Mine by Royal Decree

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The Ceremony

I pulled out of her and let her fall limply back against the wall. Huffing as she glared at me hatefully.

Angry I’ve had her again.

“I suggest you remain in your chambers until the ceremony. Never know when I’ll be here waiting for you to come down again.”

“I’ll find another way out.”

“Will you?” I challenged her. I had every intention of having my guards fully surround the house.

Since she’s a cunning little vixen.

There’ll be no way out for her.

I stepped back from her and pointed up at the vines. “Now scamper your lovely tail back up these vines and to your chamber.”

“They’re far harder to go up.”

“Yet, I suspect you have some practice in the endeavor.”

“Why do you care?” She countered.

“Meeting a lover?”


“Oh?” My voice rose.

I doubt that. Too tight to have had many men. I thought I’d felt a tiny tear when I first took her, and I believed she was innocent.

Still, I felt the glimmer of jealousy at her words.

“Well, I’d suggest you send him a missive warding him off.” I turned and took a few steps away before adding as if in afterthought. “You might advise him you’re intended to the Prince, and that if your good lover was to come around the Prince would surely run him through.”

I tipped my head and gave her a dark grin. “He doesn’t like to share.”

I gave her a little nod before jaunting off whistling. Feeling her gaze boreing into my back.

She’s mad enough to gut me.

But we both know there isn’t a damn thing she can do about it.

I’d never seen a more unhappy bride.

The ceremony was done out in the Stix. A grove just beyond the castle walls where vines clambered up the trees and dangled from each branch in mossy strands. And flowers seemed to bloom year around. Making a colorful backdrop for the painter depicting our images.

To hang in the Princess’ chambers.

Though I won’t be allowing her much time in there. I was filled with anticipation.

It’d been four days since I’d been buried in her hot flesh. Four dreadful mornings of waking up with an aching staff. Hungering for one woman’s flesh.

This woman.

She clearly felt quite otherwise.

Glaring at me heatedly. Clutching a bundle of flowers so tightly, she’d crushed the stems. Her wispy moss gown was made from the silky white forest moss. Twisted together in fine strands by the hands of my castle worker fey. Turning it to substance. Dotted with tiny white flowers. Their blooms forever suspended against the dress. Specifically designed to cling to her luscious curves.

Making me yearn for her all the more.

I wanted to break off this over abundant ceremony and take her up to my chambers and ravish her now. Patience was not serving me well just now. Quickly waning.

I want that dress shredded on my chamber floor.

And finally get a look at all that satiny flesh. I knew every inch of her would be as smooth and flawless as what I’d seen already.

Once the rites were read and the stones were broke, indicating she was wholly mine, I caught her hand. Foregoing the banquet to guide her up toward the castle bailey.

One man shouted. Announcing our direction.

“It appears the banquet is to wait. Our liege has no intention of waiting to partake of his pretty bride.” Wine glasses tinked in celebration and robust laughter rose as they all moved to follow us inside. Preparing to witness the bedding ceremony.

We headed upstairs to have a brief moment alone before the procession came in.

Once we stepped into my chamber, I closed the door and turned to her. “I’ve got something for you. I understand being a new bride is likely not something you favor at this time.”

I withdrew the shining silver item from the silk purse it came in to reveal the winking ruby in the center of an elaborate cross design.

The symbol of my house.

A symbol for her to wear, marking her as mine for all eyes to know.

“But you will find I can be quite generous.” I emphasized as I nodded for her to turn.

She was still scowling at me as she obediently turned and lifted her hair for me to do the fine latches.

Willing to allow me this at least.

Every woman likes a pretty jewel.

I watched, satisfied, as the ends began to twist over each other. Melding together and sealing the latch in place, then working over the thin chain until it had reinforced itself.


She let her hair fall and rounded to look at me. Her scalding gaze burning into me.

She’s furious.


“I’ve heard such of you.” She said derisively.

My white brow arched. “Meaning?”

“With women.”

“I have enjoyed women.” I tilted my head in acknowledgement. Unwilling to admit to her that since I’d seen her, I’d had no desire for any other.

She’d see that as weakness.

My father had raised me as a proud prince and taught me that a true Feral Fey male shows no weakness.

Especially not toward women...

The door opened and the procession filled the door.

Not even bothering to knock. I thought in annoyance. Shooting her a quick look and seeing the horror on her face at the sight of all the people she would have to consummate our marriage before.

I’m not entirely comfortable with it either. But I was no shy fey. And I was sure that after she warmed me, I’d be more than happy to perform with the entire kingdom present.

Already I could feel her soft heat wrapped around me again, making me jump below the belt. Yearning to be lodged back inside her and have her naked and warm beneath me.

And this time. I’m going to make her moan.

I’d had my fun. Sated my need for her. Twice now.

But it was time she begin to crave me as much as I did her.

I can make her.

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