Mine by Royal Decree

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Passion so Hot

Then she said what I’d been longing to hear. Words that made me rock hard.

“Yes.” She whispered softly. “Put it in me, Teros.”


That was my only thought.

I’d turned her from something that fought me and fled me at every turn, into something hot and wiggling under me, begging for my cock, in just a few lingering touches.

This is fascinating.

It was something new.

And interesting.

Next to her wanton passion, I now found every fey woman I’d been with before her, cold and unyielding. This woman is fire and life.

No longer able to take it I reached between us and freed myself. Jamming into her eagerly. Sinking my staff into her slick gripping channel. Feeling the slide of her walls as they stretched to fit me. Like a mouth only opening enough to suck me.

She screeched, her back bowing and silver curls splayed around her as she caught at my arms as if to still me from moving.

“It’s too much.” She panted. “I’m too sensitive. Please.”

“What will happen if I don’t?” I said coldly.

“I’ll attain my high already.”

I caught her hips and yanked her more firmly against me, fucking her wildly.

She tossed her head, hair flying and clawed at the sheets, clawing at my hips and begging for mercy. I gave her none. Loving the way her pretty mounds leapt each time I filled her tiny hole. Soon she wrapped her heels about me to hook my hips and drive me further into her with each stroke.

She wants more.

So, I gave it to her. Holding her pinned to the bed while I drove into her hole. Taking her viciously while she squeaked and made tiny desperate noises. I felt her quivering, shaking as she gripped me inside her. Clutching my length and holding it in place.

My head fell back, and I hissed through my teeth as I fought for control. Not yet wanting to give in. Wanting to feel more of her. To see this alluring siren in the throes of her passion for longer.

She writhed beneath me. Her back bowing into a beautiful arc. Those beautiful white breasts jutting out. The tiny peaks begging for attention. The globes covered in a glistening sheen of sweat that rolled down her chest and along the contours of her neck.

Soon her shimmering legs were shuddering around me. She screeched and leaned up. Clutching my shoulders as that gorgeous silver hair fell around us like a descending curtain. Scented with some hint of lilies that drove me crazy.

She came in a wild tangent. Like some vicious little animal attacking. Her nails curved in along my arms. And she sunk her teeth into one side of my chest. Digging in and clutched me to her while she rode against me. Her hips mechanically twitching along my base.

It was the most desirable thing I’d ever seen.

I wanted more.

Staring at her in astonishment, I waited until the last of her shivers subsided before I pressed a kiss along her temple. Taking in that alluring scent of her hair before I guided her back on the bed. Admiring her silken form a moment before I slipped out of her.

She sat up. Green eyes round. “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the moment.” I smirked.

“But you didn’t-”

“Didn’t what?” I challenged her. Crossing my arms over my chest as I leaned against one of the posts to look at her.

“You didn’t finish.”

“I told you I wanted to learn something new. I know how to do that.”

She blinked at me in confusion. Glancing down at where my staff still stood upright. “You’re still aroused.”

“Likely.” I grunted in humor. I suspect I’d be staying that way either way.

“You are so strangely unpredictable...” She said slowly.

She’s intrigued.


“What did you expect?”

“You to act like an animal.”

I scoffed slightly. “I am versatile.”

“I see that.” She said in what might have been admiration.

“I feel unfinished.” She flopped back onto the coverlet. Jouncing all those delicious curves.

“Do you?”

She lifted her head to peer up at me. “How can you just stop like that.”

“I am satisfied.”

Her eyes narrowed. “You’re up to something.”

“Always.” I drawled. Not bothering to deny it.


“You’re a clever girl. You’ll figure it out.”

I dressed while she lay on the bed breathing raggedly. My eyes returning to her there and enjoying how flushed and covered in sweat she was.

She tossed a hand over, and it flopped limply onto the coverlet as if she was too spent to do more than that. She blew a long breath. Her legs still dangling over the sides.

I pulled on my pants and tugged my shirt back into place before I headed out the door without a word.

“Wait! Where are you-”

Her voice was cut off by the dull thud of the closing door.

I lowered my head and smiled evilly. I felt like I was already beginning to catch onto this game of hers.

Two can play.

I went back down to the tables and ordered a full tankard. Bringing it to my lips thoughtfully as I replayed every moment with the woman. Envisioning every pleasing reaction I got. Honing in on the things that had made her melt when I touched her.

Remembering how she’d tasted. The sweetness of her still lingering on his tongue beneath the taste of the ale.

And how she’d writhed, clawing. Like she couldn’t get enough.

His hand gripped the mug. Nearly white-knuckled. For those that knew him, they could’ve seen the tight restraint he was holding on himself. He’d done well feigning being unaffected by not finishing with her. But he ached.

Everywhere below the belt.

But he realized it was worth it the moment he saw her emerging from the chamber. Tugging the purple material back into place and throwing her hair over her shoulder as she came down the stairs.

There was much cheering and whooping to greet her returning to the Main Room.

They adore her. My gaze flitted over them. Seeing the yearning looks on their faces. The longing written so blatantly over them.

She could have any of them.

That meant I’d need to learn more.

Learn her...

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