Mine by Royal Decree

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Not so Fast

She probably thought no one would notice her disheveled state.

But men did.

They quieted. Eying her as she reached the bottom level. Their gaze flitting over the lingering sweat on her skin, the dampness to the strands of her hair that rested along her neck. The flush still in her cheeks and the way her hair was shuffled toward the back and top of her head.

Clearly in disarray.

That made me smile.

It was obvious to me what we’d been doing up there.

And from the astonished looks other fiends in this tavern were casting me, they could tell to.


I liked that they knew she was mine.

I grinned broadly and hid it behind my lifted tankard as she approached.

Her eyes setting on me with dark purpose.

Determined to have the last laugh. I suspected.

I could feel the frustration rolling off her.

She thought she knew what I’d do.

She’d expected me to react brutally and take her like an animal.

I could admit to myself that, that was exactly what I wanted to do. Even now.

I ordered a meal of roasted chicken.

Sarina strode to me and stood waiting next to my elbow expectantly.

I could see her in my peripheral, feel her there waiting.

But I drank my tankard and stared ahead.

“Well?” She said impatiently.

I turned silvery blue eyes up to her. “Well, what?”

“Scoot over.”

She wants to sit?

On this side? With me?

I gave her a quizzical look as I scooted aside. I draped my arm along the back of the bench seat. “Fey women would not dare sit so close to a man.”

“Do I strike you as a usual fey woman?” She set those lovely green eyes on me.

I snorted. “Definitely not!”

She said nothing more. Only giving me a pointed look.

“What has brought you down here?”

To me? I queried.

“You know very well.” She slapped the table and a barmaid brought her over a large ale.

Summoning bar maids like a seasoned warrior. He eyed her. Still deciding if he found that more attractive, or less.

“Why did you leave like that?” She demanded.

“I said I wanted to learn. Not to finish. I can do that anytime.”

“You learn rather quickly.” She said dryly.

I grinned over my tankard as I took a long dram. “Thank you.”

She huffed as though it weren’t a compliment.

But it is.

“Are you hungry?” I asked her. Noticing how flushed and wan she looked.

She nodded.

When the barmaid came over with a drink, I ordered a bird leg.

The barmaid sent Sarina a dark look. Clearly jealous of her so close to me.

“Did you see that look?” She spun her blonde head to look at me.

“I did.”

“Why do they do that?”

“Look at you with jealousy?”

“Look at you like they’re your next meal.”

“I have been. For many.”

“Which is why you think how you’ve been having women is customary.”

“No one has objected before.”

“Yet, you did it to punish me.”

“I was overly aggressive because you struck me.” I admitted grudgingly.

“How are you not being aggressive now?”

“Willpower.” I shifted to see her better and set the mug down. “And contrary to your beliefs, I’m not purely animal.”

“Close enough.” She eyed me askance.

Normally I’d take that as a compliment.

Nope, I still am. I decided.

In reality, she wasn’t far off. I was nearly shaking with the need to finish. But one thing I’d learned from being a Prince was hiding enhanced emotion. So, I knew I’d perfected looking cool and corrected.

Even when I’m this far from it.

“What if I wasn’t done?” She tilted her head, using her hair as a curtain to block out the rest of the room as she whispered the words to me.

“Weren’t you? I distinctly felt you quaking.”

“What if I wanted more.”

“Then I’d say you’re learning.” I grinned at her. I pointedly lifted my drink, goading her with my relaxed demeanor.

But not to be outdone she caught my hand and slid it beneath the table. Settling it in her lap.

“Do you feel it?” She breathed.


“How hot I am?”

My brows lifted in interest. I began working my fingers along her skirts. Working them up in tiny, painstaking motions. As I walked the fabric up between sifting fingers.

Once it was up I curled my wrist and reached beneath all that fabric to trail a finger along her bare slip.

I nearly gasped at the feel of her dampness. She certainly is hot.

I gave her a wide-eyed look. “You did want more.”

“It’s more satisfying that way.”

She means when I finish. I promised myself I’d do all I could to avoid coming in future.

Since it makes her wild.

I delved a finger into her moist channel.

She lurched forward with a gasp. Gripping the edge of the table in a white knuckled grip.

I feigned worry as I looked at her. Swinging my leg to block anyone’s view of her bared flesh. “Is everything okay? You look strained.”

She gave me a vehement look. Furious with me for asking.

Which only amused me more.

“More?” I whispered seductively. Pushing that digit in up to my knuckle. Inserting my finger fully within her body.

Her cheeks flushed rosy, and her eyes began to glitter with need. Her body stiffening as she tried to hide the intensity of her growing arousal.

Welcome to my world, Wench.

“What is that?” I murmured playfully. Beginning to stroke her.

She gave me a tight-lipped look. Her gaze hooded as she held her silence. Her lips so tight they were white.

I leisurely stared forward at the crowd. Seeing who was watching as I leisurely lifted my jug with my other hand to take a sip. Dunking the other one into her at a faster pace, making her hips slide aggressively over the bench.

She reached under the table and caught my wrist in a biting grip.

“Not here.” She croaked between gritted teeth.

The hell if you think so!

“You’re the one who placed my hand over your ‘heat’.”

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