Mine by Royal Decree

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Pleasures of the Lips

My brows shot up. I’d never heard of such a thing. Feral Fey men took the pleasure from women, it’d never struck me to delve my face into where I wished to have my cock.

However, I couldn’t deny that the idea now was immensely appealing.

My eyes sparked with interest and my hands were nearly shaking with the need to have her. To sink into her.

“I’m listening.”

She caught my hands in her soft, small ones, backing up as she led me toward the bed.

I like where this is going.

Once she stood at the edge of the bed, my fists were working in a white knuckled grip. I could feel the hints of magic I was capable of summoning swirling through my baser instincts and strengthening my own desires to the point of pain.

I could’ve pushed her over the side of the bed, pulled her knees around my hips and had instant relief. I clenched my jaw. Feeling the muscle jerking as I waited for her. Hiding the urgency from my face. Trying to look cool and composed.

Though I was anything but.

She stopped and met my gaze. The look she was giving me nearly making my skull steam. Her gaze was hooded, green eyes looking so sultry she looked like she’d stepped from one of the fancy tapestries of mythical creatures that haunted my castle.

When her skirt fell and revealed the silvery nest over her dewy center, I reached for her immediately. Cupping her there and stroking between those lips with a finger to test her dampness.

She’s already wet.

So wet, that I knew I could’ve slid in, ball deep and never have met the slightest resistance.

She slowly caught my wrist and pulled it from her.

Making me growl in frustration at being put off again.

She lifted my own hand toward my face. Lightly folding down my other fingers and bringing that one to my mouth.

Giving her a curious look, I dragged my tongue along the edge of my own finger. Catching the sweet, earthen scent.

My reaction was nearly primal. There was a throb that rolled all the way through my body and straight into the head of my cock. The musky scent feeling my nostrils and making me utter a long moan in my throat.


She nodded. Scooting her backside up onto the side of the bed and slowly lying back on it. Her purple garment still sliding over her buttoned nipples, showing the hint of dark areoles just beneath it.

I wanted to rip it open and fully see her.

She positioned herself before me, pulling her knees up to her chest and cradling her shins against her body. Opening herself entirely to me. And she was a sight to behold. Those beautiful soft folds beckoned irresistibly. She blinked huge green eyes slowly.

I badly wanted to unlace my breeches and have my way with her until we were both sweating and spent.

But this is a test.

That was as obvious to me as what lie just before me.

It’s a trap.

If I do anything other than what she directs, we’ll both spend our lives with me chasing her.

She jutted her chin as if to taunt me, but I was going to win this game of hers, so I knelt before her and met her gaze until her face was out of my view as I delved beneath her pretty mound. Nestling my face into those lips as I began purposefully dragging my tongue through them to reach her honeyed center. Finding that delicious taste again as I partook of her. Savoring the sweetness of her fluid as I licked.

She hissed through her teeth, her back bowing and lifting her hips further to me.

That response was more exciting than anything I’d experienced before. I reached around the outside of her legs to hook her hips. Holding her in place as I tucked my tongue into her fine slit. Making her moan and writhe. As though I could control her entire body with my every movement along her sensitive core.

She tipped her head back, her hands had dropped to the bed next to her and one now caressed firmly down her body. Stroking her own flesh to reach between us and peel apart her folds to reveal a tiny bud between her knuckles. Seeing the look on her face, I sensed this was where she wanted me.

I lowered slowly over it and could already feel her body shuddering with anticipation. I suckled it slightly. Making her squeal and wiggle. When she could take no more, I stroked my tongue over it and she caught the tether of hair at the back of my head and pulled me more firmly against her. I began violently flicking that sensitive little bud until she was nearly begging me to relent.

“Say you love it, Woman.”

“Ohh.” She moaned. Tossing her head. “I love it.”

“Tell me you want more.”


“Say my name.”

“My Prince...” I exalted in the power I suddenly had over her. She was willing to bend to my every command now. I possessed her entirely by controlling this most sensitive part of her.

“Teros...” I leaned over her. Breathing warm heat across the swollen, pulsing little flower at her apex.

“More, Teros...Please.”

I slid up her body, catching the shoulders of her filmy top and preparing to rip it wide so I could see the gorgeous bounce of those luscious breasts.

“No...” She panted. Catching my hands and pulling them down to feel her through the fabric.

I instinctively pressed my hard length against her moist slit through my pants, yearning to fill her.

I lifted her breasts, massaging the pretty tits until the nipples were dark and dug into my palms, flushed with sensation.

“That a girl.” I praised her as she put her hands over mine to turn my caresses more forceful.

Her hips were grinding greedily against me. Clearly wanting to feel what I still hid from her.

“Mmm.” I rumbled. Dropping my chest over her.

She caught one of my hands and slid it into the ’v’ing neckline of her top so I could feel that bare globe. Cupping it in my hand. Lifting it and plying it with attention until I ached to tuck my staff between them. She guided my other hand beneath the fabric as well and her boldness had me thrusting against her. Feeling like I was near to exploding already with desire for the seductress.

I leaned over her. “Let me fuck you.”

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