Mine by Royal Decree

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Mine for the Taking

She’d stopped fighting me. Shocked at the new sensations.

Probably in pain at first.

But she was getting wetter. Warmer. And her body was tensing with tiny quivers.

She stared at me with those gorgeous green eyes looking somewhere between pleasure, rage and confusion.

I heard the footfalls of my Head of Guard stop just behind us. I could imagine what we looked like.

She was barefoot, her legs splayed wide to accommodate my wide hips and broad shoulders.

I was on my knees between hers and I was thrusting hard into her. My ass working like a drilling wheel. Boring into her body.

My back rippled with well-honed muscles from my days hunting and working with the horses. Still holding her arms in one of my hands to hold her pinned to the ground.

He moved slightly to the side of us, and I assumed his curiosity had gotten the better of him and he wanted a peek at what was beneath me.

No surprise since we’d gone from a leisurely day of deer hunting to him being summoned by a woman’s shrieks and finding his Liege balls deep in some maid.

I leaned up to get a look at her from a better angle myself. Putting my weight on the hand holding her wrists and a palm next to her shoulder, I balanced. Working my hips to flex my way into her.

Each thrust did as I’d suspected. Making those pretty tits bounce nearly up to her chin. Then I’d slide out and they’d relax. When I pressed back in, they’d hop once more.


Everything about her was.

I followed my gaze over snowy white, perfect skin.

Looking at those ribs which cinched tighter into a waist I could easily wrap my hands around. I hungered to get a better look at this body.

I wanted her completely naked while I fucked her. I wanted my hands all over her. I realized this wasn’t enough.

But it still felt amazing.

This woman was addictive. I was entering her right now and already thinking I wasn’t getting enough of her.

She suddenly jerked. Her back arching and her body slowly rolled against my rod. Massaging me like coaxing fingers and ripping my climax from me. I pushed in and pulsed against her womb. Unable to withdraw in the throes of my wild climax. Pouring seed into her.

And deciding I wasn’t going to let her go.

She’s mine now.

Once I finished, I collapsed unsteadily on shaking arms.

She wasted no time, taking advantage of my weekend state to catch one of my legs with her foot and push on my opposite shoulder. Rolling my limp body off her.

She scrambled onto her knees.

Looking far more agile than I felt at that moment. I thought. Slightly amused.

She was looking around like a scared animal.

Not even noticing that her heavy breasts still swung from her chests. The hard nipples pointing at the ground and swaying seductively as she crawled a semi-circle around me. Keeping Jason, my Head of Guard, in view.

“Get ahold of her.” I said weakly from the ground.

I felt half dizzy from the weight of my climax.

The woman was astounding.

My previous anger at her had abated with my pleasure in the feel of her. Now I had little on my mind except laying official claim to her and ensuring she was mine to keep.

I was afterall, a somewhat possessive creature.

She screeched and jumped to her feet. Catching the top of her dress, finally, and holding it against her chest as she fled into the trees.

But Jason’s shout drew the rest of my guards out to surround her. Catching her not far away.

I could hear her enraged shouts and dull thuds that told me she was still fighting like a wildcat.

Feral little creature.

I thought to warn them that she did have a hell of a hit but was too weak to do so at the moment.

I rolled onto my back weakly. Barely tucking myself back into my pants and covering it with my long, billowing white shirt. I stared up at the tree tops feeling oddly pleased with myself.

“Got her!” Jason called.

“Bring her back here. To me.” I rolled onto my knees and managed to stand up. Shoving white hair out of my face. And tucking some back into the narrow tail bound at the back of my head to keep those strands from my face. Gathering my composure, I wiped my face of expression.

They dragged her back. Kicking and flailing and trying to hit them at every opportunity. Tossing her head like a possessed animal. Alternating between going limp and forcing down her heels then leaping up and trying to wrench free of their grip.

But they were fey riders, royal guard, and she was slender. Delicate.

No match for them.

“You.” I pointed at her accusingly.

She eyed me sideways. Gaze wary.

“Are mine by royal decree now. You’ll touch no other man and let none touch you. You’ll remain at your home until the Claiming Ceremony. Once that’s done, you’ll return to the castle under my will.”

“I’ll do no such thing!” She spat.

Shocking me into widening my eyes.

Jason drew a dagger and put it to her throat. Giving me a questioning look.

“No!” I put up a staying hand.

“Did you not just hear?” I stepped closer to them both. Peering down at her. “She’s to be my bride. No one harms her. Tie her up if you have to. Get her back to her parents and I’ll advise them of my decision.”

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