Mine by Royal Decree

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For Me

I pushed her down until she knelt on the grass. Letting my hand fall away from her mouth.

She slumped down. Staring up at me.

Pleadingly perhaps? I didn’t know and didn’t have time to wonder. I was already aching to the point of being painful. My genitals felt like they’d swollen to an impossible size. Stretching the skin beyond what I could bear.

I pressed her shoulders and head back more firmly into the corner. Catching the top of her head beneath my palm and pushing it back with a thumb along her forehead.

“Open that mouth, Sweetheart. Wide.”

She sobbed slightly but obediently opened her jaw.

Obviously having some idea what was coming.

I was beyond excited. Unsure how this creature had captivated me to this extent. My lust was nearly more than I could control. I wanted to take her now. And be damned if I hurt her but I felt pretty certain she’d been innocent when I’d had her on the ground in the woods.

And she’ll be sore. If I could take some of the edge off in her mouth perhaps, I could have better control when I entered that delicious crevice between her thighs.

Though I still found some doubt in myself, about that.

I undid my pants and pulled my weighted rod out. Pushing it down to angle into her mouth.

“Tighten your lips.” I directed her.

Growling in her throat in fury, she turned her lips down. Forming a beautiful ‘o’ that would make a perfect channel for my root.

I kept her forehead level. Holding her head in that corner as I pushed into her mouth. Feeling the warm flatness along the roof of her mouth before I reached the soft tissue at the back of her throat.

I heard her gag and felt her mouth tighten briefly.

It felt so good I didn’t want to withdraw but I knew she needed air. I pulled back a bit so she could take a quick breath.

Then I slid back in again. Feeling her throat straining. And feeling the tightening on the bottom of my balls that told me I was close to losing all control, right there in her mouth.

I stroked quickly a couple more times to prepare myself then stopped. Knowing I had to stop now, or I’d pour into that velvety mouth rather than the hole I really wanted. I pulled from her mouth fast enough there was a small pop. My cock was already wet from her mouth.

It’ll slide into her easily enough.

“Get up.” I directed her.

She stood. Her face written with anger.

“Take that nightdress off and let me see you.”

“Not a chance.” She said acidly. Wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist purposely.

To show me she was wiping me away.

My gaze narrowed on her. “Take it off or I’ll rip it off.”

“Will you now?” She challenged. “If you do that, I’ll walk around front and let all your men get a look at me before I head in. For I certainly won’t have full nightdress to cover myself, will I?”

Her point made sense.

Which made me furious.

I can’t tear it off.

And she won’t take it off.

I’ll fuck her in it.

“Who says you’ll be able to walk when I’m done?”

“Can even you promise your Guards will be able to contain themselves if I go walking naked in the moonlight?” She said in a softly daunting voice.

Making me stiffen with the rage pouring through me. I hated the idea of any man, other than me, putting his hands on her.

Or his staff in her.

“You may have won this little battle of wills, My Girl, but if you think you’ve won the war, you’re far from accurate.”

She harrumphed.

“You’re not as all powerful as you think.” She gloated triumphantly.

Thinking she’s safe for the night.

“If you think that bit of cotton is going to save you, you’re sadly mistaken.”

Her eyes rounded and her head turned sideways warily.

“If you won’t take it down. I’ll put it up.” I jumped forward to pin her back into that corner.

She yelped and then bit her tongue. Knowing she didn’t want to summon the guards back here to witness whatever happened.

Because I’m right. They’d only turn a blind eye and listen to her whining.

I tossed up the bottom of her nightdress and caught her undergarments. Rending them in half and tossing them to the ground. Where I dragged them from between her feet with the toe of my boot. I roughly caught her leg and lifted it near my hip. “If you think you’re going to win any favors, defying me, you have much to learn.”

“I’ll learn nothing.” She was shoving at my chest but was too dainty to do anything. I only pressed my chest harder into her to keep her where she was.

Then I gripped myself and guided it up toward the opening revealed by her lifted leg.

“No.” She whispered in a hushed voice.

“Ssh.” I put a finger to her lips. “No noise. Or they’ll hear you.”

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