Alpha Zane ~ Possession

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With the loss of her family, only leaving her brother to be sibling and parent to her. Shelly knows something horrific happened to her parents yet, doesn't know why. Her life finally is beginning to feel as if it becoming perfect for once in her life. Will it all come crumbling down once Alpha Zane notices her. He is dominant, possessive, and a truly horrifying Alpha. Other packs fear him, because he is ruthless and cold only thinking of what he wants. Trust me...he gets exactly what he wants regardless of the cost. Now his sights are set on her, can Shelly outlast the pursuit of the stranger she keeps seeing. Alpha Zane, will not stop until he possesses her!

Erotica / Fantasy
Jenn Sweeney
5.0 6 reviews
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Alpha Zane

I want to thank everyone for stopping to take a read of one of the new stories I have started a while ago. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it. Please keep in mind all of my stories in essence write themselves. I never know where the story is going, or where it will end up. I am along for the ride just as you are. I do know this will end up more than one book to the series of this story. I do hope you find it intriguing and a story that holds you to where you want to read the next ones.

So you know a little about me:

I have been writing since I was a young child. I have always had a passion for the written word. Yes, you may find mistakes in my works from time to time. I am not perfect. lol. Yet, I put my heart into things I write, without the love I hold for writing these stories would never come to written word. Hence, the putting my heart into it plays a factor. Please keep in mind, to be polite with your comments. I do love to hear what my readers think, so please feel free to message me if you would like to discuss any of my stories. Please vote on my chapters along with comment, please keep it positive.

I am a down to earth person, just like you. I am a mom who works, loves her family...loves her whiney little brats which are my 3 dogs. I love nature and all the things that it has to offer. I also garden, grow my medical herbs, along with striving to be better than I already am daily.

So enough about me.....I hope you enjoy :)


Alpha Zane

Possession- Is for readers over the age of 18+

It is marked as Mature.

This story contains graphic sexual situations.

There is graphic violence in this story. *I know how my stories tend to go, there is never one without some form of violence...well outside of books for other aged readers. :)

All places, situation, Character’s are fictional...They do not represent any particular place or person/s.

Read at your own Discretion …if precarious situations are within the chapter's... sexual, violence, verbal may offend you then you may want to read headers and I shall give a warning in regards to sexual content. I do try not to swear within my books, yet, I am not saying it will never happen.

With that being said....ENJOY!

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