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It's a short story about one happy ending. To pay her bills and for her education, Anna works as a sex operator. Among different clients that happen to appear there's one particular that keeps her more than interested in him. Mature content +18 only

Erotica / Romance
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My alarm went off at 6 AM as usual. I showered and got ready for my classes. Studying philosophy has always been my dream. My dad left when I was 6 so my mom tried her best to give me everything, working two jobs at a time.

We couldn’t afford college so when I turned 20 I moved from my mom’s. I rented a small apartment in the city with my best friend Lora and we both found a job. The job I was constantly ashamed of. I was a sex-text operator in a company named “Sweet talk” but it paid good and being a student I couldn’t earn so much money waitressing after classes.

So basically, my every day started from classes and ended up working almost every day from 6 PM till midnight. Sometimes I took double shifts and worked till morning leaving time only to shower and go to university and then back to work again.

“How many classes do you have today girl?” Lora asked me cheerfully, filling two cups with coffee.

“Only two. I have to see the boss today. He asked me to come to the office today” I answered throwing some energy bars in my backpack.

“What mister grumpy-nerd wants from you now?” she asked through gritted teeth. “He always manages to find a new way to piss you off.”

And it was true. Liam Jones was a pain in my ass. He always complained about my attitude towards the clients. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t give a damn about some sleazeballs texting me but I had my boundaries and there were rules both for clients and for the girls working for Liam.

“I will take off now. I will work today from the app on my phone so don’t wait up” I gave her a wink and disappeared in the hallway.

The sun was beaming through the clouds making me put on my sunglasses. I loved this kind of weather. The smell of the freshly cut green grass and the sound of the happy people slurping their ice-creams.

I didn’t realize I was late until I saw Nancy, the girl from my class running to the university building. I took off after her not wanting to piss off the angry professor. Running down the hall I pushed through crowds with coffee still in my hands. One last turn and I would make it but my marathon was interrupted with a solid chest crashing onto me. My books flew from my hands and my travel mug spilled right onto my tee. I stumbled back almost falling but I firm hand caught me by my waist pulling me up.

“Whoa there! Are you okay?” a soft voice filled my ears like a melody and I then saw Noah Willis, the hottie of the campus staring down at me.

“I was okay until you almost killed me!” I snapped angrily at him gathering my books from the floor.

“Actually it’s you who almost tackled me to the ground.” He smiled leaning and picking up my now empty mug. “I hope that wasn’t sweet otherwise your shirt will stick to your body even more” he smirked looking down at me.

And then I saw that my now wet from coffee shirt was see-through. I gave him the most annoying glare and made the boldest move I’ve ever done in my life. I tugged harshly on the flannel shirt he was wearing over his white T-shirt and took it off of him. He didn’t protest but the look on his face showed shock and amusement. I put on the shirt embracing its warmth still lingering from his body and started to button it up.

“Is this how you thank men for saving you from falling to the floor? By robbing their clothes?” he asked, his lips forming a slight smug on his face.

“No, this is payback for ruining my favorite tee. And who even wears a flannel shirt in LA where the weather is hot as hell?” I snapped narrowing my eyes.

Buttoning the shirt up I moved my hands inside the shirt and after some struggle, I managed to remove a wet tee under the flannel without showing even a little of my skin.

“Here, if it will make you feel better, you can have mine. It’s ruined anyway.” I smirked throwing my wet tee at him. “Now. If you’ll excuse me, unlike you I have a class to attend” and with that, I made a quick pace to the doors.

It’s only then I realized how many eyes were on me and my little confront with Noah. I rolled my eyes and quietly entered the auditorium sitting down on the closest seat.

Classes ended in a blink of an eye and I made my way to my favorite coffee shop. I loved their coffee and pastry choices and from time to time I worked from there on my phone or laptop.

I got myself a nice big ice latte and moved across the street to the office. Passing by the cubicles I greeted some girls working there and moved to Rosie, the sweetest old lady who worked as Liam’s secretary.

“Hello, Rosie. You’re blooming as always” I smiled at her and gave her a little paper bag with a muffin that I picked up at the coffee shop.

“My favorite sweet Anna, you know I can’t stay blooming if you keep feeding me these. I will get fat and ruin my chance to finally meet the love of my life” her gentle smile almost made me forget why I was here. This woman was almost retiring but somehow she still had hopes to find love.

“So, how’s the mood today? Should I save before entering?” I laughed imitating a joystick in my hands. But Rosie’s face went blank giving me the understanding that the boss himself was standing behind my back.

“You should try and think more about the job than gaming, Miss Black.” the low baritone took me off guard.

I looked behind my shoulder and saw Liam leaning on the doorframe shooting daggers at me.

“Oh please, like you don’t like games. You invented your own app we’re working with. Tell me you’re not into gaming.” I gave him the most innocent face smile before moving to his office.

Sitting right opposite him in a comfortable chair I per usual looked over his office. It had black walls but the one behind him was covered with ceiling-to-floor windows revealing the beautiful sight of the city. Sharp metal frames covered the walls with different abstract paintings. He had a round vase on his desk filled with big colorful crystal beads. I always wondered why a guy would have one of these.

“So, you wanted to see me.” I started not wanting to stay here longer than needed.

“Yes, I will be changing the schedules so I need you to tell me your available hours to make it comfortable for all of you.” Liam was concentrated on his laptop not averting his eyes from it.

“Why would you change it? I like it this way. I can’t work in the morning, I have classes” I said tilting my head to the side.

Liam looked up at me from the screen on his laptop, curiosity creeping his face.

“Classes?” he asked not averting his gaze off of me.

“Yes. Why? Do you think I will work for you till the day I die? I want to have a degree and a normal job with a possibility to eventually end up with a family, white fence, seven kids, and all that crap.” I said not even rethinking why would I say it.

“It’s hard to believe you want all that considering you used the word “crap” in the same sentence,” he smirked. “Anyway, I can give you mornings but that means you will have to work a couple of times through the night,” he said looking back at the screen and furiously typing something.

"Fine," I spat rolling my eyes.

I stood up and started to make my way from his office. I was almost out when I heard him saying “Don’t worry, you will get a raise for this”. I smiled to myself and exited the door not even giving him a goodbye.

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