Marsha's story

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This is the side story from The Game FWB#3. Marsha's Story. That 55 yr old with a sex drive that would make a grown man cry. This is her story. Sexual situations with a lot of sex. 🔞

Erotica / Romance
J. A. White
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Marsha's Story


Hi. My name is Marsha Pinette. I’m 55 years old that was born July of 67’ which means I’m a Cancer for all you horoscope people out there. That means I love water and the moon. Plus my zodiac sign is 69 which explains my life to this point. I’m married to Frank Pinette, who is my one and only. My soul mate. My first and only job was working for air traffic control for O’Hare International airport.

After a couple of years at the airport, I got moved up to air traffic control as a tower controller. Within the first couple weeks, there was this one pilot that piqued my interest. His voice was so sexy and deep when he would call out his approach for a landing. He was one of the top pilots for the TWA back in the late 80s. I would flirt with him on the radio as he would flirt back. We kept it very professional.

Almost a year later, when some of the ladies were throwing a small get together for Clarice. She was retiring, so we had a small party at the bar in her honor at the airport. Low and behold, I heard a voice at the front of the bar. That sexy deep voice. I start to walk towards the bar, and there he was. The voice sitting at the bar having a drink with another pilot. He was cute, when he spoke. I could see the dimples in his cheeks. His hair was cut military style. His eyes were soft brown that made me melt where I was standing. I walk up to him and hold out my hand and say. “TWA flight 419 heavy. You’re cleared for landing runway B-12.” He looks at me with the biggest smile on his face showing me his dimples. “Hi. I’m Marsha,” I say.

“I’m frank,” he says shaking my hand and never leaving my eyes. He was ten years older than me, and he looks good for his age. Needless to say at that moment, I knew he was the one. The one I will give my heart too. The one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

Frank had a two-day lay over before his next flight, and I was off for the weekend. I wanted to take him to my place, but living the single life, my place was a mess. Frank lived in Pittsburgh, so going to his place was out of the question. He has a room at the hotel there at the airport, that the airlines was paying for.

We stayed at the bar for a couple of hours just talking. He looks at his watch and says. “Would you like...” before I could let him finish I say yes. He paid the bar tab, and away we went to his room.

Frank and I spent both days in bed together. We never left the room. We would fuck then get room service, then fuck some more. I think we might have gotten ten hours of sleep the two days together. When it was over, I was sad to watch him leave. When he was in town, we made sure to find time for each other.

This went on for five years until he retired from flying and moved to Chicago and became a flight instructor for the airlines. We got married a couple of months after that and bought a house with a dog and a white picket fence.

Someone asked me why I don’t have children? To be honest, I was scared of them or what they would do to my body. I’ve seen and heard too many woman complain that their man doesn’t love them anymore. Sagging tits or a stretched out vagina. A belly that won’t go away. So kids was never a talk we had.

Fifteen years later, the Chicago winters was kicking my ass. I told Frank I wanted to retire my job at the tower and move to somewhere warm. He asked where do you want to go? I said Florida. Two months later we both retired from our jobs, loaded up both cars and drove south until we ended up in Cocoa Beach Florida. We both have a lot of money in savings. We could have bought ourselves a very nice house. But we didn’t want that, we wanted the simple life of sun, surf and sand. We found a new apartment and it was the perfect size for the both of us. We both fell in love with Florida, there was always a breeze blowing.

Our sex life is ok. It wasn’t like it was when we were younger. Frank was having back issues from the accident he had with one of his students. They had landed a plane to hard that compressed Frank’s spine and pinched a nerve. At the same time, I was going through menopause. Hot and cold flashes all the time. I didn’t know what day of the week it was, let alone a dozen sweaters lying around the apartment. I would start taking off my clothes until I was completely nude. That’s when I started to like my sexuality. Once my hot and cold spells were over, clothes became a second option. If I didn’t need it, I was naked. The part that confused me more was when I was done, my sex drive tripled. I wanted it all the time. I didn’t care where I was at the moment, I just wanted sex. Frank at the time couldn’t keep up with me with his pinched nerve in his back. It was keeping him from staying hard. Just me being naked made me happy. Mind you, I didn’t go naked with kids on the beach. I have some respect.

When school started, I would tan my boobs on the beach to get rid of my tan lines. Until that nosy Mrs. Hatcher who is always wearing a moo-moo with her hair in rollers. That old bitch always wore rollers in her hair. I swear she had them surgically attached to her head. She would call the Sheriff on me all the time. Then I found out she was using binoculars to see me, she was that blind. I never got arrested for public nudity, just citations. I have well over 25 citations, but I do donate a lot to the youth auxiliary. So they tend to leave me alone. Then I started to tan naked on my balcony. At least I have some privacy.

Everybody in town knows me as naked Marsha. Hell, I have a pretty good following at the local pizzeria. Those boys over there fight to see who gets to see me naked when I answer the door naked. One time, I had all six drivers at my door holding the pizza box just to see me.

There is this one guy who lives in the apartment. I wanted to fuck him so bad. He was cute, and he ran on the beach every morning to stay in shape. I made every sexual advance on him almost every day. Ty would just smile and walk away. I thought he was gay, because I never saw him with a girl.

One day I was getting ready to get some sun on my naked body, when I hear Ty down below me call for me to come see him. I jump up with so much excitement, I thought today he’s going to let me fuck him. So, I pick up the towel I used to dry off with and wrap myself with it not covering my pussy. Go down to his place ready and willing. I open his door and his eyes nearly come out of his head. I take a seat on his sofa with my legs open. I touch myself as his eyes never leave my pussy. “You like that?” I say patting it. “I shaved my kitty today. I hear all the girls do it now, and I must say, it feels fantastic having no hair.” As I rub my clit.

That was the day Ty told me he was leaving for a few months for a new dating app. I was getting his apartment for what ever mischief I could get into. He knew Frank, and I was having a little problem. So separating us was his idea to save our marriage.

The day before Ty leaves for New York. My Frank has an idea. He suggested I find myself a play toy or a male gigolo for a few months I was living in Ty’s place. I thought he was joking until he gets on the computer and looks on Craig’s list. I nearly shit myself when he said he would pay for it. I started crying when he said he wished he could do it, but can’t. He wanted to see me happy. This was going to be our 30th wedding anniversary from Frank. Husbands buy their wives diamond rings, new cars, trips to tropical islands and what ever they do. Not my Frank, he got me three months of dick, and I love him for it.

When I did find the one, his name was Danny. Don’t know if it’s his gigolo name or his real name. Who am I kidding, I don’t care what his name is. He’s going to be my bitch. That was all I was thinking when we Skyped each other for an interview.

We must have talked for hours when it was getting late. I had one question before we signed off. “Can I see your cock?” I say to Danny as he was already naked and stands up. I just about choked on my spit when I saw the man’s junk. He’s 23, and he’s packing. Frank walks in and see’s what I’m seeing, and bends down to look at it.

“Better you then me,” he says as he walks out to take Ty to the airport.

Two days later, Danny pulls up in a rental car and knocks on Ty’s door. I open the door just like I always do, and there he was, my play toy. I wave my hand for him to come in. He drags two suitcases in with him through the door.

I’ve been so horny for the last two days, my pussy wouldn’t stop throbbing. As soon as he was in, I got on my knees and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, his cock swayed from side to side. It was like I was getting hypnotized by a long, thick snake begging me to be suck it. I stare at it for a long second. I’ve never been unfaithful or with another man except Frank. I was scared until Frank pops in my head and tells me it’s ok. “I want this for you.”

After I had my quickie, Danny wanted to make sure that it was ok with Frank. Danny was a little nervous with my husband being upstairs. “Trust me, he wants this more than I do. You’re good.” I tell him. But he insisted on meeting him. I get dressed and walk up to my place. Frank stands up and shakes his hand and hands him a check.

“All I ask, when your three months are up. She comes back to me.” Frank says as he kisses me then shoves us both out the door. That was the last time Danny saw Frank.

As soon as we were back in Ty’s place, Danny wanted to go over the rules. Great, this 23 year old is going to give me the rules. “Marsha,” he says holding my hands looking in my eyes. “There are no rules. I’m here for you and all your fantasies.” I got so excited I grabbed his head and planted a wet kiss. I stop and pull away.

“I guess I should have asked if you kiss?” He nods his head.

“I do, and encourage it,” he says as I move in slowly as our tongues collide. I haven’t felt a tongue in my mouth in years. It was warm and wet. He really knows how to use his tongue, and I got instantly wet. I threw off my clothes I had on while still kissing him. I take his hand and lead him into the living room and sit on the sofa. I spread my legs. “I want to feel that tongue on my pussy,” I say tapping my folds. He gets on his knees and Buries his face in my pussy. I shutter as his tongue hits my clit. His warm breath touches my folds as goosebumps flood my entire body with his touch. I grab a fist full of his hair and push him in. His tongue enters my hole as he begins to tongue fuck me. I cum on his face instantly. He begins to clean me up with his tongue and starts to lick my ass. This was a new sensation for me. Frank never wanted to get near it, but for me, I wanted more of it. Danny sits up with a smile on his face, and all I could see was his wet face from my orgasm. I pull him closer and lick his face clean.

I wanted more. I wanted to try new things right then and there. I wanted him to fuck me in every Kama Sutra position know to man. I need to be patient. I have three months with this stud and I want to make every minute count.

I make some drinks and head out on to the balcony. I throw on a sundress just in case kids are on the beach and take a seat.

We talked about life, and what he wants after he stops doing this. He told me everything he wants to do after his extended sleepover. We sit there for a while just looking out at the waves as they crash on the beach. He stands up and looks at me.

“What?” I say looking up at him.

“When I came in, you didn’t ask about why I brought two suitcases with me.”

“I figured you like clothes and brought something for every mood.” I say back grinning.

“I know I was going to be naked most of the time. I brought some clothes in case we go out to dinner. The other suitcase is for you,” he says as he stands up then bends down and places his right hand on my pussy as a finger slides in. He kisses me with his tongue. “Come open it.” As he holds out his hand for me to take. He leads me into the bedroom and places the suitcase on the bed. I open it up. Have you ever been in an adult store and wanted to buy everything they had? That was what was in this suitcase. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, whips, restraints, lubes and oils. My jaw hit the floor.

“You said you wanted to experiment and play?”

“I did, but nothing like this,” I say as I touch everything in the suitcase. He picks up a butt plug and winks at me. then he squirts some lube on it.

“Bend over,” he commands. I raise an eyebrow and do what he says. I bend over as I hike my dress up and show him my ass. He spanks both my cheeks then spreads my ass and places it at my backdoor. He slowly pushes it in until I hear a pop. “There you go,” he says.

“It’s in?” I ask with a question in my voice. He nods his head. I look for a mirror and find one behind the closet door. I bend over to see it’s a heart shaped with a ruby stone in it. “How did you know that was my birthstone?” I ask as I look from side to side. It was cold when he put it in, but now it warmed up. I like the way that it felt in my ass. I started walking around the room, and can feel it move when I walk. “I like this.” Danny grabs a box and starts to head back outside to the balcony. I follow him wiggling my ass feeling it move.

We sit there for a while as Danny watches the water. I think about everything that was in the suitcase and what I could do with those toys. I look down and see the box he brought out earlier on the table between us.

“You going to tell me what’s in the box?”

“Took you long enough to ask,” he says with a devilish grin. “ It’s a toy for you.” As he looks at the box. “Open it.” I pick it up and open the box. It’s pink that’s eight inches long and looks like a giant sperm.

“What is it?” I ask.

“It’s a G-spot stimulator or a vibrator that hits the G-spot,” he says as I pull it out of the box.

“How do you turn it on?” He pulls out his phone then touches the screen and the big pink sperm vibrates in my hand.

“You put that in your pussy and I control the speed with my phone. It has Blue tooth. I control the speed and you’ll never know when it’s coming. Put it in,” he commands. I pull my legs up as my dress falls exposing my pussy. Danny stands up in front of me looking down. He can see my butt plug as I rub the pink vibrator over my wet pussy getting it wet. I push it in as it slides all the way in. He touches his phone slightly as I feel it vibrate inside me.

“Yeah. It’s on the spot,” I say.

“Can you squirt?”

“A little. I just recently started doing it.”

“Good, because in the next ten minutes I want you to see.” He sits down and pulls his chair closer to me. “Now, no touching yourself. Let me work my magic.” His finger touches the phone as I feel a low vibration to medium building to high. My hands clutch the arm of the chair and squeeze. My breathing becomes shallow while my mouth is open. He continues with the low-high then back too low, then high again. This thing is right on my G-spot as he continues the assault on my pussy. My legs keep moving trying to keep them up.

Now I feel pressure building inside me. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before and I can’t hold it much longer until I hear him say. “Let it go.” As Danny puts it on high and leaves it there. I couldn’t hold it much longer and let go. The pink toy goes flying out of my pussy, over the rail of the balcony as water shoots out of me like a fountain. I screamed in ecstasy with my legs in the air. Danny jumps up and looks over the rail and watches it as it lands in the bushes. He looks back at me.


“I have never cummed so hard in my entire life like that. That was amazing, and it was all done by stimulating the G-spot,” I say while my legs continue to shake. Now I wanted more, I wanted this young stud inside me. I try to stand up but can’t. I just fall back in my chair.

By now the sun as set and it was dark on the balcony. Danny goes back in to get more drinks, but he never comes back out. Moments later I hear a noise coming from the bedroom.

“Hey cougar. Come here!”

“Cougar?” I say to myself. “Oh, I get it. I’m the cougar.” I snicker at the thought. I walk into the bedroom and there he was naked lying on his back stroking his long thick cock. “You wanna ride?” he says. I throw off my dress and jump on the bed. I stand over him looking down with my hands on my hips. He squirts some lube on that big cock as I back up a little. I slowly bend my knees as he puts his cock at my door. I can feel him sliding in slowly as I lower myself. His thick cock stretches my pussy making my clit poke out. Danny see’s my clit and starts to rub it with his thumb. My eyes roll in the back of my head as I’m only halfway down. “You’re almost too big for me, plus my knees are still weak from earlier.” He picks me up off him as he lays me down on my back. He throws my legs on his shoulders. He looks in my eyes as he places his cock back in my pussy. Thing is, he did it without using his hands. Slowly he makes his way in while my mouth was open not able to breath. His thick cock stretched me till he was all the way in. I place my hand on my stomach as I can feel my insides being moved around. But it felt good.

He stayed inside of me until my pussy was able to handle this man’s thick cock. Once the muscle relaxed, he begins to fuck me slowly. Still looking in my eyes I mouth the words. “Faster.” He starts to pick up speed as I take my hand and start to rub my swollen clit. Right away I came on his cock. He stops moving.

“Did you just cum? I felt that.” I nod my head. He starts back up again going a little faster. Every time he would go in, air would come out of my mouth. I had to learn to breath all over again while he was inside. Still his eyes never leaving mine, he bends down and kisses me with his tongue. I cum again. “Have you been saving yourself for me?” he asks. I nod again. Now my knees are in my armpits as he begins to fuck the shit out of me. Now I’m not breathing at all. The sensation is overwhelming, I cum again.

“How... long... before... you... cum?”

“I could go all night,” he says.

“I can’t” I say trying to breath. “Cum inside my cougar pussy.” Did I just say that out loud? “Cum inside me. Fill me up.” It was like a light switch went off in his head. He unloads into me as I can feel him cumming inside of me. It was hot and lots of it.

He bends down and kisses me still inside. He sits up a little and pulls out of me. He’s still hard. This man is going to kill me before my three months are up. Danny lays next to me as I lay my head on his chiseled chest and pass out.

I wake up several hours later to the smell of coffee and bacon. I rub my eyes to see Danny in the kitchen just wearing an apron. “I love you Frank.” I say to myself.

Couple weeks later.

Later that afternoon we’re going to do something different. I’m going to tell you what to do. I’m going to be your Dom, and you are my slave. He nods his head with a ball gag in his mouth. I made him sit in a chair and tie his arms behind his back, while his legs were tied to the legs of the chair. Then I get on my knees and start to stroke him till he was hard. “I’m going to edge you so bad, you’ll be begging me to let you cum.” I say stroking him hard. Then there was a knock on the door. “Who’s fucking knocking?” I say as I get up and answer the door naked like I always do. It’s Ty and a very beautiful girl standing outside the door.

“Marsha-Maddie, Maddie-Marsha,” Ty says as he walks in.

“You’re home early.”

“I am. I need to grab some stuff,” he says as he walks into his room. Maddie walks in not taking her eyes off me. “Oh, by the way, I’ll be gone for a while. I have no clue when I’ll be back.”

“Is this the girl from the dating site?” I ask.

“Yes it is,” Ty says in his room. Maddie still hasn’t dropped her eyes. I put out my hand as she takes it and shakes it.

“You look amazing at your age. I hope I look this good when I’m your age,” Maddie says still shaking my hand.

“Ty baby. I love this one. You better be keeping her.”

“So do I,” he says as he starts to walk out with a few boxes. Then I see Ty stop at Danny and bend down. He whispers something to him that I can’t understand. Danny shakes his head as Ty walks away.

“It was nice meeting you,” Maddie says as she lets go of my hand.

“Bye,” Ty says as Maddie follows him out. I watch them walk down the hall, then close the door. I walk back to Danny. “Your stay of execution has been extended,” I say laughing as his eyes got big.

It’s been a couple of months and I have been around the world with Danny in bed. We’ve been in so many positions I lost count. I didn’t know I could bend in some of those positions. One day I made Danny cum six times in one day. Now, I know the term Blue Balls. I had to give the kid a couple of days off to recover. He wouldn’t even let me touch it.

I almost used all the toys in the suitcase, but I got to say, I miss my Frank. I still have another month with Danny, and he’s noticing that I’m not engaged like I was at the beginning. To be honest, I think I fulfilled my bucket list and would like to finish my retirement with Frank.

“Danny boy, I love you. But I think it’s time for me to go back to Frank,” I say cupping his face with my hands.

“I understand. I’ll make sure I get you for the last month’s money.”

“Don’t worry about it. You deserve ever penny. Take that money and start a new business. I hope you find that girl who can handle this meat stick there,” I say tapping it with the back of my hand.

“I don’t know. If I find the one, will she except me for my past?”

“If you find a girl, and she leaves because of it, then she wasn’t the one. If she stays and still loves you for who you are, then she’s the one.”

“Is there something I could do for you one last time?” He asks with his arms around my waist.

“I want you to make me cum so hard, I pass out.”

“Done,” he says as he kisses my forehead.

Tonight’s the night that this will be the last time I fuck Danny. “What are your plans?” I ask.

“Will you let me do what ever to you?” I nod my head. Danny starts to put towels on the floor in front of the bed. He makes me bend over standing at the foot of the bed with my head down. He plays with my pussy then inserts the pink vibrator and turns it on. I jump a little when I feel it. Then he opens some oil and pours some down my crack as I feel it was dripping down past my pussy. He inserts a finger in my ass working it in. Then he puts in two fingers making my ass adjust. I cum when I feel his fingers wiggle. Now he puts in a dildo and works it in until my ass excepts it.

“Ok, next is going to be me. When I get the head in, I’ll stop. Then when you’re ready, you can back up on me,” he says as I nod my head. I look back, and he’s hard as hell putting lube all over his cock. He puts it at my button as I close my eyes as I feel the head stretch its way in. Then I feel the pop. He’s in. He turns the vibrator up a little to get my mind off the pain and it works. I slowly start to back up as I can feel every inch of him going in my ass. I stop and grab a pillow and squeal into it.

“You’re all the way in,” he says.

“Holly shit, you’re big,” I say breathing heavy.

He bends down and squeezes my nipples to make me forget about the pain and focus on my tits. Wouldn’t you know it, it worked. I could feel the pressure in my ass but not like it was earlier. He starts to pull out slowly and the pain becomes pleasure. He puts more lube on my crack, then slides it back in. Still working it slow until I adjust to all of him. Now he turns the pink vibrator to high and begins to fuck my ass. I fall on my stomach because my legs got weak. He adjusts himself and continues with my ass. At this point, I’ve already came six times. Not big ones, but small enough to make me shake.

After a few minutes of him fucking my ass at normal pace. Now I can feel the pressure building. Danny bends down to my ear. “ Don’t cum until I do,” he says. I nod my head with my mouth open.

“I’ll try,” I say with a shaky voice. I don’t know if I can hold it much longer. If I touch myself, game over. The pressure is at that point, if I let go, everything is going to get wet. The vibrator is hitting the spot. I start to scream softly. I grab the pillow again and bury my face in it and scream. “Please cum, please cum, please cum,” I say in between his thrusts. All of a sudden I feel him cumming in my ass and I lost all control. I scream as the pink vibrator shoots out of my pussy and squirts all over the floor. I orgasm in waves, hard waves. He stays inside as I can feel his cock throb. I cum again. My whole body shakes from the explosion my pussy has just done.

He slowly pulls out of me as I continue to shake. He helps me on the bed to where my feet are no longer on the floor. He gets behind me and holds me. Trying to help me from shaking so hard. I close my eyes and I was out.

I wake up several hours later, covered by a blanket. There was a note on the pillow. I open it up and read.

“Thank you. I will never forget you. I hope in another life we meet again. The toys are yours to keep. I won’t be needing them anymore. Much love, Danny.”

I start to cry, not in sadness, but how everything worked out the way it did. I get out of bed and take a long shower. I put on my favorite sundress and walk up to my apartment. I open the door. “Honey I’m home.”


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