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Marshal Robernero. He's a tough cookie with regrets just like Kenzo. He let power get into his head and his emotions disappear. What will happen when he gets given a note that Kenzo left for Renzo. That note Renzo wouldn't read? What will he do when he meets eye to eye with Tear the woman he let go of? When love strikes him hard inside his chest. He won't do what he did in his past, he will secure her and make damn sure she becomes his princess. As stated from the very beginning, once you're in the Societa Oscura you cannot get out but you can set it aside and focus on family life. Can Marshal give up the Societa Oscura full time or is it that engraved into his head he cannot let it go?

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
4.8 4 reviews
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Chapter 1

Pushing the door open at Renzos nightclub, I button up my suit jacket and a freezing cold breeze whips me across the face. Shit that's cold! Shivering, I walk to the right side of the club making my way to my Audi when a man with a cowboy hat shoulder barges me. Turning around and glaring at his black figure disappearing in the distance, I shake my head and get ready to twist back around when something white catches my eye. A white envelope. Wondering what it could be I pick it up and make my way to my car mumbling underneath my breath.

"When I next see you, I will fucking shoot you in the head with my Karabiner ninety eight k you fucking dweeb. I hate it when people catch me off guard." Sitting in my seat I shake my head and look down at the passenger seat where my black gloves sit. I should have worn them. If I was smarter then I wouldn't be sitting here with ice cold hands. Slamming my hands down on the steering wheel, I sigh. Sliding my hand inside my black suit jacket, I take out a cigarette with my clipper lighter. Lighting it up, I blow the smoke out all over the car. Today has been one of those days where I wish that I didn't even bother getting up. Problem after fucking problem and nothing to look forward to, then it was topped off by that dick walking clean into me. I should have turned around and shot him in the fucking head with my AK forty seven but he got me when I wasn't expecting him to.

Looking down at the white envelope, I check to see if there's a name on it but it's plain and sealed. Who was he? I want to know who he was so that I can kill him for being an inconvenience. Opening my door slightly, I flick my cigarette and switch the interior light on in my car before proceeding to open the letter.

Taking the thick paper out of the a4 envelope, I place it down on the dashboard and check for a name followed by an address. Nothing. Just a letter written by hand and not to anybody specifically. I'm not a man who would usually sit down and read anything unless I know that I have to but here I am picking up the paper ready to read it. I don't have a reason why either.


My guess is that the family member I was trying to reach didn't want to accept this letter and so you're reading this backup version that I written up. I don't know who this is or what connection you have to the Societa Oscura but what I want you to know is that I respect you. I respect you because you took a heavy weight on top of your shoulders, you've been taking care of my family and you my friend are a soldier at heart. My name is Kenzo. My wife Rebecca sends over a hello with a bright smile covering her face from ear to ear.

I do hope that some of my family are still standing with you but from my experience of running the organisation, the chances of that are slim.

Listen, I have a club. It was forgotten about many years back when I had to move from Sicily to Arlington. I was sent down for a couple of years when Rebecca was pregnant with our Kai. This was in my early days when I was only a kid, eighteen I would say. Well, this club still stands there in all of its former glory and was the original BDSM nightclub for the Societa Oscura. The key is behind a brick in the wall directly underneath the black window at the back of the building. When you enter, I want you to go down the hall second room on your left. You will see my office. The key for that room is behind the skirting board next to the double doors that you enter through for the main club. Take it out and enter my office. There you will find another letter inside a set of drawers on the right hand side of the room. I paid for two hundred years worth of tax so that the building could stay where my Grandfather had it placed in the beginning. Securetribe have a contract with us for the next one hundred and fifty years so it has been kept safe away from those who want to try and vandalise the place and all electricity, water and upgrades are active forever or until the place disappears. The contact numbers are in my desk. There's a safe in the underground tunnel and it's a rather big one with several billion in cash sitting there waiting for the next man to take it over. I want you to open it up and run it. Call it an inheritance if you want. I'm not too sure how much money I left inside that vault but there's a lot! Since my family don't want to take it, I want to give it all to you because I know that I can trust you. The man who gave this letter to you has selected you for a reason and I trust him too. I gave him the job.

The original documents for the Societa Oscura are there and not where the family thought they were. The second location was a backup and the actual book where it all started is inside this club. Not even Kai knew where it was. My Grandfather Roanin opened up that place, set up the vault, lay down all of the documents and extended the underground hallways. Under there you will find multiple rooms that were once filled with thousands of men at one point. The original boxing ring still sits there, the market stalls where guns, drugs and illegal items are there, the first combat uniforms are hanging up in the changing rooms and gambling rooms are there. This was where it all started. The underworld. My Grandfathers paradise is what my father would call it but a little while after that, I left the place because I wanted to start from scratch but this is where the love of family began. You will see pictures of the good old days when my dad wouldn't treat me like some sort of animal, where smiles and laughter was the key to success, where I threw my first fist at the only black punching bag in the gym. It's all sad really but this letter is the key to everything. You want to know why the Societa Oscura began then check the next letter in the office. I will take you directly to the first business plan that was ever set up only if you can promise to take over the club. Bring what was once lost back again and show all of those fuckers why the Societa Oscura was really built up. Love, freedom, happiness and most importantly family.

Kenzo Robernero

The man with regrets who wants to change the future of his empire.
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