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A Wanton Invitation

She gave me a quick look as I mockingly tossed her words back at her.

She was beginning to squeak. High desperate sounds coming from deep in her throat and raising in resonance.

She lurched over the table and gripped the large tankard to bring over her face in a desperate effort to muffle her cries. She poured the fluid down her throat even as her body convulsed. Spasming and tightening around my finger. Gripping it in rhythmic movements. Making her choke and sputter slightly.

She may choke. I watched her half in amusement, half in pain.

Touching her was setting me afire.

I groaned inwardly. I wanted to feel all that tight wetness wrapped around my cock. I wanted her to shudder like that while I was inside her.

She thunked the drink back to the table and dropped her head back along the back of the bench. Gasping for breaths. Her chest rising and falling beneath the flimsy clothes she wore. Her dark nipples brushing along the fabric.

“Are you okay?” I queried. Humor trickling into my voice as I slowly withdrew my finger from her and took another drink.

“I’m fine.” She snapped. Eyes glittering on me while she still breathed raggedly.

“Are you quite sure? You look...Stressed.”

She looked beautiful. Radiant. Fuckable beyond belief.

“Come back to the chamber with me.” She invited. Her gaze set on me.

“If I do that now I’ll, lose all restraint and be the animal you think I am.”

“You are a Feral Fey.” She said. As if that would excuse my brutal behavior.

Perhaps it does.

I always thought it had before.

“That I am.”

We were creatures known for our aggression and vast, insatiable lust. Lust which was making me like a crazed animal now.

“If you want me to go back up there and have you. It’ll be my way.”

She groaned impatiently. Rolling her eyes. “Fine. Fine. Cease your games.”

I gave her a long look before nodding decisively.

I summoned the barmaid and told her to draw a bath.

“A bath?” Sarina asked. “For what?”

“If I’m going to have you my way, I want to start with a clean slate...” My double meaning wasn’t lost on her. I saw her eyes go hooded and her hand shake slightly as she reached for her drink.

She’s nervous now.

They took the bath up and poured the water in.

I took my time finishing my tankard, letting her partake of the food.

While the barmaids drew the bath.

When it was time, I caught her hand and led her back up the stairs.

Hearing the tavern silence yet again as they watched us.

If they had wondered before, there was no doubt in their minds seeing us now, that we were lovers.

But she wasn’t jerking away.


Like taming a wild animal.

We got there and she let me strip her down and stand her in that tub.

She moaned comfortably at the feel of the water around her shapely calves.

I had her stand there and caressed the sponge painstakingly over every inch of her body. Starting at those pretty legs and working my way up. Standing over her as I pressed the sponge at the delightful crease between her legs and squeezed the water out against it. Sloshing along her lower lips with the pressure.

“Ohh...” She moaned weakly. Licking her lips and staring at me with hooded green eyes. “Are you trying to seduce me.”

“I don’t know.” I murmured truthfully. “Never done it afore. Tell me what it is.”

“It’s wooing a woman. Trying to make her desire you.”

“Oh.” I nodded sagely. Staring at her pretty skin as the rivulets of water washed over it and followed the smooth lines of her curves to roll down her body. “Then I am definitely...Doing that.”

She sighed. A shuddering sound laden with need.

I caressed the sponge over that skin, learning the shape of every inch of her.

“I’m done with your stalling, Teros.” She said in that sultry voice of her. Drawing my eye.

My brow shot up in interest.

“Stop teasing me and fulfill me.”

“Is that what you call it.”

“I am right now.”

“You’re demanding for a lady.”

“I already admitted I’m not actually a lady.”

I grudgingly nodded. Catching her narrow waist I lifted her from the water and began lowering her to the wood floor. She cast a quick look toward the bed.

“My way.” I warned.

“You’re going to be aggressive.” She said knowingly.

“You knew I would be and you lured me up here.”

“I wanted satiation.”

“You said I could have my way.”

She settled her shoulders and laid flat. “I’m not fighting you.”

“That sounds perilously like permission.”

She lifted her head. “I thought I gave you that. What are you waiting for.”

“What kind of woman are you?” I queried in wonder.

“One unlike any you’ve met. I know what I want.”

“Indeed, you do.” I laid her flat and lifted one beautiful leg against my belly and chest. Resting her heel against my shoulder as I knelt over her. I gripped the top of one curved thigh and held that leg against me. Slipping my knee under the other leg so she was entirely exposed to my view.

I made an appreciative sound. Inspecting her with basic male appreciation before I caught myself in a fist and began stroking those inviting lower lips with the edge of my hard knob. Rubbing up and then down until her own slickness was coaxing me in further each slide. Drawing me nearer that entrance until she lifted her hips and met me.

I wasted no time dropping over her in a pushup and sinking into her pretty hole. Filling that channel to brimming with the length and breadth of my root.

“You like controlling me, Woman.” I remarked, looking at her. Voice flat as I swept up her other leg. Folding both of them down to each side of her head, so they held her torso against the unrelenting wood floor. Her back bowed to lift her hips up toward me in offering. “But don’t forget how quickly the tables can change.”

I swept my arms out to the outside of her legs and caught her wrists. Pulling them down against the outside of her hips as I rolled my shoulders forward to hold her utterly still. I flexed into her for the first time. Feeling the slight resistance inside her, where I touched the furthest wall.

She gasped in both pleasure and pain.

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