Mine by Royal Decree

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My Intentions

“As you bid, Liege.” Jason lowered his head in deference and began to take her away. Ready to cart her off to her parents as I’d ordered.

But I caught her shoulder, stopping the guards from moving her. “Your pretty mouth is going to get you hurt. You must learn to check it. Especially if you are to be in my company.”

She glared up at me. “I’ve no intention of being in your company.”

Was she daring to defy me yet again? I was filled with disbelief. Having never had such a thing happen before.

I caught a fistful of her silvery hair. Making her squeak in objection. Looking up her nose to see me. “Hear me clearly. You are mine now.” I pointed to her lower body. “That is mine. Am I clear or do I need to have you whipped until it sets in?”

Her lips went tight. Whitening as she stared at me in horror. Slowly registering that I could do it.

I could have her stripped, tied to a tree, and whipped right in these woods.

But the truth was that I had no desire to mar that perfect, milky skin.

I want to taste more of it.

“I’ll have my men come around to talk to your mother and get the proper documents signed.”


“The arrangements to have you signed over to me.”

“What if my mother asks more than you’re willing to offer?”


No father. That meant less negotiating. She’ll give me what I want. I had no doubt about that. Fey women didn’t have it in them to be argumentative.

I eyed the one in-front of me. Except her.

My gaze poured over her. Seeing that with them holding her arms, the top of her dress had fallen down and left those lush ripe breasts ready for the plucking.

I waved my fingers and the dress lifted. Leaves stealing from the bottom of the dress to climb up. Clambering over each other as they formed straps which went up her back and slung over her shoulders to connect to the pointed leaf tips covering her ample chest.

“That’d be impossible.” I said flatly.

“Don’t bet on that.” She tugged at the grip my guards had on her. “I’m her only young and she values me more than you clearly do.”

That’s likely untrue. I was already putting great value on her. I want her again.


And I’d do nearly anything to get her there.

But they were unrelenting, and she was too slim and weightless to move them.

“I would bet on it. Because I’d give her whatever she asked to have you in my bed.”

“You won’t!” She snarled. Lip curling in contempt.

I stared at her as if she were a wild animal.

I’ve never seen anything like her.

She clearly didn’t have proper respect for her royals.

Nor for males.

She’d not been brought up rightly.

Or there’s something wrong with her mind.

At this point I didn’t care. My lust for the girl was already more powerful than any I’d known before.

I was willing to make her my wife to lay claim to her.

To ensure no other man ever touches her.

Jason, my Head of Guard, delivered the missive to Mrs. Neville. Then posted outside Neville Hall to assure the girl never left.

And no man went in.

She’s mine now.

I was unsurprised to see Mrs. Neville’s response arrive late that evening. Asking for an exorbitant amount of coin. A cow and a couple horses.

High value indeed.

But far less than would’ve been my first offer.

I found my father, King Orin, and quickly told him that I’d found a fey woman I was willing to wed.

And bed.

The King gave a grudging head tilt. Showing his approval. He wasn’t typically one for many words.

“Who is she?”

“Lady Neville.”

“A Lady? You could’ve done better but that’ll do.” He rubbed his long white beard thoughtfully. “When are we arranging the ceremony?”

“At the earliest opportunity.” I supplied. Rounding to leave the room.

Father and I didn’t typically exchange many words.

“It is done.” The King nodded.

I went to bed that night fully erect. And when my dreams were haunted by the willowy lines of a full-breasted fey woman, I woke to find myself sweating and filled with need.

Craving satiation in her body again.


I’d heard of such things happening to fey men before.

With their pre-destined mates.

But only a few of us have those. And I’d decided long ago that I certainly wasn’t one of them.

I’d had nearly every woman in the realm, and none had moved me in the least.

Until this one.

Is she my mate?

I went to sleep pondering that fearful thought. Wondering if she was awake sweating too. Body aching with the need for joining.

When I awoke the following morning, I found I was in equally poor state, if not worse.

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