He's a very fast one and unfortunately wins every race.

"Don't lie to her. She's a loser like you better keep her away from the other males she may be a whore like you too." Wilder spits.

"Has cow learned to moo yet or has all your training went to shit?" I retort slightly annoyed. He really knows how to get to me. Felix grabs his stomach howling out in his stupid laugh. We're in the barn not far from the house. We usually come ride after school or after working on the farm.

Spinelli is 6'3 toned brown hair olive complexion green eyes, strong jaw tattoos littering his body. I'm 5'3, long brown hair with white left bangs. I have green eyes which is crazy because when I was a baby I had blue eyes but as I got older I began to resemble my birth mom. He's in black jeans and his flannel unbuttoned.

"Go fill your mouth with a dick and learn your fucking place." He's says getting in my face. Felix gently shoves spinners shoulder trying to get between us before world war 3 breaks out.

"Enough go chill now, wild." Felix orders. Spinners eyes burn in to mine with a fierce intensity making the hair on the back of my neck stand and my fist clenches ready for a rumble.

"Spinelli, Vee we need you in the house." Mom calls forcing spinner to let go and back away glaring my way. Giving baby a kiss I leave the stall and exit the barn letting the dirt crunch beneath my cowgirl boots. Rushing across to the house I hear the assholes steps not to far behind.

Walking in the front door I attempt to let the screen door slam in his face but his hand stops it before it even comes close. "In here." Dad calls from the living room. I toe my shoes off anxiety creeping up my spine. Why do they need us? Are we in trouble? Walking in I see scarlet on the couch a confused look on her fave ad she meets our eyes. When I look up I see Gabe mom and dad all with stressed looks and fidgety posture puts me on edge.

We both sit on either side of scar waiting for someone to speak. My heart is about ready to pound out it's chest as the minutes tick by no one speaks.
"Look guys your mom and I have some news." Dad starts off. My hand is grabbed and I release a breath when baby girl gives it a squeeze letting me know she's got me.

"We have to go away for a while." My grip on scar unconsciously tightens as I feel the winds been knocked out of me. "Uncle Abel is rebuilding and he needs our help. We got a lead on Damon." She says very slowly as her and dad begin taking slow steps to me. Jumping up I shake my head furiously.

"No, I forbid you to leave I order you to let it go." Angry tears stream down my face, they can't leave. "Please don't leave you can't protect us if you're not here." Dad grabs me pulling me in as mom helps to cage me in.

"We're doing this to protect you three. It's only a matter of time before they find out we're all alive then come for you. I rather get them before they get you or spinner." Mom tries.

"I don't need protection you've been training us our whole lives. I ain't no fucking pussy."

"Wilder that's not what this is about. It's about the fact that they fight dirty, they attack, they don't just come to your door for a fight. I can't risk them getting the girls. Gabe will be the one here with you guys along with extra security for scar for when y'all are gone. You will come home every other weekend." We all agree even though I know inside I'm terrified for what is to come.

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