Mine by Royal Decree

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Restitution of the Flesh

“Please.” She put up a feminine hand to ward me off. Crawling back ward as I strode to stand between her ankles. “I didn’t know!”

“Any fey woman, knows she doesn’t strike a male.”

“I’m the Lady Neville.” She said defensively.

As if I cared.

As if it was an excuse for her to behave like a heathen.

I plucked the laces of my black leather pants and loosened them enough I knew I could draw myself out when I was ready. Dropping to my knees between her calves.

She watched me in horror. “What-what…are…you…”

The split along the right hip of her leaf dress had already allowed it to pull far off to her left, leaving most of her rounded thighs already exposed to my view.

I caught her ankles and dragged them past my hips. Bringing her down to me.

She squawked.

I lurched over her. As mad as I’d ever been at her defiance and her annoying snobbery. I shoved the dress off to the left up by her hips. Revealing the silvery sheen of the nest of hair guarding her sex.

Not enough to stop me.

She lurched up and dared try to swing again.

Growling in my throat, I dropped over her, pinning her to the dirt and leaves with my body. Feeling her softness under every inch of my hardness.

Feeding my already-growing appetite.

I snatched her forearms and shoved them up over her head. Forcing one arm across the top so I could grab both wrists in one fist.

“How dare you, you little shit.” My mouth whitened. “I’m going to fuck you raw.”

“You can’t I-”

“I can do what I want.” I cut her off viciously. “I’m your liege. And you’re soon to be my little cockhole. So shut your pretty mouth before I bring my royal guards over to have at you when I’m finished.”

She shook her head adamantly.

I put my nose to hers. “Now shut up and take it, like the good female fey you are.”

They were supposed to be biddable.

They were to submit to us males. That’s why they were never unguarded by their parents until wed.

She was unguarded.


And ripe for the taking.

With my free hand I wrenched at the old leaf dress. Pulling it free and pushing it down over her tiny waist. Nearly down to her belly button.

“I’m going to watch your fat tits jump when I stick it in you.”

She tipped up her head and shrieked. Screaming for help.

I paused to give her a stunned look. “Are you the most foolish little cow in history? That’s going to summon everyone for miles. And if you think I’m stopping or that they’ll dare stop me, you’re crazed. I’m having you.”

I reached beneath the loose strings of my pants and tugged out my hard length. Driving my knees into her inner thighs to press her further open.

She foolishly went to scream again but I covered her mouth with my free hand to silence her.

I hadn’t lied. My guards would be coming. Other forest inhabitants would be coming.

And they can all watch me rut her.

I moved my hips back and let my length fall against her pelvis and slid down to graze her soft lips.

She arched up her back.

Still trying to fight me.

I had never in my life seen a female fey act like this.

All I had ever pursued were glad for my attentions and did as I directed.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

This girl…


But I decided I didn’t care the moment my ready cock found her entrance. I could’ve slid in slow. Probably should’ve.

But I was too amped. My blood pumping, my vision narrowed on her, holding her mouth to keep her from shrieking for everyone to watch. Her breasts heaving under me as she breathed heavily through her nose. Pressing hard little brown nipples against my flat chest. Everything made me want her more that moment.

So, I rammed into her.

The sensation. The instant pleasure of her tiny yelp and the feeling of sinking into pure heat. Her tight walls grabbed me. Pulling me in deeper. Making my stomach tight and my ass clenched to feed her more of my length until she whimpered beneath my hand. Tiny little sounds.

Making me want more of her.

I could feel her trying to tuck her body away from me. Pressing her ass into the unrelenting ground gave her no reprieve.

No where to go. No escape from iron hard cock.

But as I began rolling my hips, I waited. Wondering if this was how the whole punishment would go.

Or if she’ll warm to me.

I watched her long dark lashes as her eyelids squinted closed at first. But as I rolled upward into her. And drew back out the friction of her body’s instinctive wetness slicked along my staff and allowed me to glide more smoothly into her.

When it changed from pain to pleasure her eyes popped open, stunned.

There it is.

The sweet womanly change.

I’d never forced a woman before. But I’d never been so furious in my life.

Or so disrespected.

Claiming her body. In that moment I owned her flesh. Holding her pretty mouth and looking at her scared green eyes as I had her.

“Now keep quiet. It won’t take me long. You’re soooo…Tight.” I gritted my teeth against wild pleasure that was already crawling up my spine. I was already ready to spurt my fluid in her, but I wanted to feel her just a bit longer. “That’s a good girl.”

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