Mine by Royal Decree

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In Her

Then I palmed her collar to hold her there and glided into her. Feeling those wet walls peaked around me. Slowly peeling open to make way for my branch. Once she was impaled she tipped her head back and made an objecting noise.

“Do you feel that Sweetheart. That’s me ball deep in your pretty flesh. A man claiming a woman. And this is how it’ll be every night in my bed.”

“All this sweet flesh…” I palmed her outer thigh. Still holding it but caressing it and learning the feel of it. “Mine for the taking…”

“I won’t ever be yours…” She grunted out.

I still hadn’t moved. Eyeing her face and waiting long enough for her to relax so she didn’t become even more sore.

“You’re going to have to learn to behave like a true fey female when you’re representing me to the people.”

Her head fell forward. Her furious gaze almost yellow in her temper. “You mean submit to whatever you’d do to me. To your stabbing and probing and touching?”

Her just saying such a thing made me even harder. Inflating further inside her walls until I could tell she was stretched as far as she could bear. She was twitching her hips as her body struggled to adjust to the new sensation.

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

“You can rot in Hell.”

Not the first time she’s said that to me.

“Hold still and relax.” I dismissed her rudeness. Preparing to do as I would.

“I’m not going to relax. I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

“Well,” I scooped her jaw with my free hand to keep her looking at me. “I’m as close to you as a man can possibly be.”

She opened her mouth to spit more venom, but I began rocking my hips in and out of her.

Making her gasp. She winced slightly at the pain.

And I caught the tenuous bits of my fracturing control to slow enough to not break her.

Stroking her more lightly. Pushing the heavy head of my cock into her before dragging it out at an excruciating pace.

She panted. Arching her back forward to try and get herself out of the corner.

But in truth, it only offered me a better angle into her. And I snapped.

I began hammering into her. Driving into that perfect angle. Feeling the slight strain of a point deeper in her.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck you feel like velvet. Your body is shaped for me. Like the hottest sheath to ever wrap my sword.”

I pounded her wildly. Losing all remnants of control as I took her body.

Her twisting jutted her breasts out like a perfect offering on the alter of that slim belly.

I palmed a perfect tit. Testing its weight and pushing it against her chest as I enjoyed the bouncing feel of it dancing in my hand as her body bobbed with each thrust.

Glancing down I could see the shape of my white cock slipping from her body and re-entering the soft pale lips which clung to my length.

“It’s amusing to me.” I panted between presses into her. “That despite all your acidic words. Your body is as welcoming as a puppy at an owner’s homecoming. That’s what it feels like in you. Home.”

I rammed upward a few more times while she did her best not to look at me. Despite that I held her jaw. Forcing her eyes level with mine.

She looked to the side and wouldn’t gaze at me.

“What are you avoiding?” I taunted her. Wanting her to look at me. “I’m already in your hole. How is your defiance suiting you now?” I gasped as she clenched around me. Those walls biting in like a delicious vise which milked my cock just as roughly as before. Pulling my fluids from me.

“Aah…” I spasmed into her. My shoulders bucking with the effort I expended by doing those tiny jerks into her.

“Mmm…” I crooned. Letting her leg fall. Pinching my cock lightly between her rounded thighs. I realized then that I could be happier fucking just those than I’d ever been with any other woman of this realm.

Did this woman exude pure allure?

“Satisfied?” She said bitterly.

“No. Not nearly.” I said just as quickly. Holding her there. Unwilling to withdraw from her yet. Despite that she was wiggling in a way that told me she was trying to escape my waning length. “I’m not sure I ever will be. But it’d be fun to experiment after the ceremony is done. I’ll have you served your meals in my room and keep you there to see how many times I can take you before I completely collapse."

I’m suspecting it might be endless. I wondered if I’d even be able to sleep with her near.

She’s already become my obsession.

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