Mine by Royal Decree

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What I'm Learning

No. Was my immediate response. But I could admit to myself that I hadn’t looked. Wouldn’t have noticed.

I only saw her in that moment.

There could’ve been. But seeing the way this woman danced, moved, lived...I doubted she was an innocent.

But I don’t know that.

“What if no other man would have me after you destroyed me, then you just walked away?”

My brow lowered as I eyed her consideringly.

“So, you wanted me to wed you?”

She gave a cold twist of her lips. “In truth, I did not. I hoped you’d offer me something for my silence.”

She wanted coin.

My, my, wasn’t she a greedy little surprise. My brows went up. Intrigued more than put off by her conniving.

“You are deceitful.” I accused.

Her chin hitched. “And you are a mindless brute.”

“I can be a brute.” I agreed.

Though I’m far from mindless.

But I wasn’t going to argue with her that moment.

This woman was fascinating.

She lied.

She found her way into marriage with a prince.

Then she ran.

Nothing she did seemed to make much sense to me. But I was quickly learning that she was a clever girl. Whatever she was up to, it was strategic.

“Well, you were offered something and now you’re wed to the Prince of the Feral Fey.” I looked down my nose at her. “So, what do you do now?”

“In truth I hadn’t thought you’d find me so quickly.”

Yet, she knew I would eventually.


She shifted, disconcerted. “I haven’t planned this far.”

“Well,” I looked down at her through a hooded, blue-eyed gaze. “You vowed to teach me what I don’t already know about women.”

“Feral Fey women, you mean.”

“Which you are not?”

“I wasn’t raised as one.”

That explains a lot.

“You weren’t raised as Princess either, but now you are one.”

“Mmm.” She looked away. A hint of an objecting tone in her voice.

“Ohh?” I gave her a penetrating study. “You plan to avoid going back with me.”

“Perhaps the name of a Princess is more suitable for me than being one.”

I grinned at her. “You hope to carry the title and not land in my bed?”


“Good luck.”

“You could annul the wedding and give me the coin I wished for?” She suggested.

“Not a chance in hell.”

She paused next to me and gave me a defiant look.

Ready to fight me in this.

Good. I hid my smile. My lips twitching.

“Why can’t you go find you another fey maid to torture?”

“Because it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.”

“I don’t wish to be your ‘fun’.”

“But you are.” I took a long step toward her, closing the gap between us.

She refused to retreat, glaring up at me.

I dipped my head down to her, landing my rough hands on her biceps and lightly stroking them down to her elbows. “Show me all these things you claim you could teach me.”

“In the sheets?”

“Everywhere.” I was willing to learn.

“You just want to bed me again.”

“Absolutely.” I leaned over her and inhaled the scent of her hair, near her neck. Where her sweet, womanly scent was the strongest.

I wanted to ravish her. Now.

I glided my hands over her elbows to grip her small waist, tracing the lines of it to the delicious swell of those hips I so badly wanted between.

She caught my hands and glared at me. Bringing my caressing to a halt. “I don’t want touched like that.”

I lifted a brow. “Then tell me how you do want to touched.”

She looked a bit startled. Then her eyes went hooded. The gorgeous green doused to hide what she was thinking.

I watched her carefully, excited beyond belief to find out what was going on in the vicious little mind of hers.

“When a real man touches a woman, it is not about taking. It is about finding pleasure in her body for both.” She said huskily.

I felt the flicker of annoyance that she implied I was perhaps less than a man. But I checked my pride to hear her out.

I can make her pay for her jabs later, if she keeps at them.

“When he touches her, he should be finding ways to feel the things he wishes to feel, in a way that brings her pleasure too.”

“Show me.”

She hesitated a moment. Pushing my hands down. She put a palm to my chest and roughly shoved me backward until I slammed into the wall. My shoulders bouncing as I caught myself. My eyes flared as I resisted the urge to react as the trained warrior, I was. Reminding myself she was a small female and wasn’t declaring battle.

I cooled my hot temper and waited.

She soon made it worth my while. Scooping my goods in a grip that was rough enough I eyed her warily. Torn between trepidation and interest.

She could squeeze my tender parts and cause them pain.

Or she could soften that hand and bring me infinite pleasure.

Which is she after?

Her aggression made its intended point.

I remembered how rough I’d been with her after she’d slapped me. How I’d entered her without warning, loving the way her body had swallowed me deep into her while she writhed in discomfort.

Had this been what went through her mind? Wondering if pain or pleasure would come.

I licked my lips.

“I see your point.” I acknowledged.


She caught the bottom of my tunic and yanked it over my head.

I lifted my arms dutifully so she could pull it off.

She delved her face into my chest, pressing her body against mine while she scratched and nibbled at my chest.

I lifted my hands to touch her, and she swatted them away. Licking down my chest and over my belly as she dropped lower.

I watched her, aroused by the sight of her getting closer to where I wanted her. She stuck out her tongue and raked it under the waistband of my pants, just flicking the tip of the rigid flesh straining against the fabric to get to her. She knelt before me and I wanted to catch her hair, twist her around, so she was braced against the wall and shove into her beautiful face until I poured seed into her throat.

I gave a long moan of pleasure at the mere idea.

“Do you want in my mouth?”

“I do.”

“Good, then you can imagine how much I’d like to have your mouth on me.”

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