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Erotica / Mystery
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The woman was not beautiful but she had something that made men stop and stare at her. She walked into the room with confidence and an air about her that said I know what you want and if it’s me then take me now or forever hold your peace. The man who stood in front of her looked like he would be able to handle any situation that came his way because he seemed so confident. He knew exactly how far he could push this girl before she snapped back and left him for good.

“So where are we going?” asked the woman as they headed out the door.

“I’m taking you somewhere special,” replied the man as he pulled up to the curb. “You’re gonna love it.”

He got out of the car and opened the passenger side door for the woman. When she stepped inside the man shut the door behind them and started driving away from the hotel. It wasn’t long until they arrived at their destination. Null

The woman was confused after being taken all over town. She hadn’t felt like this since she had been with her ex husband in a motel off the highway. The man took her to several different places in each state. In California, he drove around a little bit before finally arriving at what seemed to be some old dilapidated warehouse. As soon as he stopped the car he grabbed the keys, unlocked everything and pushed the woman out of the car. They both walked into the building as the man quickly closed the door behind them and locked it without saying anything else. The moment they were through the doors the woman’s heart sank. There was nothing there. Just an empty room with two beds that didn’t look clean or used in years. There was no toilet either. She glanced around at the place and then looked at the man who still stood by the door.

“Where are we? she demanded with panic in her voice.

Note: Put your readers hats on because it about to be hot....just so you know this is not a fast pace story everything is how I want it to be love yall.

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