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Temptation smutty shorts

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A collection of short stories All stories are completely random Pleased be advised this novel consist of mature content, all character are over the age of 18+ If you don't like any chapter just skip to one that you do Leave a comment and like, but please keep the respectful This is not top notch literature Enjoy reading -TheGabby😊

Erotica / Fantasy
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The Don's Daughter

You want me to fuck you huh


Lorenzo hand me two set of keys, keep my baby safe your the only one I trust

I set the keys in my pocket "no problem boss I'll take care of her"

Take care of who? Lorenzo daughter walk in wearing a short black mini dress that hug her curve and leave little to the imagination her breast are ready to spill out she bend over to grab a paper from her father cabinet and i see her red thong

I look away and clear my throat, "what time are we leaving boss"

Whats going on? Lorenzo walk around to his daughter and hug her "sweetie I want you to go with Alejandro for couple of days until thing calm down ok"

"Dad what you mean, I can't go now I'm going to my friends party in a few hours". She hoof and sit in the chair besides me "this is unfair, I've been waiting for this party for two months now you told me I could go"

"Aurora de Luca I've said my final word, get in that car right this instant or you will be put there (capise)"

She storm out the room and I follow her I take a quick glance at her ass swinging in that dress the things I could do

"Are you going to open the door or not?" I open the door and she hop in putting on her seat belt, I go around the driver side and start the car, we spend the last hour on the road without her speaking"

Are you hungry princess? He glance at me and shake her head "can't talk now I see" I open my water bottle and drink I press the button to open the gates to the safe house no one knew about this one other than Lorenzo and I

I'm hungry but not for food, I choke on my water and stare wide eye at her

She open the car door and grab the keys to the house,

I find her in the kitchen eating a rainbow popsicle that shape like a Dick
I can feel my dick harden she take the whole pop and put it in her mouth moaning "Mmm this is so good I haven't had one in so long"

I walk away from her to see what's in the cupboard to eat in Grab a snack and turn around seeing a naked aurora closely in front of me, fuck her breast are firm and perky

"You can touch them Al" I lick my lips imagine sucking on them and remember she's my friend/boss daughter

Little one go and put on your clothes this is inappropriate, I move away from her and she frown

"I see the way you look at me al and I want you" she walk up to me and grab my dick squeezing it, it twitch in her hands and let out a groan, I know you want me too

"Stop playing little one, find a boy your age to play with, I quite like my head on my body" she lay on the kitchen counter and open her legs so I can see her glistening pink fold, she brought her fingers to her pussy and start rubbing it

That's the thing al they're boys and I want a man I want you. I won't tell daddy it will be our little secret

I couldn't hold of the desired for her any more my dick was painful hard twitching every time she moan my name, I walk up to her and grab her hand from pleasuring herself

You want me to fuck you huh I whispered in her ears don't ever pleasure yourself again unless I ask you to got it

She moan but didn't answer i squeeze her nipple until she arch her back "your words little one"

Yes yes al fuck me please I want you so bad I bend my head coming eye level with her pussy I blow on her bud feeling her jump above me I grab both of her legs and lick up her juice groaning at the sweet taste

I tease her clit while shoving 3 fingers in her, she scream my name louder and I move my tongue faster around her bud, she grab my hair and shout she's coming while riding my finger

I moved them faster seeing all her juice running down my fingers, I slowly remove my fingers placing them in my mouth looking down at her

"I've never had an organism with a man before thank you al" she climb off the island and take up her dress I grab her by her hair and place her on her knees

Where do you think your going little one I'm not done with you yet. I unbuckle my belt and remove my trousers and underpants my dick sprang free hitting her in her face

She lip the tip and hold it by the base looking me in "go on suck it"

She put her mouth over my member and begin to Bob her head, she keep going down further and grab her head to stop before she choke but she took it all

Fuck... no gag reflex she keeps going faster
I feel the sensation and had to stop her as much as I want to come down her throat her pussy been calling my name

I lift her and lay her down on the counter staring at the beauty in front of me

I stroke my dick and rub it between her folds and moan "your so wet princess you love sucking my cock?" I continue teasing her bud

She grab my arms and Moan my name
"Please Al"

I bite her neck and only push in the tip she gasp and hold on to me tighter

I push in another inch and she started squirming I put a hand around her neck and squeeze softly

"This is what you wanted princess just relax, it's gonna feel good I promise"
I could feel her muscle relaxing as she swallow my dick inch by inch

I nibble on her ears then move a little inside her and hear her moan I squeeze her neck a little tighter and lick her lips she part her lips and give me access

"I'm gonna fuck this little pussy so hard you won't be able to walk tomorrow"

I pump into her and she immediately place her hand on my shoulder squeezing me "oh fuck al..."

I put my hands around her waist and fuck her harder and deeper he moans got louder and I can feel her fingernails digging in my skin. It only makes this hotter

I lick and nibble her nipple softly and get another loud moan from her

"Harder al..." I turn her around on the counter with her ass giving me a perfect view

I slap her ass and slam back into her and groan it feel too good I can never go back now she'll be my forever fuck the consequences

I feel her clenching around my dick and know she's close

"Fuck..." I slam into her harder and feel the tingling sensation in my toes coming up through my dick

I rap her hair around my fist and pull her to me "once I come into this pussy your mine aurora no one else will feel how tight and wet this pussy is"

"Al I'm... I'm coming" i slow my thrust and reach around to her swollen clit and flick it back and forth

"Say your mine little one" he push back on my dick and I Grit my teeth and hold off my climax till she come. I squeeze her hair harder "Say it!!!"

I'm yours al only yours!!!" I faster my thrust and feel her spam all over my cock feel her sucking the life out of me

My thrust get sloppy and fill her with rope of my cum

I remove my dick and watch my come dropping out of her. I've never seen something so erotic I feel my dick twitch back to life

Let's go upstairs and clean up little one i want you again
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