Mine by Royal Decree

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By Possession

“Remember who you are toying with.” I was rough with her. Unleashing that animalistic hunger that tore through me as I held her still while I pounded into her sweet spot. Taking that delicious heat from her as I entered and withdrew from her soft channel. Feeling it wrapping me in a way that compared to nothing else out there. The feeling of being fully consumed by her body was immensely seductive. And watching her face as she panted and flushed, the hints of pleasure causing a shine in her eyes as she watched me. Ripening those red lips with a darting tongue.

She was designed for breeding. This woman that was now my wife.

It was all I thought about.

When will I feel her next.

But I was learning there were other things just as intriguing about her. And unfortunately, I was finding that even more arousing.

I was learning that she was some far-off creature that could only be fully reached when I connected with her.

I dropped my hips against her and ground them in a circular motion several times until she cried out.

Her body gripping me again. Clenching me in a rhythmic way that stole my own climax from me. Creating a tingle at the base of my sack that created the smallest shiver of nerves from there up the bottom of my cock and to the tip where it spilled into her. I plunged my length wholly into her as I as my fluid seeped to her womb. Leaving my body to enter hers as we both shuddered.

I rolled to the side of her. Freeing her legs and gripping her wrists lightly enough to verify I’d not gripped her so hard I’d bruised her.

No. I was gentle enough.

She was breathing raggedly.

“You finished again as well.” I accused her.

She blushed and looked away.

She hadn’t intended to.

Even better.

That made me feel immensely triumphant. Highly male and made me want to steal more of those tiny deaths from her.

I let her legs down. Guiding them around my shoulders and along my sides to let her settle flat along the floor. Breathing raggedly as she strained to gather herself.

“Don’t you dare blame me. You knew what you asked for.”

“I’m not blaming you.” She sat up and patted my chest lightly before rising on weak legs.

I caught her forearm. “There will come a time when you remain next to me. Yearn to be there, in-fact.”

“Are all princes so pompous?”

I considered that. “Quite possible that they all are, but I’m sure even among them, I’d stand out.”

“As exceedingly so?”

“That too.” I gave her a flirtatious grin.

“You think you’re so charming.”

“If I’m not than why did you just let me take you on the floor of tavern bed chamber?”

“Who said I let you?”

I sat bolt upright and gave her a sideways glare. Daring her to excuse me of forcing her this time.

I was very clear about what I wanted this time.

And still she came here with me. My teeth nearly gnashed in aggravation.

She laughed slightly. A tinkling sound. And I realized that she was goading me.

“You think yourself funny?” I said through gritted teeth. Jerking her toward me and sending her flying over my chest and toppling down.

I turned with her to keep her from striking her head. Finding one rounded hip and giving it a playful squeeze that had her batting me away, laughing. “You’re a rogue!”

“Of the worst sort.” I agreed, sobering. I gave her a thoughtful study. “Tell me what you are.”

“I did.”

“Not who but what.”


“There’s something beyond fey blood in you, I think. Something darker.”

“Is there anything darker than blood.”

I gave her another quick study before giving her lips a quick peck. “There is indeed. The secrets of a temptress.”

Her eyes narrowed on me.

“I will give you time.” I righted her onto her knees before climbing to my own feet and offering her a hand the rest of the way up. “But eventually I will know you, I will have you.”

“Because you lust for me?”

“Because I’m awestruck.”

“We shall see...” She gave me a coy look over her shoulder and strode away.

Taunting wench.

A barmaid knocked on the chamber door and Sarina cracked it to take some garments from her.

I noticed they were wispy and a lovely shade of green.

Similar to her exotic eyes.

“What’s that?” I queried.

“My newest garment. She makes them for me. She’s a skilled seamstress, specializing in the finest fabrics.”

I curiously smoothed a bit of it between my thumb and forefinger and found that it was indeed a fine garment.

She climbed into it, and I noted it was much the same as the purple had been. She went to it and gathered the jewelry that had slipped off when she was disrobed. Putting it all carefully in place.

I strode to the bed and dropped upon it to watch her with interest. “Where do you go?”

“It’s nearly morn now.” She remarked.

I glanced toward the shutters and realized she was indeed right. Somehow a good deal of time had escaped me. I wondered if the castle was in a panic without me there.

I need to find a messenger to keep the whole of the Feral Army from arriving.

She tied a green silk sash around her middle, covering a bit of skin that parted the thin skirts from the crisscrossing top. Which sported a perilously low neckline.

Something I’m sure she intended.

The woman knew she was gorgeous.

And she’s played on it to survive.

Though the possessive part of me disliked her manner of dress. The more practical side appreciated that she was a survivor, willing to do what was needed to feed herself without any reliance on a man.

And she dared to admit to me, a Prince, that she’d lied to me.

That took great courage.

If I’d lost my temper, I could’ve condemned her to some of the fiercest consequences. But I had no need to watch her suffer. I rather enjoyed watching her thrive.

Fey women needed men for sustenance, hunting.

For home and hearth.

But not this woman.

She doesn’t need a man.

But she is capable of wanting one.

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