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The Vampire King's Possession

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The Vampire King is said to be ruthless, cold-blooded and his thirst unquenchable. But when he meets the beautiful Adella and learns of her rare euphoric blood, his inner fires suddenly burst to life once more. He decides that he will have her as his own, no matter the cost. Adella has just come out of a toxic relationship with a cheating ex-boyfriend and heads out to have a night on the town with a group of her friends. She is promised a night she will never forget… Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she gets. Zane is a hard-working vampire who has risen to the rank of Vamperial Soldier. One night he and his men are sent out to kidnap and transport a group of human women back to the Vamperial City to be harvested for their blood. But when he accidentally runs into Adella in the nightclub and tastes her euphoric blood, his entire world changes within an instant. Her blood is unlike anything he has ever tasted before! Not only that, but it also gives him increased strength, power and heightened senses. It is then that Zane formulates a plan of his own... He will instead capture Adella and bring her before the Vampire King Mortus as an offering of loyalty and good faith. Unfortunately for him, Adella will do whatever it takes to make things as difficult as possible for her captor along the way. - WARNING – Story contains violence, abuse, graphic sex & coarse language. -

Erotica / Thriller
Bec Middleton
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Chapter 1 - Tasting Euphoria


It was meant to be a fun night out on the town with some of my closest friends. A way to forget my most recent break-up and the Earth-shattering pain that went along with it.

With my heart already torn into thousands of tiny pieces I hoped that my friends could deliver on their promise of a memorable night out. I needed to feel some sort of happiness or self-worth again.

I needed to feel alive.

Little did I know that the events to come would soon lead me down a dark and highly dangerous path. One that would change my life forever.

And of course, one thing was certain; it would be a night I would never forget.


The nightclub is filled to the brim with hundreds of intoxicated humans of all shapes and sizes, drinking heavily and dancing the night away beneath the menacing strobe lights.

They party on around us with absolutely no clue of the danger that we pose.

I can hear the pulse of the brunette woman standing closest to me, throbbing over and over loudly within my head and I grit my teeth together fighting for control.

It has been several hours since my last feed and I can feel the urge creeping back up as I intentionally turn my head away from her.

I tell myself that this is not the time, nor the place to succumb to such desires.

Besides, we have a mission to complete.

Tonight, my fellow Vamperial Soldiers and I are on the hunt for fresh blood.

“Zain, red-head, three o’clock.”

Jarred leans in and speaks into my right ear over the roaring music.

My amber eyes immediately glance across towards the direction he’d suggested and fixate on a tall red-haired woman giggling with several friends seated around a large sofa, while they all drink colourful cocktails.

There are six of them by my count, each one is different in appearance and all look highly intoxicated.

A perfect target one would suggest.

I smirk in satisfaction and turn to face the others for a moment, a single nod of my head is the signal for them to make their move and both Leo and Mathias head over.

Our plan is simple.

Leo and Mathias are bait to first infiltrate the group of women and then lead them outside with promises of a party they can attend elsewhere.

Once the girls are all outside, they are ushered into the limousine already waiting for them at the curb.

Finally, as we depart each of the women are then sedated for the long drive back to the Vamperial City.

The plan is fool proof.

It’s worked more times than I can count and we are always careful never to do it more than once in the same location.

In all the years I’ve been doing my job I’ve never once been caught or questioned.

It only takes a matter of minutes before both Leo and Mathias are happily drinking away with our target.

I have to admit, those bastards are good at what they do!

It appears the infiltration is complete.

I quickly signal the others to head outside and ensure that everything is prepared.

Finally, I make my move in through the pulsing crowd of nightclubbers.


Once I have finished in the bathroom I make my way back through the inebriated patrons until I can see my group of friends.

Smiling and waving at one of them, I notice that there are now two handsome-looking men drinking with them and I pause in hesitation.

‘Since when was tonight about hooking up? I thought guys were off the menu!’

I frown at the idea of meeting guys so soon after my break-up.

The last thing I wanted to do was talk with guys on my night out, I felt gutted and raw.

But after a moment to compose myself, I finally decide to brush off the feeling and continue on to join them at the table.

Suddenly what feels like a solid wall runs straight into me and knocks me off my feet.

With a terrified gasp my hand slices against the corner of a nearby bench and I am sent tumbling to the floor.

Scrunching up my face and closing my eyes, I brace myself for the inevitable impact and the pain to come with it.

But it never comes.

Opening my eyes and looking around in confusion, I see that I am being held up by two strong arms which are currently wrapped around me and holding me up mere inches from the floor.

And then my head cranes upward to meet the two brightly glowing amber eyes staring back at me and I feel my heart skip a beat as I blink in confusion at this handsome stranger holding me in his arms.

“That was a close one.”

His voice is deep and incredibly smooth, causing a warmth to suddenly spread throughout my entire body as I do nothing but stare back at him.

He appears to sniff the air for a moment and then glances down at my hand.

It is only now that I feel the sudden wave of pain flooding over me and I groan, cradling my injured hand with the other as he helps me back up onto my feet.

The people around us don’t seem to notice what is happening between us as this handsome stranger continues to fuss over me for some unknown reason.

He reaches out and takes my hand in his, forcefully but gently enough not to harm me.

He then pulls it in closer towards him to get a better look at my injury.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I ask, but I have no idea if he can hear me, as the music is so loud, thumping away in the background of the nightclub.

My eyes also move toward my injured hand and I furrow my brows when I see the large gash I have somehow managed to receive from hitting the corner of the bench.

Blood is still oozing out from the open wound and it has already started to bruise.

“Ow.” I mutter, and rather pathetically I might add.

He looks around and then begins to lead me by my hand across towards a vacant seat not too far away.

I follow along like a lost kitten, unsure as to why this handsome stranger would give a damn about someone like me.

Before I know it, he has me seated and crouches down to my level, still cradling my hand as he looks me dead in the eyes.

“That looks incredibly painful.” he announces, his eyes lowering towards my wound.

“I’ll find something to stop the bleeding… wait here.”

I nod, still a little confused by all of this as I begin to feel my warm blood trickling down the side of my hand and onto my lap.

I watch as he proceeds to stand and then make his way across towards the bar.


‘Crap, crap, crap!’

Just what I need right now. I’m in the middle of an important fucking mission and I’m having to care for some careless woman who bumped into me!

This is the last thing I need right now.

I finally get the attention of the bar staff and explain that I need a first-aid kit.

He nods and begins searching underneath the bar for one.

I quickly take a look over at where the table of women were seated and see that Leo and Mathias have already worked their magic.

The cocky bastards are already walking the entire group of girls towards the club’s entrance!


I need to hurry this up and catch up with them. I am running out of time.

Suddenly the bar staff returns with the first-aid kit in hand and hands it over smiling.

I nod my appreciation and take it from him.

The scent of fresh blood is still wafting up from my hand, filling my nostrils and without thinking I instinctively lift my hand up and suck off the life-giving fluid from the surface of my pale skin.

From the moment her blood touches my tongue, I am suddenly re-energised like never before.

Filled with an incredibly powerful surge of energy, heightened senses and a strength unlike any other, I have never felt more alive than I have right now.

It’s incredible.

My eyes glow brighter than I ever thought they could and I take in a deep breath, exhaling with exhilaration at the sensation I am now experiencing.

Her blood… it’s euphoric!

In a rush I push my way back through the drunken crowd towards where I left this mysterious woman seated but I am furious to find the seat now empty upon my arrival.

She’s gone.


I desperately look around in each direction, my improved eye-sight scanning the crowd, searching for her as the humans unknowingly dance about.

‘I must find her!’

Humans with her gifted ability are incredibly rare in this day and age and we vampires haven’t managed to find one in over a decade.

Bringing her in would change my entire life!

I move about the crowd of sweaty humans, having completely forgotten about my original mission to kidnap the group of female humans as planned.

I have a more important mission to complete now.

I will find that girl and bring her with me when I return to the Vamperial City.

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