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“Forgive me father for I have sinned. I've been a bad girl, a verrryy bad girl and I'd like to be punished.” * * * “I touched myself, Father. My husband told me not to touch myself in his absence.” “How did you touch yourself?” She sucked in a breath and spread her legs. “I put my fingers inside my vagina and moved it this way and that way until I came.” “Show me.” |An erotic anthology: a collection of short stories.|

Queen Arinola
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A || Adrienne

Adrianne slowly rose from the circle, teeth sinking into the corner of her rosy lips. The green bottle had stopped rolling in front of her, it was her turn. Ignoring the catcalls and whistles from her horny friends, she took cautious steps towards Gabe. Her tiny hands reached up to put her badly dyed red hair into a bun as she lowered herself on him to perform her dare—a lap dance.

She sunk her fingers into his thick mop of hair, her warm breath fanned his neck, her crotch romanced his groin. His stifled moan encouraged her to grind harder against him and his shaky hands found her waist. Twisting so her back was to his chest, she bounced on the growing bulge underneath her, biting her lips to keep from moaning.

“Girl! That’s enough. Get off him,” Carla, the leader of the group barked. “Next, please.”

A roar of laughter zipped through the air, the fire in the middle of the circle crackled and burned, casting orange glows on the faces of the other people present. Carla spun the bottle again, gaze set on the red head sitting comfortably on Gabe’s lap.

“Bitch, get the fuck off him. Next.”

Adrienne rolled her eyes with a long hiss, that bitch would get it from her some day, for now, she would listen to the thirsty whore. She stood, giving her firm ass a slap as she sashayed to her former position. Her beady nipples strained against her tank top, she flicked a finger over them without breaking eye contact with a dazed Gabe.

Gabe swallowed the lump forming in his throat, he pushed his thick-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose, no idea how to handle the attention from one of the hottest females he knew. He pretended to take a sip from the cup of beer he had been nursing all night and swiped at the strand of hair that fell over his sweaty forehead. The short dance had gotten him hot and flustered.

From the corner of his eyes, he caught a movement. Adrienne spread her legs as if she knew he was staring and a sultry smile sprung to her lips. Her shorty shorts left most part of her asscheeks on display, he knew they were soft, the brief contact with them caused a wicked twitching in his groins. He shifted on the messy floor like he couldn’t find the right position, crossing one leg over the other to cover his semi hard-on.

Their eyes collided for a hot second, Adrienne smirked and he wondered, for the nth time that evening why she would invite an antisocial nerd to her friend’s night out.

If he was daring, more confident, he would have dragged her into his car and fucked her within an inch of her life. He would take her from the front and behind, put his dick in whatever part of her holes it fitted. A soft sigh escaped him, he gulped. Since he wasn’t any of that, he settled for stolen glances, fantasies that were out of his reach.

Her not-so-innocent smiles, the winks that followed whenever their eyes met told him she would appreciate some of that boldness but his feet glued to the ground. He wasn’t the same man in his fantasies. His brows shot up when the subject of his interest stood, the game was boring, he tuned them out as soon as the lap dance ended. Adrienne gave him a long lasting look that started a fire in the pit of his belly, she whispered something and left the group.

No one paid him any attention when he left to join her. He met her leaning on his jeep, the hem of her tank top folded to reveal her toned stomach. Her head dipped as she emptied the cup of beer into her month, the clear liquid dripped down the corners of her mouth and her tongue darted out to wet her lips. She gestured for him to come with a crooked finger, his feet obeyed and he found himself in front of her in seconds.

The shyness returned in double folds, he made circles on the sandy floor with his foot, refusing to meet her eyes. She was hot and way out of his league, if he stared for too long into her eyes, he might evaporate.

A soft palm covered his, Gabe raised his head to meet icy blue eyes. “Do you want a proper lap dance?” Adrienne whispered, conscious of the effect she had on him.

Everyone knew Gabe, the handsome nerd who chose to be by himself. The ladies at work loved him. He was polite, listened to their gossip and would often bring them coffee with rainbow sprinkled donuts.

She pushed him to the car so he was under her, a delicious sound left her lips, sending tingles down to his feet. Gabe was taller, bulkier but having Adrienne on top of him rendered him immobile. To be very honest, he liked that she dominated him, he liked having her on top of him. If he ever grew bold enough to voice his fantasies, he would ask her to ride him to the moon and back.

Adrienne caressed his bulge and purred. “I have a theory,” she whispered. He nodded because it was the only thing he could do. “Shy guys have the biggest junk.” Pulling his lower lip between her teeth, she cupped his ass and a moan escaped him. “And you are proving me right, Gabie.” That lump lodged again in his throat, it was harder to swallow so he focused on the starless sky, the rustle of the evening breeze. Grinding against Gabe, Adrienne asked, “Where’s your key?”

With trembling hands, he produced a set of keys from his pocket. Seconds rolled by, she dragged him by the hand to the passenger seat and started the car. Gabe sat there in a daze, hot, confused and bothered. Hotter than he was when she lap-danced on him. The car rushed past unfamiliar houses, his confusion cleared when she parked in front of a popular motel on his office street and came over to his side to open the door.

“Now,” Adrienne started, her fingers running above the little stain in front of his pants. “Do you want that lap dance or not?”

His mouth hung open, the word danced on the tip of his tongue but for some reason, he couldn’t voice it out. He tried once and sighed. The word would just not come out. Adrienne palmed his cheeks, he swallowed as she discarded his glasses, stripping him of his armour. He could see perfectly well without them but they made him feel safe.

Pushing his hands inside her top so Gabe could feel her boobs, she moaned into his lips. “I need to have your cock inside my pussy.” He blushed furiously, eyes lowering to the floor. “Your shyness turns me on.”

In response to that, his cheeks turned a darker shade of red. He wanted the same things as her, he wanted to touch her too but his arms stuck to his sides. Her lips met his neck, she littered wet kisses all over the open skin and his dick twitched so badly he was sure he would cum in his pants.

“Gabie,” she whispered. It wasn’t his name but he would answer anything she called him. His eyes flickered to her face, she moaned. Her voice lowered, running over him like melted gold. “I have never fucked a geek before. Do you want to be my first?”

He managed to give her breasts a small squeeze, caress her nipples and she let a moan that sounded too fake for his ears. It hurt his ego, he repeated the action but her moan only grew louder and faker. She pried his hands off her chest, he licked his lips.

“You are too gentle.” He nodded, he was, he didn’t know it should be done. Her lips inched closer to his ear, her tongue tickled his earlobe. “I like rough, fast, hard sex.”

Giving him no chance to process her words, she stepped back. Her fingers moved to his buckle, she took off his belt and set to work on his fly. Each second felt like an eon, he looked down at her, willing her to hurry. She finally unzipped him, his thick cock sprung out and she clapped in excitement.

“Just like I predicted, you are huge.” He blushed and looked away, she pinched his cheeks and cooed. “Aw, is poor Gabie shy?”

His eyes clenched shut when she caressed his balls and her cold fingers trailed a line on his pulsing length. He was so close, too close to the edge. A faraway sound drifted to his ears, his eyelids fluttered open. A door on the one-storey motel opened, the occupants—a man and a woman staggered into the corridor. Adrienne knelt in front of him, her tongue flickered over the crown of his cock, she sucked gently and he hissed.

“People are watching, they can see us.”

She looked up to him, his precum glistening on her lips. “Then let’s give them a show.”

* * * * * * * * * *
A/N: Like it says in the blurb, this is a collection of sexual stories. AKA. A sex book. An erotica. Kindly drop your moral high horse at the door before diving in. Or better still, don’t dive in at all if the thoughts of fictional characters living out some of your fantasies will bother you.
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