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She shrugged. “I’ve no intention of doing so. Thus, it matters not.”

“Hmm. Then I guess we’ll both be staying a few nights.”

“What is it you want, Prince?” She cut to the chase, like the finest of barterers.

There were gasps from the crowd as they expressed their shock at my title. A few lowered in bows but they all still watched in that half-threatening manner.

“What makes you think I want anything?” I gave her a quizzical look. Wondering why she’d pointed me out so blatantly.

It didn’t take long to come to a conclusion. To draw attention to my every movement.

Clever wench.

“Well, you’ve been watching me for nearly an hour and haven’t thrown me to the ground yet.”

Bold creature. I couldn’t help grinning at her impudence.

“The night is still young.” I said flatly.

“And I’ve lost patience with you.” She waved her hand over her shoulder and aimed for the stairs as if this was her personal residence.

I offended her by threatening her.


“Come back.” I coaxed. “Share a drink with me.”

“Oh?” She turned, eyes wide, feigned astonishment on her face. A hand over her heart as if she could barely bear her shock. “Are you asking rather than ordering?”

“So far.” I drawled. Lurching off the barrel to stroll to her. Lifting her hand to my lips under her watchful eye and those of the crowd. I placed a kiss on it before attempting to persuade her again. “Join me.”

She smiled and tilted her head as though intrigued. “Charming of you to ask.”

Her head straightened and my eyes narrowed at the sudden change.

“But, no.”

She spun on her heel, and I reached to catch the back of her dress, but the crowd closed around her. Blocking me off from her.

Damn them.

I tried to shoulder through, but they pulled in so close that I knew I’d have no choice but to cut them down right here.

“Where are you going, Wife?” I called up the stairs. Making her freeze on the top one. I could literally feel her grimace from down here.

“Wife?” A man near me whispered.

“Is that true?” A barmaid whispered.

“If you recall,” She turned deliberately. Clutching her skirt angrily. “That ceremony was never consummated.”

“Only because you ran away.” I grinned boldly. “I’d happily consummate it now, if you like?”

“I wouldn’t.”

“Are you so sure about that?”

“I’m quite sure…”

“I don’t recall you objecting much last time…”

She gasped. Gorgeous green eyes rounding in affront. “I had no choi-“

She cut herself off. Realizing she’d come down the stairs two steps.

The crowd had descended into shocked silence.

I was grinning at her challengingly. I put my fists on my hips and struck an imposing stance.

“Do go on…” I invited.

Her nose twitched in annoyance. And her lips whitened as she restrained the urge to say anything.


If she denied enjoying it, she admitted doing it.

And she sure as hell isn’t going to claim to have enjoyed it. I felt the flicker of a conscience. I was suspecting she probably hadn’t.

I crooked my finger at her. “Come down here, Wife.

She’d already as good as admitted she’d committed the act with me, which made it hard for her to deny we were allied.

She could be stoned in the town quarter if she admitted to dallying outside of wedlock.

Though it hadn’t really been her choice.


She walked back down on numbed feet. If her look could’ve killed, everyone in the tavern would now be dead.

I gave her my back, realizing I’d won as I strolled over to the table and took a seat. Ordering two drinks.

She stalked across the room, the crowd parting for her.

One man crept over to stand near my elbow.

Wanting to say something. I sensed.

“Yesss?” I blinked at him.

“Are you really our Prince?”

“Indeed, I am.”

So much for inconspicuous.

However, she already ensured there’d be no chance of that.

She stiffly took a seat.

“Satisfied with that performance?” I slid her tankard across the table to her.

Her nose twitched in annoyance again.

A trait of hers. I noted. Finding it somewhat adorable but doing my best not to grin at how adorable she was.

Seductive and adorable.

“You look beautiful, by-the-by.”

“I’m surprised you could find a woman appealing without her lips around your cock.” She hissed.

“Not true!” I declared in a honeyed voice. “I noticed you were beautiful before and after that as well.”

Reminding her of what she’d done only made her flush furiously.


I like being under her skin.

And I couldn’t deny it was sweet vengeance for her jilting me on our wedding night.

When I’d had such sweet plans for her.

“I am quickly learning I don’t know nearly enough about my new wife.”

“I shouldn’t think that’d matter much to you, as long as she opens her legs.”

“While that is by far the finest trait of a wife, it is not the only one.”

“Isn’t it?” Nose twitch.


She tossed her long silvery hair over her shoulder proudly. Causing it to rest along her heavy breasts and drape to her lap.

The purple fabric of her dress was crushed into wrinkles which connected to a thick waist and lifted over her shoulders to drop straight down over her breasts and tuck back into that belt. Leaving a fat strip of perfect white flesh and the valley between her inner breasts. Just covering her naval. However the strips coming over her shoulders were only a few inches wide. Covering her nipples but leaving the inner and outer curves of her heavy breasts free.

I wondered how she’d stayed in the dress while dancing.

I wished she hadn’t. I was getting hard just imagining one of those ripe pink nipples slipping from it. Her whole breast would’ve followed and pressed the fabric aside.

I groaned inwardly. Badly wanting inside her again. I imagined clenching that fabric in a fist at her cleavage and using it as leverage to bring her down on my staff.

It felt so good inside her.

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