The Human Mate

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SHORT STORY Riley Thomas is human and has always moved from place to place but she stumbles across a small town Forest Valley. Unknown to her it is run by a pack of werewolves, Logan Peters is the alpha of the pack and soon realizes that Riley is his mate. He has to win her over the old fashion way by dating her. He wants to tell her about his kind but something goes wrong. What will Riley do? Will she stay with Logan or will she flee?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


I stepped off the bus into the new town, the woman at the booth from the bus station said this place was worth seeing, beautiful scenery and the town had its own history.

The breeze hits my face; the smell of the forest hits me. The town is small with a few stores but the bus stop is right in the middle of the town. The bus leaves the stop; I place my bag on my shoulder and look both ways to cross the road. There is so much to see. But my eyes fall on the one place I love, a bookstore.

I open the door and the bell rings out, it is small but has so many books shelves on the shelves. I walk around and look. An old woman behind the counter looks up at me and smiles. I look around the store, an amazing selection from the classics to modern ones. I know the old lady has been watching me with a blank expression on her face.

“May I help you find something?” she asks suddenly as I pick up a book to look at.

I smile “Actually, do you know of any B&BS around here. I would like to stay for a while.” I say to her.

She looks at me and smiles “How long are you staying for?” she asks me “I know the B&B is full for another three months but I have an apartment upstairs that you could use.”

“That would be lovely as I don’t know how long I want to stay” I say “Also by any chance do you know of any jobs around. I will need to make some money as I am running low”

The woman looks at me, she searches my face. Trying to figure out my motives but she smiles “Well you are in luck, I am looking for someone to look after the store for me as it has been getting too much for me lately. My grandson thinks I need someone to be here with me, helping me out” she says.

I cannot believe my luck; I have not only got somewhere to stay but also a job, not even an hour in the town. That’s a new record for me.

“I will take it” I say to her, making her laugh.

“You haven’t even seen the apartment,” she says.

I shake my head “I don’t care, I have stayed in some gruesome places over the years” I say “It will be a big improvement, trust me.”

She smiles and looks at me “Well then, let me show you to the apartment and once you have settled I will show you around the store” she says.

She looks at the one bag I have “Is that all you have dear?” she says.

I nod “Yeah, this is my life, all in one bag. I have never stayed in one place long enough to settle” I say to her. She gives me a sad look but then softens slightly “Maybe this might be the place you call home.”

I wouldn’t mind that one bit but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“Well let’s show you around, my grandson will be here soon to have some tea” she says “By the way my name is Margret, what’s yours?”

I smile at her “My name is Riley, Riley Thomas.”

She smiles at me and leads the way up the stairs just outside the bookstore to the first door on the right to my apartment.



I have been working at Margaret’s book store for over a week now and I absolutely love it. Everyone here is very friendly and I have to admit everyone here looks extremely good looking even the older generation. I mean everyone could be supermodels around here.

After traveling around for almost a year trying to find the right place to call home. I settled into the small town called Forest Valley and I am convinced that this is the place I can see myself living. The scenery is amazing with the forest all around. The town has everything you could possibly want. When I came here, I found a path from the back entrance of the bookstore leading to a lake which is beautiful when the sun is out.

The bookstore is owned by Margret who is awesome. After she helped me settle in, she showed me some of the sights around town. The best place to get your coffee to the thrift store to get some really nice second clothes.

I start my day with a coffee, standing out the back of the bookstore while the delivery guy drops off the delivery of books for the store inside.

Once I have the boxes in the middle of the room, I start to open the boxes that Margret ordered and start to display the books on the shelves, ready for sale.

As I worked closer to the window something out of the corner of my eye caught me off guard, standing on the opposite side of the road, staring right into the window was Logan Peters.

Logan Peters.

The guy is hot, I mean every time I see him, my panties soak right through and that’s just by looking at him. God help if I ever touch him.

He is handsome. He has the most amazing piercing blue eyes with sandy hair. He has muscles and some tattoos. He dresses well too.

He comes into the shop every day to see Margret. He’s her grandson. Every time he comes in, he sits in the chair opposite Margret which is directly facing me. I sometimes feel like he stares at me while Margret tells him everything that is going on in the store and outside.

I feel like he wants to devour me right on the spot when I do catch him staring at me, his eyes go dark and he even licks his lips while his eyes roaming over my body. He makes my mouth dry and to be honest I would let him devour me in an instant. His cologne drives me wild and sends me into a wet mess.

I’m still staring at him.

I need to focus on work. So I shake my head and turn back to stocking the shelves with the new books by the side of me.

Suddenly the bell on the door rings out which lets me knows that someone is in the store.

I don’t have to turn around to know who is, his cologne hits me.


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